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Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders - 1977

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On the evening of June 12 three little girls went to tent eight in the Kiowa section of Camp Scott. They were Lori Lee Farmer, 8, Michelle Guse, 9, and Doris Denise Milner, 10. Their tent was located at the outermost edge of the wooded camp and was somewhat isolated from the other tents. Barbara Day, who was the camp director at the time, knew of the camp receiving threatening notes that claimed some girls would be murdered at the camp but she believed it to be a prank; perhaps because it also mentioned something about Martians. Early the next morning a counselor from the Kiowa Unit was on her way to shower when she made the discovery that would send a shock wave of horror throughout Oklahoma and the nation. Under a tree next to the trail she found the bodies of Milner, Guse and Farmer. www.girlscoutmurders.com
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Sin Sanity (13 days ago)
Fuckin scumbag Indians.
Violet Brown (23 days ago)
Hart's lawyer was paid off. And the jury was afraid to convict an Indian. Which means it was all a farce and a bad story on the Justice system.
Miku kiku (25 days ago)
Henry newell Jr with the help of his wife at the time following 1975 Christy Mullins and his home arson he owned a funny looking black station wagon a Chevy Monza wagon 2 door vehicle I have found this to be the truth his apprentice later killed April Tinsley and Amy maholijivic his apprentice a different type of victim was only 11 at the time and though solved to tamped evidence the April Tinsley letters are truly evidence to these cases once decoded
Beverly Parrott (25 days ago)
This case is not solved and they need today's tools to find the murder or murders. If it's a cold case needs opened. There is someone guilty and probably still living. One document said one of the mothers ask for all her child's things that was material evidence. If the Hart guy was acquitted nothing should of been given back. Open this case!
lennon tulsa (17 days ago)
The current Mays sheriff received donations to retest the evidence last year [circa 2018]. So far the results have not been released to the public. I can only assume they DID get something and are currently searching DNA databases [law enforcement and civil] for a possible match. The last test in 2008 may have 'matched' a relative to GLH, that is why the match wasn't conclusive to him.
Sydnarella (1 month ago)
I'm willing to bet that Hart assaulted people in his own community before he ever went outside of it.
lennon tulsa (17 days ago)
It has been said that while in high school GLH belong to a 'rape gang' that terrorized Native Women in the surrounding communities. Local law enforcement may have been indifferent to the victims due to racism and or familial ties to GLH. The Heart family was and still is quite influential in the area.
Amber Mullenax (1 month ago)
In 2 days, it will be 42 years since these poor girls were brutally murdered! I pray that they receive the justice that they deserve!
Trisha Runnalls (1 month ago)
suny123boy1 (1 month ago)
What about the shit in the bag? Where's that DNA test huh? Would that Cherokee defense attorney care to talk about that one?
Mornette Potgieter (1 month ago)
Families of the precious young victims should contact a well known psychic investigator like Noreen Renier or Phil Jordan.
tomato (2 months ago)
Whatz about DNA? These poor Girls were raped!
Candy Addict (3 months ago)
Who came here from Stephanie soo?
stevemtc1 (3 months ago)
Dumbass juror. Oh I believe he’s guilty but since we think he was but wasn’t alone gotta let him go. Good God declare that a mistrial and start over with a literate jury
Celina Martin (3 months ago)
40 years ago?.. This is so sad.. I want justice for these poor girls, I want them to Rest In Peace... May they fly high.. 💘🥺
James B. (3 months ago)
If Hart did indeed die of a heart attack, and wasn't murdered by a revengeous sheriff in prison then that was some Divine intervention for you! I wonder how many Demons are tortorturing Hart's soul in Hell, as we speak. 😉 This crime also seems to be the basis of some horror movies like Friday the 13th etc.
barrynotlarry (4 months ago)
I am from Kansas and do not remember this. Such a sad deal and I am happy I did not know about it then. I heard about it on the True Crime Garage Podcast. If you are interested in true crime check it out. Thanks for the Video and info.
Thomas Vicentin (6 months ago)
On the night Farmer, Guse, and Milner were viciously raped and murdered, several campers and counselors people at Camp Scott heard disturbing noises. At around 1:30 a.m., multiple people heard moaning sounds coming from the direction of the murdered girls' sleeping quarters, tent number 8. A counselor investigated the noises, but couldn't find the source, so she went back to sleep. Approximately 30 minutes later, a camper in tent number 7 was awoken when someone with a flashlight opened the flap to the tent. At around 3:00 a.m., a Girl Scout heard a scream come from the section of camp where tent number 8 was located. At approximately the same time, another camper heard a scream, followed by someone crying, "Momma, Momma." Unsure of what to do, the Girl Scout went back to sleep
Chuck Gates (7 months ago)
Should been a gaurd dog or human at each tent
optimisticcosmic (7 months ago)
The Indian O.J
Jason Troy (8 months ago)
Poor innocent little souls taken in such a horrific way by some pathetic delusional self centered self indulged monster .
