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Famous People with Open Casket Funerals Video, Vol. 2(Youth to Death)

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Video of open casket funerals and non-graphic death photos of many of the most famous people to ever live. No death pictures of famous children are shown.
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Robert Rockwell (2 months ago)
Marilyn Monroe is not real it was told in another video it was a artist rendition as told to him from a person who was as the funeral of how she looked. and River Phoenix looks horrible due too the drugs.
Monique Alicia (2 months ago)
Why do we watch somethimes its good to remember we all die a friend of me resently died he was christian he is in a better place now believe it or not
Kvng Breezy89 (2 months ago)
Know damn well Bruce lee wasn’t born no 1914. The man was born 11-27-1940
That was a typo that was corrected.
100 subs no Video (3 months ago)
Poor Michael
velvetrevolution07 (3 months ago)
yikes. we don't have open caskets in England thankfully!!
Hi Velvetrevolution07, thanks for viewing and for posting!
Michael Trowbridge (4 months ago)
John Lennon was cremated
Hi Michael, thanks for posting. I'm aware but out of interest and the impracticality of having a title 15 words long, I included him in the list.
Those who disliked this video, probably didn’t think before rating this video. i mean i think some of the people in there cast are probably fake, like Abraham Lincoln, look at the quality of the photo of him. In his cast, or else, poor those who passed away, its just sosossos sad 😢
They will always be missed forever?
Your welcome
Hi FeetTheFlow, thanks for visting and for posting.
Nick Johnsen (5 months ago)
Elvis isn't dead
Loraine Kat (5 months ago)
At Marylin's funeral photographs were not allowed. That lady was a remake of how one of the invited guests described how marylin looked like in her casket.
Lil Clique (5 months ago)
Hank Williams is the older version of Walmart Kid
Spongegar (6 months ago)
I think the Abraham Lincoln one is fake, there was supposedly only one photo of him taken after death
Hi Spongegar, thanks for visiting and for your politeness in mentioning this. Unfortunately, I found out too late and I have listed a few disclaimers. Interesting enough, some people will post really negative comments addressing different areas and I just simply delete them. Thanks again.
Miranda Ceballos (6 months ago)
very sad
charles wallendorf (6 months ago)
compare the photos before this video showed the casjet
jeflynnenut (7 months ago)
Mickey Rooney looked like Jabba the Hut.
Danielle Shank (7 months ago)
If that was really Aliyah she looked gorgeous.
David Hardwick (7 months ago)
Not a real photo of Lincoln. There is only one (taken from a fair distance) and this ain't it...
Maria Castañeda (7 months ago)
Marilyn was my favorite and MLK too
Ashley Victoria (7 months ago)
Aaliyah was sleeping in that photo. She was severely burned like Paul Walker
Ebenezer Mensah (7 months ago)
Michael my baby 😭😭😭😭
Jasmine Boylan (7 months ago)
River Phoenix died 10 years before i was born, but i still look up to him so much.
Hi Jasmine, thanks for posting but lets make sure you're around well into your 90's!
StuUngar (8 months ago)
Your chicken lives on Colonel, though I’m certain it’s bastardized because I like to think you didn’t put your name on the shit they’re serving
Violet Martha (8 months ago)
The Marilyn Monroe one is not her but a "statuette" thing, and the one of Colonel Sanders....am I seeing things, or is that a bargain bucket in the coffin with him!?? 😕😂
Sebastian Ahuja (8 months ago)
Name of music are most scary
Tez E (8 months ago)
No Muhammad Ali
Hi Tez E, I don't know if Ali had an open casket funeral but this video was made before his passing.
Lakaiyah Haggan (8 months ago)
river pheonix looks mexican does anyone else notice that
Ryan Guy (6 months ago)
They did a horrible job on his makeup. A lot of bruising in his face.
Democracy Illusion (9 months ago)
why calling these youth ?
Joe Garagozzo (9 months ago)
Sad😢. Such is death.
Dr dimensional (9 months ago)
After death there is nothing no pain no heven no hell just nothingness empty dark cold no emotions no feelings just gone just like before you where born when you where a sperm there was nothing so all this life after death an you will meet god or satan im sorry to say but that is not true at all...
Joanne Finlay (9 months ago)
How have i ended up here at 4.10am???????
Hi Godtalking, that's because you recognize quality!
