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EUCLID, Ohio - Horrific details are emerging about the abuse sustained by 4-year-old Aniya Day, whose mother and boyfriend have been charged in her death. Injuries documented by Aniya's daycare show a pattern of abuse dating back to 2015. On Sunday, the Euclid Fire Department found Aniya burned and unresponsive at the Cultural Garden Apartments. She was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. An autopsy revealed she died of blunt force trauma to the head. A follow-up visit by children and family services was scheduled for Monday. Prior to the 911 call that brought EMS to Aniya's home, children and family services had closed several cases of alleged physical abuse against Aniya, say police. The girl’s mother, Sierra Day, didn’t have a criminal record in May 2017 when a report was filed by Aniya's daycare, Harbor Crest Daycare, for "abusing a minor." The daycare had been documenting injuries to Aniya since 2015 at that point. News 5 sent a reporter to the daycare for comment, but it declined to do so. According to police, the daycare's incident reports concerning Aniya included: September 17, 2015: Bruise to right side of face, looked like a hand print. October 22, 2015: Bruise to the right side of face, looked like a hand print. Child cried most of the day. September 12, 2016: Bruises on face, eye and arm. Mother stated that Aniya had fallen out of bed and she had removed some bandages where Aniya had gotten shots. September 21, 2016: Bruises on her face, under her eye and on her eye lid. Aniya stated that mom did it. October 25, 2016: Bump on head. Aniya was crying. December 1, 2016: Aniya had a bruise under her right eye and was crying. Aniya stated that mom had hit her. Mom stated it happened at Applebee’s December 2, 2016: Bruise on left? (sic) Aniya stated that mom had been hitting her. December 6, 2016: Rug burn type scar on left elbow. Aniya said that mom hit her. December 27, 2016: Bruise on forehead. Mommy hit me. January 18, 2017: Aniya came to school with several bruises on the face, arm and back. Aniya has a raised bruise on her left upper forearm. When asked about it, Aniya stated that her mommy had scratched her. February 10, 2017: Aniya has a dark-colored bruise under her left eye. Aniya stated that mom did this. Staff had noticed bruises on her every day when she comes in. March 14, 2017: Right side of lip. Busted lip. May 15, 2017: Scrape on top and under nose. Mother said child fell at the park. Child says mommy pushed her down at home. May 18, 2017: Right side of head and ear. Swollen and dried blood. According to police, a childcare center worker said Aniya wanted to be held and hugged, and constantly asked, “Am I being good?” On May 18, 2017, Aniya was transported to Euclid Hospital when daycare staff noticed dry blood in her ear and abrasions on her head, according to a police report. At the hospital, police gave a county social worker a report detailing all the incidents listed above. According to police, Aniya told the county social worker, "Mommy hits her and hurts her." News 5 has requested reports related to Aniya from Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services, which, days later, has yet to provide them. Children and family services were made aware of the reports of abuse, and a worker told police on March 6, 2018 the agency received a request from an "undisclosed party" to conduct a home visit and evaluation on Aniya. Police say that when paramedics arrived at Aniya’s home on Sunday, March 11, Aniya was in full cardiac arrest. When she was placed in the ambulance, medics told police that they saw Day and Lewis standing near the entrance of the apartment building showing "no emotion that the child was being placed into the ambulance.” At the hospital, police noticed abuse to Aniya. She had a black swollen mark on her left eye with a laceration, causing her eye to be completely swollen shut, according to a police report. Several burn marks were on her right ankle that appeared to have blistered, popped open and dried, police said. Aniya’s arms and legs were "very thin, and you could see every bone in her ribs." It appeared she had been deceased "for some time," and her skin was cold to the touch. UPDATE: An earlier version of this story mentioned home visits from Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services. Police say CFS closed several cases, but we have not confirmed the agency ever visited Please subscribe to our channel for more videos https://www.youtube.com/c/JPDREAMTEAM
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Text Comments (847)
L (3 days ago)
His baby love !😮😃😂😁😀
belle mcellis (3 days ago)
These Cowardly father's use Lame excuses. NOTHING IN THE WORLD WOULD STOP ME FROM TAKING MY CHILD OUT OF HARMS WAY. THEN SEEK CUSTODY. But i couldn't sleep Knowing my child somewhere being harmed. Oh Hell No.