Janet McFarland (8 months ago)
How can a man make 11 anda half shoe size goes down to a nine and a half shoe size that was 2 men in the woods at the same time as Hart was framed on this 2 different kinds at knots wason the ropes was used I have been praying that the 2 other men was caught Gene Hart was framed the real killers are still out here walking and killing who ever they want to
lennon tulsa (17 days ago)
GLH framed himself. Either he did it (participated) or not. He wasn't an angel he was a 'siqua'. Let's not make him into a victim. If Pete Weaver's department was guilty of planting evidence I would not be surprised. Weaver and his 'boys' were under investigation by the OBSI and the FBI prior to and after the murders for corruption [narcotics]. That being said prior the murders GLH had committed two sexually based crimes and burglary prior to his 2nd conviction. Incidentally, the last crime he perpetrated was against a Tulsa Police Officer [female] in her home. He pled to a lesser charge in that crime, to avoid an attempted sexual assault on her, in that case. Let's not forget the Cherokee Nation [Western Band] along with other local and national native leaders treatment [death threats] to the victim's families during the trial. To this day none of those 'leaders' have ever apologized to the families.
Crowtein (8 months ago)
His attorney is a no good shit bird. He would’ve walked no matter what evidence was against him and no matter the attorney he had. “We proved it with blood, hair and saliva” Oh really how? “ How? Huh well a thumbprint didn’t belong to him....Oh and also foot print be wrong size you no shrink foot and change fingerprints” What about the blood hair and saliva you talked about? Sick savages
Caitlyn Lee (8 months ago)
Heard about this case on a parcast podcast lately. There was dna evidence tested in the 2000s and that is was most probable that It was Genes DNA.
nomopms1 (9 months ago)
Gene Hart did it, for sure. He's dead now. Since then, his DNA proved it.
Heather Bowlan (9 months ago)
I say there was two people involved! How could one man hold down three girls all at once , and not even one girl had a chance to run and get away ??? Possible but very hard I think to hold three girls down at once to tie them , you'd think they would be going crazy to get away scratching, kicking punching, to get away ! Just my thoughts God bless them all who were involved in this nightmare, they'll carry through out there lives !
Trisha Runnalls (1 month ago)
Angi Key (6 months ago)
He bashed their heads in first, which is why there’s so much blood everywhere on inside of the tent
Melissa Reynolds (10 months ago)
It hasn't changed boys and girls are still being molested even in 2018 in the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts which is pretty sad that's one of the reasons neither one of my kids have ever join them they are now 17 and 21 and I don't regret making that decision
Dannie Marie (5 months ago)
Really? I was in Girl Scouts for many many years and those are some of the best memories of my childhood. I got the opportunity to experience so many fun new things that I never would have without the Girl Scouts.
David Arshawsky (10 months ago)
Klan cops should be questioned.
swampfizz (11 months ago)
lots of people new about this cave? anyone could have accessed it?
ishe nicole (11 months ago)
Don't these thick heads who release this psychopaths care to infrom the community these rapists will be now be free? And which idiot left these youngsters alone?
Tracey Inman (11 months ago)
I was so haunted by this. I was a girlscout at the time..we camped at Nichols park in Henryetta ok
Autumnleaf2011 (9 months ago)
Tracey Inman damn! No thanks. Hotel please
Victoria Louden (11 months ago)
I forgot all about this until I saw this blows my mind how I forgot about this!! I was 11 at the time.
Kay Mcinerney (11 months ago)
Bigga Winna Crapsa (11 months ago)
The wording is all wrong. That female researcher could have used words to let us know exactly what type of 'match' she got and why that match was insufficient to prove guilt or at least presence. Instead she hems and haws and tells us basically nothing. And to bolster their case they say a relative owns some land nearby. Well, that settles it, he's guilty!!  I'm quite sure that someone contemplating raping and murdering three little girls would do his best to avoid apprehension. Therefore, no adjacent plots of land. No being heard bragging about it in a bar afterward. No hair that is 'consistent' with the suspect being left at the scene.   lol  you fools.
