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Black Salve Cured My Cancer! Alternative Treatment

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Here is what the first patient had to say, "My wound is healing up amazingly well - it's looking great! I am overwhelmed at the body's capacity to heal. The hole had filled up within 3 days, new skin had covered the wound after a week, and now the wound area is reducing in size on a daily basis. I may yet go topless sunbathing again! (though not in front of my teenage son - he gets far too embarrassed)." http://emfrefugee.blogspot.com/2014/10/amazing-woman-cures-breast-cancer-with.html Anyone want to translate this for us? http://serieaharpasagrada.blogspot.com/2014/05/cancer-milagrosamente-curado.html Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/franzvonpopping?sub_confirmation=1 Support us by doing your shopping through this Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/?tag=wrestling911c-20 Blackhead King Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7rGRoZ14FCMqG9UYi2lH9Q?sub_confirmation=1 World's Largest Cysts Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=govc2JyJAkY&list=TLHORNQqIgtwRddZlZiLq3VdWKltXSZZ58 Trypophobia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7YUEogoS4k Medical Deformities: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol3Dif3Iuow Senile Comedones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu4jkp4M-V8 Worst Skin Conditions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ1P6xkFqF8 If you like our music, check out our music channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8xjc-rcsMqQSwibRuo7UjA If there is something in this video that you find offensive or inappropriately used, just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will do our best to work with you to resolve the problem. Please do not take any medical advice from this YouTube channel. Although we enjoy educational discussion, this is an entertainment channel. If you have ANY medical problems, you should seek professional medical help from a doctor at a regulated medical facility. We are always looking for sponsorships, and sponsoring this channel and product placement starts as low as $50. Please email [email protected] with a proposal if you are interested in sponsoring us.
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Trish R (7 months ago)
Ember Blue (10 months ago)
It probably just works in the same way more conventional treatments for cancer work. As in, some peoples bodies work with it to eliminate the problem and other peoples bodies turn against them because it perceives it as another threat to the body. Chemo itself is a prime example of how the odds can go in either direction depending on if the body wants to work with it or reject it.
Cat Car (1 year ago)
Video doesn't match the title at all. Nothing about anyone's cancer cured on here.
Just Me (1 year ago)
what is that 1st body part shown?!
Jeff Strange (1 year ago)
I've never experienced those absurd pic's while using black salve. I don't believe they were using Black Salve in the first place. I did a spot on my arm and the tumor mess was so big, it killed other areas around the one spot. Just use gauze with petroleum jelly and in 14 days, it'll all clear up naturally.
Judi Christopher (1 year ago)
The only SCAME around here is YOU
Loni Day (1 year ago)
With all dieases, cancer etc. We needs to detox while using any kind of treatments, including diet changes. Many good books on detoxing the body inside, If cancer is growing on the outside, it's also growing on the inside. Flushing out toxin poisons you in name it can not live in a clean system.
WARRIOR FOR TRUTH (1 year ago)
ruth dinler (1 year ago)
Which big pharma do you work for???
nld1960 (1 year ago)
I was scheduled for a MOHS procedure and watched a video of the Aussie who had cancer on his nose and decided to do the same as he did. I had a BCC above the right side of my mouth shaped like an octopus. After about 7 days the entire cancer came out, all in one piece. Very painful, but it worked great. Since that time I have used it again and used it on friends. Recently used it on a friend's shoulder. It took about 8 days for a very deep cancers. If finally came out in one piece and after another 6 or 7 days it completely closed up without a scar. Absolutely amazing.
Wendy Daniel (1 year ago)
It should only be used one small spot at a time. I can see that it works from the consistency of the YouTube results from people who have nothing to gain from their posts. I would rather do this than have cancers cut out. It is a true healing where the body is able to separate out the toxicity for itself. If there is no cancer the skin will just be a bit red and irritated but nothing will happen. Other benign small spots on the skin can be treated very quickly at the doctor’s by freezing them off with dry ice or at the dermatologist where they are ‘zapped’ off and just scab over and fall off.
Paul Wasser (1 year ago)
Here is part of a post on my instagram. How I am living longer and better with cancer than 3 cousins and one uncle who had the same cancer. They all perished within 18 month's of diagnosis when they all followed the gold standard of oncology. Well how do I?
Paul Wasser (1 year ago)
I use blood route because it is an eschar. The medical definition of the word is as follows. A slough produced by a thermal burn or a corrosive application, or by gangrene. It is a corosive and disolves my cancer.
Jennifer et aliae (1 year ago)
Check out Facebook's The Bloodroot Discussion Group for testimonials and images.
Lori Goodwin (2 years ago)
Just watched this video and read some of the comments. My experiences with Black Salve have been positive.  I was introduced to the product many years ago and have used it on two people and more recently myself.  The first was a friend who had been diagnosed with a basal cell carcinoma.  We were on a cruise and his physician had scheduled a procedure upon his return.  After our trip, he returned to his Doc to find he no longer required treatment.  The second person I used it on was my Father.  He was in his nineties and after a lifetime of sun loving, had many skin cancers.  I put black salve on several spots on Dad's back with no response, then on one particular spot, Dad literally jumped out of his chair.  He said "what did you do, stab me with a needle."  Over the course of the next couple of weeks the lesion healed, much the same as you would see in many images.  A couple of years later, Dad took me to his doctors office.  My Mom asked me to go in with Dad as she was quite deaf and wanted to know what was said.  The upshot was, the doctor, an open minded South African, found another skin cancer on Dad's neck.  We told him about the black salve and he said this would be a good opportunity to try it out. It worked.  When we next visited the doctor he asked if he could have some.  I was a bit miffed when he took more than half the container.  My latest experience was personal.  I've had a spot on my face that tends to bleed, almost heal, get flakey, bleed again etc.  When the skin went into the best part of this phase,  I put black salve on. I had another suspicious spot and covered both with the salve, stuck a bandaid on them and went to bed.  One spot did nothing but the one that had given me grief for so long reacted.  I can tell you that in my experience, black salve will not harm normal tissue.  It works.  If there is malignant tissue below the surface of the skin it can leave a scar.  So can surgery.
