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[DRAMA/FMV] FASHION KING/패션 왕 Jae Hyun (재현) & Sulli (설리) Version HD

3174 ratings | 352329 views
Here's the full movie with English subtitle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhqawlmlYQg My NEW Drama - Lost in Love Teaser https://youtu.be/l1et4LvScbU Song: Even In My Dreams by G.O I was personally disappointed watching Fashion King. It's a good movie with great actors and story line, however Ahn Jae Hyun and Choi Sulli's characters in the movie never had a single direct interaction. Now, fulfilling my promise to you guys, I finally made a Sulli-Jae Hyun version of the movie using their individual scenes. Again, none of the scenes in this FMV happened in the movie, I made it happen for Jaehyun-Sulli (JaeLi) shippers. ENJOY! Like, comment, subscribe and share. Kamsahamnida~~
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Text Comments (161)
Blmy Rse (16 days ago)
What is the title of song?
priya (3 months ago)
Where can I watch this movie with eng sub
fenty (3 months ago)
priya sorry about that, maybe this will work? https://kissasian.sh/Drama/Fashion-King-2014/Movie?id=18706
priya (3 months ago)
@fenty but in india u cant use it so somewhere else I tried on it many times
fenty (3 months ago)
priya asian crush
Meme Des (4 months ago)
Saimadurrez Khan (4 months ago)
Oh so this movie What is the ending happy or sad????
Saimadurrez Khan (4 months ago)
Is it movie or drama?
Danazia Scoggins (4 months ago)
how can you ship them, they don't even meet or hang our or cross paths with each other i'm confusion
Dulce Aragon (4 months ago)
alguien sabe como se llama este drama
Anna 7485 (4 months ago)
so..actually this is drama or film?i'm kind of lost..😅
Kiki (4 months ago)
this is a film
Mine Geriane (4 months ago)
STL Blue (4 months ago)
I liked Won ho more
Rezal Abdel (4 months ago)
What is it ? If it is a film what the name of it ?Please answer me ? I really need an answer and thanks 😊😘
Norisha Feah Eigo (5 months ago)
What's the title please
Monique Marie (5 months ago)
C’est bien ok 👍
song mae-ri (5 months ago)
Oh my DAEBAK! 0:52 a The older bro from the KBS drama, "My Father is Strange!"
song mae-ri (5 months ago)
I really wish this was real and hope one day they'll be together in a drama as main leads and/or love interests if they can't be main.
Confused af (5 months ago)
I wish all of these happen in the movie. I ship Jaehyun's character with Sulli rather than Joo Won's.
sandra chaves (5 months ago)
Tem em português esse drama
김규리 (6 months ago)
와ㅋ편집의 중욧ㆍㅇ 패션왕 안보면서 계속 언제 안재현이랑 럽라나오나했음ㅋㅋ
Taengooo Byun (6 months ago)
i lowkey ship them in thw movie. Like i wish jaehyun liked sulli and he change for the better XD
livia abreu (6 months ago)
Alguem pode me dizer aonde encontrar esse drama e qual e o nome dele...
Kriya Mavi (7 months ago)
Sulli. 😍 😍 😍
Ana Lucia Rodrigues (7 months ago)
Qual o nome desse dorama e se tem legendado em português
Im Roo (8 months ago)
Sulli ya
Elene Jincharadze (8 months ago)
I shipped them so badly 🙁
Meloy Cruel (9 months ago)
Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 full movie
saharshika rakshit (9 months ago)
I thought the main lead ahn jae hyeon but it was different . 👀💔😣
슬기아이돌져아 (9 months ago)
rukinu tualla (9 months ago)
Wow i like it so sweest
rias rahmi (11 months ago)
In this film ahn jae hyun really cruel acting. Yeah it makes me angry. Except joo woon. He makes me amazed by his acting.