Cherie Ryder (11 months ago)
As I watched this doc I cried my friken eyes out poor little girls this is crazy az 😪😪
Dottie Marie (1 year ago)
I was 2 years old when this happened. I grew up in Oklahoma. My mom would never let me be a girl scout no matter how much a begged. When I got older she told me some girls had been murdered at Camp and the killer was never found. Now, I see why mom was so scared. Thank you for this video and insight.
bchlovr (1 year ago)
“He wasn’t that bad?” “Nicest guy you could ever meet?” Ask the 2 women he raped & left tied up. Ask the parents of these little girls families. Science isn’t reliable? OMG! I can’t believe I live in this state with so much ignorance! His trial should have been moved elsewhere.
strawberryseason (1 year ago)
Defense attorney makes me sick.
dohnnycash (1 year ago)
Hart escaped and was out for 4 years before the three girls were murdered. Then another 10 months go by before he was caught, great job Gov. Law enforcement from local to FBI are to blame. A bunch of little girls camping out in the woods next to land owned by the escaped kidnapper rapist's mother. A perfectly baited trap, the Law wasn't doing their job, again.
Qassim Maqmood (1 year ago)
Not getting off the subject,but how in the world did in less than 100 years native Americans turn from darkskined people to Caucasian looking ?
Sodapop (1 year ago)
In my opinion I think the killer had some accomplices, no way can ONE single man grab 3 girls and proceed to kill them. Even if he was alone the girls could’ve ran away while he killed one. He had a few other people pretty obvious
Sodapop (1 year ago)
The troop leaders daughter was supposed to be in Tent #8 but was moved without explanation. They knew something was going to go down that night, that whoever was in Tent #8 was going to be killed.
Jerry Christenbury (1 year ago)
That woman juror is a real genius.i bet she held down a seat on the lil yellow bus
Tom Pennock (1 month ago)
They matched his dna dumbass.
Greg Hubbard (4 months ago)
I got news for you dude Gene Leroy Hart never done this didn't fit his MO
debra maddox (1 year ago)
we were talking to my neighbor,we have lived on the edge of downtown TULSA for many years. MY BEST FRIEND KELLY lived in LOCUST GROVE when this happened ,just outside of her back yard.very close! anyhow,talking to my neighbor Becky we were talking about this case when surprisingly,she told me that her younger sister was going to GO TO THAT GIRL SCOUT CAMP and decided to rather go some other summertime event ...she choose the OTHER summertime event<thank GOD / her mother was beyond shocked to learn of the deaths of all her friends here in the LAST CABIN/tent (which is where she wud have been staying ) GAVE me chills to even think about
Chocolate girl (9 months ago)
Chocolate girl (9 months ago)
debra maddox If your bestfriend experienced this and this happend close to her house are u like 50 or 60 ? Cuz this case was 41 years ogo 😱
Gloria (1 year ago)
I love Oklahoma, I was born there. I am not saying this guy is innocent or guilty. But in the 60's and 70's the cops were crooked. They proved over and over that they would plant evidence if in their minds people were guilty. Many of them took bribes and were into criminal activity. My cousin came from a middle class family. He saved his money to buy a used Jaguar. My aunt and uncle had fits because they knew he would have a target on his back. Every single time he took his girlfriend on a date he would get stopped. They would make crud derogatory comments to his girlfriend to try and get him to take a swing at them. He was smart he didn't. What they were after was for him to pay a bribe and they told him for how much. You see they thought he must have lots money if was driving a Jag. He didn't, he was just a kid who loved cars and his dream was to own a Jag. Finally everyone told him he had to get rid of it because sooner or later he would get stopped and pay the price and end up dead, to be used as example to others. If a person reported them nothing would happen. That was Oklahoma City in the 60;s and 70's. Now they have gotten rid of corrupt cops and turned their Police Department as something to be proud of.
Luvs Snow (1 year ago)
its not a glove but a shoe geezzzz the glove didn't fit but he was finally caught saying he did it so in this case shoe might not fit but doesn't mean he didn't walk a mile in them
Bigga Winna Crapsa (11 months ago)
Oh yeah. Good thing there were several adult men that went with the troop of young boys - so you know they're going to be safe. In fact, I bet they'll have LOADS of fun.
