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Man records (audio) killing of 2 teens that broke into his home

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The following video consists of the events leading up to the murder of two teens, along with crime scene photos and audio from a recorder that Byron David Smith had recording during the murders. Related vids: Full audio recording https://youtu.be/fhUn5cRJBbY Police interview/confession: https://youtu.be/IOGX7V6vJ9M
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Text Comments (2453)
Match Box (4 days ago)
I'm glad they're dead
john doe (8 days ago)
That audio recording is what really put him in jail
Jim Jim (13 days ago)
So for all the psychos in the comment section : burglary = death penalty. So even though the guys in the middle ages didn't punish thieves by killing them but "just" by chopping their hands off, some "modern" people think death is good and justified for a case of burglary ? When the idiots get involved with justice and morals ... And they think the human being has evolved ? With all that science ? still reasoning like peasants from the middle ages ? Christianity has still some work to do.
jjgrind (18 days ago)
You protected your fort.
Houston Fowler (18 days ago)
It had to be done but he crossed the line after they were neutralize and he decided to kill them now that's murder he could of stopped and called police and the police would of taken out the trash... and he would of never been arrested!
RIPLemmyKilmister (19 days ago)
He could have subdued the woman after she was incapacitated from the first shot and subsequently alert the police, but then he decided he wanted to act like Dirty Harry and now his home is the state prison.
shaun lowndes (19 days ago)
He feels safer lol
MRFAKEMOVIE (19 days ago)
Sick people in this comment section... Real internet hero's
BadBoyBrilo46 (19 days ago)
Dude a fucking creep he was gonna kill somebody one day good his stupid ass in jail next time dont set up cameras and record urself u fucking creep 😒😒🤦🏽‍♂️
BadBoyBrilo46 (19 days ago)
Instead of killing them he should of tied them up and beat the fuck out of them ask them if they wanna go to jail or go home and after he beat they ass bring out the guns and say i could of fucking killed u im a vet so if u two dogs come in my house again ur fucking dead 💀
BadBoyBrilo46 (19 days ago)
They were addicts u can tell if u see the actual footage she was def in need of something meth or Heroin smh you risk your lifes going in people house
X X (19 days ago)
They fucking took the guys war medals and other stuff from his military life, broke into guys house several times, the man had enough, I can say in those shoes I would probably have done the same.
X X (19 days ago)
Also to the people who say why did he kill them, uhh why did they break into his house multipule times? It's not peoples job to raise your fucking kids, i never broke into any place in my life because i knew i could wind up dead. Play stupid games win stupid prizes, while im not glad they are dead, I just kinda think well that figures.
Aleksanteri_XIII (19 days ago)
Haha,what an evil old coot...Though,if you come into my home without my permission something similar would happen.. Dont break in another mans home, or you deserve to get popped..
ice la honk (19 days ago)
i broke into someone's home years ago just to use their phone (stranded in middle of nowhere PA at 3am on the side of 80,no car/shelter) i had no ill intentions and so i guess i really didn't even consider getting shot. i guess I'm a naive yank. thank god
Alex Silva (19 days ago)
Alex Silva (19 days ago)
It's only justified to kill someone only when you're in fear of your life. Sure, they were going to steal his stuff, but they weren't there to kill the guy. Idk if they had even weapons on them. So yeh still illegal & make him do his time.
MrGabrielJude (19 days ago)
Murder of 2 thieves.. during a break in...Really, that just sounds assinine. Just cuz they were teens, it’s a murder, if they were 2 full grown adult rapists or serial killers, would you still title this “murder?” Dumb ass.
Omuerta Genetix (19 days ago)
that was murder of the girl.. straight up
Spacemanrob (19 days ago)
This guys a fucking sicko, killed a couple of kids for what? A few materialistic possessions, only in America.
Nathan Davis (19 days ago)
Natural selection at its finest
Bacon (19 days ago)
Both parties involved are scum
MG andM (19 days ago)
What did this guy do wrong ?
Natural Selection
TOXSYC tv (19 days ago)
Good if some one broke into my house I’d kill them no questions asked kids got what was coming to them bet they where on meth too let’s see current pics of them more recent to when they died bet that they look like they are on drugs
metalcavy33 (19 days ago)
Get off of my lawn
danthegreat (20 days ago)
I think what got him put away was more the fact that he shot the girl multiple times even after she was neutralized and on the floor already as well as him talking to himself saying weird shit
tob naissur (20 days ago)
a tragic loss of.........ammunition
Ghost NY (20 days ago)
WOW!!! This guy is Creepy AF, but I don't see the problem. FREE this man WTF!!!
