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The Girl Scout Camp Murders

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In the middle of the night, as thunderstorms engulfed the remote tents of Camp Scott in Locust Grove, Oklahoma, 3 girl scouts were snatched from their sleeping bags. Their ravaged young bodies wouldn't be found until morning. The discovery was shocking, but there had been warnings: Warnings that were ignored by camp counselors and not revealed to parents. Join us at the quiet end as we sip Prairie Bomb and discuss this disturbing crime and the mystery that surrounds it to this day.
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Text Comments (74)
Pam Lyles (4 days ago)
The medical examiner said that the eight year old girl looked like she was asleep, didn't have any wounds on her.
Dylan Wicklund (16 days ago)
Safest place after the murder is the camp as the killer isn't going to come back nwo
Dylan Wicklund (16 days ago)
I wish I could buy 385 acres of land from selling cookies damn
Logan Huff (16 days ago)
Where are your sources? Could I find a list?
Jaime Aguilar (17 days ago)
I live a few hours south of there and my mom knew a few girls that went to that camp when the murders happened. She was a girl scout too during that time and it apparently really scared her and her fellow girls scouts badly and they weren't allowed to camp out for a little bit after that happened. It caused a lot of hysteria around Oklahoma. People were just so shocked by it.
Dylan Wicklund (19 days ago)
Size 7 and size 10 shoe and boot prints 2 girls where struck in the head 1 was walked out then strangled hmm that matches the foot prints then after strangling the 1 he returns and carries out the other 2 it's very clear to see how onlu 1 person could do this especially because girls 8 to 10 years old maybe we8gh up to 85 pounds and a man can usually carry 150 pounds or more because at 16 I could carry 150 pounds max then but could carry 100 pounds like nothing
Dylan Wicklund (20 days ago)
I call bullshit what 16 month old baby can speak with enough pronunciation to read then recite the pledge of allegiance not at 16 months I also call b.s. on the IQ of 130 at 8 years old like yea my dead child was amazing like so smart -_-
Dylan Wicklund (24 days ago)
This is not a mass killing as she states I looked it up killing 3 isn't anything besides a triple murder but now if he killed maybe 10 plus that's a mass killing this was at most a group killing
Dylan Wicklund (27 days ago)
Also i can easily go in bash 2 girls skulls in and then wake up the 3rd say u scream you die like them but the fact 2 are in sleeping bags says to me they were shoved in their and thrown over the shoulder and carried out and the foot prints did they check the girls show size like 1 was a size 7 and not mentioned if a girls or boys or even a camp worker they're mainly female and have smaller shoes and as for the size 10 or 11 shoe can easily fit harts feet depending on the shoe I go from 11 to 12.5 so yea but I can squeeze my big ass feet in a size 10 like shit the fact he left sperm that belonged to a native American who had a failed vasectomy and his sperm had anti sperm antibodies I believe it was called and that all matches gene Hart after he died they found out his vasectomy had indeed failed I'm tired of dumb fuckers saying gene didn't do it well he fucking did and because of how he is being alone living off the land I believe he was alone and got drunk from the beer stolen from the cabin because Hart did mention to a friend he doesn't know what happened he said he was drinking for 2 days and just woke up in a cave with blood on him hmmm sounds like he did do it and YES 1 PERSON DID IT EVERY THING POINTS TO 1 PERSON AND THIS WHITE GUY APPEARNTLY WALKING AROUND WITH A FLASHLIGHT COULD VERY WELL BE 1 OF THE ONLY GUYS WORKING THEIR GOING TO THE FUCKING OUTHOUSE
Dylan Wicklund (27 days ago)
Hearing her say well that's an assumption when asked if it was a girl camp down the road it would have been closed he says yes it would have but she's like well that's an assumption the killer only went after girls -_- I fucking shook my head and screamed you dumb twat a killer who kills 3 little girls is most likley to continue killing girls not be like oh i already killed girls time to kill some boys down the road no you're a dumb bitch killers ha e preferences like a child preditors like boys or girls or both but it's almost always 1 or the other and not both like how many killers only killed females more specific hookers why not men hmm
Dylan Wicklund (1 month ago)
Yea I have this one lol darlie is guilty hate how this shits at the end
Dylan Wicklund (1 month ago)
At the end who ever wrote that must have forgot darlie was mentally ill always lying about being raped n stuff for attention she has munchhousen and as to why she killed the boys well they were broke and were not making the money they were and that possibly made her think we'll I don't want my kids growing up homeless and sad blah blah blah or or she just wanted the attention and was tired of being a mom
Lumini Services (4 months ago)
The Chinese discovered the individuality of fingerprints. For thousands of years, fingerprints served as official signatures in China. With the influx of Chinese to the west coast for labor, the knowledge of fingerprinting became known but was poo-pooed by Americans. In 1892, Charles Darwins cousin, Sir Francis Galton, published the first book on fingerprints. Kiowa is pronounced KI-o-wa, not Kee-o-wa. Choctaw: Ch-UK-t aw. It was not complacency. The police stayed out of private affairs unless called in Oklahoma in that day. The fault lies with the Girlscout ignoring the safety of women and girls. There was a history. They did not call in the offenses. There are many thousands of acres in eastern OK where people can hide and never be found. Had the Girlscouts reported all of these incidents, the OSBI would have insisted on better security.