Lori Corneau (11 months ago)
Smart mom! I have a 10 year old son in Boy Scouts and this is frightening! My husband and I don't allow him to go to the week long summer camps because to us that's a real long time for a young boy to be away without family members. Thankfully he loves going to marine biology day camp at a local marine science center so he doesn't feel like he's missing out on fun. We did allow him to go to a weekend Jamboree for 2 nights. There were several adult men that went with the troop so we felt ok with letting him go. It's such a scary world out there where fun childhood activities can turn into horrible tragedies from some sickos out there! I was also 2 years old when this happened
Crowfolk (1 year ago)
were the camp counselors checked out?
Jose Carlos Che (1 year ago)
Well, Hart was guilty...after some research I found quite a few articles that 12 years after he died they had progressed enough with DNA and tested his DNA against the little girls...a match...such a horrific crime! Anyone calling the race card is ludicrous...murder is murder.... "just had to know him to understand him" What a crock of shit!
Average American (5 months ago)
@ Jose Carlos Che Liar
S hefner (6 months ago)
The Mays County Sheriff has submitted the evidence again for testing utilizing the modern technology. It's reportedly an independent, highly rated lab. Apparently, there is information to be obtained in addition to DNA.
AphroSpiritual Love (7 months ago)
Jose Carlos Che He was never found guilty, the DNA was too damaged to test with the technology. As of 2017 they have raised 30,000 dollars to test it with modern technology. The results could come out any day. So look out for. But please stop spreading fake news. Do your research.
strawberryseason (1 year ago)
I was in Girl Scouts ... we used to tell stories like this around the campfire at night. Of course, it was all made up and we never thought something like this would ever happen. So terrifying!!
strawberryseason (1 year ago)
It was not so detailed -- we probably didn't know about rape. But we would say that a killer was after Girl Scouts.
dohnnycash (1 year ago)
Ya'll used to make up stories of being tied up and raped before getting strangled to death. You must have been in one very crooked girl scout troupe.
R SR (1 year ago)
12 years after Gene Hart's DNA was tested and it was proven 99.88% it was him that raped and murdered those poor baby girls. I hope his heart attack hurt like hell
kat lover (1 year ago)
So much for the gold ole days with all the serial killers around
Jerry Christenbury (1 year ago)
kat lover yeah now we have school shooters real progress
anastasiagirl1342 (1 year ago)
Those poor parents. Did you know that Michelle's parents didn't know she was murdered until they turned on the TV after the police told them her death was an accident!
anastasiagirl1342 (1 year ago)
This whole case is just a mess
M patenza (1 year ago)
The silly idots saying he wasnt like that, so rape in the past is normal everyday behaviour , lefty idiots .
dohnnycash (1 year ago)
He wasn't like that, he just liked to wear little girls glasses.
Dylan Wicklund (1 year ago)
I hate how dumb these hicks were only the handful that knew gene did it are not like I can' believe how the town reacted
Hugh Mungas (1 year ago)
He's dead now thank God
Trisha Runnalls (1 month ago)
kilahchris (1 year ago)
How can the 2 of the 3 girls be brutally raped and all 3 killed, and nobody at the campsite could hear their screams or any sounds? This whole case stinks. who would write a note proclaiming that 3 girls will be murdered and that note was not reported to authorities?
dohnnycash (1 year ago)
They were heard by a female counselor and she saw a flashlight several times by their tent, But she didn't know what the gutteral sounds were and didn't want to find out.
Shan Swiss (2 years ago)
It's no mistake that he chose the tent farthest away from everyone else. He was methodical and it's very likely he's done this before
Eridu Sirius (2 years ago)
Who the F*$# kills little girl scouts?
Nichole Daniel (5 months ago)
Umm pervs
stevemtc1 (6 months ago)
Eridu Sirius Hart
Amber Dennis (2 years ago)
I bet it was planned.
Trisha Runnalls (1 month ago)
FallingGalaxy (2 years ago)
This just goes to show how dangerous ignorance is. That people who aren't educated or who at least aren't taught to think critically, are more likely to go on their feelings and beliefs instead of the facts. This lawyer acted like scientific evidence was pointless, when it's the best tool we have for understanding reality. He fails to mention about the fact people don't always wear the same shoe size as their feet, among other facts.
swampfizz (2 years ago)
ok the DNA? 1987..matches Hart..but I wish they would clarify how it matched? 1987 DNA matches 1 in 5... 1 in 1000.. 1 in 10000 ??
Herne0011 (2 years ago)
Whomever did it must have done it with help. 1 of the girls would have raised the alarm if there was one guy.
Rebekah Redden (6 months ago)
Bigga Winna, you are sick!! They didn’t have sex! They were brutally raped!!
