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10 Photos That Can Scare Anyone

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Here are 10 scary and strange photos that shouldn't exist. Most of them cannot be explained. Can you imagine taking a happy photo and then later find out that there's a ghost behind you? The paranormal has always been interesting for both skeptics and romantics. Some people believe in the supernatural, and others don’t. But sometimes simple photographs turn out to be very surprising, spooky and even terrifying. #scaryphotos #rarephotos #mystery TIMESTAMPS The Cooper photograph 1:04 Scary commercial 1:40 “The Brown Lady” 2:30 Dancing demon 3:14 Faces in the water 4:06 UFO 4:51 Ghost in the back seat 5:28 Stranger in the aircraft 6:16 Ghost in the church 6:50 Scary Japanese girl 7:25 SUMMARY - The Cooper family mystery is still unsolved. The photo, which captures the mother and the grandmother of Cooper family with two kids, was taken during a celebration in their new house in Texas. - A couple of years ago a strange video emerged on the Internet. In the clip, you could see a woman standing alone in the room when suddenly a chair started moving on its own. As the terrified woman tried to escape out of the room, tables and chairs blocked her way to the exit door. - A couple of years ago a strange video emerged on the Internet. In the clip, you could see a woman standing alone in the room when suddenly a chair started moving on its own. As the terrified woman tried to escape out of the room, tables and chairs blocked her way to the exit door. - The legend says that it was a demon, standing on top of the patient, who died a few hours after this picture appeared. Seriously, you can clearly see a dancing demon on the patient’s bed, right? - This picture was taken on the oil tanker SS Watertown in 1924. It sailed from California to New York. On the way, two members of the crew James Courtney and Michael Meehan died tragically. After the service, the captain decided to bury them at sea. So you can probably imagine the horror when the next day the crew saw their faces in the water right next to the ship! - This photo was taken in 1962, and nobody has managed to prove that it’s fake. In 1978, the Central Intelligence Agency declassified hundreds of documents concerning Unidentified Flying Objects. This photo was published among other materials. To this day there are multiple witnesses of UFO all over the world and numerous stories about aliens. - This photo was taken by Mabel Chinnery in 1959. She and her husband were going to visit her mother in the cemetery, and Mabel wanted to take a picture of her husband in the car. After she printed the photo, she saw her mother in the back seat... - The woman was alone, but later she said she had been quite cold despite warm weather that day. She found someone else sitting next to her in this picture. There is still no solid proof whether this photo is real or fake. - This photo is considered to be one of the creepiest supernatural pictures. A priest took a picture of the altar at Newby Church in North Yorkshire, England. He later confessed that he didn't see anything special while taking the photo, but you can clearly see a frightening ghost. - Many people said that this photo was taken during a paranormal show in Japan. The strange angle of the woman's head and the expression on her face scared a lot of people and provoked debates on many forums dedicated to paranormal things... Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (12509)
Mostafa Alafif (5 minutes ago)
None terrifies me , but it's nice video I liked it
Midnight Shadow The kitsune (21 minutes ago)
I, I believe all.
Marcos Sotelo (5 hours ago)
Faris Juma (9 hours ago)
Not scary
Faris Juma (9 hours ago)
Kiakia Life (10 hours ago)
I thinkk ot was not an elien it was like a blanket or a pillow and draw some markers on it like that or like blood,maybe?
Arlan Castro (11 hours ago)
They are not
Allyna Andrea (13 hours ago)
Hala nakakatakot naman yang video nayan pati yung japanese girl
Mariyam Shafeega (14 hours ago)
once I saw a shadow in the night
Apson Bhattachan (15 hours ago)
bodly marry
viviana Rodriguez (20 hours ago)
Story teller:This photo was taken in 1962 Me:sees 1924😐😐
viviana Rodriguez (20 hours ago)
I did not expect this voice😂😂
VibrantGem ASMR (23 hours ago)
With the Japanese girl I think the normal picture actually more chilling than the paranormal picture...
masud rahman (1 day ago)
I think the angle of the girl photo iscreal
Madhu Jain (1 day ago)
Freaks god out
Michael FAS (1 day ago)
After a long time, now I got a goosebumps again
LOOKAS FINN (1 day ago)
I guess those people are'nt watching in full screens
Anugrah Abraham (1 day ago)
It seems like poop on a marble floor😅😅
Brandon Juice (1 day ago)
#5 was a few moths in my opinion
William Anderton (1 day ago)
I seem to have solved all the photos it's called Photoshop
House of Horrors. (1 day ago)
The thumbnail is realy freaking scary...
Tim Redsky (1 day ago)
In the 8 one there another one like slit mouth girl her heresy her Ones there was a beautiful lady her name was Tracey and her husband caught her cheating and he got up on her and carved you mouth to ear to ear
Lexi ASMR (1 day ago)
0:48 it’s fake watch it change
jose cancello (1 day ago)
Almost six million views!