Simmonette Barnes (4 days ago)
Meanwhile CPS will bother good families and let these demons keep their kids
Joshua Iata (4 days ago)
The system is so fuckd up even tho the mother had part of it but those reports n that child should of been taking away from the mother smh...Rest in Paradise princes
Niyah Gang (4 days ago)
Why did I always feel the dads not being there for us children. And now I found out the real truth.
Beats N gaminG (6 days ago)
This just tears me up and pisses me off. The father has so much love as what any parent should.
SM 12 (7 days ago)
She way to calm for her child to not be breathing
CeeCee Leggs (8 days ago)
Fathers please please please take videos or pictures of any cuts, wounds or bruises of your child body. Always examine your children immediately when they come in your presence. Text or email the pictures to the mother of any questionable injuries. Call the police and report any signs of neglect, abuse or injuries. These trail of police reports will be needed in a custody battle.
Kirsten McHugh (8 days ago)
I can’t stand CPS. There are so many cases where they don’t step in when they should, but investigate when there’s nothing going on.
Pr0d!gy! BTS Lover (9 days ago)
I already knew both of them was lying She would have been crying like a non-stop you’re not just gonna talk normal while your child is dying or already dead
Dalya Eason (9 days ago)
CPS workers must be charged and sent to jail for negligence
Alyssa Stenblad (9 days ago)
This breaks my heart how the hell could this evil women do this to her child!!! This makes me soooo mad and sad. Not anybody should have children!!!!!! This is so unfair. Poor child of course she was about to be killed look how abused she was. Rip sweeet sweet angel 🙏🙏🙏👶🏼😭
Cici Rose (9 days ago)
I hope they rot in hell
Spice Girl (9 days ago)
She didn't deserve this. My heart is broken. 😢😢 R.I.P little angel
lapantera8 (9 days ago)
This little baby is in heaven playing with angels and having a great time with Jesus, and those two savages are suffering and in torment for what they did to this defenseless baby.
Jay Randolf (10 days ago)
Aniya is in a better place
Tiffany Roche (10 days ago)
She probably isn't even doing what the 911 operator is telling her probably laughing like this dumb ass bitch
Tiffany Roche (10 days ago)
Pos she doesn't even sound concern, worried, scared nothing y her baby isn't breathing
Gacha Gamer101 (11 days ago)
That Dad is a hero
Katie-moya Aicken (11 days ago)
It’s sick that some people can be that horrible to bring beautiful children into the world and hurt them abuse them kill them it’s terrible and people like that should rot in hell you don’t need people like that in the world rest in peace you little angel ❤️
Watchin’ Win (11 days ago)
how the fuck do you call 911 even to lie and you still don’t sound the least bit worried at all
Mariaz Channel (11 days ago)
She seemed so scared and frightened when he brought up her mom 💔
Megan Teague-Delgros (11 days ago)
R.I.P. Beautiful angel Aniya.👼 We loved you and are so sorry for what you had to go through. God bless her. They should of giving her to her Daddy. So so sad..
Anime Cookie (13 days ago)
What has the world come to I’m crying
My life as Salmai (13 days ago)
I hope that these horrible people rot in jail
Lucy Andre (13 days ago)
Dear aniyah, if you read this, i dont know you but since you didnt live long m, live a better life. Protect your dad and make sure your mom pays for what she did. You are a beautiful girl, and you didn’t deserve this. I hope you do better RIP and protect your dad! Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕
JCorns For life (14 days ago)
Omg 😭 this is disgusting why? I feel so bad for that precious girl she is just a small kid she didn’t deserve this 😭 she could of grew up with her dad
Ellen Mathews (14 days ago)
you will reap what you sow always dam scumbags i pray they rape and burn their asses in jail raoe their asses rape beat their asses to death that poor little baby girl rip beautiful angel they will definitely pay god dont like ugly 😭 that angel is Dead oh Lord so sorry for her Jesus loves you baby girl RIP DARLING 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Erica Morales (14 days ago)
RIP bbg luv ya
Gabriela Gamino (14 days ago)
I just found out about this and I hope that little girl is doing good up in heaven and hoping she Rest In Peace and that the father is doing better even if he still feels hurt inside but I hope kids who are going through this could speak up and get help
Camesha Kin (14 days ago)
Mutterficken 123 (15 days ago)
Kay (15 days ago)
Child PROTECTION service? Protection my ass
Kay (15 days ago)
That ain’t no mother. That’s a monster
Sofia Raja (15 days ago)
This world sucks 💔
Gacha Gamer101 (11 days ago)
I know
Lianna khadoo (15 days ago)
R.I.P Aniya💕💕
Lov3 Luna frever (15 days ago)
I hope the mom and boyfriend die
emily garrison (16 days ago)
I hope cps feels like fucking shit.