Godaiking Studios (9 months ago)
Lol. Im here at 2:10 am. Go figure
Joanne Finlay (9 months ago)
Hi Binarycodezerosandones Binary thanks :), I did wonder what the mental pull to click and visit came from
Hi Joanne, thanks so much for visiting and for posting. I sent out a mental message to you and it worked!
Trevor Thompson (9 months ago)
That was not in no way Elvis Presley
Sydney Prescott (9 months ago)
That little girl played Selena ...
Patrreon Crabbers (10 months ago)
My sister and my friends are dead 😥😢😭😢😢😢😢😭😭
Fred Miller (10 months ago)
River Phoenix' hippie parents refused embalming. Can you imagine how bad that smelled? You can see his corpse was already starting to rot.
JxT1957 (10 months ago)
colonel sanders still has his eyeglasses on :s
Uncle Vin (11 months ago)
lee harvey oswald i can't belive some people still think he killed J F K fools
Kevin Cato (11 months ago)
Why did I watch this?
Hi Kevin, you watched this so the owner of the channel could say thank you Kevin and please visit again!
1:09:41 (11 months ago)
05:40 I thought his casket would be a bucket
Samson Crosswood (11 months ago)
As for the Rosenbergs, it's not "accused," it's "convicted." That's why they were executed, and rightly so.
Pamela Wright (11 months ago)
what do they die from
Pamela Wright (11 months ago)
how can people die can passed away tell me why that is sad?????????????????thank you
Hi Pamela, thanks for posting. The people in this video died from a multitude of causes including drug overdose, murder, old age, heart attacks, cancer, etc.
Antonio Sabol (11 months ago)
The Kennedy's death photo is so creepy
Pops Maellard (1 year ago)
Bruce Lee was not 59 when he died
Pops Maellard (1 year ago)
Binarycodezerosandones Binary I know I am too, I think it was kind of a mistake to kill Luke and Han
Hi Antonio, I will check it out. I'm still shocked over the Hans Solo dying in the last movie.
Pops Maellard (1 year ago)
Binarycodezerosandones Binary You might night be interested in it but it a star wars channel. The name of it is Digging Deeper Into Star Wars. It is the first channel that pops up on Google and youtube
Hi Antonio, thanks for the props! Feel free to respond with a link to your video channel.
Pops Maellard (1 year ago)
Binarycodezerosandones Binary oh well good video I have a YouTube channel and I know how easy it is to recheck a video over and over then upload it and still make spelling mistakes!
ALEC GRIMES (1 year ago)
No open casket for me.
Hi Alec, thanks for visiting and for posting.
Gus W (1 year ago)
That pic of JFK is a cop that was shot to replace the body.
Sarah Stewart (1 year ago)
Colonel Sanders chicken was never the same ....unfortunately.
Roger Michou (1 year ago)
i can't wait to die too
University cat (1 year ago)
Bill Bojangles Are Make me cry at Death part
Hi Lord Tom, thank you for visiting and for posting and please visit again. Thanks for sharing your reaction.
Finnegan (1 year ago)
Ray Charles open casket funeral picture = Sunglasses on a Deceased guy. LOL i dont mean any disrespect, i just dont understand why the sunglasses were necessary
Hi Brian, a person's final appearance is almost always geared to reflect their everyday normal life. Charles' sunglasses were a significant part of his appearance. When you think about it, neckties are necessary. Rings may carry a ton of symbolism but they're not necessary either, etc. Thanks for visiting and please come again.
Lesley Woods (1 year ago)
I'm on that part of YouTube again.... 😕
Lesley Woods (1 year ago)
Binarycodezerosandones Binary Thanks! Great to feel welcome here. Lol
Welcome back Lesley, the door is always open for you!
John S. (1 year ago)
That's not John Lennon in a casket. Somebody in the morgue snapped that photo the day after Lennon was murdered.
Lisa Lentile (1 year ago)
wow they don't look real my brother didnt
ThatOrangeGuyJ (1 year ago)
Why am I watching this?
Because we want you here!
Dante Sparda (1 year ago)
Wheres Justine Bieber?
SweetXtract (1 year ago)
May they all rest in piece. Even though I still hope that Elvis did not die.
Hi Ms Pinkcrazygirl, excellent comment and thank you!
Christine Thornhill (1 year ago)
Taylor Mignacca (1 year ago)
Can someone tell me the name of the piano music please?
