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Teens Gang Raped and Murdered by Gang in Texas

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Music: "Quinn's Song - A New Man" by Kevin Macleod at incompetech.com "Redletter" by Kevin Macleod at incompetech.com Sources: http://www.dreamindemon.com/community/threads/elizabeth-pena-jennifer-ertmans-familys-fight-to-keep-1-of-6-killers-in-jail.58097/ http://www.clarkprosecutor.org/html/death/US/medellin1116.htm http://www.chron.com/houston/article/Randy-Ertman-father-of-slain-teen-has-died-5698339.php http://www.clarkprosecutor.org/html/death/US/cantu1224.htm http://www.clarkprosecutor.org/html/death/US/obrien1030.htm Memorial picture: https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17309783 Map of city: http://www.murdervictims.com/voices/map.htm Death Location pictures: http://imgur.com/a/fvlGD
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Text Comments (11266)
Natasha Trendell (20 hours ago)
" International controversy", which means some folks actually went to bat for this monster, they should have their head's checked. Was he hoping to slink back to Mexico? Slime bag.
Sphinx 10 (23 hours ago)
There u go gas em let's let more piece of shit thugs in our country build the fucking wall I'll help for free
Jose Martinez (1 day ago)
Strap them to a table and chop them into pieces.
MrColdwatercanyon (1 day ago)
Well all the bastards families must pay
avehcado (1 day ago)
The amount of people justifying their racisms in this comment section is hilarious, evil doesnt exist in one race or ethnicity LMAO
Jayden Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Hope these bastards enjoy hell
Grim Reaper (2 days ago)
just imagine how much rape has happened througout the entire history of mankind.
Farid Feyzi (2 days ago)
Animals are far better than humans how could somebody do this crime, why should morality be a dead thing inside your soul?😔😔😔
Freddy rasiel Polanco (2 days ago)
itsferinheit (2 days ago)
This is so sick, how is it possible to be so heartless
Alma Alemán (3 days ago)
Omg this is sad 😞 i hope all those guys burned in hell
Tammy Weaver (3 days ago)
They should have never 👈👉stop hanging👈 this is so sad that I called them people. too bad you can't hang . low graded . Whatever you want to call him burned🔥. Oh well what the heck Mexicans why don't I just say it Mexicans this is your results them to the stake they need to be tied to a stake and set on fire let to burn🔥 to death🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jeremiah Lechuga (3 days ago)
Shit like this is why my woman has pepper spray. A taser. And pretty soon a gun. Fucking pigs like this deserve to be tortured and fucked up for life.
Sazedur Rahman (3 days ago)
This is why death sentence is necessary so that no one dares to do the same thing again.
LedEddie (3 days ago)
Love the death penalty
Millicent McAlpin (4 days ago)
Sigh...I came here fully expecting that of they were anything but white suspects. The comment section would be full of racism and xenophobics. Hell, even if the perpetrators were white Australians or white Britain's. No xenophobic comments would be typed. Very irksome when POC can't be individuals like our white counterparts
ItsYaBoySausage (4 days ago)
Bet they were thicc
Bob Usualis (4 days ago)
Knoxville Horror murders next
Nick Cash (4 days ago)
Build the wall
A Penny from Denny's (5 days ago)
Yep. Sounds just like home.
Carlos Padilla (5 days ago)
Racism is a mental issue. I mean donald trump does say a lot of white people have mental issues once they commit a crime in America soooo lol
Charon Christ (5 days ago)
Why am not surprised that Texas executed the black guy first lol
Joey Ferguson (5 days ago)
obviously these gang members didn't have a whole lotta brains....doing what they did n all. I mean c'mon....the black n white gang...what a fucken lame ass name 4 a gang....not that most gang names aren't stupid 2 begin with, but that 1 is especially stupid. They need 2 hurry up n find away 2 remove the rest of em that escaped death from this earth. They all deserve death but not humanely with drug injections. They need 2 bring the electric chair back 4 murderers such as these CHUMPS. Truly disgusted...but hey....they'll get whats coming 2 em n the end. Believe that
FireArmageddon (5 days ago)
Those guys deserved to suffer more
Snail Horseplay (5 days ago)
burndarker (5 days ago)
If you act like a beast, you deserve nothing less than to be treated like one. The men who committed these crimes died easily. They hid behind laws intended to ensure they met their maker in peace. These two girls' lives were taken from them at the hands of these five animals in pain, terror, and degradation. I would say this of any man, no matter who he was- I'm a father- if they had murdered my children, no force on earth would have stopped me from killing them. It wouldn't bring my children back, no. But I'd go to jail content.