Thomas Laupert (2 years ago)
I don't know where the word accurate came from but bloodroot is the word
Thomas Laupert (2 years ago)
I had a huge bunch of cancer on my upper left-arm and accurate took it all away it was so crazy looking that Winchester Medical Center which is a Cancer Center is using it the photos 4 their students it was about 8 x 7 inches huge but you must get on a healthy diet self to sugars and the carbs and get proper exercise good sleep because if you keep doing the same habits that you had when you got the cancer you'll get it back cuz I did now I am fighting it again with black side another huge one this time on my right chest probably four by five inches it really works
MsTeaRex (2 years ago)
the last one with the needle in the tumor IS NOT FROM A SPANISH PLACE...its an Indonesian woman and she WAS CURED!
Thomas Laupert (2 years ago)
I had a huge cancer on my arm it was 7 to 8 inches and all directions and it was cured by black salve that I made it works don't let these websites scare you you have to put it on thick it burns and itches like crazy so be prepared not to sleep for a couple of nights real good
Joe Momma (2 years ago)
I have a friend who used it as a lubricant for masturbation, it ate his penis off.
Indigoviolet Films (2 years ago)
It depends. Not all Black Salves are equal. Many formulas out there are going by the name of Black Salve but are not the original American Indian formula. Some of them may be harmful. Even if you use the genuine Black Salve, you have to be careful to keep the area clean and not let infection set in. Black Salve can create holes or craters in the skin. If you have kept the area clean and disinfected, however, these holes should fill back in with new tissue usually with no scarring, though it may take a while for it to get back to a pristine state. Sometimes there is scarring, but that may be due to the person not fully following the treatment protocol? The bigger the crater, the greater the chance for scarring, but even surgery can leave scars. Better to have a little scarring than to be dead. It does work like a charm. I know because I have used it. Gets rid of warts, too, but may require several treatments and there may be some loss of pigmentation in the affected area once they go. It is not hardly noticable on fair skin but dark skin might be different?
Things_I_Say (2 years ago)
did anyone else notice the Zelda music remix?!
Eternal Rotation (2 years ago)
Remember no disease can be fixed if you reinfect yourself, it just keeps coming back! Find the cause of the cancer, take away the cause if not sure stop everything! use multiple fronts to attack it! boost your bodies natural healing power with plant based diet and good clean living, get mentally strong too, exercise, fresh air!. Question your doctor on statistics get them to put things in writing, wether you like it or not your their meal ticket, that's when the truth comes out! Research black salve thoroughly, there are internal versions and external versions, it can only help if done correctly and like anything isn't a cure all, THINK THINK THINK Remember the placebo effect, is actually your amazing body's ability to heal itself, not voodoo! as big pharma would have you believe!!!!
Quinisha Harley (2 years ago)
it's all about the medication and if it works with your body in the health care field we are thought what works for you might kill me
Vegan Butterfly (2 years ago)
Vegan Butterfly (2 years ago)
Used. My cancer is gone. No scar. No huge cost. Just time.
Ramsay McEwan (2 years ago)
canabis oil cures cancer,,,alway,s ,,,,start with ,,,run from the cure ,,,
tee william (2 years ago)
my name isTee william, i have been suffering from prostrate cancer for 7 years now. i have survived mainly on drugs, i have had many treatments over these years that i am getting back the effects of those many drugs. my doctor gave up hope on me, i felt this was my End, until i ran into Dr sale bashiru through a post on you-tubey, who through herbs and oil cured me  within three weeks. i can gladly say that i am totally free from cancer. i am giving all glory to God and thanks to Dr sale bashiru. if you wish to contact him,here is my Email:[email protected]
Team Nerdy (2 years ago)
its a depending factor if the cancer is not close to skin deep then do not use it this only works for people that have cancer thats just on the surface of the skin if its any deeper i do not recomend trying this im no doctor but ive watched ton of videos to see that the cancer must be skin deep
Eternal Rotation (2 years ago)
but before you go get that so called professional help! know this, over 250,000.00 people die each year in America alone, Australia it's between 70,000 and 100,000 from those so called professionals making mistakes!!!! These are true facts you can find for yourself very easily. BUYER BEWARE!!!!! Your life is in your hands only THINK PEOPLE DON'T BE SHEEPLE!!!!!
Team Nerdy (2 years ago)
Michele Louis first its an opinion its better to go to a doctor than to try this out unless doctors approve of this its taking a 50/50 risk factor and that risk factor gets more risky the further you go down near to your organs or deep in the tissue which could cause major scaring as a person i can not know what is cancer and how to identify it go see a professional my comment is just an opinion but ultimately GET PROFESSIONAL HELP you may not know what your doinf and ultimately you could harm yourself more than helping yourself i do appreciate givibg your opinion but i for one have a bad feeling that something could go wrong about this unless prescribed by a doctor.
