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Libby and Abby Delphi Murders crime scene flow

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This video shows the crime scene flow in the Libby German and Abby Willams Case in Delphi Indiana
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Belinda Nichols (10 days ago)
Do we know the cause of death for each of the girls? Sorry, I don’t know a lot about the case... trying to learn :).
Angie Weston (1 month ago)
Wait their murder was recorded ?
not sure, if it kept recording after down the hill. Just and assumption
Ken D. Webber (2 months ago)
WHY haven't they given out the exact height of the guy? They have a photo of the man AND they have the exact location of the camera so they KNOW EXACTLY how tall the man is. All you would need to do is drag a marker pole out there and reshoot the photo with the marker pole. Why has no one done this?
Ken D. Webber (2 months ago)
Everyone is ignoring the Delphi Tip video but I am a 3D artist and I watched the whole video in which he describes a gold prospector and I agree, the man is older, walks as an old man, has a beard. If Delphi photos were taken in 2015 and he then lost weight then he pegs the video, long beard, hat, brown hoodie, shoes, and all. Questions for you. In a photo of one of the girls killed she is alive and fishing with a bridge in the background. IF she had been fishing then it's highly probable she KNEW a local prospector living in the area. WHERE was the girl fishing at? Was it near here? Has anyone questioned locals who regularly fish about an older bearded guy? I think the released "Bridge Man" video given out by the cops is misleading. I think the man in that video is not "younger than he looks" as the cops have IMPLIED. I believe he's actually bearded and older and you have a pareidolia effect in the video that makes him look much younger. Also, is it possible that he killed them down the hill but not past the water, then after they were dead he simply dragged them across the water and dumped them there and covered them with leaves and twigs?
Vincent Locollo (2 months ago)
Daniel Hulett (2 months ago)
Someone knows that piece of shit
Lola Smith (2 months ago)
Great job on this Gray. Wow
Most cops are nazis (2 months ago)
They could get height if they know the measurements of items in the video. Such as the wood on the tracks
Gray Hughes Investigates (2 months ago)
yep, I already did all that in previous videos.
Justin von Grandia (4 months ago)
Seams many young women have some kind of obsession with mystery murders, as most comment sections are full of them.
leo tartafionn (4 months ago)
why the cause of death is not revelead?
Would rather hear your voice but another great video nonetheless 💙
billy nelson (5 months ago)
So why do people go walking in such a isolated area
Lanky Tor (6 months ago)
Thank you Gray
Lanky Tor (6 months ago)
Sheso Madeline (6 months ago)
💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭OMG this monster forced the girls to walk across the freezing cold river before he tortured them ...forced walking across the freezing water in itself IS torture!!!
wjb4341 (7 months ago)
They have a damn recording of the perpetrators voice .... why are they not hauling in every suspect and making say "down the hill" a recorder? Voice matching technology has existed for many years - and it is now more accurate than ever. They should have caught this guy by now.
Rashers Denis (7 months ago)
Stupid computer voice
Sharon jones (7 months ago)
A lot of people think because she had the video on she recorded the murders. It’s like something out of a horror movie :(
Daniel Coy (9 months ago)
This son of a bitch will burn in hell.... Probably a fucking pedo as well.. I pray they catch this cock sucker sooner then later.
Louie Paul (10 months ago)
Do henry mccabe
Time Warp 2280 (1 year ago)
Have they made any arrests? Theres so much evidence in a small town someone is covering up
Bleu Skye (1 year ago)
He must have raped them. Why else would he kill them?
Bleu Skye (1 year ago)
Why didn't he take the phone?
Just Hannah Banana!! (1 year ago)
Well I think they were too young to go in a trail like that by themselves. That area is too secluded and dangerous. I really hope they find the killer soon before he strikes again. Rip Liberty & Abby. Fly high angels.
Ms Joppie (1 year ago)
@GrayHughes please investigate Mike (grandfather). I saw the dr Phil show recently and as you can see.. Mike has his hands in his pockets all the time when he is walking. IMO he IS the killer. My gutfeeling is confirmed over and over again in my search for answers
SkyAndAddie Official (1 year ago)
this was my friends cousin :(
David Nordholm (1 year ago)
Prove it. and which one?
Reese Fleming (1 year ago)
What is the proof that the grandfather was at “work”? Seems a bit sceptical
BS. what facts?