코닦어 (11 months ago)
ㅋㅋ설리랑 안재현이랑 사귄다는 듯이 영상 만들어놨네 ㅋㅋㅋ
rhot (11 months ago)
it does not follow the story line, please some people that haven't watch will misunderstood
exo-st (11 months ago)
i ship this more than any of the actual couples in the movie
Darkjean Cezar (11 months ago)
Full movie plsss
Blessy Denz (11 months ago)
Is this kdrama by episode? Or short film? Please answer mee
Sulli looks like yves (loona)
..... OMG. I just realised that jae hyun looks like BIG MARVEL! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
YG STAN (11 months ago)
what sulli role there?
just an otaku (8 months ago)
Orange` Story YEEEEEEEEEEEREEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!! I'd die if this great ship didn't came true
Orange` Story (8 months ago)
@Mitali Jana at the first, he like other woman, but end with Sulli. 😊 *sorry for my bad english
Mitali Jana (8 months ago)
@Orange` Story but the main lead doesn't love her right?
Orange` Story (11 months ago)
YG STAN she loves the main lead (joo won)
HeyItsMe Naejalle (11 months ago)
Can you give me the link for this movie full.
canal da zuera (1 year ago)
Sorry, I wanted to know the name of the drama?? And where I can see?
Carmela Torregosa (5 months ago)
Fashion king,but the partner of sulli is joo won
Aline Barcelos (1 year ago)
Where can I see this drama subtitled in Portuguese?
Min Keith lee (1 year ago)
0.03 What this name drama please 🙏🙏🙏
SANO CATka (1 year ago)
What is drama ??
Liza Kang (2 years ago)
i wish this was real
Venice Minoza (2 years ago)
Nice... It looks so real. #rewatch
minamikunnokoibito (2 years ago)
i wanted to see this ver. deleted already, ugh
Fadilah Ennah (2 years ago)
what this name drama please answer me
kenouz kenza (2 years ago)
it's a movie not a drama "fashion king"
Eya beauty (2 years ago)
name of song pls
Tom Cascayan (2 years ago)
its different drama between sulli and and the boy
kenouz kenza (2 years ago)
yes, it's a movie and in the movie Sulli character is in love with the character of the other male lead "Joo won".
방탄체리ARMY (2 years ago)
Sulli 💕😍
heyits esha (2 years ago)
Is the movie worth the watch? I've heard that the male lead and Sulli has poor acting, and I'm only attracted to it because of Ahn jae hyun. Do you actually recommend it? Please tell me precisely what actually happens in it?
heyits esha (2 years ago)
oh, okay, thanks.
kenouz kenza (2 years ago)
Joo won is ,the lead male actor is a great actor, he received awards for his great acting before and Sulli acting here is good too.
mei ling (2 years ago)
tựa phim là gì vậy
các bn oi! cho mjk hoi phim tn j z?
Had Al (2 years ago)
What is the name of the series
Fatima Ait (1 year ago)
اللهم رضاك والجنه اسم هدا الفيلم in the love with bad boy
kenouz kenza (2 years ago)
it's a movie "fashion king"
اسم المسلسل
kenouz kenza (2 years ago)
it's a movie "fashion king"
Seyma Ari (3 years ago)
Please. ..
Seyma Ari (3 years ago)
Sorry but movies name is?
kenouz kenza (3 years ago)
fashion king
truc vo (3 years ago)
cho em hoi phim j vay
Nurul Falah Maharani (3 years ago)
only promotion the movie..dont misunderstand...look ahn jh looks seriously with audience..
G 6 (3 years ago)
Rowene Nartatez (8 months ago)
G 6 i
Dunia Joil (3 years ago)
شو اسم هذا المسلسل
Fatima Ait (1 year ago)
Dunia Joil اسمه in the love with bad boy
Shiara Cruz (3 years ago)
So they don't kiss in this drama?
kenouz kenza (2 years ago)
it's a movie and no,sulli character is in love with joowon character.
brxdshxw (3 years ago)
this mv is WAY so much better than the actual movie tbh
song mae-ri (5 months ago)
I still enjoy the movie but this IS BETTER! Can't argue with you about that! :D
Its Auoodi (3 years ago)
اسمه النيااااكه
Shaina Abdul (3 years ago)
what is the title of the song?