Jaeger Meister (10 months ago)
If you would have watched the video you would have seen the answer.
Hi Taylor, thanks for visiting and for posting. This classical masterpiece is 'Funeral March' by Chopin. It was also played at the funeral of JFK and many other world leaders.
NEUROTIC Dave (1 year ago)
Corspes.. Hmm l can't wait to die so l can do what l do best.. Lay around and do nothing
sylvia lower (1 year ago)
ALDC Royals (1 year ago)
kennedy was so creepy in that photo
Arthur Leal (1 year ago)
Andrew B. (1 year ago)
jstrahan2 (1 year ago)
No, it would not be "more accurate" to describe Oswald as the 'alleged assassin'. The description in the video is correct. He was the assassin of President Kennedy. Only conspiracy wackos believe otherwise.
Kraweazy (1 year ago)
I know this video is supposed to be sad but all I can think about is you could find a better song, let me guess you got a copyright notice or streak?
Hi JarBear, thanks for visiting and for posting. A lot of people would strongly disagree with your assessment of this song. Chopin's Funeral March is considered by many as one of the greatest classical pieces of all time and perhaps you're not into classical music. This song was played during the funeral of JFK and other world leaders. As for a streak, I don't have one. This channel due to its views provides a healthy source of advertising for YouTube which is owned by Google. Finally, if you read through the comments, you will find people who disagree with you. Any video with nearly 800,000 views will have critics however less than 4% of all YouTube videos make it to 10,000 views.
Ace Roane (1 year ago)
I cried when I saw Michael Jackson And Tiny Tim
Jacob Collins (11 months ago)
MJ was gona go sooner or later - he was an addict....... A very talented man.
Hi Ace, thanks for visiting and for posting.
Alexis Cruz (1 year ago)
Man I sure do love this piano music
Hi Alexis, classical music at its finest!
This was actually relaxing. Lincoln is fake, as is Poe!
Authentic Quantum (1 year ago)
The worst that has ever happened in the 90s music industry. 1. Selena Quintanilla died from a gunshot by a bestfriend she trusted. 2. Tupac shakur died in a homicide. 3.Eazy E died from AIDs. 4. Notorious B.I.G died in a homicide. 5. Justin bieber was born.
Jake Paul (18 days ago)
Justin Bieber is a good man why ppl be mean to him
AiDie (2 months ago)
🤣 no. 5
Mood Edits (6 months ago)
Now it’s lil peep xxxtentacion and mac miller
jeflynnenut (7 months ago)
Atomik Fajita all of the above was a travesty. More so the fact someone gave them recording contracts. They're all crap.🤣🤣🤣
Andrew Tornadoboy (1 year ago)
The mortician probably had to use 3000 corks to fill in all the bullet holes in Bonnie and Clyde
beach side (1 year ago)
Colonel Sanders looked the same. Not sure if he was still finger looking good tho.
mrfrogbutt1 (1 year ago)
John Lennon NEVER had an open casket, he was cremated asap
Rebel Rocker (1 year ago)
all of these were sad , I don't even no why I watched it.river phonix' blew me away no more watching these at night or in the day uhh
Hi Rebel Rocker, thanks for visiting and sometimes we can appreciate our lives even more by observing what has happened to others.
No to eyebrows (1 year ago)
why i am watching this shit??
Quiff Osaurusrex (1 year ago)
STEFANO POPEA Exactly the same thing I was thinking.
heather spivey (1 year ago)
aaliyah was close casket
Nun in Bikini (1 year ago)
If you read about river phoenix, his overdose was because he was not a heavy drug user.. He was hanging at Johnny DEPPS club , they gave him too much drugs and his body couldnt handle it. Depp and co should have been charged for involuntary manslaughter. IF HEROIN addict gives their regular dose to someone who doesnt take it , they can die from a dose that would otherwise be a regular dose to a daily user.
Dave Judd (1 year ago)
This is sick! and disturbing .thank you.
Hi Wise Man, feel free to visit at any time!
unclealand (1 year ago)
Eww. River Phoenix looked awful. But Eva Peron really does look exactly like Madonna.
Bruno56 (1 year ago)
Lee Harvey Oswald did kill President Kennedy. Others involved? Probably. But Oswald killed Kennedy.