Michele Louis (2 years ago)
what are you calling SKIN DEEP???.. I have used it for years with various reactions. Some times it is on the surface sometimes the wound is so deep and painful i takes weeks to work and the pain travels up to 12 inches or more along my body while it is healing. I may be treating my breast and my face will react. Some of the really big issues I find is the cover tape/bandaide used.. They can react badly and make things worse for healing around the area. Also if the wound is in an area that keeps breaking the scab this is a HUGE issue.. For example on the chest between the breasts is a problem when you sleep on your side as the scab can pop. I place a small rolled up face washer in that area for support. Scabs coming off before they are ready prolongs the healing process as you have to re apply the salve as there is still cancer in the wound hole.
jonnyblaze777 (2 years ago)
it works but hurts like a mutha should be used with caution if tumor is too big and only kills part yes then it will still grow half dead cancer is a parasite. Ja Guide
CancersKryptonite (2 years ago)
I've used black salve and helped thousands of others cure themselves with it. :-)
+Mikie (5 months ago)
Black paste made primarily from North American plant called "Bloodroot", plus 2-3 other plants (not sure what they are but easy to find out). Zinc chloride isn't required, it's only added as a preservative.
dr mohit sharma (10 months ago)
What is black salve
Ex Nihilo (2 years ago)
Do you have any Idea how can cancer works? It cannot be cured by simply rubbing on a salve that is basically Zinc Chloride and a stabilizing agent
CancersKryptonite (2 years ago)
kinc0n Nooooooooooooo,I said cured not killed or burned. pay attention, this is why sheeple have the reputation they do because of you posting dangerous, uneducated comments like this. SHAME ON YOU!!! You are dangerous to the health of others and irresponsible. Take your foolish pro pharma ideology and treat your own body any way you want. We are saving lives with this information!
Ex Nihilo (2 years ago)
Whatever. burn holes in yourself with denaturing chemicals to your heart's content.
owaitress (2 years ago)
Stop using that stuff. My mother inlaw lost her eye and half of her nose from using black salve
CancersKryptonite (2 years ago)
Yeah, and that's sure how you come across
Ramsay McEwan (2 years ago)
I was being sarcastic buddy. Stop flying of the handle.. I,v been talking about cancer cure,s for year,s and had enough bullshit
CancersKryptonite (2 years ago)
Ramsay McEwan yeah tell them to not use something that works better than anything else. Go home, you're drunk.
Ramsay McEwan (2 years ago)
you should have told your mother in-law not to use it too
Mary Morris (2 years ago)
she used it incorecctly. It cured my cancer and others' too that I know.
Larry Medina (2 years ago)
My aunt has used salve and it worked. Try it and stop believing other story. Cancer is big business.
Cute But cuddly (6 months ago)
Larry Medina “my aunt used it” is not an excuse for stupid you are for letting her use this stuff
kyyah2 (2 years ago)
Buxton59 (2 years ago)
read the CANCER ACT - then you will see why the medical profession cannot & will not make or use any real cancer treatment that works - Black salve does work & I have used it successfully myself & have pictures to prove it - I would NEVER get treated by a Dr for skin cancer again - been there, done that & Black Salve will be my preferred treatment forever - you sound like a BigPahrma troll scaremongering & using Fear Porn to frighten people away from the best & healing treatment there is - you disgust me
It works it will get anything out that doesn't belong there.What are you trying to prove move on to another subject moron many people receiving chemo and radiation DIE SO what should we do shut down all the cancer centers what a moron you are. Is big Pharma paying you to do this and show how much of a asshole you are? You must not have a life shows us how Radiation cures you forever.
marsumane (2 years ago)
I think it's the same as applying anything corrosive to your skin. Sure, it might burn off the cancer if you use the correct amount. Overapply and you get worse results. The big issue with the black salve is people are not using the amount that they should and are not being diagnosed and monitored by doctors as they self treat themselves. This causes people to put it on various other spots, not only cancer, and to use too much to cause a huge hole in their face.
Michele Louis (2 years ago)
I have seen more people die in my life while seeing a doctor than those that use natural remedies. A doctor knows nothing about the treatment of black salve. CancerKrytonite and other enlightened people might like to know that i have this wonderful book on family health from the 1890s in the USA written by doctors, back in the days when BIG Pharma was not running our lives and countries and governments and Doctors actually touched you, checked you took your pulse like a Chinese Doctor, looked for fungus in your mouth and actually visited you in your home. This family health book has recipes in the back for all kinds of health issues and one for Black Salve but not the exact ingredients. So it was ok for Doctors to list their remedies in the book back then but now they are all held to ransom.
CancersKryptonite (2 years ago)
marsumane please don't comment on what you know nothing about.
sfalconi4 (2 years ago)
Black salve works!!!
Mur Leland (2 years ago)
Can we get black salve in Canada?
Minnipearls (2 years ago)
I don't think it works at all.
CancersKryptonite (2 years ago)
Bonnie then you didn't use real salve. guess what, there are counterfeits made by big pharma and sold as legit. when in doubt make it yourself. If you want to read about examples of pharma doing what I've stated, get reading. www.meditpia.org
kyyah2 (2 years ago)
your name says it all
Aiden Baguley (2 years ago)
Anyone who believes it works should swallow it.
Dr B (2 years ago)
I just talked with a friend who had a basal cell carcinoma on his chin a few years ago. He said the doctors had suggested they "shave" it off. He decided to try Curaderm, which apparently is made from eggplant extract. He applied it and, like this other salve, it fell off, and there has been no sign of it coming back. People are beginning to realize what a scam most medical procedures are. No, not all of it, but most of it. And Obama sold us out to the insurance companies so that we can have more of this abuse, and at nearly twelve times what it would cost Medicare for all! Knowledge is power.