Quiz Master (2 days ago)
Good luck finding proof
Sarbeswar Samantaray (2 days ago)
Is the photo are real? (Please answer me)
2:27 that is very racist
Pauline Buenaventura (2 days ago)
Ayaw ko nga!💫😤
Maroa Tlau (2 days ago)
Ghost in the back seat
Yuri Reyes (2 days ago)
Im scared at the demon
Yuri Reyes (2 days ago)
Hahahahaha i dont belive them
Xx Yllove Edits xX (2 days ago)
`This photo was taken in 1962’ Instead of putting 1962 it showed 1924😂 In the part #5 UFO #4 Dios mio
Riley beanieboo (2 days ago)
DJ OGM (2 days ago)
Get something that actually IS scary...
Jellys trains (2 days ago)
At least the voice isn't as bad as chills like if u agree
Alvin (2 days ago)
Dang that demon thicc
Alex TV (3 days ago)
3:16 That one was good though. When I Thoroughly inspected the picture, I was really scared
bad boy (3 days ago)
Radhika Parmar (3 days ago)
ਫਿਟੇ ਮੂੰਹ
Santhosh Nair (3 days ago)
So scary!!!!!😶😶
super kid (3 days ago)
4:41 see the letter #6 face. But there r 2 only
King Flyerz (3 days ago)
Lol me
I watched on full screen BECAUSE I LOVE EVIL😈♥️🔪🔪🔪🔪
Lovely Heart (3 days ago)
What the heck! No. 9 is just a commercial? I've watched lot of scary things here in youtube and that one is included.
Marky D (4 days ago)
7:23 is what u came for
Sree poo Vaisakh (4 days ago)
I think the demon is going to poo on the patient
Black Red (4 days ago)
Ghost in the church is the best spooky
Razar Lin kuei (4 days ago)
Number 3 is just a reflection
Nano Lux (4 days ago)
dancing demon
Tiger I Ausf E (4 days ago)
The most scary thing is no violin and no internet connection
Essa Zarif (4 days ago)
Ayaan Salman (4 days ago)
A ghost can't be caught on camera
GregHorton668 (4 days ago)
'Photos', put an movie commercial
Ridah Vea (4 days ago)
none put some more scary
Bpm y0zah (4 days ago)
it fake
Ambee Crabtree (5 days ago)
Sergio Avitia (5 days ago)
Sergio Avitia (5 days ago)
Now i can't sleep ,•-•,
What am i Doing (5 days ago)
The brown lady me:ohh so she’s being made fun of because shes brown
Gael Romero (5 days ago)
Godoy muy friend guddy gguud fue gud
Vineet Maitrey (5 days ago)
Came to get some thrills..... But the girl at the beginning is so beautiful
Morzina Akter (5 days ago)
I think that no.5 picture looks like some fishes under the sea
Bern Isawesome (5 days ago)
Ghost busters
jaqui gold (5 days ago)
None of these were scary
Frost Byte (5 days ago)
Ist 1:11 2nd 1:44
heather chance (5 days ago)
How are these scary
EFC 20 (6 days ago)
Yorkshire pronounced wrong, again.
# 8 is races
Stanly Maliakkel (6 days ago)
2nd one....
Lummi Shangchiri (6 days ago)
1962 n 1924
Jayden Random Things (6 days ago)
How to break you neck 1 look at the thumbnail Your all done you broke your neck
Ruby BTS Army (6 days ago)
7:42 ....or maybe the girl was just born like that
Earth-Chan (6 days ago)
#5 1962 ~ 1924
Kha Nguyen (7 days ago)
None of them terrier me the mosts
Sampa Saha (7 days ago)
I saw a guy in my dream talking to the speaker to make a fake video on his death !!!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Dyen HAVAL (7 days ago)
Hawk (7 days ago)
Troller Gamer (7 days ago)
The thumbnail is not scary and that’s how she was born your mean
Who else is looking down the comments? XD
savidge vimal (8 days ago)
Colourful (8 days ago)
They are all fake
Mansi Nathani (8 days ago)
“These are some creepy pictures...maybe u can solve the mysteries behind them” Me:Ooh ... I’m gonna be Sherlock homes *Gives an explanation for each one them* Me:🤬😡🤔🤔
Lovelyn Marasigan (8 days ago)
2 0 1 9 ?
Robert Morganti (8 days ago)
Soo we now leave medical waste in the hospital room
Jeremiah 100 (8 days ago)
Srsly this is not scary at all
Aj XD (8 days ago)
It all says 1924 until number three down
Regina Park (8 days ago)
It did not scare me!
magda Lecka (8 days ago)
1:53 no
magda Lecka (8 days ago)
O god
Marshmallow K (9 days ago)
Carlo Andre (9 days ago)
this channel blows
Cole Dibiase (9 days ago)
You can't just show the pictures? Do you really need the useless and boring commentary?
The Confederalist (9 days ago)
#10 looks like a double exposure
Damian Gamer Yt (9 days ago)
Who else didn't watch on full?
moon is here (9 days ago)
I don't know it is true or not but no matter what year we are watching it dude
Chandrakala Vegi (9 days ago)
The cooper has scared me most
the japanese girl
Knowledge Fury (9 days ago)
Umm....the mist terrifying picture i saw is the pic #2......OMG it gives a destruction!
Nope just darkside
Sumera Ansari (9 days ago)

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