ummm... (6 days ago)
F*** these pieces of $***! Tie them up, let donkeys f*** them, starve them, then let fire ants eat them
lil Gal (6 days ago)
I hate being a woman. The fact that I get a panic attack if I am alone at night is tiresome. I remember dressing up as a boy in my teens because I would see all these horror stories of young girls getting raped and murdered. Just existing as a female fucking sucks.
S1D0US B (6 days ago)
Chris Vetter (6 days ago)
Shoulda killed all these gang members slowly fucking trash
AT OCDesignzz (6 days ago)
Castrate them!
Josh Stakey (6 days ago)
Disgusting. I hope they all burn in Hell.
Kyle Waley (6 days ago)
Dirty Mexicans
Eve Moore (6 days ago)
I’m sorry but I would’ve ran away and left her, I would at least call the cops but there’s no way I could’ve helped her anyway
na dats wrong (6 days ago)
This is like that immortal technique song dance with the devil but irl
Joseph Ortolani (6 days ago)
I hope they were raped in prison....
Kevin Collins (7 days ago)
These men will burn in Hell! They will burn for eternity...Tired of dirty fucking Mexicans coming over. Mexico is shit hole and will always be! Build that WALL! Fucking disgusted with Democrats and their bull shit.
Astro (7 days ago)
Thanks for the birthday gift, horror. (Posted on my birthday)
Mina Sanchez (7 days ago)
No fun when the shoe 👠 is on other 🦶 foot.in other words everyone suffered an died my heart ❤️ goes out to the innocent 😇.live by the sword ⚔️ die by the sword 🗡.god bless those beauties.🌹🌺🌷😥😿💋🤦🏻‍♀️
Alberta Abner (7 days ago)
David Murray (7 days ago)
those nasty gang people deserve the death not these poor girls.
Mark (7 days ago)
Deranged animals.
Alan Sprouse (8 days ago)
Wonder if the rumors are true,about rapists getting raped in prison?Glad they all were executed!
Marybeth Bavero (8 days ago)
I would have preferred they received the electric chair and fry. It would have been AWESOME if they were revived a couple more times and fried some more the son on a bitch bastards. I am ALL FOR the death penalty for the si.ple fact of them adjusting to prison life. Some get married, their families come visit them and so on. These families no longer have that option so lights out fuckers!!
Daddy Dutch (8 days ago)
Fuckin hell. . .
Joshua May (8 days ago)
That’s crazy fr who could do that
TONY MELNIK (8 days ago)
Bunch of ugly monkey pieces of shit gutless cunts you and all your families should be executed monkeys eat a banana you monkey piece of shit.
OZYMANDIAS (8 days ago)
Animals, build a wall and shoot anything that tries to clime it. The male relatives of the girls, should have been allowed to take them one at a time, in to a room and do to them, what they did to those girls and as long as they kept them alive, they could repeat it, as long as they lived. If it was me, that was the father, i'd make sure they lived a long life, being tortured every day of it. Why aren't these cases publicised in more detail? Because the Democrats dont want the people yo know.
Herb Clarke (9 days ago)
Death was to kind for them.
Kyle Noe (9 days ago)
Damn dude you just had to include the most awful details...
The Realist (9 days ago)
5:25 What this piece of shit animal really meant was "I've always been sorry, not because I am here, but because I got caught. If I could've gotten away with it, I would've happily done the same shit to a dozen other women and girls, and murdered all of you in your sleep because I'm a coward piece of subhuman shit who should've been thrown into a full septic tank at birth."
