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70 Lbs Lost in 6 Months - Alternate Day Fasting (Before & After Pics)

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This is a summary of my results from six months of following an alternate day fasting regimen. I'm just an average middle-aged dad-bodied schlub with limited willpower who has made serious mistakes, yet fasting has (so far) produced terrific outcomes and insights I want to share with you. Please Like, Subscribe & Share! Nothing in this video should be taken as medical advice or recommendation. I'm not a doctor, biologist, or nutritionist: I'm just a fat guy. You are entirely responsible for your own health and decisions. Reach out to Steve at [email protected] My 1st video, Intro to Alternate-Day Fasting: https://youtu.be/Dy8S2-wkBno My 10-Day Extended Fast Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLukVmum2HgH-3zvRoGkT8tn1vxb_Cy2Ew Eric Berg’s video on Understanding Insulin Resistance and What You Can Do About It: https://youtu.be/iTjDi2ZO0n8N
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Him Bike (30 minutes ago)
Awesome story. Great job
Lawrence Tierney (14 hours ago)
How refreshing ! An ordinary guy, telling it simply and saying it costs nothing. Outstanding.
Priscilla Flores (1 day ago)
I cant explain how your video just helped me understand some things about me. Thank you.
Mark Soberay (4 days ago)
Wow! Great video...i relate to every point
jessy44 (4 days ago)
Thank you for this video, I'm definitely following you 😁
Rock Heiland (8 hours ago)
You're most likely to late. He didn't post a video in a long time
Hop Pine Cliff (4 days ago)
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Keith Hill (4 days ago)
A little repetitious and rambling. A script might help. At least there was no annoying music.
Natalie (5 days ago)
Thank you for the video !!! Very inspirational !
Belmicah (5 days ago)
Do you like Koontz though?
Bob Drawbaugh (7 days ago)
So, fasting isn’t a restriction on what you eat? What you did prove was you can’t out exercise a poor diet.
Jon Bishop (7 days ago)
Very informative ! Thank You for sharing your story . Can I ask, How did you do with the final 30LB ? I looked at your Chanel to find out but all of your videos seem around the same time as this one ? if you managed please provide a link or point me in the right direction ? Many Thanks and Greeting from The Republic of Ireland
james brady (7 days ago)
I elt awesome this morning! Full of energy!!! So today is an eating day, and I cant wait to fast again tomorrow. Thanks again!
E. M. Torres (7 days ago)
The movement of your lips and the voice, is just like a korean movie, sound don't match with you words.
openheavensmin (8 days ago)
do you know that you are quoting part of a scripture?
Bektas Konca (8 days ago)
i lost 12kg in one month by eating just once a day at 6pm...
Marlo Stacey (8 days ago)
orarcher O (8 days ago)
I'm gonna do it !! I have been bouncing around doing different things in diet s such as keto (worked temporarily) I need to lose 40 lbs and I need to gain stamina back badly !!
Anna K Hodsdon (8 days ago)
Ive had issues with intense sweets cravings too, turns out it can be a symptom of insulin resistance. fasting is really good as a part of a strategy to curb it, apart from cutting out refined sugar.I has really helped me. I do intermittent fasting every single day but alternate days would be awesome too.
Adrian Betancourt (8 days ago)
Thank you sharing your experience and keep up the good work. I started with keto and now I am incorporating the internment fasting. I went from 210 to 180 lbs in 3 months with a 5'7" body frame, and I feel the difference already.
bhushan zete (8 days ago)
How much I want to tell you that I can relate with you 100%. I am in the same position and have started with intermittent fasting. Planning to move on to alternate day fasting. Hoping for the best. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Melody Patterson (8 days ago)
I'd love to try this but how were you not hungry on the fasting days?
james brady (8 days ago)
Im on my first alternate fast day today! I ate yesterday and I am not eating today! Thank you for your inspiration!
windsongshf (8 days ago)
Prolonged fasting... a little salt and potassium water helps.
trueconsumer6 (8 days ago)
Love your t-shirt.
Dan Elam (8 days ago)
The audio appears to be out of sync.
paul stewart (8 days ago)
Simply too long and repetitive...think of the audience....we want the key points first, then if we want your life history we can continue!
David Head (8 days ago)
I'm a Dean Koontz too.
haynnv (8 days ago)
I love the shirt.
Thomas Marciano (8 days ago)
If you want the science behind this read The Obesity Code by Jason Fung. I have followed the advice in this book and basically you can control how much weight you loose by how fanatically you follow it. In the beginning I strictly followed it and the weight came off. I then started eating foods I originally cut out. Two main things to remember: No sugar and fewer meals. The weight will come off.
mmundale (9 days ago)
Steve, How active are you on your fasting days? Most people talk about how to fast but don’t talk about activity and energy levels on those days. I have not tried fasting yet. I am a bit old school of eat less and move more. We are the same age and in two months I have lost 30 lbs going from 290 to 260 with just good old cardio, portion control, and healthier food choices . Oh and I cut out the alcohol. Good video with so much relatable truth. Keep the journey going strong.