Dr B (2 years ago)
Black salve is not a cure-all, in that it doesn't enhance your immune system. But as an alternative to chemo and surgery in many cases, is a much more benign solution. Of course, it must be used intelligently. In my opinion, I would radically reform a person's diet along with this treatment, as well as use massive doses of vitamin c intravenously, which has been proven to shrink tumors and kill cancers. By the way, the Gerson Therapy is a very successful cancer therapy. It would be instructive to read about it. There is a hospital in Fukushima Japan where the head doctor was cured through Gerson and has since added the therapy to his hospital practice. Look up Paul Nison on YouTube; Removed Skin Cancer Tumor With Black Salve. I know this man
gur ruh (2 years ago)
You might as well use caustic soda
Ernie Wong (2 years ago)
The Black Salve works. Been using it for 4 years. I suffer Bowen Skin Cancer so I will be using it for the rest of my life. All I can say is the ingredients are readily available. Make your own. If you buy salve from someone who makes a brew in their backyard for profit you are a braver person than I :) My Doc could only offer chemo cream or cutting. Or in special cases a combination of both and a skin graft. 4 years later I get the all clear on my skin checks. The salve is my salvation!
Anton Wisse (2 years ago)
So good to hear Ernie and you get to go on with your life without fear and suffering.
Rio DJeNIRO (2 years ago)
When I used Black Salve, I've used it with a mix of Tree Tea Oil and CTR Ointment, never by itself. I had a very, very deep growth on my foot that had long "roots" I used all 3 for about 6-8 weeks, I did this 1x in the day and 1x at night, and I'd also soak my foot in between my treatments for hygiene. After doing this faithfully, one day when I went to go change the bandages the growth literally came off with the bandage, and because I used Tree Tea Oil and CRT Ointment together it allowed the skin to also repair itself so the hole I had was very small & almost closed up entirely. I would NEVER use Black Salve by itself, it is too potent and dangerous to use alone..
Dana Ashlie (2 years ago)
What is CTR ointment? Thanks for your comment... It's worked for me too, but I used it alone on an iffy looking dark spot (precancer) on my hand. My best friend has breast cancer and i'm researching it for her...
johannsebastienbach (2 years ago)
would be a simple surgery from doctor lol
CancersKryptonite (2 years ago)
johannsebastienbach you're an uneducated inexperienced fool who's opinion is harmful to others. Log out and stay off the net.
kyyah2 (2 years ago)
which leaves cancer cells behind in the blood stream to go elsewhere in the body - chemo is carcinogenic itself and doesn't work, radiation shits all over your immune system - choice is clear - salve all the way
Coleman Adamson (2 years ago)
Stupid video. Channel blocked.
Joel Bishop (2 years ago)
Nice zelda music
nesterhaus (2 years ago)
The professionals would like us to think there are a thousand types of cancer with a thousand various cures required. Bullshit, it is all a signal that the body is no longer able to attend to its function of detoxification and so that has to be restarted and can only be done through diet. Hoxsey built the largest private cancer center in the country using it and it worked so well there were 17 offices across the US until he finally sued and beat the AMA only to have them sick the FDA on him. This works very well and there are also capsules for internal issues that will not contain the zinc oxide. For Christs sake even regular dermatologists use a form of it but under another name...
Dr Undo Tattoo (3 years ago)
This is not a new therapy. The use of agents that cause eschar formation with peeling off of a lesion or the lesion falling out completely as some of these videos demonstrate was used years ago but fallen out of favor. The salve may cure some cancers bu destroying the tumor had having it come free from the body much like a surgeon would do in excising out a skin tumor with a scalpel.  The problem is after applying the salve you have no idea of how deep the salve will go thus are all of the cancer cells gone. You just don't know. When you surgically remove a malignant skin tumor a pathologist examines the specimen looking for a margin ( several mm of healthy skin) all around the tumor. If not the surgeon takes more tissue. With the salve you have no ides so if most of the tumor comes off leaving behind cells that will grow then you are in trouble. It was the unpredictability that caused these treatments to lose favor in the medical community. That and no solid data that it is a cure.
Roger Ewin (1 year ago)
Ive had friends who have had cancers taken out only to have them reappear. BS sorted it out and hasn't returned. it only goes after cancer cells :)
Lana the trucker (2 years ago)
not all cancers are systemic
nesterhaus (2 years ago)
well the cancer is likely circulating through the bloodstream and nothing topical will end that. The body knows how to identify, encapsulate and eject it and yes sometimes there must be multiple treatments to the same spot to get it all. Another awesome thing about it is that if there is no cancer nor abnormal cells present the skin/body will do nothing. Amazing stuff.
arfer mcarfer (3 years ago)
maybe try liberal amounts of Black Sabbath...... ?
Sean Ryan (3 years ago)
wow should have watched it right before lunch
sallynse (3 years ago)
Total piffle. It's potentially VERY dangerous
Christie Willey (3 years ago)
Ranger Matthijs (3 years ago)
IT depends of what sorth of cancer you have cus the "flesh eating particles" have different reactions on different cancer types. So iT does work but not for all cancers.
Howard Rewald (3 years ago)
Yes you said it good bye
justin wilson (3 years ago)
I cured my Beagle of mast cell cancer with black salve. My Vet is my witness: I only needed the Vet for pain control medication. Assholes like this makes videos about "Supposed" failures, but I know many people who died going the chemo/ radiation route. Get the black salve from a good source.
Veronica Krilowicz (6 months ago)
Hey Justin, if your on Facebook could you message me about your dog?? I'm going to try it with my cat but wanted to talk to someone who had used it with an animal
Tesla Nick (2 years ago)
You are a special kind of evil to do that to your poor dog.
nesterhaus (2 years ago)
80% or better die from the chemo and radiation FK those odds-Oncologists will be tried for mass murder someday soon!