Reese Fleming (1 year ago)
I’m sorry I’m not a grammar teacher. I have the right to be “suspicious” because they look very much alike, not according to facts.
it was proven. your use of the word skeptical wasn't used correctly. you might say "I am a bit skeptical" or "Seems a bit suspicious". But why does that seem suspicious to you? because you want it to be. there is zero reason you should be suspicious using facts.
senno sedai (1 year ago)
I doubt the murderer dragged the girls through the creek. I think they were still alive and crossed the creek themselves.
senno sedai (1 year ago)
He must have been a drifter. How could anybody not recognize him in the photo?
Remember Bliss (1 year ago)
The grandpa on dr phil matches the mans picture. The sketch, the hands in pocket.The gait. The look. But obviously they must be checked. They sure look similar.
please don't start this Bullshit again. you must be new to the case. smh
Libra Baby (1 year ago)
Good job Gray Hughes
Libra Baby (1 year ago)
This case is so heartbreaking
Flippy (1 year ago)
Glad your doing actual voice overs now. The text to speech robot voices makes it 100x spookier, lol.
UpAndDown (2 months ago)
This is text to speech
Erato IsYourMuse (1 year ago)
Beautiful country and scenery. Such a tragedy. What a sad, sad world we live in.
Terri Gardner (1 year ago)
WELL REALLY ? the script doesn't sound like they're familiar with the case. I'd say TRAIN Trails for the girls??? Liberty a statue female ? Or male hun? Baseball well I wonder who created that sport. Js curious. Delphi Indiana? They have one of those in Greece it's a pagan political place. German I heard a lot of Roman settled there. Well let's see what do we have left st. Valentine's Day well that's a sexual you know February 15th moved to February 14th it has to do with pan and sexual things. I don't celebrate it anymore. PS, One more thing Apollo statue they dug one of those up in Delphi Greece, and it was huge. Only thing was missing , his horses. Maybe we'll find them. You think? I, just think a lot of these things have to do with somebody or something. Yes, I think the latter will work. You know some people live their whole life being something else other than themselves leads to the other thing, causes people to LIE, manipulate, destroy, terminators, that would be a NARCISSIST. "Sun lion " right here on YouTube . It's funny narcissist draw off your emotions because they don't exist without them. They're fake people not people at all EVIL. Either way he's she's or some would call them androgynous and Narcissist work for the same boss. Not my boss that's for sure. Corinthians 1 chapter 15 we're all in there folks. 58 versus pay close attention to verse 40 it goes like this there are Celestial beings and there are terrestrial beings one is of one glory and one is of another. I believe this case has something to do with our current Administration and it looks like they have help folks. The other Glory... His Story is a lie and Spell ing they use...Don't feed IT !! NATIONS...Here in Indiana the crossroads of America ! Diana the goddess Roman ? who guard the crossroads Between heaven and hell...GOD sees, God bless folks
I think the little girl knew somebody was following them she kept taking pictures in direction behind them ....maybe the man was already following them when they got drop off....the aunt should go under hypnosis maybe she saw sumthing .....im just saying it look like the little girl knew somebody was following them...why she kept taking pictures from direction they came from.......because if they met the scumbag while walking why didn't he just do what he was going too do ......
and yes, they knew he was following them. I think they even saw him earlier and forgot about him as he didn't appear to follow. Watch the flow 3 video I made. It tells you the whole story.
well, that's not true. libby was off the end of the bridge and filmed the suspect with video. as he approached them. The image of the suspect is a still from the video.
Dana Maupin (1 year ago)
I can't believe it's been almost 8 months and there's still been no arrest....PLEASE CATCH THIS MONSTER!!!!!!
rcVastoLord (1 year ago)
The one who did this is more than likely a resident of the town. Probably was interviewed or participated in a search party or some how got close to the family or even huged them or talked to them directly. From what I can understand an outsider wouldn't had known the area. Only someone who is a regular and knows the time of people active in the area would done this in daylight. So either some one who lives near by, or in the immediate area. Someone who knows the trail and railroad tracks don't have many people going through at all times of the day. Looks to me like sunset or sunrise maybe around that time. I wouldn't be surprised if the killer lives really close to the trail.
dragdragon23 (1 year ago)
They got him folks, he is now back in Indiana, He is also a suspect of a shooting of a cyclist on the same trail.
paige anguish (1 year ago)
what’s his name ?
dragdragon23 (1 year ago)
he is a suspect at this time though
Blue Mermaid (1 year ago)
Excellent video. I hope someone turns in the monster who killed the girls! Someone's got to recognize him and his voice! Greetings from CA where we are on the trail of the Golden State Killer. We must continue the fight for justice for victims and their families.
