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A photo a day The worst year of my life.

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2 new ROL G songs♭ https://youtu.be/oF7WBauCxRg and https://youtu.be/rY7SGtG2UY4 If you like the "WHAT AM I TO YOU" singer here she is singing one of my original songs https://youtu.be/bnvpn-UyRUc One photo a day. The worst year of my life. Thumbs up if you like the singing. READ ALL OF THIS DESCRIPTION ----- THE AMOUNT OF UNEDUCATED COMMENTS BEGGARS BELIEF ----- NO BATTERED WOMAN WOULD EVER BE ABLE TO MAKE SUCH A VIDEO ! It's a Serbian anti domestic violence video. Battered looking woman. Kindly supported & funded by Saatchi & Saatchi Belgrade for reasons which were clearly stated in their press release 3.April 2013.http://saatchi.com/en-uk/news/one_photo_a_day_in_the_worst_year_of_my_life_saatchi_B92/ A terrible true story here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3801675/Leeds-mother-beaten-death-Wayne-Hoban.html Lots of people have simply copied the very fast version complete with its melancholic instrumental piano music. Hopefully the longer, more upbeat song used in this video, makes viewers spend an extra couple of minutes to catch more detail of the many subtle changes of expression from photo to photo. The Norah Jones cover was sung by my friend Marianna. She wasn't very happy to have it used for a depressing video like this one. If anybody knows who the actress in the video is, leave a message. She deserves credit for her effort.. The fact that make up was used for effects does NOT detract from the fundamental issue: "Violence by people against their partners" Let's all hope some good will come from this unique effort to raise awareness of the plight of abused people. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/photo-a-day-meme-domestic-violence-psa-article-1.1297255 What am I to you? Tell me darlin' true To me you are the sea Vast as you can be And deep the shade of blue When you're feelin' low To whom else do you go? I'd cry if you hurt I'd give you my last shirt Because I love you so Now if my sky should fall Would you even call? I've opened up my heart I never want to part I'm givin' you the ball When I look in your eyes I can feel the butterflies I'll love you when you're blue But tell me darlin' true What am I to you? If my sky should fall Would you even call? I've opened up my heart I never wanna part I'm givin' you the ball When I look in your eyes I can feel the butterflies Could you find a love in me? Would you carve me in a tree? Don't fill my heart with lies I will love you when you're blue But tell me darlin' true What am I to you?
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Text Comments (9877)
ROL G3 SONG BOX (2 months ago)
How about reading the description BEFORE writing comments ?
Hilda Lerinc (1 month ago)
My Doppelgänger 😱 who is She?
beowulf (1 month ago)
dude did u delete my comment?
Derek Sanchez (2 months ago)
ROL G kk
A Nativee (7 days ago)
*this is fake? I wondered for 3 years wondering if she was okay?!... (lmao but still. Thank god it is. I got so scared at the end when I was younger)*
jjay109 (10 days ago)
_mikeys_jawline (16 days ago)
March 22nd oof the cursed day
What sort of a b*tch did this to a such wonderful woman like her???Ima beat the hell out if em
Liz Beth (22 days ago)
Yes, the abuse just gets worse & worse.... 🤕
Noemi Mihaliček (23 days ago)
Who is she? Is she okej???
Lele Shreve (27 days ago)
Holy crap
lillian marlar (1 month ago)
glad it’s fake but it’s still heartbreaking
Jessika Young (1 month ago)
So glad I read the description before I played the video... My dad was abusive to my mom and me and I've blocked out my whole childhood cuz of it. I'd come home from school and I couldn't even tell you what I had for lunch or what I did in school. This hit home..
Jane Rizk (1 month ago)
Omg your neck 😮😟😦😧
Song Ding (1 month ago)
Video stolen from Narzissus A-Ngel Get him to remove it
ROL G3 SONG BOX (1 month ago)
Song Ding STOLEN FROM??? You mean STOLEN BY Narcissus A-Ngel? I published on 21 Mar 2013 - Narcissus A-Ngel published on 9 Aug 2014. That person simply copied the fast Saatchi & Saatchi version and dubbed his music over it. I slowed it down to match the duration of my original audio.
Ejjj srbija..
Millie And Lillie (1 month ago)
So this video was made in 2013 but I’m only just seeing it now , in 2019 😂why YouTube ?
reagan l. (1 month ago)
2016. Worst year of my life. Many people I knew died that year but my youngest sister was born.
federica de fazio (1 month ago)
But how can a man’s hands do something so awful to their partners claiming they love them? How is that still possible in a modern society? How can a woman be killed in this way? How can a human being treat like this another human being?
