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LGP Qua "Walk" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
Fresh out of the Philly Rap scene and a series of viral surges all over the internet, Nicetown's own, LGP Qua Presents the official video to his "Walk" Freestyle with appearances from Busa Move Vern. This Video was Shot & Chopped By aPHILLYated Films. IG: lgp_qua x aphillyatedfilms For visuals contact [email protected] Walk Freestyle: https://soundcloud.com/qua-gettingit/walk-freestyle
Views: 139964 aPHILLYated Films
Diamond Street Keem "Usain Bolt" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
TNN/ Diamond St. Presents their up and coming rising star Diamond St. Keem and his visual to his record "Usain Bolt" Shot & Chopped By aPHILLYated Films. For visuals contact [email protected]
Views: 252082 aPHILLYated Films
Jae100 x Lil Dre "The Race" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
Straight outta West Philly, Jae 100 & Lil Dre release the visual to their rendition of the popular Tay K "The Race" Instrumental
Views: 12911 aPHILLYated Films
Brucey Da Rapper "Something You Forgot" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
For Visuals contact [email protected] IG: aphillyatedfilms x bruceydarapper
Views: 3763 aPHILLYated Films
Lil Kazzy "Swish" (Shot & Chopped by @aPHILLYatedFilm )
Lil Kazzy presents the official visual to his single "Swish" shot & Chopped by aPHILLYated Films... For visuals contact [email protected]
Views: 6023 aPHILLYated Films
Brucey da Rapper "Break It Down" (Shot & Chopped by @aPHILLYatedFilm )
MOR & NSG Presents.. Brucey da Rapper, who drops the visual for his record entitled "Break It Down" shot & Chopped by aPHILLYated Film. Look Out for more hot music and dope visuals from Brucey da Rapper coming Soon!!
Views: 6348 aPHILLYated Films
Brucey Da Rapper "See Me" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
For Visuals contact [email protected] IG: aphillyatedfilms x bruceydarapper
Views: 4960 aPHILLYated Films
Big Dre 1600 "N.G.M.S." (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
Francisville's own, Big Dre drops the visual for his track entitled "NGMS" shot & Chopped By aPHILLYated Films.. For Visuals contact [email protected] @aPHILLYatedFilm on twitter and @aphillyatedfilms on IG Serious Inquiries only...
Views: 1125 aPHILLYated Films
Zay 1926 "Venting Pt. 3" (Shot & Chopped by @aPHILLYatedFilm )
Uptown's very own Zay 1926 is back in collaboration with aPHILLYated Films yet again to start off the 2018 with Venting Part 3 For visuals contact [email protected]
Views: 1383 aPHILLYated Films
Brucey Da Rapper "4:58 Vibes" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
MOR x NSG presents yet another North Philly's own, Brucey Da Rapper visual this time over the Drake instrumental that he chose to name "4:58 Vibes" as he continues his latest campaign of dope music and visual after visual shot and chopped by aPHILLYated Films. For visual inquiries contact [email protected]
Views: 10046 aPHILLYated Films
Brucey da Rapper "Never Give Up" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm)
Back with another dope visual, Brucey da Rapper gives us "Never Give Up" and continues to tell his story and keep his foot on the gas for 2017
Views: 4204 aPHILLYated Films
Don Gotti "Kooda" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
For Visuals contact [email protected] IG: aphillyatedfilms x dongottiwp
Views: 790 aPHILLYated Films
HH Preme "REAL NXGGA" (Official Video)(Dir. By @aPHILLYatedFilm)
HH Preme is done being counted out and presents the visual to his record " Real Nxgga" Directed and Edited By aPHILLYatedFilms. Look out for more videos from HH Preme coming soon!! Twitter: @hhpreme__ x @aPHILLYatedFilm IG: @hhpreme__ x @aphillyatedfilms For any video photo graphic design web design studio time booking and all other SERIOUS inquires only contact [email protected]
Views: 2351 aPHILLYated Films
Oliver Rothstein "Shadows" Ft. Breana Marin
For Visuals Contact [email protected] Follow us on IG: aphillyatedfilms x Oliver.rothstein x itsbreanamarin
Views: 2560 aPHILLYated Films
Zay 1926 "Can't Knock The Hustle" Ft. Rue 1926 (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
Uptown's own, Zay 1926 drops the official visual to "Cant Knock The Hustle" which depicts the reality of the often gritty grimey and graphic streets of Philadelphia. Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm IG: zay1926 x rue1926 x aphillyatedfilms For Visuals contact [email protected]
Views: 986 aPHILLYated Films
SMS Wink "SMS Freestyle" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
Strawberry Mansion's SMS Wink releases the visual to his SMS Freestyle.. For Visuals contact [email protected]
Views: 3481 aPHILLYated Films
Realistik "In Da Hood" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm)
For Visuals contact [email protected] Serious Inquiries only! IG: aphillyatedfilms x realistik_215
Views: 764 aPHILLYated Films
Zay1926 "223's" Ft. Digitt$ (Official Video)
Zay1926 Releases his official Visual to his song "223's" Ft. Digitt$ Shot & Chopped By aPHILLYated Films & Co-Directed By Mally Tuff..