Emily Martin (3 years ago)
I wouldent try it if I were you
scolopede (3 years ago)
It depends.  Bloodroot works very well on small precancerous areas on the skin and small basal cell carcinomas.  You must catch it early though and I personally would not use it on my face.  If you have a cancerous area the size of a golf ball on your face, you will be missing that part of your face after using bloodroot and you would have needed plastic surgery anyway to fill the hole the surgeon would have cut out anyway.  There are also risks of infection with large areas when using bloodroot. I tried it once on an area after I went to the doctor, he tried to freeze it, I could tell it was still there, an advantage you have when it's your own body sometimes' while somebody else is telling you "you're OK."  He said, "if it comes back, ...come back."  Out of frustration, I tried it.  An area about the size of a typical shirt button on the top of my head.  It was painful for a couple of days, turned black, fell out.  I don't know if it's all gone of course but seems like it is, will apply it one more time.  It doesn't do anything to healthy skin.  After saying that, I recommend going to your doctor about suspicious areas you might find.
ANDILUSCIOUS (3 years ago)
YES it does work. However it is recommended that you do NOT use it on your face! If it leaves huge craters it's because it is killing ALL the cancer cells at the site. I use it on small moles that have changed and it has removed all the bad cells in those sites and healed up fine. Sometimes you may need to hit the area again to be sure all the cells are killed
Michel Roy (3 years ago)
+leilaminette I know someone who used it on her face, a beautiful lady... Just under the eye, on the cheekbone... It was just "a small spot". Turns out there was a golf-ball sized tumor under there, and at one point her eye was swollen shut for days. When it came out it left a HUGE hole. 4-6 months later (I forget exactly how long it was, but less than half a year) there was barely a discoloration left, you had to know something happened there to see it. No surgeon could achieve half that quality.
fkovacs1 (3 years ago)
I'd try black salve and chaparral before I went for some of these new "cures". Anyone ever notice the side effects of prescriptions like Humira or Ovido? Might as well just put a gun in your mouth if your doctor wants you on THAT crap...
What What (3 years ago)
I suppose it would depend on their definition of 'cured'. Because it actually means that's there's no trace of cancer for at least 5 years. I'd love to see some follow up over the years. And, that's if they got an actual diagnoses from an oncologist to begin with, not just from their own 'research' online.
kyyah2 (2 years ago)
if they die at 5 years and one day they are simultaneously a success and dead
healthnuttie (3 years ago)
My husband, his parents, and I have used it. So have our friends. It has worked very well curing basal cell, squamous cell and even melanoma. My husband had a lot of skin damage from a very bad sunburn and exposure to chemicals when he was young. He has a lot of problems. If we didn't have the black salve, they would be a lot worse. Don't put it on your nose or ears without physician supervision. Otherwise it is awesome.
Debbra Bare (1 month ago)
Debbra Bare (1 month ago)
healthnuttie i know it used for drawing ot boils blak moles tumers, cyist hared typs of infictions but to heal .
L1G1T CL0WN GAMEZ (3 years ago)
anyone notice the legend of Zelda song?
L1G1T CL0WN GAMEZ yes hyrule field
tophholland (3 years ago)
Once you pointed it out, yes!
The image at 1.00 is photo retouched and is not real. The images at 1.08 come from a Spanish website that claims the black salve made the problem worse, but what is more likely is that the black salve actually highlighted the degree of the problem that existed internally. If the cancer on the inside was being drawn to the outside of course it will look as if it is making it worse but it is actually part of the removal process. Most times I have applied black salve the cancerous area looks worse until it is drawn out and discarded because prior to that it was hidden inside the body or under the skin. Once it is drawn out it comes off as a hard grey 'button' like object and the flesh underneath always look pink and healthy. Once the cancer comes off the wound heals very quickly. If an area seems to get big and look much worse after the black salve is applied it means the underlying cancer was much worse than it looked on the outside and a doctor would have had to cut away a huge portion of the flesh to try and remove all of it.
February AMETHYST (1 year ago)
John Smith (2 years ago)
CancersKryptonite Not even gonna touch on whether or not you actually cured anybody, but if you reread the guys comment he was supporting the use of black salve
CancersKryptonite (2 years ago)
Steve Bellingham That does not change the fact that it works. I've healed thousands with black salve. You opinion is dangerous
I have made it and used it many times on family and friends. It absolutely works! I have three friends who had biopsies that were positive for cancer and the doctor wanted them to urgently have treatment. In every case when the black salve was applied the tumor came off and after returning to the doctor they were given the all clear.
I'm from eastern Ky. red root.aka blood root works excellent on cancers. warts. corns. etc. but you need to know what you're doing. you cannot.just slap it on. plus you need to keep a very close eye in the places. you use it.
Tyger Arnett (3 years ago)
I stumbled across this approach to treatment of cancer.... I am not all that sure that i buy that it is a magic bullet if you will. However, one thing that i do have questions about is it seems just from your screen shots that there are many different brands/options and many different results. So, the question that it leads me to have is are the varied results coming from different variations of this ' black salve'? I did see a very specific recipe for this Black Salve, my cause for concern is there are many herbs that can sometimes be interchangeable within herbal medicine. Not to mention that but everyone's skin, immune system, diet, practices with it, etc so many variables within this could be causing these differences. This is one of the biggest issues with natural medicine is that when people find out about things like aroma therapy, herbal medicine, oils, acupressure or any other holistic approach if they dont follow things to the letter it can really throw everything off. Although, I will say this I do think that there is some truth that IF there is a natural cure for cancer the Industrial Medical Complex will not let it be known. As in doing so they will cut off the ability to make money from it. Cancer is a huge booming business for many organizations hospitals, non profits, research facilities, pharmaceutical companies etc. Just look at the track record of illnesses/diseases that have been cured in the last 100 years you will not find many. So i do believe there is some truth that a natural cure would be kept. That is of a logical stance. The thing is to say that this is the cure, I dont know it may very well be, but it may only be for a specific type of skin cancer at a specific stage, supported with a special diet.