Christiana Aguilar . (1 month ago)
You can see how less happy she gets throughout the video . I'm sorry for what happened . No one deserves that
I R O N G R A Y (1 month ago)
This girl is still alive?...
Laila (1 month ago)
А что с ней?
Susanna D (1 month ago)
I'm so sad
Mathilda (1 month ago)
Any one else got recommended this In March 2019?
Crazy Life (1 month ago)
This girl is from my country , i understand her , her boyfriend punchs her
nemo nessuno (1 month ago)
What happened
CapriGacha XD (1 month ago)
She speaks my language
Nikos Kesidis (2 months ago)
Video : 3/21/13 Recommendation : 3/24/19
Silvie Procházková (2 months ago)
From personal experience, wounds caused by strangling heal longer tha just few days.... But still very good video 😊
Cool Sheep (2 months ago)
YouTube really putting this in my recommended...
j test asmr (2 months ago)
Let's stop this abuse now!
i just wanna die (2 months ago)
Thats why i am afraid of some men
Sofia Peluso (2 months ago)
if you put the velocity on 2x it is much better i think
Nele Borsing (2 months ago)
Ihr Lächeln, zu Anfang so ehrlich und wunderschön. Aber dann kamen die Flecken und ihr Lächeln schwand aus ihrem hübschen Gesicht, wie auch das Glitzern und Funkeln ihrer Augen.. Auch wenn es dargestellt ist, ich finde es ehrlich. Sehr klar, authentisch.
Think Thank (2 months ago)
The amazing part of this is not the fake bruises but the days or pictures where true sadness can be seen in her eyes. That's is where the real story is.
Gwen Miller (2 months ago)
girl can i hug you please....
xoxCuteNoorxox MSP (2 months ago)
Not being rude i hate that mole
You’re really good at fake wound makeup 🤗
Laci (2 months ago)
ever heard of a baseball bat or tire iron, i been with my husband 8 years and he has never even attempted to slap me,or hit me, i had a boyfriend or two before him THINK YHEY WOULD , but i am strong enough when they did, their bruises looked a hell of alot worse then mine!!! people dont HAVE to live with the abuse, u go crazy one time, im talkin craxy enough to scare urself, and he will think twice about it.
Cloudy Apples (2 months ago)
Creating a video won't stop violence
special k (2 months ago)
she progessively grew sadder :(
It looks like bruising and wound realistic makeup
SKYLERjewel12 G (2 months ago)
Is this real
Jessica Hill (2 months ago)
good makeup
Keira Kapilla (2 months ago)
What happened?
_bas 4671 (2 months ago)
A lot od brushes
Grace Bunting (2 months ago)
2:39 ?
ACUARIANA · Ying Yang (2 months ago)
Es falso no? O es verdad?
Bella Warren (2 months ago)
It keeps coming and coming
ASMR PandaMimosa (2 months ago)
in the end it's a bit over the top but all in all its super :-)
Family Friendly (2 months ago)
Who else came to look at the comments after the second time watching this
Life of Kamaya (2 months ago)
Did she get beat on???
Ryan Franco (2 months ago)
11 injuries over one year girl how did you get those injuries
Andjela Stojanovic (2 months ago)
At the end she wrote: help i dont know am i going to be alive tommorow
Myrian Foxy (2 months ago)
Man.....I'm so glad this isn't real..... I really wish I could directly help people who actually go through this
Rup Chowdhury (2 months ago)
I am feeling very sad for you. You are very beautiful. But who the hell beat you? Give me his adress.
Paul McCartney’s Wife (2 months ago)
Rup Chowdhury your welcome.
Rup Chowdhury (2 months ago)
+Paul McCartney’s Wife Thank you brother.Yes I know the real story now.
Paul McCartney’s Wife (2 months ago)
Rup Chowdhury It’s makeup she is raising awareness for domestic violence and she’s also a actor so don’t worry! But it’s also sad that people go through abuse in their life.
Elementia David (2 months ago)
I can just feel this can relates to my emotional distress, and abuse.
LOL (2 months ago)
It’s not real? BRUH
MiCkEy MoUsE (2 months ago)
What happened to her?!
