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Man records (audio) killing of 2 teens that broke into his home

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The following video consists of the events leading up to the murder of two teens, along with crime scene photos and audio from a recorder that Byron David Smith had recording during the murders. Related vids: Full audio recording https://youtu.be/fhUn5cRJBbY Police interview/confession: https://youtu.be/IOGX7V6vJ9M
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Text Comments (1023)
paulbsmokin (2 hours ago)
He murdered those kids!
Melonie Brown (2 hours ago)
Can’t blame the guy. Someone breaks into my home where my family sleeps they are gonna get shot too! I have zero sympathy for lowlife thieves !
Jenny (2 hours ago)
Creepy af, Falling Down, Michael Douglas... 😳
Jared Schaecher (4 hours ago)
Burglaries are about the dumbest shit you can do....it’s only a matter of time before someone’s home and you’re laying shot on the ground dying because you wanted to steal some shit. They broke in several times at the same house🤔🤔🤔 hmmm dumbasses deserved to die.
Stacey Shaffer (9 hours ago)
Sad to say, but completely justified! You can’t just break in to people’s home and not expect to have consequences. He did bait them but they took the bait. Very sad!
It's just insane the amount of people in the comments defending this psycho. I'm all for the right to protect your own house and the right to shoot intruders but the fact that he killed them in cold blood after they were down and not a threat to him,is just sick. You can tell he wasnt scared on the recording,he was just mad and wanted revenge. If they had been shot once and happened to die id be defending him but what he did is indefensible. You all should be ashamed of yourselves if you think this is okay. Glad this crazy bastard will spend the rest of his life in prison.
Alex Wrench (16 hours ago)
How can you be convicted of first and second degree murder for yhe same person, that's 4 murder charges for 2 people. I dont get it.
Richard Vanwinkle (2 days ago)
Great job. The kids faukt they died. Not HIS.
toby Golding (4 days ago)
Where's the proof kids did robberies there? When he had them over do do "yard work" or work on the pervert maybe they stole trinkets but show me his theft reports to cops and show us kids charges? otherwise your fake investigating believing killer
toby Golding (4 days ago)
Dave had a pair of skater shoes ? Why so he could do own robbery in Oct that's why he didn't report shit !! he hid 2 guns did insurance job he planned kids murder since at least Oct
toby Golding (4 days ago)
Nobody knows if he was burglarized even once!! I wouldn't take lying killer or friend Bill's word for anything ..if i was robbed 1z or 6 times, i would make police report.. I believe there is a lot more to this story, also believe he did his own last robbery for insurance $ ..saying they took 2 guns instead of all 4 idts !! He planned it that far back ..really hated females for some reason Mommy issues..i don't believe Ashley the other woman he hated or Haile stole guns!! Who was Scott he talk badly about ? This was a creepy recluse who likely gave kids $ for sex or free boob shot.. Why did kids head straight to basement? They knew him well, and knew where he hid stuff or something lured them down there !! Did he put money or pills in visible place when they looked in? Bill knew about plan to hunt them down like animals
Brooklyn Joe (7 days ago)
Free Byron David....Unless hes dead already....The man did nothing wrong
Mike Ladnun (8 days ago)
You can not control something like this so don't Rob anyone.
PlayStatiowned (8 days ago)
She sounded like a turkey.
Midnight Fistfight (9 days ago)
First degree murder??? You would think it was him who broke in and shot them! Free Byron Smith.
Midnight Fistfight (9 days ago)
He was living in terror. The police don't do shit about it because justice serves the perp now. No government should hold a man as a criminal for defending his life and home. Especially when that government refuses to do so, or is incapable of doing so. If two criminals hadn't broken into a decent man's home relentlessly and repeatedly nobody would have died that day. It is tragic they were so young, but I have no sympathy for them.
justin potter (11 days ago)
When your pushed to the edge you have too push back or fall
Dan Cormany (17 days ago)
Honestly if you feel sorry for those kids at all you got issues. Did he kill them? Yes. Did he have to? Not exactly. But fuck it. He did. He has every right not to be fucked w if he doesn't want to be. Yet half the idiots in this comments section are acting like the kids were innocent. They had it coming. And so what if he was in the basement w his guns. Being prepared is what that is. But I guess there's a shit load of retards who don't believe in defending yourself. I guess we can't do that in America anymore. Bull fucking shit. I call this a needed cleansing. Cleaned up a mess like he said.
Dan Cormany (17 days ago)
Good. He did the right thing. Those little kids apparently thought they could get one over on anybody. It's a shame he got locked up for this.
