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Laveyan Satanism Explained
here in my first video I try to explain a few of the basic concepts of LaVeyan Satanism... Please like subscribe and comment too for more atheistic-laveyan videos on their way!
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A case against God
in this video I present a case against God. Here I show it is impossible for God to be omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent and to have free will on the topic of morality
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Alternative Medicine - Homeopathy
in this video I explain what Homeopathy is, and I call for the Government to stop spending so much taxpayers' money on something which hasn't even been proven to work. I do not claim that any of the images-videos-music used are of my own creation, or under my ownership; they were found on the internet. They are being used for non-profit educational purposes only.
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Can God be disproven?
Here I explain why people claim that God cannot be disproven, but I give my own opinion on the matter. I do not claim ownership or creator of any images used in this video. Thank you for watching!
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