The Realist (9 days ago)
Each and every single one of them should've been given to the girls families to punish however they liked. Preferably blunt force castration followed by slow death by blood loss. What fucking animals.
Emo crown princess (9 days ago)
I used to live in this area and had no idea this happened. I’ve crossed these tracks soooo many times.
Josh Wallin (9 days ago)
He was a SORRY piece of shit
Joshua Cazoe (9 days ago)
"You are just one bad day away from being me" - Punisher
Victor Creed 2 (9 days ago)
Good thing blacks and Mexicans don't commit crimes like this
Daydreaming Unicorns (10 days ago)
Love how people are trying to put race into this
Jose Martinez (10 days ago)
If it happened in California the rapists would have been killed in the prison system... there is no love or Mercy for sex offenders in the state of California as well as Arizona
Johnny Canuck (11 days ago)
This confirms there is no God.....
Build the fucking wall.
GERONIMO VEGA (11 days ago)
A wall isn’t gonna do shit. Fix the ghettos and broken homes, then you fix everything.
Tim Green (11 days ago)
My God. Those poor girls. My daughter is 14.
Anthony Genzale (11 days ago)
Trump 2020
Allen Brown (11 days ago)
This is so fucked up
They call me Ace (12 days ago)
And this is why brown people should be tortured and killed
special k (6 days ago)
So whites have never committed any crimes??🙄
Janice Smith (12 days ago)
Bet the gang were illegals.
carmen Proctor (3 days ago)
There are white gangs too, hilly billy redneck
Carlos Padilla (5 days ago)
+Charlie Digital mind of a racist. One of victims was Hispanic she probably would say she should of stayed in mexico. Thats how they think
Charlie Digital (11 days ago)
I don't know if they all were, I mean one was black LOL, but one of the guys admitted to being illegal
kenneth shupshinskas (12 days ago)
put them in the toughest prison in a cell with bubba
anna belle (12 days ago)
Build that wall.
Mai Waifu (12 days ago)
Yo wait july 2006 was when I was born brooooooo
Hans Apollo (12 days ago)
Im happy that those gang member get Death sentence! The two girl get raped and die on a terribel way, the gang member die easy without pen. Gived you Children guns and proper training!
Mellis Asamoah (13 days ago)
Animals, may God forgive them
Jaden Jeong (13 days ago)
They should find the bastards and execute them on the spot.
Destinaro. (13 days ago)
This case makes me cry. Those beautiful girls were taken from the world for absolutely nothing. I hope the worthless humans who did this are burning.
Anne MacLeod (13 days ago)
Glad they were executed. Two men at least rapiing these young, innocent girls at any one time. They aren't animals. Animals don't behave this way. They are monsters. Would they be OK to have this happen to their mums or sisters or girlfriends? Who knows when men are as evil as they were.
Tammy Weaver (13 days ago)
Well now you know why that our president Trump wants to Build That Wall
Anthony Genzale (11 days ago)
all of these thugs were DACA kids
Dagon Dark (14 days ago)
And suddenly the murderers become philosophers as they receive the death sentence? Fuck off.
youareonthetube1 (14 days ago)
I urge each and everyone who reads this blog to join me in a letter writing campaign that MANDATES that all rapist be: 01. Castrated. The complete removal of the penis and testicles for men, hysterectomization for woman. 02. Lobotomized. The complete removal for the frontal lobe portion of the brain. This action is relegated to only PROVEN RAPE such as in this video. Not allegations of rape, as an allegation requires a thorough investigation and evidence to prove the facts that are as of yet unknown. Not Statutory rape. Which is a teenager that is having sex already with other teenagers but it is illegal when that teenager has sex with an adult. That is a mistake with legal consequences, but its not rape. This law is to be applied to PEDOPHILES and others who use their position and their authority, as well as their physical strength to overpower a person, and FORCE SEX from an individual in any way. That has been PROVEN as it was in this case. Please copy this format and DEMAND that the law follow the will of the citizens that are responsible for the laws enactment. Those citizens being the public at large. Write or email your local political office and cc the letter to all persons that hold positions on all sides of the political spectrum. Thank You for caring for each other and taking action to protect your daughters, sons, and yourselves.