Zachary Wood (1 year ago)
I knew the two girls
Sorry for your loss.
Ashley L (1 year ago)
at 2:58 isn't there a person in pink at the far end of the bridge? so somebody must have seen something.
why though. the portion of the video you pointed out shows me moving the suspect image over another image. the images from snapchat are two totally different images aw well so seemed really odd to ask. Oh well...good luck in your search.
Ashley L (1 year ago)
wow, i thought you were using one of the pictures they posted to instagram before the murders as the background. no need to be a total snot about it.
You're kidding right? That is just an image used as the background to give people a better understanding of where the suspect is. I thought it was obvious that it wasn't actually part of the video the suspect was captured in.
DaniFlocka (1 year ago)
Wow this was very interesting to see how it all seemingly played out. Nice video
Clayton Bixby (1 year ago)
He's from the areA , he was comfortable enough to take his time . He's done this before.
Siddharth Aggarwal (1 year ago)
terrible =( im creeped out af and im a dude!
Kadin Merk (1 year ago)
There is actually someone else behind the suspect far back on the bridge in white
LOL..you are referring to this image? LOLOLOL. that is a recent photo I found to use as the back drop and put the suspect on the photo, since that is the correct location. wow. some people
You are wrong. Classic lunacy
Kadin Merk (1 year ago)
Also mid forties fifties, white, 200 to 220 pounds 5'9 to 6 feet in height. Most likely was. Married with kids but divorced.
The Wade (2 years ago)
Thank you for sharing for its very informative.
thanks. The flow 3 video is the most recent and more accurate.
beckyholt (2 years ago)
This strongly suggests that the killer is a local or has detailed local knowledge. He is also in relatively good health as he made up a significant distance to catch up with the girls. The question is how did he control the girls when he caught them? Did he use a weapon, or threat of violence? Why did he chose the location and the route. Was murder the motive or is there something else that he had in mind? Perhaps he was a run of the mill pervert who simply got out of his depth and killed them in a fit of rage or fear of someone hearing. Why didn't he take the phone? Maybe theft was not the motive. When they were found were they concealed or in the open? If there was an attempt to cover the murders that could indicate it is his first murder, as often first timers cover the victim out of some shame. When he directs them on the video he is firm but not aggressive. The girls clearly felt some subtle indication of a threat or why would she take a picture and video and keep the recorder running? In the recording and the concealment of the phone she almost predicts something sinister is about to happen and she is doing what she can to capture evidence. Hopefully she will be successful in being instrumental in the capture of the vermin through the evidence she caught that day. Let us all hope that the police find a lead quickly to the monster because the longer it takes to capture him the more likely of a follow up killing.
Flutter Bize (2 years ago)
A tom of about 3,000 people - I hope this video has made its way to FBI's Quantico.
here is the most accurate version but uses the research in the others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZzBCyLSI0E
Mathi Mugilan (2 years ago)
Its interesting that the suspect's photo capture seems to show people in the background, at a distance. If the girls had screamed, there is a good chance that people might have heard them (especially given the fact that they were away from urban township. It is quite possible that the suspect had some kind of weapon to force the girls to follow his orders. In that case, there is a good chance that the girls might have been ordered to cross the creek themselves
watch this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZzBCyLSI0E&t=2s
Mathi Mugilan (2 years ago)
Aahh, i see. So, the suspect's image (i guess a vertical photo) is super-imposed on a picture that you took of the bridge. I stand corrected. Apologies
Yes, I believe the girls were made to go down the hill and across the creek. Watch the flow 3 video I made. That's the final one and is accurate to all locations.
but that is just an image i used from a video unrelated to the crime. There was nobody else on the bridge. I thought that would be pretty obvious...oh well.
Code Fore (2 years ago)
A new theory. Did Tad Cummins do these Horrible Murders?? http://codeforeblog.com/tad-cummins-one-child-or-three/
laurie strode (2 years ago)
Code Fore Doubtful. He was too into Beth, and I believe LE already ruled him out.