Michel Roy (3 years ago)
+Tyger Arnett I've had excellent results with it, although it worked slowly due to my hypothyroidism and weak immune system.
Richard Duncan (3 years ago)
Worth it's weight in gold.
Kyle Ellis (3 years ago)
I don't know about curing cancer but I have used black drawing salve on a boil it does speed up the process and make the boil come to a head in days so it's easier to pop instead of it taking weeks of painful waiting. it can pull things from under the skin out such as pimples , glass, splinters and ect. so while these people think there curing their cancer Im sure it's pulling it out but curing it from the system would surprise me just my thoughts on how I've used it
Billiam .t (3 years ago)
Love the background music
Brandon Helkis (3 years ago)
I honestly feel like these people are not using the draw out salve correctly and that's what's causing these issues.
Wise Student (3 years ago)
Personally. I tried black salve on three different spots... Two were cure in about three weeks...The third was on the way when a RN friend seen it and insisted I get to dermatoligest.. He took a biopsi and that excited it and it started growing fast and he cut it out two weeks later. He didn't suture it properly and I almost bled to death.. I should have stayed with the black salve..
Nanda Rox (3 years ago)
Is that Legends of Zelda in the background? ! lol
Nanda Rox (3 years ago)
My god I'm showing my age
Billiam .t (3 years ago)
Yes it is
MsTeaRex (3 years ago)
Search YouTube for "ewings sarcoma "...it's on her ankle.
MsTeaRex (3 years ago)
I have used black salve many times and the cancer came out with very little scaring. Most of those photos are from different web sites. The woman with the syringe showing is from a doctors documentation of his SUCCESSFUL treatment. LOTS if disinformation.
Eden Duke (3 years ago)
I tried on my nose
Billiam .t (3 years ago)
Papa Jack (3 years ago)
November of 1985 I had a malignant melanoma removed from my right calf. I was told you aren't really sure until you survived 5 years. I did. May of this year I was being checked for coughing up blood (I'm 64 now) and x-rays and CT scans showed I had a Pulmonary Embolism in my left lung and I was put on blood thinners. During all of this, a mass of some type showed up on my right lung. Long story short, it was believed I had lung cancer. I have never smoked. During the surgery the top lobe and part of the middle lobe of my right lung were removed, but when the edges of the mass and surrounding tissue were biopsied during the surgery, it turned out to be Stage IV Melanoma from that mole 30 years ago. Since the lung surgery a CT/PET scan showed Melanoma in some Lymph Nodes in my right inguinal area of the right groin area. I had 3 Positive lymph nodes removed. Now it is a sit and wait game for results from CT/PET scans every 3 months to see if I have any more positive growths inside me for Melanoma. So, I must have gone too long before I had the original melanoma checked. But if I used Black Salve, that would have been the same as doing nothing and I believe I would be dead by now.
Christiaan Baron (3 years ago)
+Papa Jack flowers, green grass, kitties and sunshine
Tom Hopkins (3 years ago)
I've used black salve on six separate sites on my face and it has cured them. It's almost pain free.
evldvl1 (2 years ago)
@CancersKryptonite I can handle trolls, expertly!!
CancersKryptonite (2 years ago)
evldvl1 he's trolling you and you are feeding right into it. stop wasting your energy on fools.
evldvl1 (2 years ago)
@CancersKryptonite It's amazing the amount of 'ignorance' out there. I use Black Salve and it's no short of a miracle what it can do. We then see videos of people misusing the treatment out of stupidity and not following the guidelines and then there are some that deliberately misuse it for sympathy to get money. It's also amazing that the people who bag it have never used it, like the imbecile Leonard above. What's my motivation for speaking the truth about my experiences with BS? I certainly can't make money from it and that's the motivation the detractors have, you can't get filthy rich from it. There's no money in cures, there's billions in treatments.
CancersKryptonite (2 years ago)
Amazing plants !!!!! :) The time of ignorance is over.
CancersKryptonite (2 years ago)
Ryan Leonard you're an idiot, take your harmful, dangerous opinions and heal YOUR body without salve.
Mario Naruto (3 years ago)
guys admit it you just went in the comments to avoid this
David Marks (3 years ago)
I used it on a lump in my nose on the septum which had spread to the other nostril. I applied black salve directly to the lumps every three days whenever the tingling died down. In about three weeks the lumps fell out. There's a little scarring in the side it begun, which was the bigger of the bunch. My septum is in one piece and there hasn't been a occurrence.
Janice Huffman (3 years ago)
Black salve is selective destructive. It will go for any corrupt cells. In my opinion, it removes the thick protein that cancer uses to disguise itself as safe from the immune system. Then the wonderful immune system sees cancer and goes after it. I have done over 45 rounds of black salve for Basel cell on my face, arms, chest for the last 5 years. I no longer leave the salve on for the 3-10 days, instead, after a day, all cancer turns white, then black after the body kills it. Then comes a big demand of energy from the body to push the dead cancer out. Lots of rest needed. You will still get eschars out. It's slower and less scaring. Surgery scars more because they take out extra flesh to make sure all cancer is removed. I discovered the black salve tablets also. Slow but effective. No overnight cures or remedies. The most expense from these approaches are band aids.
JJ (1 year ago)
Yes, you can in capsule form. Be ABSOLUTELY certain it does NOT contain zinc chloride. ZnCl is only for the external salve. Best product on market because of their purity is Best On Earth products; the very best.
qwertyui859 (2 years ago)
Do you know how it works for internal use??  I have a loved one who has a tumor attached to her uterus on the outside.  So if you ingest the black salve, then does it kill the tumor off?
