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Maybe - Brainstorm
My first vid so don't be too mean :D I love this Latvian band and I couldn't find song with lyrics so I made it by myself, enjoy! :)
Views: 1917524 Susanna Peltonen
Online - Brainstorm
One of my new favourite songs by Brainstorm.
Views: 32287 Susanna Peltonen
Colder - Brainstorm
Another amazing song by Brainstorm, enjoy! :)
Views: 23712 Susanna Peltonen
Waterfall - Brainstorm
One of my favourite songs by Brainstorm, enjoy! :)
Views: 18860 Susanna Peltonen
Cinema - Brainstorm
Very nice song by Brainstorm, I hope you enjoy! :)
Views: 4213 Susanna Peltonen
Animals like me - Brainstorm
Again great song by Brainstorm, feel free to leave a comment! :)
Views: 9240 Susanna Peltonen
Lonely feeling - Brainstorm
Awesome song by Brainstorm, enjoy! :)
Views: 4631 Susanna Peltonen

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