Michelle c (2 years ago)
How would he know there was no traffic (people or hikers) on the other side of the bridge?
chocmilk10 (6 months ago)
Not a strange question Gray. It wasn’t obvious at first that it was private property on the other side so the bridge is basically a dead end.
because there is nowhere to go on the other side of the bridge. If you wait there long enough you will know the traffic. strange question. seemed pretty obvious
Kelli Gray (2 years ago)
Thank you! You did a great job laying this all out for us. It was helpful to see it so smoothly put together with the actual photographs.
this is the newest most accurate one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZzBCyLSI0E
PacIsle (2 years ago)
Great presentation. What is that computer generated voice? Standard Windows text to speech or some another software? Just curious because it sounds pretty good.
Will (2 years ago)
Omg..... I just can't comprehend why a grown man would do such an evil act....Monsters like this one deserve nothing less than a beheading!
Starlee Midnight (2 years ago)
This is so heartbreaking, reminds me of something I would do at their age with my bff. It seems it's not safe to do anything anymore sigh rip beautiful girls I hope they catch this monster.
UpAndDown (2 months ago)
It was never safe to go into the wilderness as a kid, or an adult.
Riotboy1 (2 years ago)
It seems as though the suspect lived in the area of the trail due to how much clothing he's wearing (blue jacket, brown under sweater w/ pockets, grayish scarf, camo green hunters cap). If you have a car/truck you're NOT gonna bundle up like that, look at Abbey she's wearing one layer. The suspect also seems to have something in his right pocket either binoculars or a gun due to its 90 degree shape. You can tell he's holding the item due to the fact that his hands are not EVEN, his left hand is in his jean pocket and the right hand is MUCH higher inside the brown sweater pocket. I'm guessing he made the girls cross the creek because he didn't want to be seen exiting the crime scene through the trail's entrance because he knew the neighbors would recognize him or the girl's pick-up ride. So he might have left through the cemetery. The creek should have forensic evidence: footprints/fibers and if he did have a car/truck the tire tracks should've also been molded and taken into evidence.
Novel (5 months ago)
And if you walk in from a distance you're not going to bundle up like. Walking in would make you much hotter than just stepping out of vehicle for a short walk, and....he may just be cold natured...and hiding something of course.
Clear Thinking (2 years ago)
can't believe the person has not been caught yet...
Snow in da funBoots (4 months ago)
👏👏👏is really strange..
JD (2 years ago)
How do you know the girls moved over to the platform to let him pass? I have read that he was 73 fee from the girls when that photo. Was taken. St 73 feet why would he have "turned toward the girls". That makes no sense.
this is an earlier video as I was still working through the process. The flow remains the same but I was off in positioning a bit. here is the accurate version. Never said anyone to let anyone pass. I said they hoped he would. but, however, it turns out the girls were off of the SE end of the bridge when the video of the suspect was made and the suspect was next to the platform I had though LIbby and abby where on previously. yes, and you know that distance because of this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZzBCyLSI0E
derek wheeler (2 years ago)
plz find the killer
Garage Door Genius (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video. Need to figure out who this savage is. This guy is a domestic terrorist and this case needs and SHOULD have all resources available. I heard lack of man power to sift through thousands of tips and leads. Let's hope they get the right guy with solid evidence. I don't know why this case is bothering me so much. So sad.
Tiffany L (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for this.
lilexxleli (2 years ago)
Is the way to end where the girls filmed him? Where the red barrier, or is the hiking trail going continue?
the entire bridge isn't really supposed to be traveled on. so, the official trail stops at the start of the bridge, but some people still cross it. The SE side is all private property. So, had the suspect not shown up, they would have headed back across the bridge. Here is the most recent video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZzBCyLSI0E&t=465s
lilexxleli (2 years ago)
Yes I understand. But is the route still further or can one go there? Why did they stand still and filming the man, why they did not continue her way? Sorry for my English, I'm from Germany :)
both ends have red barriers. this video isn't as accurate as my newer ones. The girls were actually off of the SE end of the bridge when filming the suspect.
WalkingDeadBarbie (2 years ago)
Great and informative for those of us unfamiliar with the case and/or the location and area. As a mother my thoughts are with the family. May this not turn into another cold case! And on a side note, hopefully the inmates at the nearest jail/prison are gearin up and gettin ready for the capture of this monster! He likes Strangulation and forceable penetration?!?! Well, great for him!!! Because there's PLENTY just waiting for him right this very moment that's for sure! No solitary confinement for this creature... stick his child raping ass in general pop! Right where he belongs!!!