Janice Huffman (3 years ago)
Hi. I did not see your comment as disrespectful. Actually I am seeing a couple of doctors but this is a slow heal and not one thing alone helps with cancer as doing more than one protocol. I agree with most of what you say, but every doctor says I seem to know more about my situation than them. Scary. I am that rare 1% that skin cancer that will metastasis. I have gotten in pretty deep with the salve because I had no idea how deep this last round was. I wish there were more answers, and answers without chemo, radiation, and toxic drugs. My friends who go to the dermatologist have to go every year because the doctor says they couldn't it all and have to come back. This is because of the nature of how skin cancer grows and surfaces upward to the skin as opposed to other cancers that damage organs. Actually, I was free from the cancer, but I went through a very bad and stressful event and the cancer came with a vengeance. It is gone, again and I will work harder but no one is ever cured, but cancer can be managed. In closing, I wish to say what I do like about the salve is healing is fast, no nerves are cut or damaged and only the corrupt cells are effected. Doctors have to take out extra skin to ensure clean margins. Also, a big also, I do not have insurance so I have to do my best. I am well and healing again.Thank you for caring.
Samantha Maynard (3 years ago)
+Janice Huffman Ma'am, I do not wish to sound disrespectful, and it is very possible the salve is working as you say. But you've suffered for five years doing an average of 9 rounds each year for cancerous spots all over your body. How do you know surgery wouldn't have been just as effective to get the cancer in one go than putting your body through what you've described for years? Maybe you have had things like Mohs surgery or excisions and find the salve superior, I can't say. I am interested in your response, especially if you've tried both surgical and natural remedies. I think what seems frightening about the salve is that if it does actually target irregular cells, people may find themselves with a much larger wound than they expect. A basal cell is relatively small. By and large, people are not qualified to care for their own moderate to large open wounds that might result if the salve draws those cells to the surface. (Here I think specifically about cancer that might have metastasized without the patient's knowledge, and all the sudden the small spot on their arm or chest becomes a gaping hole because surprise...the cancer is in their bones, skin or muscles.)
E Dagenius (3 years ago)
however posted this they are sick and dicusting 😈😠😬😡😣😤
FalloutFan561 (3 years ago)
Black salve is completely natural, hearing people say to go get myself pumped full of radiation which causes causes cancer, stop being ignorant, the medical society has already scared you guys so much that you think cancer is hard to cure, which is wrong, you can cure your cancer naturally, let me emphasize NATURALLY, for less than 30$.
dan tanner (3 years ago)
common sense should also be . if that's all you have all else has failed what do you have to lose
Papa Jack (3 years ago)
Black Salve is a killer! ! There is one group of videos showing how his skin cancer was going away. He died of cancer before he could finish making his videos. The cancer had metastasized.
beltop5 (3 years ago)
+d. gansmann prophecy & fitness fire That's incorrect. Zinc chloride is safe to use, it can used at home and can touch the skin. As with many home products, it should be used with care. You can find plenty of videos where people are using pure zinc chloride in home preparations and are touching it with their hands. You can buy it and see for yourself. Nitrogen is much more dangerous for home use and a completely different thing. Do your research :)
Papa Jack (3 years ago)
+d. gansmann prophecy & fitness fire Nobody wants to hear, much less accept the truth.
Papa Jack (3 years ago)
There was no way it would work at that point. He was a brave man that was not going to give up. Though I still don't believe in black Salve, I respect the man for not giving up and fighting to the end.
beltop5 (3 years ago)
He used black salve after he was already at stage 4. He used it on a few tumors on his neck AFTER the cancer had already metastasized to his whole body.
Luke Brown (3 years ago)
It's a scam, and it's extremely dangerous
richard (3 years ago)
Black salves could be an saver or a you're gonna die soon so it's gonna lay on 1 of those anyways so choose wisely
israel burkett (3 years ago)
Anyone notice the Zelda theme in the background?
Billiam .t (3 years ago)
Yea that is awesome
Mitch Alexander (3 years ago)
I used a salve that is called Black salve and has bloodroot and I believe in the positive effects wholeheartedly. I looked up black salve on the internet several years ago while I was using the salve I got locally and the others were not the same. I am not asking anyone to agree but I know that I have gotten better. ALL BLACK SALVE is not the same.
beltop5 (3 years ago)
Truth. The same term is used for many different salves with completely different ingredients, and there are also many scam brands.
Michel Roy (3 years ago)
It works.
curious coral (3 years ago)
I have a friend that has used it several times with great success. Best to make your own if you want to use it.
Jonathan McAlroy (3 years ago)
The first one was the black salve not the cancer they removed so #blacksalvekills
beltop5 (3 years ago)
Like chemo.
beltop5 (3 years ago)
It doesn't kill. Any product that is misused, or used too late in the development of the cancer, will be ineffective or damaging.
Wise Student (3 years ago)
Those who clam it is snake oil. Are blowing smoke and showing their ignorance.!!!
Samantha Squarl (3 years ago)
does that happen too everyone who uses it? are these extreme cases of the "side effect"
beltop5 (3 years ago)
Also if you understand the product, you will understand what it is you're seeing in these photos.
beltop5 (3 years ago)
These are cases of people who misused the product, or didn't use it under the supervision of an experienced practitioner.