Delay Gratification (18 days ago)
they were unarmed TEENS, just call their parents, or the police; how can anyone think this is justified? (see Wikipedia/Byron David Smith killings) - "The prosecution alleged that Smith's actions showed aspects of premeditation (see lying in wait) and he used excessive force in relation to the threat. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison."
karadiberlino (20 days ago)
„Die...bitch!“ 🤣🤣🤣 Honestly I hope their parental failures listened to this over & over, how their precious little offspring was handled. I think it‘s funny! 😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Sal Philip (22 days ago)
This reminds me of Don't breath the movie
Karrie (1 month ago)
Just because this man is flatlined on personality does not mean he has no right to protect his home?
Totaly14 (1 month ago)
I see everyone commenting how he was only defending his home and did nothing wrong. Nah fuck that, he got too much joy in killing them, you can hear it in his voice, it wasn't a situation where he pulled the trigger out of fear for his own safety and then freaked out at the thought of how he just killed someone, like a normal person would act, no, he didn't care, he felt no remorse and that's disturbing, no human should kill another human without feeling SOMETHING, ANYTHING. They were criminals but he's nuts.
TruthSeeker08 (1 month ago)
His mistake was recording the shooting. We all have the right to defend ourselves and our property but the recording is pretty clear. He didn't just shoot for protection or defense or he would have just shot once. He even talks to them before finishing them off. That's murder any way you cut it.
Tristyn Leos (1 month ago)
The video maker doesnt really say it till the end (if you make it that far) but this homeowner went to prison for life for murder. Even though these people broke into his home multiple times, including guns (so they could have been armed for all he knew), even still he was sentenced to life without the chance of parole. That's what u get when u live in Minnesota
Dat Man (1 month ago)
I 100% agree with defending your home with lethal force but this guy is just sick and evil. He was killing for revenge not to defend himself
El Barto (1 month ago)
So he was wrong for waiting in his own home with a gun in case the thieves were complete fucking morons and decided to break into his home again after multiple times previously even earlier that day. I guess according to the police he should of not lived in his house at all in case they came back again and again. He didn’t need to make sure and execute them because they would of bled out anyways. Why wouldn’t he get rid of the audio tape if he was truly trying to get away with a murder, he must of felt 100% justified in protecting his home and his valuables, just like anyone rightfully should. They knew the risks and still kept going back to his house after robbing him multiple times, then the both goes down where she just heard her cousin go mins before and had to hear the gunshots from. They paid the ultimate price for which ultimately they deserved..
altruistic angel (1 month ago)
moral of the story...if you break into someone's home with the intention of burglarizing them, there just might be an unstable war veteran with ptsd inside waiting for you.
Tay No last name (1 month ago)
That’s what they get. Why is this video even on this channel?
ScorpionSensualTouch (1 month ago)
Good for him unfortunately his recording convicted him. Dummy move on his part.
TruthSeeker08 (1 month ago)
The recording was his only mistake. It shows that he wasn't in fear or trying to defend himself. He even talks to them before finishing them off. That's murder how ever you cut it. But if he didn't have the recording nobody would have known. Stupid man.
James Orr (1 month ago)
Good riddance, I'd shot them both dead too...
Drippy of Tip (1 month ago)
For all of those people out there that support this psychopath, you're out of your fucking minds. Do you have a right to protect yourself and well as your home? Umm, no shit. Of course these teens were in the wrong, not trying to justify what they did. But that sick fuck actually planned out their execution. If he knew they'd be coming by again to rob him, like many, many times before, there should've been cops there waiting on them and catch them in the act. It scares the shit out of me how many people are willing to kill over the dumbest fucking things. And don't give me that, "Oh, he had a right to defend his home" gee, ya fucking think? But just listening to the audio, it's very clear that dude is out of his fucking mind.
TruthSeeker08 (1 month ago)
Thank God that he recovered it. He was laying in wait for them and he knew that he was going to kill them. He even talks to them before finishing them off. There's absolutely no excuse for it. He's a cold hearted murderer.
Pet ‌ (1 month ago)
Right. There's killing in self-defense and then there's executions--this was clearly the latter. The girl was incapacitated, insensible and prone on the floor for some minutes before he put a bullet in the back of her head. He had nothing to fear from her at that point, but deliberately "finished her off" because he didn't imagine that she'd be punished to his satisfaction if he allowed the police to take her alive. He said as much in his dumbass monologue. These are not the thoughts or actions of a fearful man, but an angry one.
Diana James (1 month ago)
I have no issue with protecting your home, etc. my question is why couldn’t he have just shot them in the legs or some other non lethal place and called the police?
TruthSeeker08 (1 month ago)
Ikr. Because he had this planned. Laying in wait.