Big D (9 days ago)
On your off day what can you have? I know water, but what else
shap zadeh (9 days ago)
Excellent video. Good job.
richard chris (9 days ago)
i watched your video and i am going to try it. very good video. thank you.
Tricia MacDonald (9 days ago)
I am so inspired!!! I am a male 6’3” 345 lbs. This video is like looking in a mirror. I am on board and want to start. Thanks so much
lopezb (9 days ago)
Remarkable video, thanks! Everything you say has the ring of truth, which inspires others to try it for themselves.
Silver99 (10 days ago)
I've been eating once a day lately, and I feel better, lost some weight, food tastes better, I sleep better, spend less on food (obviously), and noticed the difference between being actually hungry and just having an urge to eat. Hope more people jump on board with fasting.
Hamato Yoshi (10 days ago)
Everything I'm going through, you are clearly describing it.. You put everything together very good when explaining it.
Joan A Sinclair (10 days ago)
Thank you for your inspiration. God Bless you Abundantly. I hope to achieve results as beautifully as you. I’m down 11 lbs in 13 days ... losing water weight ... I began ketosis after day 2 and have remained there. I want to lose 20 lbs. I think this may be the key for me too. So I’m going to try a day on and a day off. I’m off sugar... intake only 20 carbs daily through vegetables and a few fruits of (avocado, cantaloupe, tomato). I am restricting all sugar, breads, pastas. It’s a journey! So happy you found what works for you!
Jim Porter (7 days ago)
Good for you but please remember that the body is not stupid, in fact quite the opposite. Although you will experience an amount of fat ketosis, unless you are doing some form of strength/weight bearing training your body will attempt to rid itself off excess muscle as much as it will fat. The body sees itself as going into lean times so to preserve its energy stores it reduces the size of the biggest energy users, ie muscles. This is the main reason programs like WW generate rebound dieters (clients for life). You need to keep reminding the body that it needs to retain the muscle and bone in order to maintain fat reduction. Otherwise you will get lost of weight loss it just won’t all be fat as the body adapts to its new environment.
Stephen Cullum (11 days ago)
Second month of keto diet and intermittent fasting. Lost 33 lbs so far. I am on the same learning journey. You are so right about being mislead on diet by our government.
Don B (11 days ago)
We are now about 1.5 years since you made this video. I would be very interested where you are today weight wise and general health wise. I ask because I can relate to much of your story. Albeit, I'm much shorter, 5'8", I went from 210 lbs five years ago to 145 lbs in a one year period. Today I am around 160-165lbs. I am insulin resistant so it was natural for me to do a low carb diet. Also, I do notice that my metabolism has slowed and today if I carb up for a few days I will put on pounds quickly. My goal is to get back to around 155 and I too will do periodic fasting days. I notice fasting will get my body over long periods of weight stabilization. So long term is of importance to me. I've had success over the five years now. Like you my asthma and energy level increased ever since I lost my first 20 lbs and has been consistent over this period. Naturally I am not recommending my low-carb diet to anyone. We are all different and my body being insulin resistant is not the situation everyone find them selves in. Albeit, a good indicator of my condition is most weight gain goes right to the middle section! I see you have other videos on Keto as well. Thanks again for sharing. With all your videos being at least one year old, inquiring minds want to know, where are you today?
TeflonTommy2 (11 days ago)
I’m already down 20lbs by fasting every other day. It’s just melting away. 10 more lbs and I’ll meet my goal!
Wojciech Migda (8 days ago)
Great to hear that! How long did it take you to get the 20lbs down?
Khbsrt (9 days ago)
Wow, I just found this video...great job! I'll def try this
Pamela H Vines (11 days ago)
That's what I was doing: Eating too much, too often, and the wrong kinds of food. I recently do the 16:8 or the 20:4 fasting protocols. But I like your practice of day on day off eating. I'm going to pray about this. Thank you for this post.
Explodingtraps (12 days ago)
13:55 98 Canadians disliked your video
Aline Siqueira (12 days ago)
Great video !!! Thank you.
Gail Phillip (12 days ago)
Great video I am trying to fast. Right now i fast for 9 hours. My goal is at least 12 hours.
Gail Phillip (1 day ago)
+luna i work nights but i drink tea and have a salad at 2 in the morning then go to bed at 8. So I am doing 12 or more now i eat at 430 or 5pm.
luna (1 day ago)
Isn't that called sleeping ?