Janet McFarland (5 months ago)
Their was 2 not one the camp leaders should have told all the families about the threats about the letters Gene Hart was framed for the murderers and he was killed in prison but the true murdereds is still out there free to do it again
tracie day (5 months ago)
How sad that in that innocent time the sign we're repeatedly ignored. Had this happened today, camp would have been cancelled and this wouldn't have happened. I would have been twelve at the time and I myself went to scout camp. This is so heartbreaking.
Alex Welland (5 months ago)
Really interesting
William Monroe (6 months ago)
Did'nt ANYONE HAVE A FIREARM FOR SECURITY ??????.... for bears or mountain lions and such???
William Monroe (6 months ago)
Yeah a note stating three campers will be murdered is a real fucking prank right??????........brainless fools
Lorraine Aspinall (7 months ago)
This is every parents nightmare ,first time I have heard of this murder I'm a parent and my kids are 27,25,23, every parent needs to know that as horrible as it is it happens, keep your babies close I can't believe it I am crying right now ,god bless the parents the children and the people in charge of camp imagine living with the knowledge that you were in charge at the camp , what can I say ,I hope the children are with Jesus .
gerry whelan (8 months ago)
More damm robots speaking, I am out of here, can not listen to this!
NCPATRIOT (8 months ago)
It's unfortunate that the criminals often seem to have more rights than the victims. Someone who has a history of stalking and violating other people's space should be dealt with before they follow through on what people could clearly see coming. As harsh as it sounds there's only one way to deal with a mad dog. You can't reason with it, establish a meaningful dialogue, try to understand its motivation, or send it through treatment programs - you just have to take it out behind the barn and do what needs to be done. Before someone points out the difference between dogs and humans ask yourself if the person who terrorized, raped, and murdered three little girls still deserves the human label. When someone does that in my book they've "self identified" as a mad dog and qualify for a trip out behind the barn. (Anyone who doesn't understand the barn reference can ask any old timer.)
RocknfnRoll (8 months ago)
There were 2 different footprints at the scene yet we only ever hear about the one that was too small for hart.reminiscent of o.j where again 2 sets of footprints in the blood at nicoles house was beyond doubt,but only 1 accused.also beyond any doubt is that whoever made one set of footprints in blood at nicoles also left bloody prints in o.j's sons bedroom.who was standing in nicoles blood and ended up in the sons room at o.js?
Andrea Turnquist (9 months ago)
This story is truly frightening! Love your candid podcasts. 5 stars as always!
strawberryseason (9 months ago)
if he hit them over the head when first entering, then he could have raped them when they were either dead or dying. There should NOT be a conclusion of more than one killer.