Wandering Lens Media (1 month ago)
While I'm not opposed to shooting intruders, relishing in it, keeping bodies for a long period before calling the police and executing someone who is no longer a threat is just psychotic.
Cello Face (1 month ago)
Hope he's getting raped daily.
Blake Bohannon (1 month ago)
quick question what’s up w the little jump scare at the 10 second mark
Gta-Freak (1 month ago)
fuck him.. usa is fucked
Timah R. (1 month ago)
I can understand why he did what he did but why the creepy recording tho bruh?
Jack Smith (1 month ago)
He removed two subhuman parasites from society and was also generous enough to provide us with some ASMR as well. This man is an American hero!
Khan Bhai (1 month ago)
He is a sick piece of shit and he should be hanged to death
Latisha Beaugard (1 month ago)
They must have been on drugs
altruistic angel (1 month ago)
most likely. most people robbing houses are doing it to support a drug habit. agreed.
billionkek (1 month ago)
This dude is creepy! That disgusting sinister voice he talks in on those tapes says it all! shoot them once, and call the police. Don't empty your clip into lil kids..
HardRockMiner (1 month ago)
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Carnage Kasady (1 month ago)
fuck yea, make sure that thieving trash is dead, break in my house you get a 45 in the face motherfucker. and this is what you get for defending your own in America, shithole justice system fucking over good people to keep the shit bags staying afloat
Delia Darbonne (1 month ago)
Sad when defending what is yours ends up in life in prison
Edwin Bell (1 month ago)
He Mr. Byron Davis does not belong in prison. He did his community and the world a favor. By taking out the trash! 💀🐀🔫😈👍
Edwin Bell (1 month ago)
I don't care if they're young adults or hardened life long criminals! Justice was served! Guess who won't be doing any more burglaries? They came for his stuff again. He was being charitable by giving them some Lead! 💀🐀🔫😈🇺🇸🗽👍
black dragon wiccan (1 month ago)
the guy has a point. we defend criminals for supposed "moral" reasons to the point its more common to encounter a criminal than not. they see no reason to stop their activity because they make more in that 6 months to a year stealing than they would the few years they spend in jail. plus when they go to jail they have no bills to pay and they learn from other prisoners new ways to be a criminal. honestly i don't care if you are 16 or 60. when you enter someone else's home uninvited with negative intentions, you deserve what you get. what i heard sounded like a guy who was terrorized and shocked that kids he was nice to and tried to help by giving at least one of them odd jobs, where the ones terrorizing him. how many doors and windows did that guy have to clean up and replace? how many valuable but sentimental things where stolen? how many nights sleep did he lose wondering if they where going to break in while he was there, wondering what they might do to him if they saw him?
altruistic angel (1 month ago)
my sentiments exactly. was the guy unstable? probably. being victimized from home intruders who steal your possessions will do that to somebody. also, when you break into someone's house to steal, there just might be an unstable vietnam war veteran who's armed inside the house you choose...
Rhythmicons (1 month ago)
Is that a Sansui and a Dual turntable? 5:28
MadiCat247 (2 months ago)
Okay they break in and he shoots thats fine but saw they were kids and unarmed.. didnt stop him..Dude killed 2 kids and goes "your dead" aiming to kill "sorry about that" as he murders the girl in cold blood. Sicko talks to himself and trys to come up with an alibi.. glad he got life.. probably messed with the bodies a bit just a quick diddle. I own guns and advocate for them but this is ridiculous
Olivia Clark-Davis (2 months ago)
Some of you are are really gross in the comment section saying things like he should have r*ped her and killed her then left her. You should be locked up right along with him if that's your mindset.
Tammy Johnson (2 months ago)
It’s pretty bad when you have to live in fear in your own home. He had so many no trespassing signs, he put up cameras, and he had to carry a gun in his own home because he lived in fear....When you break into somebody’s house you know the risks you’re taking.
James Brogan (2 months ago)
burglary's are one thing tho , if they were doing B and E's and stealing panties, leaving semen during satanic tupper ware parties and murdering the pets before leaving then i get it, but your gonna shoot kids (who he obviously saw what they looked like) for stealing shit from your crib? cuz they probably junkies? i would rather see them fucked up by an ass whooping then shot. i would of broken hands and legs to set example.
Arianna Kayla (2 months ago)
He did what he had to do. These kids I dont wanna say deserved it but they got what they asked for. Oh well.
