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10 Most Disturbing and Haunting Facebook Posts Ever

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Social Media websites have taken the world by storm! As of the third quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.79 billion monthly active users. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users had surpassed 1 billion and Twitter has reached 320 million. People are spending more time online and in social networks than ever before. Here are some of the extremely disturbing, bizarre, weird, strange, creepy and scary Facebook Posts Ever. ************************************************************************ Top 10 Most Disturbing and Haunting Facebook Posts Ever: 10. Daniel Rey Wolfe - 09. A Bangladeshi model Sabira Hossain - 08. Two Men Overdosing In McDonald’s Parking Lot - Most Shocking footage, One of the Most Disturbing Facebook Live videos 07. Dakota White and Brandon Warren 06. Nicole ‘Nikki’ Kelly - Worst Mother Ever, Evil Mother, Worst Parents Ever 05. Alviss Kong - Broken Hearted Man 04. Baby On A Leash 03. Bart Heller 02. Derek Medina 01. The Cardboard Box Girl - Most Disturbing disturbing pictures on the internet ********************************************************************** Music Used: - Intro: ♫ "Bent and Broken" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... - ♫ Tension Tunes 16 - Crime Scene, Dark - Composer: Magnus Melander - ♫ Dramatic Drone 18 - Suspense, Angry - Composer: Jon Björk - ♫ Building Tension 10 - Mystery, Dark - Composer: Gavin Luke - ♫ Creepy Town - Horror, Fear - Composer: Johan Hynynen - ♫ Low Motion 15 - Mystery, Dark - Composer: Johan Hynynen ********************************************************************** 10 Most Disturbing And Haunting Selfies Ever Taken https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCHRM6tUuyU&t=5s 10 Most Disturbing Pictures That Shook The World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wp5DcmqZcs&t=11s 5 Biggest Snakes In The World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pwv1r7J2K4c 5 Women You Won't Believe Actually Exist Around The World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wzMji1uLz4 10 Disturbing Things You Should Never Google https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RoHyOFR6Vk&t=1s
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Text Comments (4956)
Xxx Popo (20 hours ago)
What a sick world
Raghad _1 (23 hours ago)
The first man’s body was found 2 days after he posted the bloody photos, his friends and family saw his posts and managed to comment on it showing affection and concern but weren’t able to visit him or go see him?
Sandusky, Ohio? I wonder which McDonald’s.
Katie McGowan (7 days ago)
It is never anyone else's fault for your suicide. This comes from someone who has been suicidal, who has had a sister attempt suicide, and has lost two grandparents and multiple close friends to suicide. I am not saying this to blame the victim, and I fully understand are so many reasons a person decides to kill themselves. They typically feel trapped, useless, a burden on their family and think that the world would be better off without the. I know this because I have desperately wanted to kill myself before. But one person makes the choice to take their own life. My heart breaks for them and I understand their pain, but please don't blame others for this act when it is your choice to end your own life* *cases in which your life is being threatened by another do not apply
Sandy Workman (9 days ago)
Some people need killing like the bitch that suffocated that sweet baby.
Time Bomb Terry (11 days ago)
I remember that first one. I only live about 15 miles from BA. It was deeply disturbing.
communistjesus (16 days ago)
5:38 What a 5tUp1D B1tch....If she could no longer take care of the child, why not place him in adoption???... Just a cold blooded heartless b1tcH.....May the poor little innocent rest in peace....
Brian Kessler (19 days ago)
What kind of piece of shit films two guys dying instead of doing something about it. That's great that eventually helped someone, but you can almost guarantee that wasn't the intent from the outset.
Fuck Trump (22 days ago)
Some very sick and disturbed people.
Madzlick Chinatown (23 days ago)
OK, please tell me the picture with the baby in the suit was taken before death, and that was just him sleeping. Because that is beyond fucking sick if it isn't the case.
Steph Collins (23 days ago)
to be honest, what im the most worried and creeped out is that facebook lets people share shit like this. makes me fucking sick! they wont help anyone when you report a 60+ disgusting fat naked man jerking off at you on msnger, thats not against theyre comunity standards for some fuckin reason. we really shouldnt be on that site its fucking horrible!
Shiva (26 days ago)
A lot of pain and sadness in that face. 6:59 ☹
Why don't they just automatically screen these poor ppl for PTSD upon return from seeing these horrible things? My ceiling fan wouldn't hold me so.....
