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What Is Your Soul Element? Cool Personality Test

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Take this cool quick test to find out what your soul element is. Let’s see whether you have a “fire”, “air”, “water” or “earth” soul. You probably think you know everything about yourself, but here is a chance to learn something new. Your driving element has a great influence on your character and actions. If you’d like to find out more about it, then grab a piece of paper and a pen and let's begin. This video is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. The video is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional, medical or psychiatric advice of any kind. Music: In_the_Land_of_Rhinoplasty https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music TIMESTAMPS Instruction 0:30 Question 1 0:51 Question 2 1:32 Question 3 2:16 Question 4 2:56 Question 5 3:44 Question 6 4:26 Question 7 5:10 Question 8 5:55 Question 9 6:54 Question 10 7:45 100-160 points – Fire 8:41 170-240 points – Air 9:13 250-320 points – Water 9:49 330-400 points – Earth 10:17 SUMMARY -You’ll have 10 seconds to answer each of these 10 questions. You’ll get a certain amount of points for the choice you make. -What three words best describe your personality? -Which of these animals do you like the most? -Which color combo do you like the most? -What’s your favorite movie genre? -How many friends do you have? -Which of these music genres do you like more than the others? -Which magical charm would you like to have? -If someone you love died, how would you handle it? -If you had 1 million dollars, what would you do with it? -How would you describe your life? -You're an exceptionally bright and charismatic person and you charm people with your character and attitude. -You’re truly a people person living life to the fullest. -If you're in this group, you're incredibly trusting, understanding, and devoted to everything that matters to you. -You're an empathetic, loyal, and hard-working person who prefers to think things through before acting. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (55973)
luma jabor (1 hour ago)
To many people be water
Prateek Gupta (2 hours ago)
Mine is Earth and really describe me
AveryDrury Drury (3 hours ago)
Earth 🌍
Funny Guy (3 hours ago)
I’m water
Giovanna Persaud (7 hours ago)
mine is fire
Zarije Curovic (8 hours ago)
My element is water. I new it when I was a kid 💧. TRUE
Christy Logue (9 hours ago)
Even though I got Air my zodiac sign is Aquarius. does that mean I am both air and water? Hit a like down below if you have an answer or reply if you have one.
Yaje III (11 hours ago)
Im AIR bender! Air squad! 👍🌀
Zakariya Pokemon (11 hours ago)
Water! really ooohh I love water
Jacob Kobayashi (15 hours ago)
I got earth and water
Greg Cahill (16 hours ago)
I have traits from all but air is my 😁😁
Elias BOI (16 hours ago)
your mother
Boyz tube (19 hours ago)
I am in water squad too
Partha's Lifestyle (20 hours ago)
Water... Satisfied, as my Zodiac sign is Cancer, we are emotional, love home and family, we care for our closed ones. We are enjoying the Life, we don't have much negativity.
My points are 280
It LeViOsAnotLeviOsaR (20 hours ago)
Water :)
Eyon Smith (21 hours ago)
Samuel Laird (21 hours ago)
Mix of all four
Adan Montoya (22 hours ago)
everybody is water
Foxgirl gachatuber (23 hours ago)
My soul power is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tilde Nolviholmsten (1 day ago)
My twin is air to so I guess that we are not so different that I thoght😂
Tilde Nolviholmsten (1 day ago)
I got Air and it's so me!
Antonio Peña (1 day ago)
My soul element is water
Jan Tič (1 day ago)
I'm wather
Battle_axe X47 (1 day ago)
Hint on what I got: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY
giovanni nembhard (1 day ago)
If your sole element is EARTH hit a like....
shyamala kavitha (1 day ago)
tomas morales (1 day ago)
i got water element but i act like fire element
Nathaniel De Guzman (1 day ago)
Shafi Ahmad (1 day ago)
Last time I checked it I got wind bow I got water
VemonXD (1 day ago)
Am earth, I got 330, pretty accurate, if you ask me
Noob Master69 (1 day ago)
My element is Air
Sk Bloxxie (1 day ago)
I got earth 😃
O M G my soul is water that's my favorite 💦🐬🏝️🌅🚢🛳️🌊☔️💧
Nooby Roblox (1 day ago)
giselle soto (1 day ago)
270 a water
Abigail Salazar (1 day ago)
i got water yet i’m a libra ♎️
Alessandro Aranda (1 day ago)
Hoping it was earth but it was water
Alessandro Aranda (1 day ago)
dryoåtmeal (1 day ago)
CreeperPeeperBeeper (1 day ago)
Air doesn’t rly fit me about the being good with others part
Nia Saunchez (1 day ago)
I got air and it is nothing like me ,or at least that's what I think
Dr Extreme (2 days ago)
Tobiasz Cierzan (2 days ago)
I am water
sri laxmi (2 days ago)
My sole element is water, if you got the same click on like
Jonah Stewart (2 days ago)
My result was only 50% accurate.