Views: 6491 aPHILLYated Films
I Know Brasco (@IKnowBrasco) Strong Style (Official Video)(Dir. By @aPHILLYatedFilm)
I-Know Brasco (YacHouse x TopNotch Inc. x GreaterSign) Presents "Strong Style" Prod. by Jim Boonie. AUTHENTIK available now on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify Twitter: @aPHILLYatedFilm x @IKnowBrasco IG: aphillyatedfilms x iknowbrasco Facebook: IKnowBrasco SC:TheyKnowIKnow For any Video, Graphic design or photographer needs contact [email protected]
Views: 1205 aPHILLYated Films
Philly Geez "True To This" (Shot & Chopped by @aPHILLYatedFilm)
For visuals contact [email protected] IG: therealphillygeez x aphillyatedfilms
Views: 612 aPHILLYated Films
Glock Ty "Chase It" Ft. Mizzy 2 Glizziez (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
For Visuals contact [email protected] Serious Inquiries Only! IG: bigglizzy3200 x mizzy2glizziez x aphillyatedfilms
Views: 923 aPHILLYated Films
Flacko The Loner "Take Me Away" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
For visuals contact [email protected] Serious Inquiries Only! Follow us on IG: flackotheloner__ x aphillyatedfilms
Views: 509 aPHILLYated Films
Philly Geez "Lately" (Shot & Chopped by @aPHILLYatedFilm )
Go Download Philly Geez Debut EP “Underground King” On ITunes & every other digital streaming platform: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/underground-king/1404637364 For Visuals contact [email protected] Serious Inquiries only.. IG: therealphillygeez x aphillyatedfilms
Views: 558 aPHILLYated Films
Bang Bang "Faith" ( Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
Snatch Gang's own, Bang Bang releases the video to his latest record entitled, "Faith" shot & chopped by aPHILLYated Films Twitter: @BangBang_SG x @aPHILLYatedFilms IG: bangbangsg x aphillyatedfilms for visuals contact [email protected]
Views: 993 aPHILLYated Films
Give.Every.Ounce. "Gutter" (Shot & Chopped @aPHILLYatedFilm )
For Visuals contact [email protected] Serious Inquiries ONLY!! Follow us on IG : aphillyatedfilms x giveeveryounce
Views: 391 aPHILLYated Films
Spraggz "Always Strapped" (Ft. Wink) Official Video (Dir By @aPHILLYatedFilm)
LBM/Murda Gang/SMS Ent. Presents Spraggz official visual to his new song Always Strapped (Featuring Wink) look for new visuals from Spraggz & Wink Soon!! For any video photo graphic or web design or even studio time contact [email protected] SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY !!!
Views: 809 aPHILLYated Films
P Get Bizze x HH Preme- Popping Over Here (Ft. Da Greatest) (Dir. By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
The Official Visual of "Popping Over There" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm ) From TOTY (Trap Of The Year) Mixtape from P Get Bizzie & HH Preme ( Featuring Da Great ) Follow Us On Twitter: @HHPreme @PGetBizze @THC_Great @aPHILLYatedFilm IG: @HHPreme @PGetBizze @THC_Great @aPHILLYatedFilms For any Video, Photo, or Graphic Design Needs Contact [email protected] SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!!!
Views: 2435 aPHILLYated Films
YBE Skeeno " Rockin' " (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
YBE Skeeno releases his visual for his song entitled "Rockin" and just shows what a night is like in his life when he turns up with the gang. this video was shot and chopped by aPHILLYated Films. For Visual Inquiries contact [email protected]
Views: 478 aPHILLYated Films
Realistik "5 am Freestyle" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
For visuals contact [email protected] SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!