Amanda Somma (6 days ago)
They don’t . They are just worried about covering their collective ass
Justice Mae06 (16 days ago)
These horrible people need to be beaten just like how she was and worse she’s so calm when calling what kind of sociopath is this it’s so sick
Bts Things (16 days ago)
The first video is straight up where they should of gave him custody
wuv cat (16 days ago)
"Daddys princess" omg I'm sobbing😭
Sophia Marie (16 days ago)
This makes me feel so sick. I feel bad for her father her whole family. He even tried to get custody and they wouldn’t let him? That’s so messed up. Rip baby ... 💔👼🙏
Josie.yeet (16 days ago)
At least she is in heaven now and singing and dancing with the angels
Belinda Pruett (16 days ago)
CPS Sooooo failed both of these precious 👼 #justiceformaleahdavis ❤️
Tooncade Shelton (16 days ago)
I hope these 2 people burn in Hell this is so messed up why would someone do that they need to go to jail for 50 years
Murdawortha (16 days ago)
Poor baby 🥺😩
No Body (16 days ago)
You’re daughter isn’t breathing and you’re that calm???
madi Drennen (16 days ago)
she doesn’t even care, even on the 911 call she sounded like she just didn’t care. she a real bitch and i would never EVER forgive her for that
Maria trxnh (16 days ago)
Maya Papaya (16 days ago)
Man I can’t stop crying that poor baby girl🙏🏽😔💕
жирная сука (16 days ago)
i am fucking heartbroken
Chrisey's Life (17 days ago)
Poor Child, how could they do that😔..rip🙏 and poor dad i feel so sorry😭
Ilani Pierre (17 days ago)
Minute 1:25 I am sure he still loves his baby!😭💖❤
Tessa Young (17 days ago)
This is so fucking heartbreaking 💔 how could they do this? I hope they rot in their cells
Yung & Reckless (17 days ago)
I never understood abusive and neglectful parents. To my momma and step dad I never want to see y’all ever in my life ever again I got the stitches don’t need the memories and pops holla at me from heaven. Rest easy; and to those sick fucks I hope one day I will find you and talk, just talk about how a little girl your own fucking daughter is 6 feet under because of what? She could’ve grown up and become a world leader. Her slow death was upon the both of you and only you 2. y’all disgust me
Zhiyanee Ernest (17 days ago)
Aniyah Bella and Maleyah are having fun up there in heaven R.I.P Queen's
Lily Anne (17 days ago)
Woooowwwww how did the boyfriend not declare guilty?!?!?!?! All this is so messed up I feel so so so so so sorry for her biological father 😢😭😭💔💔 that was his baby 💔💔
Fiction Crew (17 days ago)
Angel 💛👼
Fiction Crew (17 days ago)
She’s so cute :( 💔
Fiction Crew (17 days ago)
She’s so cute :( 💔
Fiction Crew (17 days ago)
I know damn well they’re lying about everything those devils!
Fiction Crew (17 days ago)
Cassandra C. (17 days ago)
Poor baby looked so unhappy😔 this breaks my heart 🤦🏾‍♀️ the system did indeed fail her 💔 RIP angel 👼
Holo Gurl (17 days ago)
Bitch was probably just sitting there looking at her dead child while the poor woman was counting
Cat_Girl 100 (17 days ago)
This is soo messed up those demons deserve to rot in jail! This poor baby should have stayed with her dad!😭💔👏
Jazzy And jasmine (17 days ago)
T. V. (17 days ago)
Man if this was my kid best believe I’d be across the fucking country with her. Rip tho
Daniella Kathryn (17 days ago)
awwww omg pls if u are in danger tell him!!!!! please
she woulda been so happy with her father 🥺😩
Natalie St. Amour (17 days ago)
Why the f*ck do you kill your own kid and why is the mom so calm🙄 that’s so sick these ppl need to go to hell🙄
Donnell GR (17 days ago)
People are so fucked up 🤬😢
Queen Gta (17 days ago)
What about 2 breaths
ItsBree Yt (17 days ago)
OMG I'm depressed😭She looked so precious. What has this world become😭But I know god will keep her safe in heaven 🙏😭😭
skylynn (17 days ago)
Awww, her biological father actually loved her. And this is what they do. If you never wanted the baby, at least give her to her father. He loved her with all his heart. 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄
Sbt Kev4 (17 days ago)
I hope that mom BURNS IN HELL. How the fuck do u kill ur own child and tell LIES about it. I have a 2 year old brother and 1 year old sister. I could never imagine that happening to them. I can’t believe them. What has our world come to. They both can burn and rot in hell.
