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3 Young Girls Murdered at Girl Scout Camp in 1977, Killer Never Found

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Nearly 40 years ago, 3 young girl scouts were killed in their tent as they started a 2 week long summer camp in Oklahoma. One America's Carl Hensley looks into the 1977 murders that left a community on edge as authorities never found the killer.
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jason (3 days ago)
i was 12 when this happened. i couldn’t sleep in the dark for awhile.
Miku kiku (19 days ago)
Never found him cause police were looking in Oaklahoma he went back to Ohio it was Henry Newell Jr. With the help of his wife at the time will somebody check into his shoe size also maybe he didn't have a visectami and it was probly his wife's glasses am I making any sense hear heart should have never been a suspect in the first place because of this after 40 years can we add a suspect that actual was a murder of a child can we stop the bullshit I just it solved this for you prove me wrong
Ashley Williams (1 month ago)
I love Girl Scout camp and this is scary
Damia Park (2 months ago)
Why am I watching this if I am going to go to Girl Scout camp this summer?!
Lala Land (3 months ago)
Why am I watching this the day before I leave for Girl Scout camp?
redboss12268 sant (5 months ago)
A youtuber was there and it said meet me at 7-28-17
Henry Mobley (3 months ago)
redboss12268 sant 7-15-17*
Dylan Wicklund (6 months ago)
It was gene Hart proved by his sperm as his vasectomy didn't take boom
Potato13760 (7 months ago)
Didn't Luna go here on a vlog
Potato13760 (3 months ago)
@тяiиitа Reische yeah he did
тяiиitа Reische (6 months ago)
Briana Nelson (8 months ago)
Fudge. I’m a Girl Scout.
Olivia Canez (8 months ago)
I am really sorry I know them and I am a girl scout and I am really really really sorry
Sabrina Begay (8 months ago)
This man is pure evil 👿 The devil incarnate!!
Franky Zendejas (15 days ago)
Sabrina Begay he deserves to have everything that he did to those girls happen to him
J Williams (11 months ago)
Gods watching he knows all sins
Mike Tython (9 months ago)
Indeed i am.
jenny k25 (11 months ago)
J Williams 👍🏼
J Williams (11 months ago)
They where rapped??? Wooooow
rick torz (1 year ago)
The title is wrong, the killer was found and tried, but because of liberal media coverage, and an advantage Gene Hart had as far as the trial not being being moved, he was found not guilty even though all the evidence was against him and he should have been convicted. And the fact, 12 years after Gene Hart died of a massive heart attack in prison, his dna was tested against the evidence samples, and found to be 99.88 percent positive match proving Gene Hart did it
Miku kiku (19 days ago)
If he had a vasectomy how would he leave his sperm how would he shrink his shoe size and a hair that could have been almost any native Americans? They had no evidence at all they played a blame game because they had no idea who it was at all it seems to based from what ever rape charges he had against him and there was never any valid evidence connecting him to the girlscouts at all
Error 6748 (6 months ago)
rick torz how do you know the video says he was never found and it was in 1977
Puppylover Barajas (1 year ago)
I’m crying 😭
Jd Money (1 year ago)
Is this where jason came from friday 13th??
Justin Tanic (1 month ago)
The part about Jason is funny not the part about the girls now that’s just cold
Justin Tanic (1 month ago)
Lol this is funny in all but it’s weird to here that because that’s my boyfriend’s name
u are the most retarded person ever, jason doesn't fuck little girl
Nate James (1 year ago)
If you watch Luna vlogs he goes to this camp to explore and when they went a second time they saw a light from a flashlight and hid in the bushes and the person with the flashlight ran off. What if it was the killer and he went back to get the evidence of the murders so he couldn't be tracked down
The PowerPoint Animator (2 months ago)
Yes,because a killer who hasn't been caught would obviously go back to the scene of the murder 40 years later.
PackDipSpit (1 year ago)
dude it has been over 30 years man they wont be going back in fact their probably dead
MeMyselfandNy1 (2 years ago)
Omg this is definitely not what I needed to see as my daughter just left for camp today! 🤤🙏
Franky Zendejas (15 days ago)
Is she ok?
Theatre Kid (2 years ago)
I hope that she is safe!
Theatre Kid (2 years ago)
I hope she is safe!
Jill Sauls (2 years ago)
How sad. I remember when that happened.
Marjxrie (1 year ago)
Jill Sauls , m
lennon tulsa (2 years ago)
Yes, sad and relevant. I was 4 when this happened but I remember it vividly. It was my JFK my Dr. King, my RFK. The clip I posted is the only video, so far that I could find about alternate assailants. What's remarkable is this is the first time I've ever heard or seen this video. I was still living in Tulsa at the time and I don't remember any discussions (within the community) from the father and his son' murder. Considering just about every clip about the murders references multiple assailants or others involved you'd think this video then and now would be scrutinized with a fine tooth comb! With about five minutes of research I found this bombshell.

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