Greyds Marin (14 days ago)
Look at this wonderful case of cultural enrichment. Happy black (no)history month everyone!
Isaiah Kadiri (14 days ago)
After hearing about Ted bundy this is pretty shocking but not as terrifying as what ted bundy has done
PinkGuy VEVO (14 days ago)
There is dozens more cases like this every year when you live in southern America. We need the wall
Manuel Allard-Roy (15 days ago)
Classic me 349 (15 days ago)
I want to move
Sarifeth Herrera (15 days ago)
And they had girlfriends 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 ps they gonna burn 🤷🏽‍♀️🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣
Diablo 666 (15 days ago)
Real hardcore gang .... Bunch of goofs! In Canada that's shit don't fly. You go to jail for that kind of shit your going to have a real rough time in jail!
greenhowie (15 days ago)
It's a sad case. I feel heavy from watching this. Remember those who are simply missing. Those who were defiled and no evidence was unearthed. It happens in every country. It happens even now. How can you stop this? With a network of constant drones? Don't be naive. We are a destitute race with no chance of redemption. We exist to suffer, and make others of our kin suffer. We should all rot, until there is nothing and a better creature takes our place. Fear not the violent. You will unmake them to restore our land. We should all die and make room for the true inheritors. Such is our true purpose, to be a festering, ugly wart on this planet that continually defiles and humiliates and desecrates the corpses of our kin, a cankerous pustule that must be razed from this planet to ensure the emergence of any true intelligence (if it should form). If we were made in God's form... these girls would have gone home and said "hello" as they passed a group of boys.
Kirk Plummer (15 days ago)
I wish I didn't watch this. It's spoilt my day. Disgusting and inhumane
AngelAura1 (14 days ago)
Kirk Plummer I know right worlds getting worse sick fucks
Spiderman (15 days ago)
Never having kids.
White People (15 days ago)
something doesnt make sense when girls who did nothing wrong are brutally raped and murdered but the people who murder them are given a quick and painless death and then probably a proper funeral. If it were up to me and the person is clearly guilty like in this case, i would have chopped off their dick and balls and stuffed it in their mouths and stuck a giant wooden spike up their ass and let them slowly die in a pool of excrement from infection and blood loss and then dump whatever is left of them in the sewer. Even that is not punishment enough but it is at least more reasonable than lethal injection. Better yet.. keep them alive and just torture them physically and mentally for as long as possible. Idk can someone else think of something worse that these things deserve
Nothing good happens near train tracks
Ken ibn Anak (16 days ago)
These were good executions.
Dominick Gonzalez (16 days ago)
that's so fucked
peter babic (16 days ago)
Those Punk Ass Wannabes who raped and murdered these two young ladies should be EUTHANIZED...SLOWLY
Brennan Pew (16 days ago)
It doesn't matter if you we're born in New Mexico if you do a crime in the U.S you deserve to die in the U.S
Monike spencer (16 days ago)
There balls needs to be cut. Off. And there right hand cut off so they can't whip there ass story like this piss me off rip Angela💜💚😇
DOUJIN TAMER (16 days ago)
They scored
Tim Green (11 days ago)
You should be executed with them!
Charlie Digital (15 days ago)
Fukk you
Elisa Diaz (16 days ago)
I hope those parasites get fucked so hard in the ass they get anal prolapse.🤬
Elisa Diaz (16 days ago)
Miguel Barrientos (16 days ago)
So let me get this straight, white men like Ted bundy can commit the same crime and they are glorified? But when a person of color does this it reflects on the entire race.... 🤔 that’s not right.
Miguel Barrientos (3 days ago)
Jacob ferreira hahaha was that supposed to hurt my feelings? I LOVE being Mexican and American :) and always will! 💕 everyone loves my culture’s food 🤗 and since I’m American, “I CAN SAY WHAT I WANT”
Jacob ferreira (10 days ago)
Miguel Barrientos shut up u Mexican pussy
Reptulia (16 days ago)
Pieces of shit

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