Millie Subliminals (17 days ago)
Hearing the dad cry and scream like that just brought me to tears. I can’t even imagine what he must be going through.
Esau and Yani Franco (17 days ago)
i’m crying, why would someone do that 😭 fly high baby girl 🕊💕
Sophia AwesomenessTV (17 days ago)
I feel so bad for the dad and especially Aniya 💖💖💖😭😭😭😭
valerie uduma (17 days ago)
First of all if your daughter cant breathe well how do you call 911 with a calm voice tho??
Destiny Miles (17 days ago)
They don't even feel bad of what they did to that baby! This world so horrible and they deserve to go to hell!!!
Just an average Girl (17 days ago)
Aniya will get to play with my 3 month old cousin who died a few weeks ago and get to play with all the little animals up there R.I.P Aniya
Caitlyn Hladky (17 days ago)
Her dad loved her so much that mother can rot hell
Jenny Ramos (17 days ago)
1 like to give Aniya a toy to play with on hevan ☹☹😥😥😥😪😪😢😭😓😣
Zesser 101 (17 days ago)
This mother is horrible!To do this to your own child! Sick in the damn head!!!!! They knew she was dead and tried to blame it on the lobster! God forbid me but they will burn in Hell! She deserved way more than she got ! She didn’t even get to graduate Highschool😰 Killing the person you gave BIRTH TO!!!!!! ONLY 4 YEARS SHE GOT TO LIVE FOR ARE YOU SERIOUS! I HOPE THEY ROT IN JAIL FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES:(
Kida Swington (18 days ago)
i watched this a long time ago and i’m still balling my eyes out 🥺😭😭
Emma Jane (18 days ago)
I really can’t imagine what the father is going through right now 🤧 he seems so heartbroken and I hope he’s doing a bit better
Desirae lents (18 days ago)
who could do this to a child!? thats is absolutely disgusting. that’s horrible! rest in peace beautiful angel.❤️😭
Poor little baby 1 like=1prayer i wish that she was still alive
bella kaufman (18 days ago)
“i want you to stay with me” 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Jessica (18 days ago)
Justice for Aniya ❤️😔
get deleted (18 days ago)
This is so messed up why have kids and go through the pain of giving birth and everything to just beat, starve, and who knows. How can someone do this. What has this world come up to 😭🖕🏻
Ashley Renee (18 days ago)
the father should have had full custody of that baby
Ryleigh V. (18 days ago)
This. Breaks. My. Heart.
McKayla Binns (18 days ago)
Who in their right mind goes through the pain of birthing a child, raising that child, growing a strong bond just to beat, abuse, torture the poor child. This just makes me sick to the bone. I would say I feel the dad’s pain but I can’t imagine how much pain he’s in. Poor baby had to go through all that. I don’t mean to sound crazy but I think it’s better now that she’s no longer suffering. She no longer has to be beaten, abused or tortured any more. I feel bad for the father, imagine the heartbreak of your own spouse killing your daughter. It’s bone chilling, disgusting, and horrifying. And the sad thing is this happens all around the world and people aren’t doing anything about it. I really hope that they get a life sentence in jail. Don’t mean to bring harm to anyone but I really hope those two experience the same thing.
Taylor Griffin (18 days ago)
they werent even upset about it. what the hell
Shontel Holden (18 days ago)
Aniya didnt deserve that
Chloey Livingstone (18 days ago)
Citlally Martinez (18 days ago)
Sierra and her boyfriend were SO CALM ON THE PHONE when they called 911 and they talked so calmly
Rainbowflower Plays (18 days ago)
“We tried to feed her breakfast” BEACHHhH

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