ᄑ갸새ᅳᅭ냡ᄆ (3 years ago)
como se llama la cansion diganme xfiz
Syah DIn (3 years ago)
ahn jae hyun in fashion king is irresistable
Prudence Y (3 years ago)
i think the movie was like this but no... :/
PewDiePie PewDiePie (1 month ago)
Yup I hate the ending
Bell Clou (11 months ago)
Prudence Y me too :")
Ria Desintaningsih (3 years ago)
Sorry, this fashion king drama..are they end up together jae hyun and sulli? Is it happy ending story? Pls let me know..
YG STAN (11 months ago)
Xflex whats her role there?
itsyaboililem (3 years ago)
no they don't really interact in Fashion king. Its a movie where she is not like the main chasracter.
unniequeorn (3 years ago)
What video editor did you use? I wanna know, Thanks! ^_^
Caisy Liew (3 years ago)
jaeli so perfect 😙😍
منال القاضي (3 years ago)
ممكن حد يقول وش اسم المسلسل
Fatima Ait (1 year ago)
اسمه in the love with bad boy
Z_z _twin999 (2 years ago)
فلم اسمه fashion king
Venice Minoza (3 years ago)
Sulli is still pretty no matter what
Ijlal (3 years ago)
do they end up together?? i really want to watch it but i dont want to if they dont end up together >.< so please tell me thanks hehe
sarifa shrestha (1 year ago)
Caisy Liew does jaehyun like sulli in this movie
Caisy Liew (3 years ago)
me too ship jaelli too much
Ijlal (3 years ago)
+qeyma hayati thanks for telling me 😭💕
qeyma hayati (3 years ago)
no. sulli end up with joowon :)
charanya naka (3 years ago)
منيرة احمد (3 years ago)
وش اسم ذا المسلسل بلللليز
Z_z _twin999 (2 years ago)
فلم اسمه fashion king
OPPO Phone (3 years ago)
Hmmam KHADER (3 years ago)
وش اسم المسلسل What is the name of the series
سبأ صفاء (8 months ago)
بس ماكو عل يوتيب
سبأ صفاء (8 months ago)
اسمه fashion يعني موضه
Sophie C (3 years ago)
It's a movie called Fashion King
Soshi 9 (3 years ago)
PLEEEASE tell me what video editing software did you use? This is soooo perfect
Ddullie Dduddongie (3 years ago)
Thank you for making this sweet MV... ^^ I love how Sulli looks sooo great with Ahn Jae Hyun... Hopefully, they can make a drama as a lead couple in the near future... <3 #JaeLli p.s I was also disappointed that Sulli's & Jae Hyun's characters didn't had a single direct interaction in the movie... But, yeah, Fashion King is great! And Sulli made a great pairing too with Joo Won... Kkk <3
Cindy Aresta (3 years ago)
Why is this so accurate omg whoever made this iloveyou
xx century (3 years ago)
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Айгу ~ такая красота! Хочу поглядеть эту дораму.
xSuper Lightning (4 years ago)
Sulli (choi) very pretty jae very handsomeee omg i like this movie sulli ♥jae
Kristina Pasturan (4 years ago)
This video gave me feels that I didn't even know existed hahaha SulJae💕💕💕💕💕 <3
Demoniksz 09 (4 years ago)
Can I used this video as the teasor to my wattpad story? I'll credit you after I edited. Can I use this please????Pretty please with matching puppy eyes!
Demoniksz 09 (4 years ago)
You're really kind:)
DeeCeeDQ (4 years ago)
Awww too bad. Anyway, just go ahead. And you're welcome! :)
Demoniksz 09 (4 years ago)
I would like to but it's not english:( But I'll credit you on the video that I'll be making. Thanks to you so much:)
DeeCeeDQ (4 years ago)
@Demoniksz 09 Sure, go ahead. Send me the link to your story as well, I'll read it. :)
Namtan O (4 years ago)
I wanted to watch this but there no English sub so idk if there any romance connection between two of them
TahiraAnnyo (4 years ago)
TahiraAnnyo (4 years ago)
@DeeCeeDQ Thank You!
