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Iridology Roleplay | Alternative Medicine | Eye Examination, Whispering, & Writing

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Good evening, loves. Tonight, you're coming into my practice for an iridology appointment! Iridology is a pseudoscience that claims one can diagnose health issues by the patterns and striations of the iris. I will be examining you eyes manually and with a flashlight, and writing up some notes for me to review later when I look at pictures of your irises. Triggers include: tapping, personal attention, flashlight tracking, writing & whispering. Iridology is NOT a valid science and should not be treated as such. It is a pseudoscience and has no evidence to support its validity. This is simply a roleplay for relaxation. If you are concerned about any health issues, go to an actual doctor with an actual doctorate to get some answers. I did an interview for the Dirty Nerdy Show on April 24th, you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XD41e67zQO0 Check out the Dirty Nerdy Show channel for incredible interviews with amazing ASMRtists here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHPZCgqvUib2PdA_0R7eQgw Have a request? Shoot me an email: [email protected] Check me on Twitter for personal updates & somewhat deep quotes or incredibly inappropriate replies to other ASMRtists: @calliopewhisper Alright, y'all, if you do not have any constructive or positive comments, it's getting deleted. This is a safe & positive place for people who want to relax, & we don't need to read through negative comments. Thank you! Like & comment if you enjoyed this video, subscribe if you want to see more! Thank you to my viewers, my like-button hitters, & my subscribers! Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (72)
Kevin Pooran (5 days ago)
Hi my name is Kevin!
Kevin Pooran (5 days ago)
You look very beautiful! ❤️
el dude (1 month ago)
Your eyes are exquisite!
happy little boozer (3 months ago)
I read an article about this on the Patrick's fake science monthly
First Last (3 months ago)
I like how the iridologist is wearing glasses
Alex A (5 months ago)
As I'm watching there are 55,555 views. Very pleasing.
Stan Collet (6 months ago)
Adoration 🌍🌍🌍
Blade Man (6 months ago)
You have the most amazing facial expressions and your smile is contagious! I love this video. It’s very relaxing and captivating. You did your homework! Great work!
Brexit Monger (8 months ago)
This is my favourite video!
Tom Hayes (8 months ago)
Great video. Love the frank description too. I work in healthcare and am forever having to tell people that carrots can’t cure cancer, and beetroot enemas won’t cure HIV etc. People.
oracleofdewphi (9 months ago)
Wonderful video! I’ve been watching ASMR videos since around 2011. That was when I first stumbled upon ASMR videos on YouTube while looking at relaxation videos in general. I’ve unfortunately had serious tingle immunity for the past 6 months and I don’t know why, but your video caused some serious tingles! Thank you so much!
David_S (11 months ago)
Beautiful person you are
TingleMonster (1 year ago)
What big eyes you have, so perfect for examination tingles. If not for the finger tapping and tongue clucking, a truly immersive and convincing roleplay. Bravo.
You are on my top 3 asmrtists, love your roleplays, tingles everywhere!
Aaron Knight (1 year ago)
Your best video!!!! Plz make more similar to this 😍👍👍👍👍👍
stnicholas54 (1 year ago)
Bodacious. :-)
Joyful Matty-boy (1 year ago)
How it should have gone: *Pokes eye with pen* ''I see you're experiencing some pain'' 10/10 200% scientifically proven.
Martin S (1 year ago)
You could make a perfect Daenerys Targaryen roleplay with that cute face. :o
Candela ASMRtista (1 year ago)
amazing soundzzz
Dean Timson (1 year ago)
You have a wonderful resemblance to Emily Blunt. I think you could do a relaxing role play of Blunts character from Looper. Where you would be calming down your Son, face touching, whispers etc all the trimmings. Love your stuff btw, keep it up!
musicisakindofloving (1 year ago)
perfect ASMR!
Cleiton Schwambach (1 year ago)
Supes Me (1 year ago)
well...it was way more interesting than my trip to Lens-Crafters, I'll say that :)
Chackal Dsbm (1 year ago)
I loved how you took the time to write that description. I really really do
oakword (1 year ago)
Lol "Calliope" are you greek ?
atticstattic (1 year ago)
In my spare time, I sneak up on unsuspecting ASMRtists...
Forerunner (1 year ago)
Pretty eyes
Liv Min (1 year ago)
I had this done once like maybe 10 years ago because my grandmother did it and she wanted me to try it also
Wrath252 (1 year ago)
I know someone who is actually "studying" Iridology. Your disclaimer in the description made me think of that joke "What do you call alternative medicine that works? Medicine."