Kiara Henry (2 months ago)
why would they even have an actor do that that’s so retarded
Nesha Swan (2 months ago)
I’m so sorry 💔
glowingasmr (2 months ago)
i thought this was real then phew 😅
juliana kaprielian (2 months ago)
at the end, the sign she held up it says, help me do not know if ill be back tomorrow. I know this is fake but still really sad
Charis Davidson (2 months ago)
3:05 that freaked me out, I feel bad.. Did someone act this?
Rafael Hinojosa (1 month ago)
Just make up
Paul McCartney’s Wife (2 months ago)
Charis Davidson Same :-(
Breana swint (2 months ago)
I want to say it’s fake
no subscribers (2 months ago)
I know Im kinda late too but...anyone else in her/his recomendetions in 2019 ?? And still a piece of art I guess.....: )
MiembroReglamentario (2 months ago)
We have bigger problems than this. Stop making it an issue...
hehe it’s meh (2 months ago)
If you translate that thing at the end it says EXACTLY.- help me. I do not know if I’ll meet tomorrow.
Marie Ba (2 months ago)
hehe it’s meh it's fake lol read description
Zwykły Majsik (2 months ago)
3:06 O f*ck....
😞😞😞im sorry for her/you..
stalin iosif (2 months ago)
It is only make-up, people go trough such things and she makes a video to stop violence *seems legit*
Dana (2 months ago)
your fault if you do not seek help. idiot
Helga Nettle (2 months ago)
it's not real beatings,it's makeup!
Maria Bana (2 months ago)
Watching it in March 2019. Was she in danger? Is it real?
stalin iosif (2 months ago)
No make up
liezl francisco (2 months ago)
Call the police
Mya (2 months ago)
Aaww... This was so sad to watch..
this. is. so. fucking. unfair!!!!
SuperTigerOfficial #1 (2 months ago)
TRASH GOD (2 months ago)
So I kinda fell in love
Seren Platt (2 months ago)
It’s so sad how she smiles less and less
Asheerah Abdullah (2 months ago)
Yanty Marry (2 months ago)
K-PoPIE (2 months ago)
Anyone else that YouTube recommended this video to them now 2019? After 5 YEARS ??!!
Miller Fun House MFH (2 months ago)
How many bruises and cuts could you get and are you okay?
Gamin (2 months ago)
it says in the description that it was all makeup, it was a video made to raise awareness about abuse towards women in croatia
soso_ liam (2 months ago)
What happened to u
Antigona Begolli (2 months ago)
EhrenOasch (2 months ago)
Is she still alive?
baddie qweta (2 months ago)
LMAO this is in my recommendation
Happy Horse (2 months ago)
My heart goes out to all victims of violence. Stay strong
Girly YouTube (2 months ago)
stalin iosif (2 months ago)
Najma chowdhury (2 months ago)
Why's she got bruises and that also so may times
ahmed voice (2 months ago)
yea it's look like it's not real
ahmed voice (2 months ago)
omg who hurt her and why he or she hurt her
L'enfant caché de Suga (2 months ago)
I hope she is safe now ! 😭
Nate Vic (2 months ago)
Worst year of your life because you chose to let it be the worst year of your life The first time he raises his hand to you should be the last time. Always walk and keep walking, go to the police or tell some male family member or friend what he did so that they can give him a beating. No matter how much he tells you he ‘loves’ you, that he can’t live without you, that he’ll kill himself if you don’t come back, stop being a fucking martyr and just ignore him. If you forgive him once he WILL - believe me he WILL - hit you again.
local std (2 months ago)
this is so sad I literally started crying 😭 I know it's makeup but I'm still confused as to why on earth this was recommended to me 6 years later... ( Saturday 16th March 2019 )
skylerei channel (2 months ago)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa help me HOW DID YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF?!!!
Charlise Bosgraaf (2 months ago)
What was havening
EmmaBridgeman (2 months ago)
the ending 😪😔😢
Vaibhav Chopra (2 months ago)
That healing factor tho... Wolverine ain't got nothing on her
stalin iosif (2 months ago)
Purplecorgi10 (2 months ago)
Well, at least she is an actor but it’s still true. I just got this recommended to me like today and it was posted like 5 years ago. I hope to whoever’s life this is that it gets better!
Reinielle Orbe (2 months ago)
Its good that you had the guts to share this vid to us. Many people love you and will love you. We, people should love each other even we are not related by blood. We are all related because of GOD.
lolboy 668 (2 months ago)
What happened???

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