Bigga Winna Crapsa (11 months ago)
Better yet, how could they remain silent while having sex for the first time? Unless.......
Geordie Lass (1 year ago)
Not necessarily if he had a knife or gun to one of the girls heads and told them if they screamed or didn't comply he would kill the girl xx
Lovely (2 years ago)
NeedMoreCoffee and the tent supposed to hold 4 people but there's only 3? And it's the furthest from other. I bet someone helped the killer and its from the same Camp
NeedMoreCoffee (2 years ago)
That was the first thing I thought, too. Three girls of 8, 9 and 10... how could one person assault and kill all three of them in complete silence?
I Miss Happy Rika (2 years ago)
this is awfully close to where I used to live oh boi
Just Here (2 years ago)
Problem is they should have shot him dead on site the end! Screw an arrest you can't arrest a dead man
Steven Osburn (2 years ago)
Everyone around Chouteau and Locust always said the sheriff did it. Sam Pigeon made Hart invisible and caused two super dogs to die. One was a german shepherd that just fell over dead and the rottweiller walked right in to traffic on the highway. No explanations for all the supernatural that even a Native FBI agent on the case noticed. Hart was murdered in prison but the media said he had a heart attack. Nobody who knew him believes he did it.
nvsbl2 (2 years ago)
Wow, that made no sense! Saliva test IS proof!
Rebekah Redden (6 months ago)
Exactly!!! My mind is made up
CarreraLover (3 years ago)
That ending teared me up
Emily Bauer (3 years ago)
what has always interested me about this was the letter that was left that said three girls were going to be murdered. but wasn't each tent supposed to have 4 girls. I thought i heard that one girl decided not to go and thats why there was only three girls in the cabin. How did the killer know that??
Bigga Winna Crapsa (9 months ago)
I am unable to find any evidence of a letter or its contents. Directions, please.
sin nombre (9 months ago)
Just read about that letter in Wiki; that is beyond bizarre
Bigga Winna Crapsa (9 months ago)
"Just as every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners, saints" - Rolling Stones
Ben Martinez (10 months ago)
The truth? Law enforcement is more crooked than the criminals charged.
mendoza31 (10 months ago)
sophie b it wasn't Mr nightmare but another youtuber, https://youtu.be/AHyY9R2plIE , yeah in the third story she said she saw him count out 4 girls and since he promised to murder three that's probably why he skipped that tent ... gives me the chills.
Toxic Anonymity (3 years ago)
Defense Attorney: "Y'all city folk might beleive in that there science and fancy book lernin'"
Toxic Anonymity (3 years ago)
I love it. Even back then race can protect you from everything, as long as you're not white.
Cody Shaw (8 months ago)
Minority Entitlement, Established Circa. 1909
CanHSoccer1827 (2 years ago)
Toxic Anonymity that last remark was kind of fucked up. Why should anyone protect a rapist and molester? That's a fucking weird comment to make.
Toxic Anonymity (3 years ago)
+librarygirlerica Baloney. Only whites can all be blamed for what a tiny number did and everyone thinks it's ok. 80+% of young black males in the inner city commit crimes but it's wrong to profile them right? But less than two percent of whites in US owned slaves but every white has slavery "original sin." It goes on and on. Honestly I'm jealous of the way his people protected him. Whites should protect each other like that.
Lauri Kee Luv BTS (3 years ago)
I'm a Native American but with a different tribe (Navajo) but to me it seems they are like being racist but I don't know I think I have to watch it again to understand
Geordie Lass (1 year ago)
I'm no expert by any means but I watch a tin of true crime programmes and this is the first time I've ever heard of anyone from a Native American tribe accused of a crime, I could be majorly wrong but I get the impression that they keep themselves to themselves, like I say I could be totally wrong as I'm from the UK but it just seems weird to me xx
Living Doodles (1 year ago)
Lauri Kee Luv BTS I'm almost a full blood native (Piikani, walla walla, and wascko) but I don't think they were being racist because honestly he was a *RAPIST* and people calling him "brutal" and "disgusting" isn't racism saying, "he is disgusting because he is native" is racism. :) just clarifying 🤗
twomindz79 (2 years ago)
I hope he was killed in murder . Some justice . He was a rapist and a child killer .
Sarah Hughes (2 years ago)
Leeanna, how can I speak with you further? Would love to discuss things I know about this case & get your perspective.