Mrshunni O (1 year ago)
Wrath252 Tim minchin reference. Nice.
AJ Baxter (1 year ago)
I like your style! I subscribed 😎🙏🏻💯
TheGreatNorth (2 years ago)
If it's not too personal, where are you from? You seem to have some weird colloquialisms that sound vaguely southern but I can't seem to place them
oracleofdewphi (9 months ago)
calliope whispers Very cool! I’m from Illinois and lived there for 22 years before moving to Wisconsin for 5 years, and I’ve also lived in north Florida for 3 years before returning to Illinois. Iowa is a beautiful state. Some online US dialect quizzes work beautifully for my friends, but they don’t work well on me. Both of my parents have California roots but then moved once a year while growing up, then settled in Texas for a bit. I do have some southern expressions as well. Before I lived in north Florida, an online dialect quiz guessed either Detroit or Southern California for me. Now it guesses those areas or Orlando, haha.
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
I am from Iowa! Mama lived in Texas & a lot of my friends were from Louisiana or Alabama. Picked up a few things from there :)
William Brown (2 years ago)
Just my opinion, but you continue to impress. My favorite so far. :)
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Awesometosity! Thanks so much! :D
Gary Rice (2 years ago)
your really cool thanks for the role play nice work on getting over 1000 subs.
Gary Rice (2 years ago)
your very welcome.
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Thank you very much, 'preciate it! :)
EpicMeme Productions (2 years ago)
Hope the move went alright!! So glad you are back!!!! I'm a little late lol! So busy this time of year when school, work is getting out!
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! Glad to see you on my comments :)
Jeroen vW (2 years ago)
Great to see you back! Love the video very relaxing. Take care! :)
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Thank you very much! :)
KHUFU (2 years ago)
Calliope returned and killed it like a boss!!! 👍👍
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Hells yeah, glad to be back! :D
Are you Canadian?
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Haha, I wish. Nope, I am far from Canadian :)
Swan Whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
I'm so happy to see you back Calliope 🤗 I didn't know this existed, the things pseudoscience comes up with 👀
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
This was one of those weird branches off the phrenology Wikipedia page, of course I had to do something with it! :) Thanks for watching, Swan!
Andrea Lardella Music (2 years ago)
I'm glad to see you back, hope all is ok. Great video as always, Calliope, very relaxing!!!
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Glad to be back, thank you! :D
Jasper (2 years ago)
This is my first youtube like and comment ever. After seeing your last video i felt like i had to since i watch alot of your video's even tho i dont experiance asmr it still is relaxing to listen to. You have a really calm and friendly voice that just feels good to hear. I hope reading possitive comments help you, cuz this one is for you ;)
Jasper (2 years ago)
calliope whispers than im glad i posted it :) keep doing what you do and stay strong! you are amazing for keeping your head up with all that you talked about in your last video
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Thanks for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it! I love reading my comments, especially with all the familiar names & profile photos. Y'all make my day :D
Daniel Lerma (2 years ago)
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Thank you! :)
kamikiller (2 years ago)
yeaaass amazinggg !!! realy happy that you're back
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Thaaaaank you! Glad to be back :)
Too Crow (2 years ago)
hi calliope, missed you. You just made a lot of people's days!!
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
I missed y'all too <3 thanks for coming on back
Tony Vrizuela (2 years ago)
new house!!!!!!
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Haha, this was the living room at my old house. I will be posting a video shortly that has my new house in it! :D
Halcyonic (2 years ago)
Wow, this is super interesting. I love love love roleplays centered around pseudoscience, no idea why haha. The up close parts were crazy relaxing. Thank you so much for posting!
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Maybe it's because pseudoscience is really personal attention oriented, I've never understood why either but it's one of my favorites! Thank you! :D
Darrell W Roper (2 years ago)
Very nice.
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Thank you! :)
Nite Shift ASMR (2 years ago)
I'm really feeling this so far! Btw don't think I congratulated you, so congrats on 1k 👌🏼🙂
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Shiiiit, you showed up in my comments again! Quick, I need to make a witty response.... I think I already goofed it :D Thank you so very very much!!
Owen A (2 years ago)
Glad to see you're back; hope all is well!
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
Thank you very much! :D
PIGGY WIGGY (2 years ago)
You're back & front - PIGGY luvs ya xx
calliope whispers ASMR (2 years ago)
<3 thanks so much hon!

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