Tristyn Walls (2 days ago)
NVM I'm not doing it ;-;
Tristyn Walls (2 days ago)
Question two as well
Tristyn Walls (2 days ago)
That's sad 😢 the first question I'm all the answers ;-;
Poultry Man (2 days ago)
W. A. T. E. R.
Balubhai Patel (2 days ago)
Gacha Equinox (2 days ago)
I got water and it was me but I was fire as well
Asha Semigen (2 days ago)
My soul element is water
Nathan Farmer (2 days ago)
I got Air.
valeria alex ‘ (2 days ago)
okay, earth isn’t getting enough reconnection here who wants to talk 😂
Jason Whiteley (2 days ago)
I don't have one I got 280 and it was skipped
Fruit Bandit86 (2 days ago)
Water?..not really
Mina Nimmir (3 days ago)
I got 250 and it exactly describes me im mostly lazy
cupcake queen (1 day ago)
Me too
Mina Nimmir (3 days ago)
Arek James Jr (3 days ago)
Mines water
Sara Vuong (3 days ago)
I had 270 points
Rae Eardley (3 days ago)
If u elsment is water make sure u like
TEJAS NAIK (3 days ago)
My sole element is water
Kendrick Mohammed (3 days ago)
My soul element is Earth 🌍
Amir El-Tarazi (3 days ago)
I'm water
naruto gamer Plays (3 days ago)
in air
naruto gamer Plays (3 days ago)
counted wrong
naruto gamer Plays (3 days ago)
counted wrong
naruto gamer Plays (3 days ago)
my mom said im water and never saw this video and im water!
Cheweto Soldier (3 days ago)
I am air hit a like if you are to
friends t.v dragon (3 days ago)
My element is earth the most lucky one
Christi Ann Daniel (3 days ago)
First does everybody get water?! 2 im water two!
Keyaan Shabir (3 days ago)
Mike Chilly (3 days ago)
I answered all ten correctly, yet the final description was way off.
cupcake queen (1 day ago)
What you get
Bacon Boi (3 days ago)
Bot Xfear (3 days ago)
I’m water
Madison McCall (3 days ago)
Mines earth
SsuperTups (3 days ago)
air or water i skipped 2
Michael Keller (3 days ago)
I'm Earth
Bryan Batican (3 days ago)
My points is 260
DEATH ANONYMOUS (3 days ago)
My soul is Water ^_^
Admiral Kilo K. Lox (3 days ago)
So many people are getting water tf... I got earth though.
valeria alex ‘ (2 days ago)
same! and I’m a taurus too!
Destiny Evans (4 days ago)
I got 440
DragonPlayz Games (4 days ago)
I got water I hate water and I love nature please bright side next time you have to describe what is your hidden enemy and god that makes good decision of good luck and bad luck
david mendenhall (4 days ago)
david mendenhall (4 days ago)
I got water
Carlos Best (4 days ago)
Phillip Bonelli (4 days ago)
I got 450 I don't know how but I think I'm earth
AJ Masters (4 days ago)
Go go go! (Mine is Earth)!!! If yours is Earth hit a like🌍🌍🌍 I got 330
valeria alex ‘ (2 days ago)
phew I thought I was getting berried in the comments about having water 😂 as there element
ICE PHOENIX (4 days ago)
ima water bois
Tej Naik (4 days ago)
trix pix (4 days ago)
I'm a water horay ...
Jay Montajes (4 days ago)
I was supposed to be earth but...I kinda didnt understand a few words and I hate talking about myself 😕
Shelley Dickason (4 days ago)
I got air but i wish i have wet i am criing
Sree Krishnan (4 days ago)
I got water
Eric Robinson (4 days ago)
I think I got earth or water🤗🙂
Charity Dolan (4 days ago)
Water does not describe me fire does but water did describe me well
Charity Dolan (4 days ago)
The Pumpkin King (4 days ago)
I got water
Itz Ruby (5 days ago)
I know my element is water but I wanted to see if it would get it right and it did O.O

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