Californialover lowman (2 years ago)
Release enhanced video n audio FBI, one from Quantico. I bet u. will solve it alot sooner. Dont expect local keystone cops to solve this.
LeeTheProdigy (2 years ago)
Good video!! Very creepy
Bobby Seales (2 years ago)
I seen a write up on the web saying under the bridge in the pic of Abby to the left, they said there's a white Ford mustang. Have you heard this?
Kenneth Curtis (2 years ago)
+Gray Hughes, so this guy just parachuted in and snorkeled out in the creek after the crime undetected?
yes, people who see that are insane and easily hypnotized or gullible. not there.
topher (2 years ago)
Wow he really hauled ass to catch up behind them like that, you don't see him in either of those snap chat photos.. and that bridge is long and flat so on a clear day you can pretty much see end to end.. unless there was a way for him to climb up onto it (which i kinda doubt) he really fucking hustled.. wonder if he started to follow them from the red gate at the entrance or what..
twain103 (2 years ago)
They launched a massive search the police,family members,town people and they did'nt find the bodies.Seeing it would start to be dark by 5/5:30 ,I m sure they kept searching.Somebody KNEW to get them off the tracks and hidden out of view,of ongoing hike traffic.
Calamityj (2 years ago)
Report that things are"normalising" at Indiana police dept.. things winding back..if they're seriously stuck for a lead PLEASE release some more info to the public .. this case can't be allowed to remain unsolved it's just too brazen and horrifying..
stude1953 (2 years ago)
I don't think he came from the NW end of the bridge. I think he passed them coming from the SE end of the bridge went a little bit stopped tuned around and then came towards them making Libby alarmed by that action to take his photo. btw Thank you for your time for putting up these videos.
He could have, however the only evidence there is is him walking from the NW side in the video. There is no evidence of what you are suggesting.
RosettaCrone (2 years ago)
1- Gray Hughes, this is a whole lot of work. One of the girls is the grand daughter of a friend. I'm extremely invested and I appreciate that you have done this. I also respect your attention to detail and accuracy. And when you do updates and corrections- the clarified perspective adds subtleties to consider. (Body language and such.) I've viewed photos over and over, but now I look at them differently- seeing my first impressions, your impressions, and new impressions that I might not have thought of before. When I talk about this to friends-especially other parents- they want to know "what happened" and I point them here.
Thank you. Yes, I have had the flow correct, but over time have found the precise locations. I feel I am within 10 feet on the suspect image. but know where Libby was, assuming she is the one that took both photos and the videos, when the images were taken and precisely where Abby was. All of this will be in an upcoming video telling the crime flow with the new information. It's interesting how things evolve. Have friends get video on the bridge while on the phone with me and discussions prior have made this fascinating. I know what I need to get the shots. regarding the clothing. I see a hoodie in one shot and hair in the other shot. don't forget to look at both images when deciding. Since I do see a hoodie and LE said "it looks like a hoodie" I can only assume they know better since they have the video. I see a brown hoodie that's length is longer than the blue jacket. His hands are in the pocket of the brown hoodie and the hoodie is on his head. Blue jeans and dark shoes. It appears something is either in or under his right front pocket of the blue jacket. He appears to have grizzled goatee type beard in some images but hard to say. The image was obviously cropped from a larger image and blown up and enhanced. sorry for any spelling errors. didn't double check
James Farrell (2 years ago)
I am from Atlantic City New Jersey USA and I find the murder of two girls very disturbing. I have been watching the news about the case since they found the girls and I was sure that the police along with the FBI would have solved the case by now. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for law enforcement to not have a suspect in custody. I must thank you for putting this video together. It is a amazing piece of work that you have done. I never realized how remote the trails are from any thing else. I could only imagine that the person responsible for these crimes must be familiar with the back roads of Delphi In. Great video and I think that it will help investigators in there man hunt for the person responsible for these crimes. greetings from Atlantic City New Jersey USA
Mary Berry (2 years ago)
How is it known the girls stepped on the platform to let him pass and then he forced them off the bridge?
it's not known as fact as the video states. "perhaps" is used. But if you look at the angle of the side rail ties it appears that the shot was taken from on that platform with the suspect off in the distance. We are seeing a blown up image from a larger frame in my opinion. I still haven't found the precise location, meaning the exact tie he was standing on YET.