William Monroe (6 months ago)
unless evidence that we do not know of pointed in that direction
Mary McCauley (10 months ago)
I went to Camp Scott when I was about 9 and loved it. Early morning,June 13, 1977, I was pregnant and couldn't sleep. I had an eery, spooky feeling. Really strange. I was fearful.
kaitlyn amira kerr (10 months ago)
I love what you're doing here with this channel. It's awesome. But I think you should know that your dialogue especially between the two of you, sounds really forced and rehearsed. Or like you're reading off a script, which you probably are. Try to sound a little less robotic and more emotionally involved in the story you're talking about three kids that were killed horribly. There should definitely be a lot more outrage and discussed in your voices and I hear none of either.
kaitlyn amira kerr (10 months ago)
Does the audio get any less Tinny further in?
Ellen (10 months ago)
These tents (the way they look) and the way they were situated in groups around the grounds, brings me back to my memory of the Girl Scout Camp I went to around 1972. It was a horse-riding camp in Massachusetts..... My Lord ... something like this would have NEVER crossed my mind. How horrific for these young girls :(
Marge Bunn (10 months ago)
Can u do Madison Scott... this case is very dear to me, and it's very interesting.
Gibson Higgs (10 months ago)
What's with the strange audio quality
MsJourneyfan (1 year ago)
Michelle's last name is pronounced GOO-SAY - Michelle Guse. It chills my blood and breaks my heart to know that these murders could have been prevented. If the "weird" things going on before camp opened had been taken seriously. If all parents had known, they might not have sent their girls. If the counselor who saw the light in the woods that night had gotten help and investigated. If the "guttural sounds" heard by several people through the night had been investigated. If only ..... . Then you have the hostility toward the parents of the murdered girls when the trial started. These people lost their daughters to a monster, and the Indians and Hart sympathizers treated them like they had done something wrong. Then the parents get slapped in the face again by the civil jury. No justice for three raped and murdered little girls! This whole thing is a damn outrage!! Lori, Michelle, Denise - never forget these "forever" little girls.
S hefner (3 months ago)
Hindsight is 20/20. Plz consider the "odd" things that happen around you that are not "acted" upon.
Djms&capo DeMorais (1 year ago)
Wtf is this ?3fingered Aliens trying to communicate?
William Monroe (6 months ago)
voices are drone like but the info was priceless and learning what happened is a valuable lesson about safety
Tracy Thompson (1 year ago)
I agree. Please do an episode on Jacob Wetterling. I know you are very busy, but this is my vote.
L W (1 year ago)
Just say no to camps!
Geena L (1 year ago)
Same years John Wayne Gacy- was killing boys- no way would I have left my son in camp- parents- Hello!!
Marge Bunn (10 months ago)
Geena Lyon there was no boys it was girl scouts.. lol
Ruth Cardenas (1 year ago)
that is sad that they were killed
Cameron Robertson (10 months ago)
Do you possibly have an untreated head injury?
Ruth Cardenas No, you don’t say.
Michelle Holliday (1 year ago)
I was a brownie scout back during this time...this caused the cancellation of our camping stay that would have been a week later...not in the same place but it n nebraska.
Jaime Aguilar (17 days ago)
Did my mothers too but she lived a few hours south in Oklahoma.
1969Narcissus (1 year ago)
Would be great to hear you do the Jeffrey MacDonald case. Thank you for these!
Sylvia Patricia (3 months ago)
Your saying that because you don’t know the facts.
Andrea Turnquist (9 months ago)
Darlene Voigt I think he is innocent as well.
Andrea Turnquist (9 months ago)
As would I.
Darlene Voigt (10 months ago)
1969Narcissus yes I would also like to hear this one. Jeffrey MacDonald has always claimed innocence, he could have been released if he confessed to the crimes, but he says he will never confess to a crime he never committed. I think he is innocent. He is still in prison.
Jeremiah Bear (1 year ago)
I'm from locust Grove, I was born in 1980, and my family told me stories about gene they told me everybody knew he was hiding out even the cops did too, like you said the really didn't look until the murders, I heard there were a couple of other guys that would bag about going to the camp site and watching the girls shower and change, there is a creek where everybody swims and one of the guys was caught masturbating on the bank watching girls swim. there was a comment when you said what kind of place where people walking around a campsite at night, that town was a pretty messed up town alot of bad stuff went on there.
Juliene Hintz (1 year ago)
Jeremiah Bear drug running, hires for kill....are those some?