Troy Eby (2 months ago)
This guy is awesome
Joseph Dale (2 months ago)
If the police would have originally done something about it
Father Gascoigne (2 months ago)
Two birds with one stone if you ask me. Thieves almost always get away with their crimes because the police can't be bothered to catch them, at least not until we are talking about crazy amounts of money. There have been enough instances where police was specifically told to ignore break-ins in poor or otherwise troubled areas. The two thieves would have most likely gotten away with it just like they did many times before but he could have at least tried to intimidate them instead of immediately shooting. If they manage to run away, they should at least be scared enough not to target the same house in the future. The old guy is clearly mentally unstable and while he did defend himself, it's obvious that he can't judge rationally and is a potential danger to those he deems evil. He was taught to kill in war and he did exactly that. It was his personal war with the people harassing him. This entire situation could have been avoided if the police did their job properly for once. We can convict people 20 years after they committed a crime based on tiny amounts of evidence but they couldn't catch two teenagers. They either didn't care or were too incompetent.
cory jones (2 months ago)
Fake af ........ First problem is why would the girl continue in a few minutes later after hearing her cousin being shot. I'm supposed to believe she hears those gun shots and thought hey he found some guns we can take and he's just letting off some celebratory shots ...... And she goes to help him carry them out ...... Hell naw that girl would have ran like Forest Gump..( in the end of the movie not when it first starts and he's in leg braces) then that poorly acted out audio tape...... Even the publisher knew it was so bad he had to put in the description that it was the guy rehearsing what he would say to the authorities....... Not what one might actually hear after something like this happened ......... You should be ashamed and you wonder why "fake news" is a new catchphrase
Joseph T. (2 months ago)
I don't have a problem with him killing trespassers, especially when they're entering your private residence. Kind of stupid ( and creepy ) recording it though. Got himself charged for being so malicious about it.
Marianne Leavitt (2 months ago)
I think that if the audio recording was not included in the trial, things would have turned out much much different for him. Once the jury heard it he was painted calculating monster rather than a homeowner being caught defending himself during a burglary.
Marianne Leavitt (2 months ago)
That 17 yo girl must have been heavy into drugs for her to have saddle bags like that under her eyes, like a 50 year old woman.
Dbow H (2 months ago)
How do we know he wasn't paying them to burgal his house for insurance reasons ? And he's really a cold blooded killer trying to pull off the perfect murders ?! Think critically before you praise this cold blooded killer. Listen to the guy ffs ! He's very clever.
Chad Dixon (2 months ago)
Sad case. He shoulda walked.
Ufuckinwot (2 months ago)
you can actually hear the blood draining from their bodies during the audio tape
Gimp Geek (2 months ago)
I really don't get how they said this was premeditated. He was prepared for them to break in, but premeditation would mean he helped or instructed them to break into his home. If they hadn't broke in, they would still be alive. I think this is a case that could possible be over-turned by a appeals court. The only thing I can see that he did wrong was recording the whole thing and running his mouth before the cops got there and turning it over to them. That is idiotic of him to do. After it was over, he should have put the gun down, and waited for the police on his porch after calling 911, and don't say a word until he has a lawyer at his side. We have an inherent right to remain silent, however, as sad as it is, some of use don't have the mental ability to remain silent.
David V (2 months ago)
If he wouldn't have made this creepy recorder it would have been self defense but he had to go on and on with some lunatic rant lol
goose e (2 months ago)
Agree with self defense and the first shots but the execution shots were too much IMO
Rhink McNeal (2 months ago)
Lol dude wanted to kill these kids... his Ass wasn’t scared for his life.
Brian Rabideau (2 months ago)
I get where he is coming from but you shot them and they didn't die right away and they were kids and people change and I wish they could have had a chance to change
Megabu teaful (2 months ago)
So a man can not defend his own house or himself when someone breaks in multiple times?! Thats a bunch of BS. Sad for young adults? No....the no trespassing signs were posted. & If u have guts to enter anyones home without their consent then u are asking for it. Now this man has to spend life in prison which is unbelievable!!! Wish he would of lived in Texas.
Miggz 1Bay (2 months ago)
Nothing wrong here.they were dumbass there was literally signs telling them not to break in fuckin idiots probably for drugs too
BossKarp (2 months ago)
As brutal and cold as it may sound, he did his community justice by removing them from society.
Steven Powers (2 months ago)
This was nothing a good guard dog couldn’t handle.......or maybe a nice baseball bat.....a net with fishhooks.....a bear trap.....crossbow to through the thigh......scalding hot water to the face......I’m mean there were a lot of things he could of done to of avoided life in prison......
Rodney Cooke (2 months ago)
He deserved his sentence! This was not a gun owner protecting himself. He was a contemplating, planning, angry murderous man. His stupidity in recording this act and practicing what to say to police on record sealed his deal.