James California (1 year ago)
~ 💕 _Love_ the music ❗ Makes me want to drive a hearse . . . 🎶 😏🌾
Hi James, we are hiring...meet us at Forest Lawn Cemetery this Sunday night(just kidding dude:-).
Jeff Swanson (1 year ago)
Lincoln's isn't real - it's from a (I think) Discovery Channel program that re-created an actual picture that was taken of him after he died. The real one is online but it hard to make out. A friend of mine was on a childrens TV show in Seattle for 23 years, the JP Patches show, and they once had Col. Sanders on. All was well and good until someone mentioned the gravy and mashed potatoes.Col. Sanders, on LIVE TV, said "I wouldn't feed that slop to the hogs!" The sponsors were going nuts. lol
looks like I'm on the weird side of YouTube again . ....
Sapa Inti (4 months ago)
How is this weird
Hi Rashaad, plenty of people are interested in this topic along with scores and scores of other interests that make up our lives. You're one of over 1.5 millions visitors this channel has received from these 3 videos in less than 18 months and thanks for visiting!
sweet heart (1 year ago)
oh my god jfk had he eyes open
Rick James (1 year ago)
Man what da hell happen to me at 2:49 and 2:53 I thought I was Rick James Bitch?!!!!
Hi Rick, your namesake does have that thick plastic effect!
Christine Stone (1 year ago)
Rick James looks all bloated..damn.
Christine Stone (1 year ago)
Marilyn Monroe picture isn't real. I did research years ago....that's a purposeful fake one they made just for the public.
Fr Louie Goad (1 year ago)
Great and small: We all shall see God.
J Nicole (1 year ago)
I don't believe Aaliyah had an open casket. I thought she was burned in the crash. Nevertheless, she looks beautiful as always.
Emely M (1 year ago)
English actor Jamie Bell looks like Jesse James.
Yvonce' (1 year ago)
Death is chasing all of us. It scary to think one day death will eventually happen to all of us.😞
Dr. Covfefe (1 year ago)
How can even a great mortician make Elvis look 25 in casket?
Kite Crawl (1 year ago)
When I saw 2:55... I just broke down..., quite a bit! ? G.O.D! It's just must more than it seems! Good luxe!
Cool! Here's something that related to this that I have always done. I always return the favor of subscribing to anyone who subscribes to my channel. I have 3 main channels and somewhere between 3,000 to 4,000 subscribers so I'm a subscriber of all of my subscribers and in most cases, I'm actually the first subscriber!
Kite Crawl (1 year ago)
Funny! I had just done the same to yours! I don't really have a channel... I just collect things from YouTube I like to watch and stuff. ;-) But thank you!
Hi Kite, I'm far from being an expert on classical music but I have just a little knowledge. This piece was played at John Kennedy's funeral as well as several world leaders. YouTube allows its posters to use free music from a creative area and this is the one I chose. My favorite parts would be the mellow piano playing especially during the Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and Rick James parts and I feel it has a mood appropriate ending with Colonel Sanders. Just my two cents. Btw, I have subscribed to your channel.
Kite Crawl (1 year ago)
+Binarycodezerosandones Binary I was wondering what that beautifull piece of music was! I'm not going to pretend that I recognized it as Chopin, but it was a beautifull piece at a beautifull moment... Sometimes things just fall into place.
Hi Kite, I also wanted to add that Chopin's softer piano piece and this picture really blended at the right time and that was mere luck on my part. Thanks again for your contribution and kind comments.
Ghost HunterK (1 year ago)
That wasn't a pic if Aaliyah dead her friend took that picture when she was sleep that's when she was doing her rock the boat video
Todd parker (2 years ago)
The JFK one was creepy eyes wide open
Amy (2 years ago)
nevermind, obviously i cant read. my bad
Amy (2 years ago)
whats up with the date on rooney?
JSanchez2112 (2 years ago)
Ta Cos (2 years ago)
Lmao micheal jackson are still alive lol
whiff1962 (2 years ago)
Who was the mortician that made George Reeves out to look like a poff? Oh, wait, Georgie boy was a poff.
Herbie Schwartz (2 years ago)
Mickey Rooney could still fit in that box 50 years later. He was once the centerfold for readers digest magazine. Oy Vey...
Jacob Augustynowicz (2 years ago)
I thought some of the people in this vid are still alive. wtf xD
Haroof (2 years ago)
Poor River....couldn't they have found a nicer shirt for him to wear...I mean, really.

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