Karen R (2 years ago)
I wonder if you knew the height of the railroad tie which the man was standing next to, you could extrapolate and guess his height.
Unstable Geeza (6 months ago)
pretty sure the police or somebody has figured out his height cant see that being a big problem tbh
Karen R (2 years ago)
There must be a way to figure out the height based on one point vanishing perspective. The railroad dimensions are a known factor. I wish I could help.
I tried that already. the ties are 4 inches tall. however, the image with the suspect where it's black is actually a lot of shadow and thus can't be used to determine height, since the shadow covers the actual height and more in the grainy image. I tried it and was way off.
Frankie Cash (2 years ago)
Anyone else notice the 2 people at the far end of the bridge wearing a purple or pink jacket and the other a white jacket at the 2:50-3:05 mark
Those aren't people. they are the posts of the gate and a tree
CM Lablue (2 years ago)
In my opinion it's a man around 200 lbs, broad wide nose, thin brown mustache and around 50 years old. Someone who knows the area and but afraid to be seen committing this crime. I feel he lives close by. That's just my opinion.
CM Lablue (2 years ago)
not afraid he will be seen.
Tina Walton (2 years ago)
Gray Hughes, thanks for your great work. Someone knows who this is. This reminds me very much of the case of poor Jacob Wetterling. His killer's family was in denial even after he confessed and told police where to find what was left of the poor child's body. He lived just one town over, and police spoke with him early on, and I wouldn't be surprised if they've already spoken with Libby and Abby's killer as well. Also, in Jacob Wetterling's case, the killer went out specifically "hunting" a victim. I'm sure Abby and Libby's killer had the same thought when he realized kids would be off from school. In Jacob's case, his killer waited for he and his two friends to start their return trip and accosted them, threatening them with a gun. Perhaps Abby and Libby were threatened and complied in hopes of saving their lives. Maybe Libby believed her quick thinking would help convict their assailant later, rather than capture her murderer. Heartbreaking. I'm glad Indiana has the death penalty.
Remember Bliss (1 year ago)
Tina Walton I noticed the grandpa on dr phil looks like him
WalkingDeadBarbie (2 years ago)
Beautifully said! We definitely are on the same page!
Jeff Everett (2 years ago)
What was the motivation? They weren't robbed or sexually assaulted. Maybe it was someone who had problems with the family.
Judy Osborne (2 years ago)
Jeff Everett That could be too. There's definitely something more to it than just these two little girls going for a walk. After finding the girls LE would have released more details about the MO of death and at least some of the evidence found at the scene. There is more of an investigation going on than we are being told. As long as the girls get justice I'm fine with it. It's just not knowing makes it seem as though nothing is being done. It's likely going to shock people when they uncover it though.
Jeff Everett (2 years ago)
it's just reads as a hit to to me. Like maybe the family was into something they shouldn't have been
Judy Osborne (2 years ago)
Same here!
Jeff Everett (2 years ago)
Im just guessing like everyone else. It very well could've been a random attack, but I have a feeling the murderer knew they were going there that day.
Judy Osborne (2 years ago)
Jeff Everett How do you know this? Was this released in the news? It's just that this info would really put the motive directly on family members in my mind. I just have such a strong feeling about Abby being the main target and abuse being involved. I don't know why, but it's like Liberty was trying to protect Abby and got caught in the middle. I wish I knew more, but then not sure I want to. R.I.P. sweet ones.
Marlin Chones (2 years ago)
Thanks for this. Well done!
Random Thoughts (2 years ago)
I feel the clip of this video showing the suspect walking needs to be released. NOW.
Mike D (2 years ago)
Really wish they could release an approximate height and weight of the suspect. Seems like it would help
JOHN DOE (2 years ago)
good work
uMADden (2 years ago)
This case and the gym lady missy beaver in tx bothers me so much as these killers still walking freely I'm so mad
monkeybutttt1 (2 years ago)
Why no video so we can see his gait ?
Truth Sleuth (2 years ago)
monkeybutttt1 ask the FBI
Kevin B (2 years ago)
I bet he's 5'10, average height or so and about 180-190 pounds. Looks to be late 40's to early 50's with a grayish beard. Somebody knows this guy and I'm betting seen him in these clothes. This has been all over the news so somebody should connect the dots and I'm praying he gets caught.