Leeanna Sloan (2 years ago)
Steven Osburn gene was my uncle, my fathers brother was gene. our family knows he was poisoned in prison and that is what caused the heart attack. an autopsy was done privately by our family. so you are right it was not natural causes. the medicine being done to protect him was also real. my father remembers that. my father would watch the police search their home unable to find gene ( called Sonny by the family) and gene would be just walking around in the yard in front of them.
Frenchblue8 (3 years ago)
" Ve - HEE - mently"????? @10:02
Regina Bundy (3 years ago)
I hope they closed that place down.
Ozzy _ (3 months ago)
@Bigga Winna Crapsa shut the fuck up you fuckin pedo u should be hung
Bigga Winna Crapsa (11 months ago)
Now it's reopened as 'Happy Touch Child Care'.
Mike Moguin (3 years ago)
+Regina Bundy They did. Immediately. It never reopened.
dwena39 (3 years ago)
Another OJ trial...smh
Karen Johnson (3 years ago)
in my comment below I'm not saying leroy hart didn't do it. I'm saying I feel there's more to what everyone knows about! I feel there are way too many questions. & because of that it still requires more answers to this case!
Karen Johnson (3 years ago)
I remember this all to well. My cousin that has passed away since this happened. We camped out on the other side of that area. My cousin told me & my sister stay close together. She said because of these 3 girls being killed. I remember wanting to be in the girl scouts but threw my application away by thinking what if the girl scout leaders were involved. Even as a child i thought what if the 1's that suppost to protect you isn't trust worker. Maybe that was my fear as a child. But I thought if this can happen to these girls & under the care of the girl scout leaders it can happen to me or anyone else @ that matter. if the leaders were innocent & I was wrong as a child then I bet they gave up their occupation there! I know I would!
Bigga Winna Crapsa (11 months ago)
Really - that's what you thought as a kid? "....what if the 1's that suppost to protect you isn't trust worker." You were a really fucked up kid!!
+Karen Johnson it must have been a scary time... I remember the envroment in the early 80's (as a young kid), and that was after the Adam alerts, and people really watching out for kids. This kind of scenario could have happened at any time, though....
MundoDragon (3 years ago)
LAME. They opened with a Nietzsche quote and didn't credit him. Plagiarists!
Steven Osburn (2 years ago)
It's OETA. Educational Telvision.
NerdVille Junkies (3 years ago)
Hart did it
Steven Osburn (2 years ago)
The damn sheriff did it and everyone knew it.
Ultimate_Failure69 (3 years ago)
i bet the devil is torturing gene leroy hart by poking him in his dong with a pitch fork :)
Bigga Winna Crapsa (11 months ago)
How do you people exist? Where in this world did you ever hear or read or see that Richard Speck murdered 7 student nurses? Where? I have to know.
Bigga Winna Crapsa (11 months ago)
What was done that couldn't have been done by one asswipe?
Bigga Winna Crapsa (11 months ago)
No, I'll bet he's placing red hot coals, you know, from the fiery Hell, on his scrotum. Maybe orange hot coals, I don't know how hot it gets 'down there', lol.  come together, right now, over me.
G Hopkins (1 year ago)
for all of yall that didn't think he couldn't by him self
G Hopkins (1 year ago)
oh yes they can, what about richard speck he murdered 7 student nurses in their dorm all by his little self, and they were grown women.
NikkiAkaNlg (3 years ago)
Heh Hart died from a heart attack..
Kris A (3 years ago)
+NikkiAkaNlg Kira did it
Dave Studdaman (3 years ago)
So Lisa Martin (woman @ 4;32), he was framed for kidnapping those two pregnant women and leaving them for dead huh? Even though they both positively ID'D him
Trisha Runnalls (1 month ago)
Okiegal page (2 years ago)
He confessed to one of the rapes.
winogirlll (4 years ago)
He wasn't that kind of guy? Who is that stupid woman? He raped 2 pregnant women. What kind of guy was he then?
Meggie Willis (3 years ago)
I think it will be solve the guy who was in jail confess to killing the girls
DieZimtzicke (4 years ago)
I've been a Girl Scout leader for 24 years and collect Girl Scout memorabilia, I knew a bit about the case and recently acquired a Camp Scott Patch. I have always thought Hart was there but not alone.
molliemollie (10 months ago)
Edward Wayne Edwards
Bigga Winna Crapsa (11 months ago)
Based on what? A crystal ball? Tea leaves?
keilanatalierose (4 years ago)
And they were all raped... one anally.. not to be crude but why isn't this mentioned? Many reports Ive read on this murder states that the girls were only killed. Is it because the victims are so young they don't want to talk about it?
