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Fashion King [FMV] - f(x) Pretty Girl (english / spanish sub)

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I hope all of you enjoy this video. Please support Park Se Young in the movie Cat Funeral and Sulli in her return to the music industry. For my lovely Sulli and JooWon, i loved your chemestry together. i hope you enjoy this. All copyrights goes to SM entertaiment and Fashion King.
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Text Comments (21)
Skylar 12 (7 months ago)
Will the nerd girl become fashionable?
azizi nordin (12 days ago)
Yes she just become so beautiful😀😀😀😀😁
raissa strange (10 months ago)
Where can I see this drama?
Black Widow (9 months ago)
Raissa Roberta it i a movie Just look in kissasian you will find it there
Claireanne Bugtong (10 months ago)
im expecting that the nerdy girl would turn fashionable.
Toyin Alugo (11 months ago)
What's the name of this song please?!?!!!!!
sav mari (6 months ago)
Fashion king
sav mari (6 months ago)
It is a movie called fasion kimg
Tamara Smith (11 months ago)
Toyin Alugo It's Pretty Girl by f(x). One of the girls in the video, Sulli, is a former member of that group. She focuses just on acting for now.
Anna Lisa D'Acquisto (11 months ago)
M.S.M.R Crew (10 months ago)
Anna Lisa D'Acquisto Thankq i enjoy watching
astro girl (1 year ago)
wow.... my name is also Sabrina....!😍😍
Manel M (3 years ago)
what's the name of this (two i think ) drama?
Manel M (3 years ago)
+Saabrina Ninich thnk u 😘
Manel M (3 years ago)
+Saabrina Ninich ah a movie i thought its a drama
Saabrina Ninich (3 years ago)
is a movie called "Fashion king" with JooWoon, Sulli, Ahn Jaehyun y Park SeYoung
adlin P (4 years ago)
where i can find the full movie with spanish sub?
Linda Washington (23 days ago)
I think you can use viki rakuten and change the subtitles
Linda Washington (23 days ago)
I think you can go on viki rakuten and change the subtitles
Jinri Sul (1 year ago)
adlin P i know where to find in wiihout subb
Waleska Figueira (4 years ago)
Linda musica pretty girl

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