Michele Louis (3 years ago)
I think the issue is…... What are you buying.. I would not trust anything on the internet. You need to make it your self. If you are treating cancer with a product from the internet this could be the reason some salves do not work. Before it became illegal in our country I used black salve from a couple of different places and I did feel they reacted differently. I had one tiny pin prick raised bit of skin on my chest and put black salve on it. That has turned in to a rash over my whole chest with wounds that would not heal for months. I have used it on my face and it reacted, and formed the scab and went away and no scarring. Different parts of the body also have finer skin. The breasts are so fine compared to my tough face. I have been using the black salve for 3 years and now am worried about my chest area as i am sick of being in pain with this. Before i touched this area I had nothing but a ting bit of skin raised now my whole chest has warty kind of lesions and is acting like it is spreading. When I try to treat one area with the salve it reacts on the other side of my chest so the pain is all over, I can not control how it treat it.
Luckydog Sanctuary (3 years ago)
+Michele Louis Hi,.I hope you are doing better,. If not, you need to see a naturopath, please. They would probably suggest you use a less intense treatment and treat the whole body. It is often the case that a person applies it in one area and tumors pop out of other areas as bloodroot has properties which enter the bloodstream and can kill cancerous cells, fungus, bacteria in other areas. I wonder what your "rash" is. You might actually be allergic to something in the salve you have, but if that were the case one would expect the rash to be localized. I'm not sure what is going on with your chest, but if you had breast cancers or lymphoma, they can pop up on the skin of the chest. I don't think it would look like a rash, more like a lot of redness in some areas, swelling, and then erupting lesions. It would probably hurt deep inside the tissue and while working it's way up to the skin. If you are having cancers, you will need to address your diet or should probably stay on a cancer prevention regimen with baking soda, or herbs/mushrooms, etc.. Slathering on salve will not change what is creating the cancer to begin with. This is just my opinion, I am not a medical professional. I just want you to be healthy.
DrFelonious (3 years ago)
Black salve is extremely effective in weeding out the terminally stupid from the gene pool.
WARRIOR FOR TRUTH (1 year ago)
troll go away
Michel Roy (2 years ago)
Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are EXTREMELY effective in weeding out the gullible from the gene pool.
Tom Hopkins (3 years ago)
+DrFelonious So is cancer.
Jennie Wallick (3 years ago)
The gentleman below Enderx has commented that he used it on his horses penis. However, If it worked doctors would prescribe it, the FDA would approve it for use in humans and or animals. It is listed on the FDA scam list and has been for many years. In other words the FDA will never approve the legal dispensing of black salve and your vet could lose his license. Any that is purchased and used could have anything in it since there is no policing the product.
J Wall (3 years ago)
+Mesquite1231 I'm not misguided, trust in the government, or really the FDA. I'm well aware of the testing that has gone on with this product that got it on the scam list. The FDA is supposed to do testing without the benefit of kickbacks for the product being approved. I'm sure that really isn't the case. And our copyright laws allow slight modifications to a medication just to keep the copyright available so they can over charge. So with all that in mind through the years there have been many studies on both animals and people with the black salve components that have proven it ineffective, dangerous, and sometimes deadly in the case of cancer victims. My point was that because it's not a regulated product, there could be anything in that little bottle or tin that people are smearing on themselves, while their treatable cancer metastasizing to other parts of their bodies, and becomes terminal.
Mesquite1231 (3 years ago)
+Jennie Wallick you poor misguided soul - trusting the government to take care of you - It is a NATURAL healer and therefore the FDA dismisses it because there is no MONEY to be made off of it. Wake up, stop being a follower and go do some research.
J Wall (3 years ago)
+Luckydog Sanctuary they wouldn't put time or money into black salve because the FDA has already done the testing otherwise they would not have it listed on their dangerous scam list. This is a danger that shouldn't be on the market in any form, since it's not standardized and could be anything in a container from drain cleaner to bug poison.
Luckydog Sanctuary (3 years ago)
+Jennie Wallick The FDA approval would cost upwards of $30,000,000 for a product people can buy on amazon.com for $18. Anyone could make a several-year supply their kitchen in 10 minutes with $10 worth of herbs. Why would any drug manufacturer put millions into the trials to prove that this product works? You will never see the FDA approve natural remedies unless they are a synthetic version and the synthetic or the process by which they are manufactured can be patented. Patent holders have 7 years to produce a drug before other companies can create generics. They are only going to want to do this if they are pretty sure they will make more than what it cost to run the trials. Hundreds of thousands of people have used black salve successfully. If you don't choose to use it, that's fine, but don't make assumptions about it when you have no experience.
M Rod (3 years ago)
what freskshows actually believe in this nonsense
Roger Ewin (1 year ago)
You know who the freaks are mate..... they are the ones who are alive!
collie 7 (3 years ago)
I haven't been to the doctor in 10 years ..I only went the because I was forced too .. I don't intend in going any time soon .. I'm 65 healthy & well .. no need to worry mate .. thanks for your concern ..  
collie 7 (3 years ago)
Well we must agree to disagree Igrad Tar as unlike many black salve opposers I have used it & been in "remission" for 30 years .. & have used it on many cancers since .. with 100% success rate .. what we ask is to be free to use a particular treatment on ourselves if we want .. if things go pear shaped .. that's our problem .. but you will find plenty of people who have had great success with this treatment .. many I know personally .. as for my beliefs are you serious about knowing that?
collie 7 (3 years ago)
+Igrad Tar .. well this "idiot" has been using it for 30 years with 100% success rate .. hey go get chemo & chopped up & still die if you want .. no skin of my nose .. just don't talk about something you know nothing about ..
richard (3 years ago)
Oh be quiet idiot
Christina Lang (3 years ago)
This just seems horrible and the disfigurement!! why do people believe have of this stuff?? It looks dangerous to me by my common sense.
Alicia Franco (3 years ago)
Anything is possible MR Blackhead King

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