Mystic Hall (2 months ago)
He is more than 190 pounds , he has a gut like my ex husband I say 230 -240
Kristen Noelle (2 years ago)
Is there a reason they aren't releasing info on manner of death?
Unstable Geeza (6 months ago)
future confession purposes maybe that's the only reason I can think of if they catch a suspect and interview hopefully get some details out of him only he would know about the crime
Kristen Noelle (2 years ago)
loved your work on the Jodi Arias case by the way!
metalchango (2 years ago)
Where is that accent from? Sounds a bit like Kentucky.
T har (2 years ago)
Not an uncommon accent for central IN.
Meg Read (2 years ago)
Thanks for adding this. It is greatly informative! Some things really stick out to me: 1) This does not seem like a completely isolated area. I can't believe nobody saw this crime occur. Also, this guy has some balls committing a heinous crime in such a seemingly public area. 2) Did this guy not think to take their phones? Maybe he was rushing or had to leave in a hurry, but it seems crazy he didn't take them and drop them somewhere. Anyway, what a terrible crime. I feel so badly for these poor girls.
jerry chavez (2 years ago)
kill this s.o.b
Rain (2 years ago)
all of the people in this town are full figured , hes a foodie check local restaurants . ..he's known
Cindersoot (2 years ago)
Looks like a Chicago Cubs jacket, and he is carrying a camera.
Kenneth Curtis (2 years ago)
Not a Cubs jacket, but there are images on the jacket(s)...one is staring at people in the released photo from LE. actually if one takes time they can spot several.
Sheila Vives (2 years ago)
Several farms are close to the area, and one has to wonder if he was a farm worker who saw the girls dropped off and on the trail, and then quickly went to catch up with them. Considering the distance on the bridge his intent was to catch up with the teens. That was some fast walking.
Righteous Brother (2 years ago)
My recommendation: the photo of suspect's face is blurry up close, it could be millions of people. The clothing probably changed asap. Now they have audio "down the hill" still not good enough to ID suspect. They say they have video of suspect by the girl not to be released to public. MY RECOMMENDATION: RELEASE video clip of suspect (probably walking) because I know I can ID people I know by their gait (the way they walk, sway arms, head movements, long stride, short stride, tilt of head while walking, mostly looking down, head level, etc) I mean in my neighborhood I can ID strangers who I've seen over months who live in the apartment bldg. across from me from my window at a distance just by the way the walk. Most pry have their own signature in their walk. So releasing a vid clip of suspect ( hopefully showing suspect walking) might get some results from people who knows or knew suspect. Plaster that vid clip of suspect walking along that track all over media & electronic BILLBOARDS.
Kenneth Curtis (2 years ago)
+monkeybutttt1, unless there is a very good reason.
Joyce Jeffries (2 years ago)
Thank you very much! It does help to know others care. My youngest sister had three girls but lost her oldest to an auto accident in 2010 at age 21. My sister has been a huge help to me. It helps us to think of our girls being together with their grandparents and each other, but the best comfort is that we know what happened to them, they didn't die a horrible death like poor Libby & Abby, they weren't brutally beaten, shot or disfigured, paralyzed, and at least we know what happened to them, unlike the poor parents of Lauren Spierer (She has been missing for SIX years in June!). Some things are worse than death, and it is a comfort to me and my sister that at least our girls will never grow old, be sick or in pain and no one will ever be able to hurt them again. I pray for Lauren's family, and for Libby and Abby and their families that this monster will be caught and held accountable for his actions. My heart aches for every parent who's lost a child, but especially in a horrible way like those poor girls. We all must watch over all the kids. My daughter survived cancer for 15 years, only to die of heart disease which she inherited from all four sides, but if she had not survived the cancer, we would not have my beautiful grandson, and she lives on in him. Thank you again for your kind words and thoughts and God bless all parents who have lost a child.
WalkingDeadBarbie (2 years ago)
Joyce I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. As a mother of an 8 and 17 yr old I can't imagine loosing a child no matter what the cause or reason. Even if your child is no longer a "child", they never stop being your baby! A parent should NEVER live to see the day their child gets buried! Now we as a community and human species can only hope... I know I'm "praying" for the resolution of this awful case. An arrest, trial and conviction... than some prison justice for that monster on behalf of those beautiful girls. Hoping for comfort, peace and someday the return of joy, laughter and happiness for the parents of both girls, and also for you and others like you that have lost a child no matter what the reason or the circumstance. May time help heal your broken heart as much as it can possibly be healed after such a loss. Never forget we all as a community collectively hurt for you, and even though you feel pain, loneliness and an emptiness we can never even begin to actually understand... please know that we stand with you!!!