Juliene Hintz (1 year ago)
More I read and research and watch about this horrendous crime, I’m inclined more and more of a cover up in the department(s) who were supposed to be over this case.
sensate444 (1 year ago)
Jeremiah Bear What other bad stuff went on in the town back then?
Peppermint Snowdrift (1 year ago)
The note was found on April 1? Oooh, so THAT starts to explain why they believed that it might have been a prank, but, even so....there were more incidents than just THAT one! Weird. I ALSO didn't know that the girls were hit on the head, or that one girl saw the bodies. I DID know that earlier during the night, someone was heard crying for her mother, and that someone was screaming.... The potential killer's eyes are PIERCING! Wow! :o So, people actually DID keep things secret! I KNEW it! OMG! Why the HELL would an entire community encourage people to NOT contact the cops, the sheriffs, etc.?
Peppermint Snowdrift because it’s an Oklahoma Cherokee community. Do you know what their experience with the white man is? Getting fucked over.
Peppermint Snowdrift (1 year ago)
I am convinced that The Girl Scouts is a creepy organization, and, after learning about these murders, I'm GLAD that I refused to continue being a Brownie after my leader quit; I went into 4-H instead, and I can tell you that THAT organization can an organization that encourages dishonesty and hyper-competitiveness, and I'm NOT being bitter, because I won PLENTY of ribbons and awards, but I was MISERABLE much of the time, due to politically-charged, selfish leadership, etc.! I am convinced that, with regards to this case, they covered everything up, but I can't figure out WHY they would ever do such a thing? Political Correctness was a thing back then, but it WASN'T ENOUGH of a thing for The Girl Scouts to protect a potential SUSPECT, just because he was a Native American!
never heard of this one , very sad
Shenee Sigler (14 days ago)
Bridgett Cooper-Wagner we
Cinde Roberts (1 year ago)
this is right out of a horror movie!
Rae Graber (1 year ago)
Has anyone every looked into the 3 boyscouts that were murdered in West Memphis? a lot of similarities.
MsJourneyfan (10 months ago)
The only similarities I see are three murdered children. That's it. Chris Byers, Michael Moore & Stevie Branch were not at camp, sexual assault was never proven, they were stripped of their clothing and dumped in water to destroy any trace evidence. These boys were taken from their neighborhood, and their killer(s) tried to conceal their bodies. The girls here, Michelle, Denise & Lori were left right out in the open, just feet from where they were murdered.
Alex Rivera (1 year ago)
It was 3 girls in the victims tent but a fourth girl was supposed to arrive the next day.
Logan Huff (16 days ago)
No, Angela was there. She was in the tent that night.
Amanda Stephens (1 year ago)
Would really love to hear you guys do an episode about the West Memphis Three.
Andrea Turnquist (9 months ago)
I would love to hear that podcast. The 3 movies that were made were phenomenal. Paradise Lost, Paradise Lost 2, and Paradise Lost 3. A very interesting and frightening story!
Juliene Hintz (1 year ago)
Rae Graber the only thing they have in common is 3 girls /3 boys and the sexual assault that’s about it.
True Crime Brewery (1 year ago)
Ok. I am going to investigate further! Thank you for listening.
Rae Graber (1 year ago)
I agree. There are a lot of similarities to these murders.
Morgan M tbtl1 (1 year ago)
SMH means "shaking my head" as in disbelief
Cameron Robertson (10 months ago)
+True Crime Brewery Thanks guys I just listened to you for the first time, Love the conversation style of the podcast. Ive never even heard of this case before. There must have been more than one person involved. I suspect it was the 2 escaped convicts, living in the woods stealing food from the camp, and when the girls show up these are two hardened criminals that have been incarcerated for who knows how long, they probably havent seen a woman in years and the girl scouts were probably just a crime of lustful opportunity to them.No way it was a solo killer rapist.
True Crime Brewery (1 year ago)
Abby Seromik (1 year ago)
I now look forward to Tuesday's for first time in my life 😉☺️
True Crime Brewery (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Kayla Burns (1 year ago)
yaay,a new post! THANK YOU😄😄

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