UltraMegaZorus (20 days ago)
i loved the sound of them screaming when they died.
Craig Bantz (20 days ago)
I find it hard to believe that people actually passed those keep out signs! I thought those worked!
PatrickFtw (20 days ago)
Holy shit. I dont feel sorry for the robbers, but his speech after makes him seem like a fucking maniac lol. He was just defending his home.. but then to give some creepy serial killer sounding manifesto is a bit much
trashcanman71 (20 days ago)
I’m glad they are dead. I wish I could kick their dead bodies.
crypt0bank (20 days ago)
Did this guy get off? His recording wasn't the smartest move.
valensmann (20 days ago)
I'm all for disabling threats trespassing on your property. But I draw the line at executing unarmed and neutralized opponents. This is murder plain and simple.
Peter Petruzzi (20 days ago)
Ya truly a sadistic bastard. He definitely enjoyed every second of that. Had he not recorded this I would have taken his side, but God know his true intentions and they were most definitely malevolent.
DIRTYYETTI (20 days ago)
Definitely fucked himself with that recording. Would’ve been a totally different outcome had he not done that. Would’ve been dead burglars vs a victims story
EzquimaCore (20 days ago)
teens were bad but this mf is a psycho killer
Cody Sawyer (20 days ago)
There was WAY too much satisfaction from this guy. I feel he may have known it was them before this event. So many questions on how police handled the prior investigations into the burglaries. I feel like this could have been caught sooner before a couple of young teens were killed.
TheMightyOdin (20 days ago)
Having your home robbed is psychologically traumatizing. Having it happen a half dozen times would drive me crazy. How the fuck could you sleep in your house if people were breaking in every other week?
Ryan Woolsey (20 days ago)
Well y’all heard it, he isn’t a bleeding heart liberal..:) no, it’s just his butt hole that bleeds now in prison when he drops the soap
Brandon Weilburg (20 days ago)
Our court system is such a failure
Isaac (20 days ago)
Dumb bitch deserved it. Free my boy.
Coolrockie 2 (20 days ago)
Can agree about his statement of being a nice man, and people missusing you or thinking your a sucker. That always leads to something tragic physically after having your mental, emotional, and spirit shyt on.
Evil Ghandi (20 days ago)
typical white kids, they think they can do anything, and even more typically white response convict someone for enforcing the law and teaching those kids some manners.
El dorado (20 days ago)
This gentleman is a hero👍👍
RC RACER 88 (18 days ago)
No dumbass he's a convicted murderer
YouOnlyLiveTwice (20 days ago)
You reap what you sow. In this case, that was true for both parties. If the guy wouldn't have recorded himself executing them like a psycho he wouldn't be in prison right now. Hope the teens felt that whatever the fuck kept them continuing to come back and rob from this guy was worth their life because that's what they paid for it.
Emilthehun (20 days ago)
Imagine being old and scared for God knows how long hiding in your own basement, growing more paranoid every day , probably not sleeping. Hell yea anyone would go insane. All 3 here are victims. 1 lost his mind , 2 lost their lives :(
Mike Harrison’s (20 days ago)
That’s why you don’t record yourself
Ddarke11 (20 days ago)
The guys is a fucking psycho. He could have held the guy till the police came.
Tyler Something (20 days ago)
Music to my ears. That's justice fuckers
Stupid motherfuckers won the best prize in their useless life. 4:04-4:10. You die!... BITCH! Lol! Hell, this was like some horror movie. 4:34. He looks like a real psycho here.
Haas Squadda (20 days ago)
He hit them kids with the Scottie Pippen!!
Steven Swanson (20 days ago)
This dude is wacko. He should have gotten the death penalty. Fucking freak.
Addison J (20 days ago)
Lol "bitch"
Craig (20 days ago)
My favorite part is 4:06 "yer dying!!" ..bitch
Craig (20 days ago)
I bet these cousins were lovers too
lca k (20 days ago)
This is a good outcome. The robbing scum is dead and the psycho is behind bars.
Herman Munster (20 days ago)
Fucking PUNKS got what they deserved. Sadly, the shooter nearly always goes to prison. But I hope the shooters know that the rest of us are grateful for their sacrifice.
too.hazey (20 days ago)
White on white crime
Catpain Capslock (20 days ago)
Is everyone in the comment section retarded. Did these teens physically harm anyone? Ok they're bastards for breaking into houses and deserve jail for it. But this man literally MURDERED the teens, the first shot came without warning. The 2nd shot was a murder. He killed him with the intend to kill him (totally irrational reaction to prevent a burglary, since his life wasnt even threatened) And the girl? Shot her 5 times after he already shot her on the ground, just to then give her a headshot aswell. A very brutal double murder. This man is pure evil hearted and has no place in society.