Oliver Payne (2 months ago)
i thought that dude was woody harrelson when i saw the thumbnail
Reg Fake (2 months ago)
i believe the recorded audio is what convicted him . all the snowflakes are making the streets of life very slippery
Ron Love (2 months ago)
angielou123 (2 months ago)
And the moral of this story is.... keep your thieving hands to yourself
murdy1975 (2 months ago)
Love the Flash Frame between 10 to 11 seconds!
War Against Myself (2 months ago)
iCytus (2 months ago)
i feel a weird way about this comment section trivializing the lose of life of these two teens, im not gonna deny that they signed up for exactly what happened to them, but being an ignorant teenager and doing dumb shit isnt something worthy of the death penalty by a man who is clearly psychologically unstable. its easy to sit here and say "oh i dont blame him" "they deserved it" when your in a youtube comment section totally detached from the situation.. having said that i dont sympathize with someone who thinks theyre entitled to just take someone else's shit, but i do have empathy for any kid or teen who loses their life as a result of doing some ignorant shit. and another thing..according to the legal definition of self defense someone should be using no more force than what would be REASONABLY necessary for the circumstance relative to how much danger you are physically in..not your house, not your things...YOU, and this criteria needs to be met in order for it to qualify as self defense..that is the very first result in a simple google search... and that explains exactly why this man got charged with murder...never mind the fact that he plotted this out and premeditated it all instead of calling the police since he knew the theives would show up there...
Roger Belger (2 months ago)
He should have just scared them. That man was wrong. Of course im gonna shoot someone breaking into my house - and of course im not gonna have remorse for hurting them - but if I know what is going on like he did im certainly not gonna shoot them , plus they were just kids man!
Manko Kennewick (2 months ago)
He should have held the boy and bribed the chick into fucking him. Bedroom or prison bitch.
Chasish (2 months ago)
A few things about this. For one, I agree that breaking into someone's house, especially multiple times, is a sure way to get shot. At the same time, I believe he was sane at the time of the shooting, which is why he was in the wrong. Hear me out; If he was actually that irritated about his stuff being taken, he would not have the clarity of mind or the motivation to create an entire speech afterward. He should feel bad for having to shoot someone, not good for having "cleaned up." His words are deeply disturbing. No remorse there whatsoever. No respect for our justice system's due process. Someone with disdain for our society should try to campaign to change it rather than shoot the first two troublemakers they come across and call that some kind of justice. I'm all for shooting anyone who comes into your home uninvited and with ill intent. However, I don't think he really feared for his safety at all. I think he just really wanted to kill someone for what he decided was a "good reason." He's a warped vigilante at best, and a mind-sick criminal at worst.
Recording all this makes him seem very scary and psycho
Damond Pleasant (2 months ago)
If you break into someone's house, they should have the right to handle it how they see fit. In my house, the door is locked for *your* safety.
Charles Harris (2 months ago)
Like y’all say to us where is white lives matter damn this shit funny as fuck gatdamn white people I love this shit
rob fogg (2 months ago)
Angela Lane (2 months ago)
LOL he shot them dead because THEY DESERVED IT! I don't care if you're black, white, Hispanic, Oriental, Middle Eastern, someone breaks into your house, you fukkemmup!!! Little assholes! They should've given him a frikkin medal!
Jef Rey (2 months ago)
I don't feel a bit sorry for these kids, I would do the same thing if somebroke into my house. I will shoot them as soon as they cross that threshold no matter their age race sex or religion. My shotgun does not discreminate!
Crwth Ghiikilzic (2 months ago)
I’m sorry but I don’t think this man was all that wrong. I don’t think these kids were terrible ppl either but they did an intentional criminal act and violated another persons property. They did this to themselves. And they did it over and over. This guy was dumb for recording as well. No winners.
Josh Harmon (2 months ago)
Made me feel like I was watching someone swat a fly if it was me I would have buried them two motherfukers right there in the basement. No one would have ever have known
Mike Reuben (2 months ago)
I support his right to defend his home,property and self. However listen to this guy, he's clearly not right in the head.
Theron XL (2 months ago)
Dumb ass shouldnt have recorded it. If they didnt hear what he did he would not be in trouble.
wendell voyles (2 months ago)
if more shootings like this occured ,break ins wouldnt be as common
316SR (2 months ago)
What a CHAMP....fucking thief’s. Seems like the neighbourhood can feel safe in there homes now. No Pity....fucking thief’s.
nikki mcmains (2 months ago)
I wish he'd not recorded it.
Timo Okello (2 months ago)
Welcome to America the land of the brave, the so called richest country in the world. With some of the poorest people in the world. A land of total contradiction.

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