Jill Msp (29 days ago)
Hey you! Yes you! Your safe. (Rescue number:4) Copy and paste this to save more people! (Made by: Jill MSP)
Cheyenne Guthrie (1 month ago)
Ehh. I don’t really know about the dog one. I have a niece when she was about 3 would get on the floor and crawl around saying she was a doggie. One time she even clipped my dog’s leash to her necklace and asked me to “walk her”. Kids are weird and silly. Isn’t much different than when she would rub against my leg and “meow” and tell me she was a kitty. Like whatever lol
These people who kill their so-called, "friends," are not sane. They have some kind of psychopathic, sociopathic disorders. Same with parents who do that to their children.
Humans are fucking idiots
Hajar Renate Midbrød (1 month ago)
Dakota and Brandon were true psychopaths .... born that way for sure ....
Gwen Weisenburger (1 month ago)
Why is it most your vids dont show up
Donnie Kramer (1 month ago)
This makes me sick when I hear about what people do to children. It is absolutely disgusting! 😠😭
Elizabeth Carroll (1 month ago)
So awful, what a messed up world we live in
Tan V (1 month ago)
I'm on "that" side of You tube again..
lolfam11twelve 209 (1 month ago)
man i regret going on facebook their are just every people getting decapitated or getting eaten alive. Bet that Facebook and Deep web and dark web is the devils favorite things to do.😨😨😨😱😵
03 Cheeto (1 month ago)
Child abusers and killers are not human
midget_ princess (1 month ago)
Wow please don't let these animals reproduce those poor kids and who the fuck laughs if someone puts a shoelace round your child's neck . I'd what to break their neck for even attempting it that baby needs saving
DEAN LAING (1 month ago)
Lutch green your videos are amazing 👌so are you 👍
Tysheenia Brown (1 month ago)
This sick world is the devil's playground
BellaDonna Hurts (1 month ago)
Disturbing to watch at 3am.
Supa Giirl (1 month ago)
So why is this recommended to me
AmyCamille1975 (1 month ago)
rot in hell nikki
Hannah Brown cow (1 month ago)
Wonder if they went on to rent the house?...
Kasie C (1 month ago)
Depression or someone hurting so bad inside are some very dangerous people... But the most dangerous one of all is someone that just has an all about me selfish attitude to kill her baby and not give it to someone like me that can't have kids. I can't Judge her but God will.
bonotheist (1 month ago)
Absolutely NO sorrow for the Marine. In the words of Trump, "He knew what he was getting into."
David Watson (1 month ago)
Bucket Head (2 months ago)
2:51 - Here we see that the Good Samaritan has dialed 911 (presumably?), and then started filming while she waited for emergency responders to arrive - We all applaud her for stopping to help! But I can't help it, it always bothers me to see that people only do the bare minimum to help, because they are more concerned about "getting it on camera" for likes, views, and shares, than dropping everything to call 911, and [ *stay on the phone with them* ] while they coach you thru life saving CPR methods until responders arrive. Social media is so fun sometimes, and we all enjoy one or the other, but this whole thing about posting the most disgusting or psychotic thing possible has just gotten so out of control.
Rog Rambo (2 months ago)
I'm a bad ass wolf but I'm going to check out because I have bills to pay... As we get older we learn it turns out that "the herd" are the strong ones. It takes strength to have self discipline, reject temptation etc. Just saying screw the rules doing whatever you want is easy. That's the weak.
forbidden pollo (2 months ago)
PTSD = post traumatic stress disorder
Robert Diulgerov (2 months ago)
The baby one with the pillow made me cry.The mom gave him a bad name and a bad time.
Akyra Warren (2 months ago)
The greed and self-seeking need for supremacy is what drives humanity to such depravity. We as a species *could* do so much better than this...yet we are all programmed for narcissism and violence. Yes, war between tribes has been occuring since the beginning of civilization...and now the captains of industry and trade have successfully created a slave class that begun hundreds of years ago. However *now*, where humanity stands...we are even more brainwashed with our heads up our asses and out for only ourselves and in the pursuit of material shit that means NOTHING. Humanity better rise up to the frequency of Love for ourselves and one another. I fear though, it may be too late. Social media has made the problem far more worse than we can imagine. There is a reason sick individuals post these horrifc acts on social media... FOR ATTENTION. Yet, here we are 2 billon some odd facebook users for what but only...*attention*. #boycottfacebook
RSE 167 (2 months ago)
I hope the soldier got a Vikings funeral. Always respect a mans faith in death
Stoned Vats (2 months ago)
will makin (2 months ago)
of corse when a woman kills herself over a guy he gets arrested and sued but when a guy does it he gets frowned upon n she goes off like it's a burden off her chest n it's the guys fault
Pandora Zenn (2 months ago)
It’s not cool to take someone’s murder and make money off of it from a video. Shame on you.