MalluofAllmallus (20 days ago)
I'm glad all 3 are gone cuz even tho he had the right to protect his home, he was a psychopath, he could've shot both of them just once then call the police for an ambulance. and for the burglars, I don't give no sympathy for evil-minded teenagers who are in the ages of NEAR COLLEGE AGE to have that kind of mindset to rob people and not live a civil life.
SELEH HAYAT (20 days ago)
For the people who r taking those two asshole's side! Did that guy knew that those were two kids or adult or professional thieves?😑 What if those two kids were armed or what if the veteran didn't have any gun! And if those two kids had caught him barehandly, m quite sure that they would have killed him or knocked him out brutally give some life threatening injury!(I would have done that if I were a burglar!)
BadBoyBrilo46 (19 days ago)
SELEH HAYAT he knew they didnt have a gun u idiot they robbed him multiple times
Stephen smith (20 days ago)
Why is the person putting this on calls it murder.
Joshua Fuller (20 days ago)
This was disturbing. You could tell he enjoyed killing them. That was an execution.
Joshua Fuller (20 days ago)
+chinchilla505 wtf you mean "No"? It may have been a home invasion but it was still an execution.
chinchilla505 (20 days ago)
no, that was a home invasion. if you invaded my home, be prepared to die.
Ghtrvsa (20 days ago)
LOL "Bitch". This is what happens when loser lowlifes break into someone's home. They got what they deserved and the guy should get a metal.
Chopper Read (20 days ago)
What am I suppose to feel bad for two dead teen fucking thieves? Cause I dont.
Jefferson Sims (20 days ago)
Die bitch lol
cameron borden (20 days ago)
Well look @ these 2 thugs that cant get a job🕊
2boliviano (20 days ago)
How is he supposed to know they weren’t armed? Fuck them
Ben Zielke (20 days ago)
After the first couple of times I bet he was pissed enough to kill the person doing it, I don't blame him.
Gunz 4k (20 days ago)
brian me (20 days ago)
It’s a shame that he had to ambush them but I’m guessing that the cops didn’t do shit during the other Break-ins
Khaayron (20 days ago)
Everyone is saying that the man was right and the kids deserved it. But think about it what would you do if those two kids were yours? They were bloody wrong to constantly robbing that same man over and over again but he could have fired a warning shot or shoot them in the leg right? But never ever kill any children! So if they deserved such a horrible death than this man deserves the pains of Hell!
Bananas Ooh nah nah (20 days ago)
That audio is so creepy man. Still can’t believe they convicted him though.
RC RACER 88 (19 days ago)
You cant believe they convicted him im not surprised at all he should be
zzjimmai59 (20 days ago)
Natural selection! Good job soldier!
Kasper Kennedy (20 days ago)
they got what they deserved
gashboi (20 days ago)
I understand defending ones home but that recording made him sound like a nutjob.
Isaac (20 days ago)
That’s what happens when you have fear and adrenaline in you
Derek the half a bee (20 days ago)
He wasn't jailed because he shot intruders in self defense and they died. That would have been justified. He was jailed because he deliberately executed someone laying bleeding on the floor after they were obviously no longer a threat, as evidenced by what he did. He dragged the girl he already shot multiple times into another room, tossed her onto the body of her dead cousin, then placed the gun under her chin, and shot her. THAT is what makes it murder. That action was clearly not in self defense or defense of property. That is the act of a psychopath. This is mirrored in the fact that he just left the bodies there and didn't even call the police until the next day.
robert fortune jr (20 days ago)
Dude was wanting to murder them guys
MonkeyWith72Magic (20 days ago)
I'd would have killed them as well for robbing my house and then keep the bodys there for a while and pump another round into them every time I go to the fridge.
M W (20 days ago)
He shot several times after they were already down. That's murder. Irregardless of them breaking in or not. You should to disable not to kill, unless they don't stop afterwards. Disable and get the police to take care of it. Furthermore the punishment should be proportional to the crime, and getting murdered is not that. Also after hearing the recording, please lock this man up. He sounds like a danger to society.
Brian Steding (20 days ago)
This man is sick. They should not have broke in but come on.
