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Mujeres Can Do Anything - Vel The Wonder
Vel The Wonder found her calling as an MC when she realized she was capable of freestyling. Her love for hip-hop began with graffiti and when she committed to making music she continued to break barriers. The boom-bap loving rapper has opened up for underground legends like Evidence and Immortal Technique. Although she is still working her way up in her music career, Vel uses her artistic skills for her online clothing store to maintain the empire she built for herself. In an industry that is quick to break down female rappers, Vel worked against all odds to build her brand into what it is today. She continues to perfect her craft while touring and collaborating with different artists. http://www.vivalabonita.com http://www.velthewonder.com https://www.instagram.com/vivalabonita
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Mujeres Can Do Anything - Enkrypt Los Angeles
Enkrypt Los Angeles is a photographer and director whose eye for detail developed from a love of technology. Her experience rooted in a decision to leave her dream job and instead, travel the world to pursue her career. Before she became Enkrypt, she was an IT for a movie studio. Although she used a camera for her damages at work, she started roaming the lot to take more artistic photos. Her techie mind became obsessed with learning different settings and spending countless hours studying YouTube videos. On her spare time, Enkrypt took photos of everything, including her friends who were musicians. After realizing how far the camera could take her, she began to hate her job and became distracted as her friends were successfully creating their own businesses. Eventually, her best friend Reverie invited Enkrypt on tour and she faced the fear of telling her mom she left her full-time job to chase her dream.
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Mujeres Can Do Anything - Doris Munoz
Doris Munoz - Artist Manager Doris Munoz is the founder of Los Angeles-based music management company Mija Management. As a child of immigrants, Doris knew she had to go above and beyond in order to make up for the sacrifices her parents made while coming to America. After studying theater education for three years, she realized that music was her passion and began taking steps towards working in the industry. Her willingness to take on any task helped get her jobs coordinating events and interning for a few record labels. There she discovered that artist management was what she truly wanted to do, using every opportunity to learn how she can develop and promote an artist. Eventually, Doris looked at her peers who were musicians and now manages six artists under her own company. Working as a woman of color in a male-dominated industry can be challenging but Doris proves that it is possible to create a lane for yourself. For more information:
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Mujeres Can Do Anything - Lizbeth Hernandez
Lizbeth Hernandez, is a Los Angeles based blogger and photographer. better known by her handle IMLVH. Liz has loved fashion since she was a little girl, raiding through her mom's closet and flipping through all her high fashion magazines. Her down to earth personality and laid-back lifestyle reflect in her creative outfits; including DIY's, vintage finds and affordable fashion for girls on-the-go. Liz shares her easy beauty tricks on YouTube and is always finding new ways to revamp her look. In this episode, she explains the different challenges she faced as an influencer and how she overcame her insecurities to achieve her goals. When she was first studying fashion, it took time for her to find her place in the industry. Liz's love for photography allowed her to combine her skills with her passion, which opened up doors that would advance her career. As a Glossier rep, she maintains her "lazy girl" make-up routine and connects with women by being honest about how she feels in every review. IMLVH continues to inspire women to experiment with fashion and was Viva La Bonita's first board member for the Mujeres Can Do Anything panel.
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Reverie x Viva La Bonita   "Push Forward
Reverie - Push Forward (Produced by Reverie & Louden) Collaboration with Viva La Bonita www.VivaLaBonita.com Colored by Enkrypt Los Angeles https://nylon.com/articles/espanol-vivalabonita02
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Tacos & Chill July 15th 2017  Recap
TACOS AND CHILL? 🌮✨😍Heres a cool video recap of our first Pop Up Event "Tacos and Chill" aka one of the best summer nights ever. Huge thank you to @fateyestudios for an unforgettable place @ilovemicheladas for serving the best Miches all night @artcotail for cooking some bomb ass tacos and @djlalaofficial for playing the jams all night long. Thank you to everyone involved making this night happen. Yall know who you are! 🌹 So whos ready for the next one?? 😎🔥✨ Song by @eddiezuko #VivaLaBONITA #latina #LatinaBrand #LatinaStyle #igvideo #pressplay #TacosandChill #Popupshop #ilovemicheladas #fateyestudios #girlpower #womenempowerment #BONITA #BONITASQUAD #latinastyle #ilovemicheladas #latinabrand #bonitasquad #womenempowerment #tacosandchill #igvideo #bonita #popupshop #vivalabonita #latina #fateyestudios #girlpower #pressplay
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Mujeres Can Do Anything (Schedule)
Music by Eddie Zuko, “La Flor.” 🌹
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Mujeres Can Do Anything Season 1 Series Teaser
Mujeres Can Do Anything Mujeres Can Do Anything is a new five-part series that looks into the lives of young female entrepreneurs who are using their skills and hard work to achieve their dreams. Each episode highlights a talented latina woman and her experience of overcoming every obstacle to do what she loves. These latinas reveal the resilience women of color have and their ability to break through any barrier. The series aims to inspire all women to take a chance on themselves and do what makes them happy. With helpful advice from photography to the music industry, these ladies are opening doors for themselves and others. http://www.instagram.com/vivalabonita http://www.vivalabonita.com
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