Rock Heiland (11 days ago)
You should try to get at least to 16 hours.
iBelial (13 days ago)
Excellent video thank you. Just like yourself I started intermittent fasting at the beginning of the year and absolutely love how it's changed my life. I fast between 16-20 hours a day only drinking water during the fast and all the things you mentioned have been experienced. The cure for on/off depression, which most people seem to suffer from these days, along with a naturally induced feeling of euphoria. I initially didn't start it for weight loss, although that's a bonus, but rather to start living healthier from within and correct modern day abuse to my bodies. This all started after watching a video about autophagy and now I preach about the benefits and merits of fasting to all who'll listen. My partner is large and I kept going on about how it is helping me, mentally, physically and so on, but never once did I suggest to start it, choosing to gently coax the idea by using myself as a modal and now we're both doing it. It's funny how upset it makes you feel on days when breaking the fast it a little earlier than planned, but the good thing about this is not to beat yourself up too much, because of how easy it is to pick up from where you left off. Great video :)
MrCougar214 (13 days ago)
A common misconception of hunger is most people believe they are hungry when their stomachs growls, churns, etc. This is FALSE! What is actually happening is their digestive system is working on what's left over in your system. True hunger is when you get stomach pains and feel nauseous.
Favorest (13 days ago)
Thank you sir for sharing your story
Symon Tabbenor (13 days ago)
Inspirational. Thank you for your time to make this video. I have to change and I am going to do it today.
Katherine George (14 days ago)
Well done for making the change. Very inspiring. Bless you.
Jeroen Ashton (14 days ago)
That was AWESOME. "My problem was not 'will-power'; my problem was not disciple; it wasn't that I wasn't exercising enough or anything like then. My problem was that I was eating too much, too often, and the wrong kind of food. Food that is toxic to the body." Can you please write down all the authors and YouTubers you mentioned?
Mike S (14 days ago)
Great Shirt!!!
Anita Scales (15 days ago)
My asthma is so bad all of a sudden😩😩. I started working out little by little- I hate not being able to breathe😭😭😭
Anita Scales (11 days ago)
+Rock Heiland OK, I'll keep you posted😊
Rock Heiland (11 days ago)
Try fasting + keto. Watch "the magic pill" on Netflix.
Mary Mc (15 days ago)
Thank you. 54 yr old female serial dieter here, now I’m bigger than ever. So I M going to try intermittent fasting, the one process I’ve not tried. By the way you look GREAT.
Ketogenic Doctor Jeff (16 days ago)
good video.
Vanessa Saforo-appiah (17 days ago)
7:39 is where he gets into exactly what he did! Great video, thanks so much for posting!
Keep Rocking! (17 days ago)
0:50 your weight went up because you were consuming MORE calories than you burned! You can't out train over consumption.
funtime1o1 (19 days ago)
Love the video and t-shirt! Where do you get that t-shirt? Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we fast! Great! Want one and some for gifts!
Yvonne. Stewart (21 days ago)
A amazing video you look great. Also better than the man in the flag pants. Anyway I'm on my 3rd day of fasting. I like the idea of fasting every other day. And will consider it when i finish my fast. Trying to do 10 days. Do you think i could add lemon to my water?
Jenny Gibbons (21 days ago)
So good, real and informative. This might just be the most helpful YT vid on this subject. 👍
Martin E. (21 days ago)
Cool T shirt Steve. Great reminder, positive affirmation - reinforcement. Where did you get it?
silkhead44 (21 days ago)
as you get fatter you develop leptin resistance...don't eat a high animal fat diet if you are a type A blood
Medra Van Zuyen (21 days ago)
Look up and start taking Asea. I haven't had an asthma attack since I started taking Asea 7 years ago.
francisco (22 days ago)
Great idea but you didnt say what you actually did and how.
Mark Burns (22 days ago)
Great video. Thank you for sharing.
Rockie mountin (22 days ago)
Great info thanks for posting, what did you drink while fasting
Seth Jones (23 days ago)
Very Interesting. Thanks for the info.
margo garner (23 days ago)
Awesome Steve, thanks for the great info !!! you are such an inspiration !!!
Mike Schwab (25 days ago)
If you want to learn about the science behind your results, read the Wheat Belly Total Health book. http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/
April B (26 days ago)
Fantastic video! My story is the same as yours. I started fasting a week ago and I feel FANTASTIC!! Thanks for sharing your story.
humanyoda (26 days ago)
Even his photo taking device has become smaller!
Heidi Scarrott (27 days ago)
What a lovely video. Such great information. Well done for achieving this.
Rack City Duh (27 days ago)
You look great!