Adam Cairns (25 days ago)
You seriously need someone to answer that question for you?
Trisha Runnalls (1 month ago)
Shelley Chandler (2 years ago)
Steven Osburn - There is no way the sheriff committed this crime.
Bradley Allen (2 years ago)
keilanatalierose And through all of that, no one heard anything??? Obviously there was more than one perpetrator. I know their tent was slightly hidden behind a latrine or something, but someone surely heard something. And oh, I guess who cares about all of the missing items from the girls? So tragic. :(((
Steven Osburn (2 years ago)
Ken Sasser wrote the book. Sheriff did it.
MrJohnboyhayes (4 years ago)
Gene Leroy Hart had been at large since 1973 after escaping from the Mayes County Jail. He had been convicted of raping and kidnapping two pregnant women as well as four counts of first degree burglary/ but he wasn't the type to do that you just had to know him/she sounds like a fool
Trisha Runnalls (1 month ago)
Bombenette (4 years ago)
I wonder how Hart is enjoying his time in Hell.
susan Rank (4 years ago)
Did you hear that woman that was on the jury"I'm not saying he didn't do it they was evidence of that,all i'm saying is he didn't act alone in the crime"Is she stupid?Ok old lady why not find him guilty and when the police find the other 2 that ppl they think helped him you can worry about their convictions then!!We walk amongst idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trisha Runnalls (1 month ago)
Bigga Winna Crapsa (11 months ago)
The next time you quote the video, even when you're wrong, give a time stamp so we don't have to watch the whole thing again.
nomobjustice (2 years ago)
Sidewinder Gaming (2 years ago)
Or a Taco Bell...
James Williams (4 years ago)
I remember when that happened I was going to a Boy Scott camp and there were cops everywhere it was scary for a little kid to know that other kids were killed and that person who did it  was out there !!
Harry Drake (5 years ago)
There's something very fishy about this whole case: * The troop leader's daughter was supposed to be in the 'death-tent' but she got moved into a tent with older girls, for seemingly no explanation? * The campers in the tent with the troop leader's daughter were supposed to go and play with the 'death-tent' campers after lights out, but when it was time they found all their shoes were missing? * The 'death-tent' just happened to be set apart from the rest of the camp, right by the bushes, and they decided it should be WITHOUT a scout leader? This doesn't seem like some random attack. This was planned very carefully.
Isabella Bates (3 months ago)
Christopher Whitener I would love to talk about the case I have some ideas
ilovetinydornan (5 months ago)
Its the 70's they where more laid back and careless with kids back then. in this day and age. no kids that young or kids of any age would be left on their own that far away from the councellers or adults tents, with out constant supervision from an adult. things are so different with kids teens anyone under 18 that is still considered a child then it was from 40 years ago
Nichole Daniel (5 months ago)
@Christopher Whitener retards i tell u we all know pedos hang in woods too
Nichole Daniel (5 months ago)
I said the same what adult in their right mind would have babies far apart from them? It's just careless to me altogether!
Double K (7 months ago)
Are people really this stupid? "Not everything is a conspiracy theory" Yeah dumbasses, obviously! But this IS! QAll these points are extremely strange, and this must've been a planned attack.
Patrick McCarron (5 years ago)
Hart killed those girls, no doubt about it.  Piece of Shit.
Christopher Whitener (2 years ago)
@FallingGalaxy First you should read the feed asswipe because we have already established hart could not have done this alone. Also i doubt you more than i on this case, so study your facts. Bet you dont even know about the boy scout camp close by.
FallingGalaxy (2 years ago)
Because we all know pedos and murderers are easily spotted by their looks. (sarcasm) Best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and sexual predators only tend to spiral downwards into more depraved activities. Hart did this.
FallingGalaxy (2 years ago)
Confessing to rape as opposed to confessing to child rape and murder where you could get a much heavier sentence, are very different things. But the reason they let him go doesn't make any sense. One man can and would do that kind of thing and is far more likely to have done considering his history.