Pandora Zenn (2 months ago)
I knew these guys, I went to school with them... 4:18
Miss D.2018 (2 months ago)
I had to skip the ones with dead babies. Just....NO!!!. what's wrong with you!! That you carry this amazing tiny human for 9 months and hurt it???.? I think the health department needs to step on this...i seriously look around in public and wonder how this women can be allowed to have kids .!. ?
Kaci Phillips (2 months ago)
That last one... 😥
Dave kessler (2 months ago)
Get over it people ... If they decided to end what miserable little life they had then that's on them ... There is thousands of willing professional ready to help you... yessss.. help for these people unfortunately they don't want the help also if you know of abuse REPORT people.... So then don't wait for another fucked up video to be sickened by and boo/who over and if YOU kill or hurt children or take a life then you should be publicly tortured until your dead for the world to see causing a lasting impression inside that twisted head of yours making you think if I do this... this is what will happen to me so your ass will think twice before you do anything stupid like the people in this video....
Dane Kushner (2 months ago)
Depression is a chemical
Miss T (2 months ago)
(amber)..."Roche"??! Like the global drug manufacturing company that makes Morphine, Fentanyl- etc, no doubt what they od'd on. weird coincidence. maybe?
Deerweed (2 months ago)
so people on facebook knew he was gonna kill himself but they just told him to stop and didnt try to report it to the police? wtf
Sup3r Ry4n (2 months ago)
What happened to Erin Jehl‘s dog?
claudis1975 (2 months ago)
When you lose a fight against yourself, are you stronger or weaker...
Blah Blue (2 months ago)
And we, humans, destroy animal life and the environment in addition to all this kind of mayhem and evil. I wish there were gangs of good guys that killed evil people... I would support the clean up of the world from monsters who kill and rape and abuse innocent life.
Alex Collins (2 months ago)
Sick, sick people
Joshua Ballew (2 months ago)
I gotta go find a puppy or kitten
zedny aranga (2 months ago)
If he scuiceded how can he post the pictures!
SlowRiotNewKanada (2 months ago)
Opioids are a terrible blight on society. The Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharmaceuticals, are almost single handedly responsible for this crisis. Internal memos show that their strategy if confronted for their conduct (colluding with doctors to over prescribe this poison) is to blame the victims entirely. Unfortunately, the Sackler family is Jewish and through the right to return to Israel, they could flee to a country that refuses to extradite anyone, including the Jewish Israeli teenage responsible for over 200+ hate crime hoaxes/bomb threats to Jewish centers in America.
Rough Rider (3 months ago)
Highly entertaining
GuitarosaurusRex (3 months ago)
So glad I made it out of heroin addiction alive and not hooked on methadone... all praise goes to God!
YouOnlyLiveTwice (3 months ago)
Damn, the first guy lived in my town.
Matt Hollen (3 months ago)
I hate this video. I hate th comments. This is all bad, no good
Matt Hollen (3 months ago)
Jesus.. this is th worst thing ive ever seen on youtube. They shouldnt allow this. Not defending ignorance, but god damn.. this is bad. Dont watch. Thumbs down
Matthew Pigg (3 months ago)
he falls 5 stories onto a car " the car was damaged on impact" ummmmm naw it took 3 or 4 minutes to get damaged.
Draugr (3 months ago)
Wolf I hope u got ur Viking funeral *Til VALHALL* edit In Broken Arrow, kinda poetic for a fallen warrier to chose that place. Hope u found peace now, brave Wolf.
Metal Videos (3 months ago)
First one was a terrorist. So who cares
Joshua Hurt (3 months ago)
Anyone that does things to children, need to be tortured very slowly.
Browarus Pierogus (3 months ago)
It is disturbing because of those huge ugly square pixels instead of an image.
Joe's Paranormal TV (3 months ago)
Well, that's enough internet for me today!
Cheryl (3 months ago)
reni macintosh (3 months ago)
You are right but unforty this is the real world !😭
onebadasian v (3 months ago)
If ur going to ahow the pictures, plz do not blurr it out. My stomach is strong enough..
Travis Patterson (3 months ago)
Chris Hansen (3 months ago)
I really hope good prevails. Please just be kind people...