Blurred Trees (27 days ago)
Hello Sir, so when you began you just ate anything you wanted and it was ok? That didn’t cause cravings on your days off? With Keto it makes sense to reduce cravings but not really only ADF. Pls explain! THANKS
Bookstar RcFlyer (27 days ago)
Excellent video! great job! Thanks for sharing!!
Keven Woods (28 days ago)
Thanks man 👍 great video , I'm stuck on sugar too, I've tried fasting but not one day on and one day off but will get started with it now
Jim Younger (28 days ago)
So true , today our society revolves around meals !! Way too many meals per day !!
Jim Younger (28 days ago)
Starvation mode is an over used term. You’re not in starvation mode until you have zero fat on your body.
Jim Younger (28 days ago)
Boy are you a text book case of too much sugar !! And yup , fasting is our bodies way of fixing itself and modern medicines arch enemy !! Nice work fixing your body and life with unconventional knowledge. It takes a smart cookie ( lol , no pun intended ) to do what you’ve done , congrats !!
Evon Mcfarlane (29 days ago)
Thanks for this video it's really helpful for me I just started to fast and I felt great. But after doing a one meal fast I worked a night shift and I started to feel dizzy is that bad could you please advise me.
discoworm (30 days ago)
Jenelle Benn-Cargill (30 days ago)
You had me at "I'm not going to be a slave to my body"! NEW subscriber!
Reinaldo Franco (30 days ago)
Great video I’ve been doing intermittent fasting and I’ve lost 30 lbs in these 3 months. Maybe I will try this alternate fasting. Thanks for the info
Driven Dork (30 days ago)
Intermittent fasting has done wonders for me. I started in June of 2018. It's March 2019 and I have lost over 30 lbs. I worked out for a while but injured my shoulders and left knee. But I kept fasting and walked 3 to 5 times a week (30 minutes)...I preferred working out more but injuries kept me from doing so. I learned to enjoy walking and it's fun too.
Steve Cedrone (30 days ago)
I lost 145lbs and reversed my type-2 diabetes without medication along with my high cholesterol doing intermittent fasting and a low carb diet. That's it. No meds, no counting calories. Just intermittent fasting and lower carb choices. That's it. My spouse was also type-2 diabetic and now that is reversed as well.
Leyla Savage007 (1 month ago)
I'm about to finish a 21 day fast soon. I'm so happy I found out about fasting. I want to try this.
Jonathan Thériault (1 month ago)
Did a vodka diet. Lost 3 days in one week!
607roger (1 month ago)
Bending over holding breath I know that to well I started nov 23 2018now it March 23 2019 lost 68 lbs it truly is a good option to have
Wanda (1 month ago)
Too fast. Those skinny arms are a sure sign that he just lost water and muscle. Should focus on losing body fat instead and growing muscle
pepe (28 days ago)
He never had allot of muscle in the first place Also you spare muscles
BDSA 1 (1 month ago)
Well spoken.
valentina morales (1 month ago)
Hi I just found your video I been doing intermittent fasting in the last 6 month, but due to my Raumatriod arthritis u have not started to walk, but I wearing a size 16 18 now size 14 which for me is a big deal.. I do feel better and have ton of energy I will start to walk
BigOldScout (1 month ago)
This was in 2017. So, being that you started in March 2017, it has been two years. Have you kept it off?
Morgan Pocorobba (1 month ago)
Very intriguing. Really enjoyed this video. Looking forward to watching more from you.
Jamal Ibrahim (1 month ago)
"I dont do tons of exercise "...5mins later, "I carry 50 pounds of weight on my back and walk few miles a day". Excellent contradiction!
Cheri Fisher (1 month ago)
Good stuff
Dustin Wright (1 month ago)
Similar experience here. A week in still finding what works for me. Thanks. Subbed.
fastrivers (1 month ago)
I can totally relate to the shakes and irritable temper when having sugar lows. I've lost my temper many times when hungry. We call it being hangry. I wonder if part of that is not only the addiction to sugar but maybe an increased level of HGH hormones being dumped into the body?
Ani Merci (1 month ago)
You have one of the best series on fasting I’ve ever seen. This information needs to go mainstream. A million thanks for the truth, for your honesty. 🙏🏼
Terry B (1 month ago)
Good on ya man.
7demo7 (1 month ago)
You’re awesome man, I’m doing IF. I wasn’t huge but 195 was my threshold- I’ve currently lost 27lbs with my goal being 165lbs. I plan on building muscle- I’m doing short workouts and yoga which helps my aging back- not bad for 47yrs old! Congrats
Jamie Stovall (1 month ago)
Great work!!! You look amazing. Just started my intermittent fasting journey yesterday. Wish me luck!😊🙏

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