Views: 376 aPHILLYated Films
OTee (@o_otee)  "Warning Shots" (Dir. By @aPHILLYatedFilm)
OTee finally displays her talents to the world with her debut Visual to her newest record entitled "Warning Shots" look out for more records and model work coming from her REAL SOON!! IG: o_otee x aphillyatedfilms twitter: @o_otee x @aPHILLYatedFilm Serious Inquiries Only Contact [email protected]
Views: 1716 aPHILLYated Films
Geo "Brainstorm" ( Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
IG: giveeveryounce x aphillyatedfilms For Visuals contact [email protected]
Views: 653 aPHILLYated Films
Sanity x Zay 1926  "Breathe" ( @aPHILLYatedFilm )
Sanity & Zay 1926 link up to release their version of infamous classic Fabolous "Breathe" instrumental... For Visuals contact [email protected]
Views: 856 aPHILLYated Films
James Rawl Options (Directed By @aPHILLYatedFilm)
James Rawl presents the Official Visual entitled "Options" (Produced By @tribevegas100 ) The video was shot, edited, and directed By aPHILLYated Films. Twitter: JamesRawl215 x @aPHILLYatedFilm IG: jamesrawl x aphillyatedfilms Serious Inquiries Only Contact [email protected]
Views: 2342 aPHILLYated Films
Shock Dr. "Resume Of A Cannon"(Shot &Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
Halfway House/O. D. A. T. Presents... 15th and Duncannon's Own Original Son, Shock Dr. Presents his official visual for "Resume Of A Cannon"
Views: 652 aPHILLYated Films
Beezy Jetson "Dont Cheat" (Dir By @aPHILLYatedFilm)
Splash Gang presents Beezy Jetson as he takes the streets of New York City for the latest visual from his "Jet Lag" project entitled "Dont Cheat".. this Video Was shot edited and directed by aPHILLYated Films Twitter: @aPHILLYatedFilm IG: beezyjetson215 x aphillyatedfilms For Serious Inquiries Only contact [email protected]
Views: 388 aPHILLYated Films
A1xJoose "Money I Chase" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm)
North Philly's own drops a new heavy visual to his record entitled "Money I Chase" Shot & Chopped by aPHILLYated Films For Visuals contact [email protected]
Views: 275 aPHILLYated Films
Rob Stashiz “Misunderstood” (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm)
Philly Hip Hop Artist @RobStashiz is back with visuals to his 1st New Single "Misunderstood" partnered up with @ChrisGotti & released thru Add Ventures Music Digital Distribution. Shot By @AphillyatedFilms & Prod.By @JustSickk. You can purchase this single now available in the link... https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/misunderstood-single/1324256961 RAW DEAL SQUAD ENT/ADD VENTURES MUSIC WE WORKING!!
Views: 727 aPHILLYated Films
Newz Huddle "Flexin" (Official Video)(Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilms)
YacHouse Ent. Presents West Philly's own Newz Huddle and the visual to his Hot Club jumping Single entitled "Flexing". IG:Newzhuddle x aphillyatedfilms x yachouse Twitter: @NewzHuddle x @aPHILLYatedFilm x @YacHouse For Visual bookings contact [email protected]
Views: 2684 aPHILLYated Films
Lil Geo [@DaRealLilGeo]  The Anthem [Official Video] Dir. By @aPHILLYatedFilm
Philadelphia Artist Lil Geo releases his Debut Visual for his song entitled "The Anthem". Follow Lil Geo on Soundcloud, IG, Twitter, Snapchat @DaRealLilGeo... For Any video, photo, graphic design or any other SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY contact [email protected] Twitter: aPHILLYatedFilm IG: aPHILLYatedFilms
Views: 917 aPHILLYated Films
Glock Ty x Homicide " 3200 Sh*t" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
Produced By Dj Mar For Visuals Contact [email protected] IG: bigglizzy3200 x loskidarapper x aphillyatedfilms`
Views: 544 aPHILLYated Films
BestOutGP "Cut Throat" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
Strawberry Mansion's own, BestoutGP releases his freestyle off the classic "Hate in Ya Blood" instrumental with his own spin on it entitled, "Cut Throat" For Visuals Contact [email protected] IG- aphillyatedfilms Twitter.com/aPHILLYatedFilm
Views: 534 aPHILLYated Films
Treacherous Da Canon- "On Some" (Official Video)(Dir. By @aPHILLYatedFilm)
The Debut visual For Treacherous Da Canon's new Record "On Some" IG: Treacherous_da_canon x aphillyatedfilms Twitter: @aPHILLYatedFilm For Any Video Photo Graphic design Or Studio Time contact [email protected] SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!
Views: 707 aPHILLYated Films
Sanity "One More Chance" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilms )
For visuals contact [email protected] IG: sanitydbc x aphillyatedfilms
Views: 222 aPHILLYated Films
A1xJoose "Trap" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
HLM Presents... A1xJoose's official visual to one of his newest records about life of a hustler in the Trenches of North Philly entitled "Trap" Shot and chopped by aPHILLYated Film. IG: @a1xjoose x @aphillyatedfilms Twitter: @aPHILLYatedFilm For Visuals contact [email protected]
Views: 624 aPHILLYated Films
JBA Underrated High School Showcase 2017
Johnson Basketball Association presents the 1st ever Underrated High School Showcase, which displays all the top up an coming talent from rising stars in the area who dont attend the big schools and get the most press but still put it all out on the line and leave it all on the floor in these 2 games of the Showcase.
Views: 686 aPHILLYated Films
"Lion Hearted": Jahmir Williams (Shot & Chopped by @aPHILLYatedFilm )
Philly's own up and coming nightmare of a guard with exceptional heart, will, & determination, Jahmir Williams shows why soon he'll be the King of the Jungle that is Philadelphia Basketball... follow us on ig Mirwilliams x aphillyatedfilms for more
Views: 916 aPHILLYated Films
Shock Dr. "Block Alumni" (Shot & Chopped By @aPHILLYatedFilm )
For Visuals Contact [email protected] Serious Inquiries Only IG: aphillyatedfilms x shockdr
Views: 274 aPHILLYated Films

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