Phil Wheeler (3 months ago)
I can take the "graphic" gory photos but at 8:02 when the photo of that DISGUSTING WASTE OF LIFE POOR EXCUSE FOR A "MOTHER" popped up & she had her baby tied in a rope as if it was an animal broke my heart & made me sick and pissed off at the same time! I'm fairly desensitized when it comes to any bloody or gory stuff bc once you go to combat & witness the raw side of war there's not many things online that are gonna make you say "I'll never get that out of my head" but when it comes to ANYTHING CONCERNING A CHILD that's where it starts to hit you in the heart! I wish they would make any & all crimes against children a capital offense & punishable by death!!!
Spartacus Ani (3 months ago)
The babies 😢😢😢☹ these sick bitches.....
Roberto Frattini (3 months ago)
generation of psychopats.
turbo happyfeet (3 months ago)
Dee Nitchie (3 months ago)
PLEASE if you are a mother, or father, and you feel that close to the breaking point, call someone. Take the child to a hospital, talk to them. Tell them you can’t care for your child and need help. If you can’t get to a professional, call someone. Anyone. If you are afraid of condemnation from family or friends, just don’t worry about them right now. Medical or emergency personal are not there to condemn. Call or go to them. Arrangements will be made for the child to be cared for. That worry will be off your mind. And you can receive help for the way you are feeling. Not to fix anything but how you feel. If you feel you cannot seek help yourself, for ANY reason, take the child to any hospital, fire station, or church. Find the appropriate person and tell them you need to surrender your baby. Then your done. Leave. Do not let yourself get to the point you see no other way. Hell, go next door and hand them to the neighbour. You are never alone
Grandma to Oliver&Lila (3 months ago)
I’m totally hooked to this channel. Thank you for keeping me up all night watching.
Malika Diza (3 months ago)
People need Jesus smh 😞 that poor little girl 😢
grettagrids (3 months ago)
I left my webcam on during a live chat and forgot it was on and tried ODing on pills.. my freind called the cops and sent them to my house. if I were to try suicide again I wouldn't go posting it!
xyrena xypot (3 months ago)
baby on a leash, joke or not it is stupid to being able to see your own blood and flesh in that situation and sleep soundly at night. good that the baby was taken away from her re+ard mother.
Saint Michael (3 months ago)
The heroin overdose is something I literally see everyday. That’s become fairly common in America these days.
Steve Bannon (3 months ago)
Nikki Kelly... That's what leftists call "Late Term Abortion"
TheFd90 (3 months ago)
WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with all those people commenting and not calling the police!! He could've been saved!
Sherry Franks (3 months ago)
Every time I have to get to know someone they are on drugs and not only hurt themselves but everyone around them
Vanshaj2 (3 months ago)
shouldn't have watched this video for a break from studying for exams...
Vicki Cupper (3 months ago)
I'm glad the heroin guys didn't die.
Dobbie Wilson Sr (3 months ago)
Better them than me
Rodriquez Sullins (3 months ago)
I live in Houston County GA
vorpal22 (3 months ago)
This video rings too true for me :(. My best friend - who lived far away from me - gave me about a 10 minute notification message on facebook that he was going to kill himself, and then he did. And I almost overdosed on U-47700 multiple times, which is like the crack of heroin. I'm glad it's illegal now.
blagh mrblafh (3 months ago)
11:10 I know some might hate that image, but thats why it needs to be shared, to make people aware of that horror and how common it can be.
Amanda Riley (3 months ago)
Condolences for all but the junkies.
Grandma to Oliver&Lila (3 months ago)
Amanda Riley why would you ever say that?. What if that was your dad, brother or even a child?? Really heartless.
rickorty7 (3 months ago)
the other lady sounds real, but this one sounds fake??
Kleng Amarth (3 months ago)
THIS VIDEO IS AGE RESTRICTED >only shows blurred images
Shade 45 (9 days ago)
+qucee the default i do
qucee the default (10 days ago)
Well I don't think you want to see the uncensored images
Mulder & Scully (3 months ago)
Wow! so much fucking death.
Selso Nuncio (3 months ago)
Woaaaaah in broken arrow Oklahoma???
Lewis Webb (3 months ago)
All these videos are making me fucking depressed!
Lewis Webb (3 months ago)
What the fuck, baby on a lead! That’s fucking sick!
Taye Purks (3 months ago)
I don’t understand why the mother who killed her son just didn’t take the baby to his father’s house and leave? I don’t understand why people who don’t want their kids just kill them, what sense does that make? The father was in his life so there was no need to just off her own baby like that.
katy mon (3 months ago)
How has this video not been removed yet?
Linda Rush (3 months ago)
People who kill themselves are selfish And deserve no sympathy

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