Christopher Whitener (2 years ago)
@Patrick McCarron Also patrick, hart never confessed to the crime. Odd considering he confessed to raping his last victim rather quick
Christopher Whitener (2 years ago)
@Patrick McCarron Ive seen he counselor in a video, she looks more like a pedo than hart. And just because she is a woman doesnt mean she couldnt commit those crimes, remember the fact she woke up TWICE in the middle of the night and LEFT the tent. A little odd she didnt check on the tents if she heard "screaming and moaning" also she is the one whom FOUND the bodies super early the next morning "on her way to the showers". Which more than just her used. So why did she find them? Now im not saying hart didnt do it, but there is way too much bullshit involved with fake or otherwise useless evidence since the trial was extremely racially biased, and all of the different eye witness makes it a mess. But i doubt hart a 5+ ft dude, older in age could sneak three bodies out of a tent and drag them without drawing attention. Use common sense after you actually look up shit. Ive spent time looking up as many aspects of the case as possible. It was not one person. They still have yet to find any evidence PROVING it was only hart if it was him at all. And by evidence i mean solid proof, not some halfsquat testimony
Antes San Diego (5 years ago)
He not alone when he did it...how can you grab a 3 girls in one hit...he have a acomplish to his crime...
Aaron Brummett (5 years ago)
No, that is what the DNA indicated. So that is what the DNA says. There was another female present,.
Stacey Alexander (5 years ago)
Who named himself the official lead investigator over the OSBI. Dora the explorer could have done a better job than he did.
Stacey Alexander (5 years ago)
Was innocent or guilty. It was a heinous crime that many of my fellow oklahomas remember. But I wish that the whole story was told in this video especially concerning the idiot Sherriff Weaver
Stacey Alexander (5 years ago)
Read cabin number 8. It will give you more information. I have only made it 3:47 minutes into this video and they have already reported things wrong. His family did not help to hide him, he was found 30 miles south of Tahlequa in a cabin of an Idian Chief that did not know Hart personally. It is part of Native American culture that if they believe a fellow indian to be innocent of a crime they can offer then physical and spiritual sanctuary along with amnesty. I don't have an opinion as to if he
Bigga Winna Crapsa (11 months ago)
Please proofread your comments in the future so that you don't come off sounding like an ignorant moron.
Lisa Foos (6 years ago)
Today is June 12, 2013. 36 years ago today and it is still devastating to think those little girls never grew up. They were beautiful and innocent. Oklahoma will always remember. Hearts go out to the family.
Aaron Brummett (6 years ago)
Gene Leroy Hart, DNA tests were done/ it was considered inconclusive as 2 of the 5 tests did not indicate Hart. He died of a heart attack in 1979. 2 of the five tests indicated a female instead of a male... so now it can only fall into lore as to what truly occurred.
Trisha Runnalls (1 month ago)
Mary H (2 years ago)
Was the female DNA ever connected to Carla Wilhite, one of the counselors at Camp Scott the night this crime happened?
Steelwaterfall1 (6 years ago)
Supposedly, a indian medicine man cursed Hart. If he had killed them, he would die within the year. Sure enough, the heart attack got him.
Bigga Winna Crapsa (11 months ago)
I heard he went to New Orleans and got his fortune told and the witch told him to go and find another tent full of virgins and sacrifice them on the full moon.
Sidewinder Gaming (2 years ago)
I heard he cursed the dogs the cops were using, and they both died. Fuck, who the hell knows anymore. I'm going to Taco Bell :P
Steelwaterfall1 (6 years ago)
Racist or not, he KILLED 3 INNOCENT GIRLS. Race doesn't matter ONE FUCKING BIT when it comes to murder or any other crime for that matter!
Trisha Runnalls (1 month ago)
YesYou123333 (6 years ago)
They stacked the jury with Indians. I thought only whites could be racist. If any Indian were to kill my daughter, even their tribe wouldn't be able to protect them.
Trisha Runnalls (1 month ago)
Bigga Winna Crapsa (11 months ago)
Yeah, you'd charge right in there and give 'em hell. You John Wayne, you.
richiefranklin76 (2 years ago)
@CanHSoccer1827 He's not saying only whites can be racist you moron. He's making fun of delusional SJW's that basically imply that all the time
CanHSoccer1827 (2 years ago)
YesYou123333 "I thought only whites could be racist" that's a fucking racist statement right there you racist
veterangirl (6 years ago)
He was charged with 2 rapes of pregnant women, cloth stuffed in mouths, bound, and tape over nostrils and mouth, one died, he is guilty. I agree.
Leeanna Sloan (2 years ago)
veterangirl no one girl did not die. both girls testified against him.
lysyrg25 (6 years ago)
Gene Hart did it,NO QUESTION. At least he still went to prison to serve his other conviction for rape,and other crimes. And he died of a massive heart attack there. GOOD.
Tracey Inman (11 months ago)
lysyrg25 nope I dont think he did..the bloody footprint was to small Gene's foot size was 11, the footprint was 9 .1/2

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