Joyce Jeffries (2 years ago)
Ditto for the voice, even though muffled. I was a telephone operator for many years and notice the nuances of a voice, can usually tell if I've heard it before. Hopefully there is someone else out there in the Delphi area who may recognize the voice, I sure hope they catch him soon.Blessings to their families. I lost my daughter three years ago to heart disease and that was hard enough, I can't imagine having to know your child was murdered. The good news is, no one can ever hurt them again. They won't grow old or sick and will never suffer again.
monkeybutttt1 (2 years ago)
Sun Shine Idk how detectives operate but it does seem like they would show video of him walking.
Grant P (2 years ago)
The most important "distinct" feature of this killer is that he has a "duck walk", meaning his toes are pointed to the outside when he walks. His duck walk is quite severe in that his feet point about 45 degrees to the outside, which distinguishes him significantly from other suspects. Look at his planted "right foot" and you can clearly see this. His left leg is in stride, but the toes are pointed to the outside. This is only common in about 4 % of the population. If this is indeed the killers photo they have put out to the public- police should look at his walk. ( important) I'd also add, rails are about 7 inches above ground level so I'd estimate his height at 5-9 to 5-10, and weighing around 235 lbs- with a beer belly- 42-48 yrs old.
Kenneth Curtis (2 years ago)
Your kinda on the right track. Someone needs to check how many boots are in this photo.
and as usual.. sure, he may walk like a duck. lets see the video though.
sorry, no way you can tell by seeing two frames. He may have lifted the foot to avoid a weak railrroad tie.
Pudin Tang (2 years ago)
I don't see a hoodie. I see what looks like a golf hat that he is wearing.
deilight 777 (2 years ago)
Looks like a driving cap to me. FBI can clear up the photo; they'll be able to see if he flossed that morning...
Jacob (2 years ago)
Pudin Tang YES...I totally agree!
Brittany Ring (2 years ago)
This background music is really creepy, yet it fits the video well. Lol
Chelsea Lynn (2 years ago)
this is heartbreaking
Wraith Yowler (2 years ago)
I agree on everything but I speculate the suspect is a drifter and they encountered him earlier at start of hike and got creeped out and is the reason the phone was pulled out to record. I also think he had a knife and was going to rob them once down the hill. However the girls made a run for it a cross the creek, but he caught one and the other froze not knowing if she should help or keep running. Just guessing based off rumors but I think one of the girls had a backpack and he took that and their phone. The cloths that were in the pack pack was thrown out thus the reason one reporter said early on he saw cloths by the water and the report of the phone pinging off several towers around town up until 5:30. I don't know if crime was sexual motivated I almost think it wasn't since police said they don't think anyone else is in imminent danger in the area. I think he robbed and killed them and walked or biked out of town. Since he is a drifter he doesn't have many friends and thus hard to identify. All just my opinion. Anyways great work on the video. Hopefully there will be a break in the case soon.
Unstable Geeza (6 months ago)
if u think the motive was robbery ur not very smart.. he could of easily robbed the two girls without killing them wtf
would make sense if the nearest tower was in town. there would be no triangulation. If the phone is withing 2.5 to 3 miles and the only tower is in Delphi then yes it would ping there.
Wraith Yowler (2 years ago)
One of the family members said early on in an interview the phone pinged off a few towers and then went dead or was turned off around 5ish the day the girls were missing. The police are not saying where or how the got video/audio as to not tip the suspect but some believe the phone saved files to the cloud and the police pulled it all from there and there is more to it than what was released. If you want to follow the case more closely go to the websleuths.com forum and threads.
Christy McKee (2 years ago)
Wraith Yowler you say phone was pinged? Where you get all your info? Because they arent reporting shit to the public. I understand respect to the families. I couldnt imagine what they are going through. Theres also a whole lot more kids all around everywhere. I really dont see this dude robbing two little girls. For what? 14 year olds dont carry wads of cash. Their cell phones would more than likely be the only things of any value... Maybe they walked up on him and saw him with something or doing something. Idk what but.... I hope it wasnt sexually motivated. I just cant understand any of this...
Christy McKee (2 years ago)
Wraith Yowler why wasnt the phone pinged? And how did it get recovered?

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