DeeCeeDQ (4 years ago)
@TahiraAnnyo Even In My Dreams by G.O :)
PinkCaramel (4 years ago)
The video is just awesome and so are you, making it!!! <3 <3 <3
kj girl (4 years ago)
sulli is so beautifullllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spandana varma (4 years ago)
Wow ur amazing awesome video!!!! *Thumbs Up* i ship JaeLi ❤
ZaeSulliSuga (4 years ago)
Thank you for making this :) There so cute couple ,i want to ship them #JaeLi♥♥♡ i really want to watch the full movie with eng sub...
PewDiePie PewDiePie (1 month ago)
You'll get hurt in the ending
normx95 (4 years ago)
What's the title of the song?
DeeCeeDQ (4 years ago)
@normx95 Even In My Dreams by G.O :)
j131703 (4 years ago)
不好意思 請問一下?? 請問這首歌是誰唱的 可以說嗎? 哈哈~
Vickyyy (4 years ago)
i sooo ship them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
smoo al ameerah (4 years ago)
وش اسم المسلسل هذا ووين القاه مترجم ،، بليز ردو
Mona Karo (4 years ago)
اسم الفيلم فاشن كينغ و فيلم ترجموه كثير منتديات ابحثي في ڨوڨل 😆
Chris Leez Xj (4 years ago)
sorry for so many comments, are yiu gi ti facebook there give your email to the post ,right?
Chris Leez Xj (4 years ago)
sorry, type wrong, but i already understand ,thank you sooo much
DeeCeeDQ (4 years ago)
I'm sorry, I can't understand your question. Please make it clearer so I could give you the response. :)
Chris Leez Xj (4 years ago)
Why i cannot register an account at asia torrent
Chris Leez Xj (4 years ago)
thank you
DeeCeeDQ (4 years ago)
@Chris Leez Xj I uploaded the full movie on another account last night. Here you go. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhqawlmlYQg
DeeCeeDQ (4 years ago)
No, I'm sorry. :(
Chris Leez Xj (4 years ago)
and why dont you upload on youtube? it must be a lot of views. and if you know the registration open, then can you inform me? do you have any apps?
Chris Leez Xj (4 years ago)
arhhhhh! so do you know when will the register open
Chris Leez Xj (4 years ago)
How to download? And you watch got subtitles?
meher khan (2 days ago)
click the arrow select copy link now open Google and searh genyoutube.net open the site click the searh button and past Link will be seen and search it now download the video with mp4 720p
Chris Leez Xj (4 years ago)
I enjoyed it, but where can i watch this movie plss?
Johnbrixx labao Baldugo (5 months ago)
FASHION KING is the title😇
Bangtan pink (4 years ago)
vote for ahn jae hyun  http://www.hallyuwin.com/vote-now.html
kieran (4 years ago)
Seriously? No interaction at all? :3 too bad then but they still promoted Fashion King together. Lol. I'm starting to ship them. #JaeLi Btw, where did you watch the full movie? Link juseyooo :)
PewDiePie PewDiePie (1 month ago)
It's have here in YouTube just search fashion king I just watched in now
Danazia Scoggins (4 months ago)
Seyma Ari (3 years ago)
+DeeCeeDQ movies name is?
DeeCeeDQ (4 years ago)
@chrisselle de mesa Or you can watch the full movie in the description box. :)
DeeCeeDQ (4 years ago)
Yes, no direct interaction at all, no conversation, whatsoever. There are parts when they're on the same set but their characters never got near each other. It was disappointing, really. Hahaha. But their promotion moments were something, they look so close. :D I downloaded it here.  https://www.asiatorrents.me/index.php?page=torrent-details&id=629b8eba11db138af6334b77ad74794308736adc

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