Mark Harrison (20 days ago)
It's a shame a man cant protect his home and family without going to prison these days 🤔
chinchilla505 (20 days ago)
he was probably good legally until the woman execution
Brian Trigueros (20 days ago)
Good...harassing a veteran that’s what you get. Putting this mans life in danger breaking into his home over half a dozen times? These kids went in looking for a victim and they found something else.
Donmcron333 (20 days ago)
Did the world a favor. Fucking scum bag thieves.
steelshooter414 (20 days ago)
Dumb rats got what had came.
John Wilson (20 days ago)
gian carlo (20 days ago)
Damn I won't steal from him in prison
Andre' Barker (20 days ago)
A bit over kill,one shot would of scared them straight.
Austin Albers (20 days ago)
I thought it was justified at first but after hearing him talk to himself like that, keep that man locked up lol.
Phil Leotardo (20 days ago)
Yeah, I'm getting the feeling most people here didn't listen to the recording. They see it as an argument right away to take our guns away or some right vs left shit. This man was clearly itching to kill. I own 7 guns (just saying I'm all for guns and home defense), but this dude's a murder. It just so happened that the 2 he murdered where burglars in his house. Home defense does not involve you acting like Anthony Cumia, walking around strapped just waiting for something to go off, or lying in wait for "the bad guys" to come in for you to put 2 in the chest then 1 in the head.
Isaac (20 days ago)
He was filled with adrenaline. The burglars gave him it. Justified.
Yolo Swaggins (20 days ago)
He did his whole neighborhood a service and got punished for it! Fucked up society.
Rhandy (18 days ago)
more of a 2 birds with one stone situation if you ask me... 3 fucked up people going down in 1 sweep
RC RACER 88 (18 days ago)
He belongs where he is in prison.
Yolo Swaggins (20 days ago)
How the f can it be first degree murder if they broke into his house? He didn't force them to break in!
RC RACER 88 (19 days ago)
He murdered them that's why he 100% should be charged
Yolo Swaggins (20 days ago)
What a fucking idiot why would he record himself? He just provided the cops the evidence to put him in prison.
Jim Jim (20 days ago)
The guy is totally nuts. But what frightens me is how people are trying to justify this crazy guy, weak minds often try to justify what revolts them to avoid facing horror.
RC RACER 88 (18 days ago)
+Isaac you're a dumbass and completely wrong
themagictool (19 days ago)
he did society a favor from what I can tell
Isaac (20 days ago)
Jim Jim Dude just didn’t like burglars. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Criminals get what comes to them.
best butter (20 days ago)
Fuck you!!!!!!!!
SearedMoose (20 days ago)
This guy is a creepy fuck... he was enjoying killing them .. they were both teenagers like come on... he coulde have shit to disarm but no he executed them he shot the girl like 4 tines... he is sick and anyone taking his side is to . I hope he rots in jail.
Jessi James (20 days ago)
You can shoot them at least in both knees or some but maybe not execute them like a serial killer! that’s little pathetic! Death penalty for break into a house? You kidding me?
greg schloss (20 days ago)
I remember a kid in Detroit was shot and killed breaking into someone’s home. The kids mom said “ what was in your house that was worth taking my sons life”. WTF. How about what was in my house that your son risked his life over. The guy even said— I didn’t have time to ask if he had a gun nor would I believe him. Point is—- stay out of places you don’t belong. This ain’t an after school movie where in the end the kids help mow the lawn and they all have cookies.
THEoneNonlyFOX (20 days ago)
Two less scum bag teens in the world.
Man Plan (20 days ago)
Teens can be dangerous. Everyone acts like you shouldn't do a thing just because they are teens but the fact is cops do not do enough to prevent crime. They do not usually show up fast enough. I have had to pull a gun out before because response time was over thirty minutes. Recently, in our area, three teens tried to rob a vet of his pain medications and they brought a shotgun to the scene. They shot the vet through his door which saved him from the worst part of the shot from the gun. He pulled his gun out and shot the teen with the gun. Then a second teen picked up the gun like a fool so the vet killed him as well. The third one ran away. Crime does not pay and it can get you killed. Personally, I wouldn't have killed the teens in the video, but I would have given them a warning shot. If they didn't listen to it, then I would have faught back. You can't take the law into your own hands unless there is no time to contact the cops. However, you do not lay in wait to kill someone. That is just wrong.
Womp Womp (20 days ago)
Man goes into a state of shock and acted out of line while being robbed by criminals? No crime here.
Mari Huana (20 days ago)
Those two "teens'dead is justice. a great contribution to society. The fact he got sentenced is injustice.

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