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Fashion King ep 8 Shin Se Kyung kiss!!

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Episode 8 kiss between Shin Se Kyung and Lee Je Hoon!! It was quite a first kiss! For more of my stuff on the Fashion King visit me on http://www.vingle.net/Fashion-King This is property of SBS network
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Gilherto Bilu (12 hours ago)
Medina Limboo (1 month ago)
I hate her b coz she play with 2 guys😡😡😡 kang young gul 😢😢😢
Ira hazel (1 month ago)
Baru selesai nonton drama ini, sangat suka jln crtnya dan masing2 pemeran sangat kuat karakter. Spt diharapkan Jae hyuk bersama Ga Young bahagia, sedangkan Young Gul entah siapa yg membunuhnya tragis sh akhir hidup dia. Jika saja dia tdk serakah ...penulis memang mau membuatnya spt ini. Cinta segitiga ending sering kali spt itu...
Ira hazel (12 days ago)
@Syamsul Ma'arif di viu
Syamsul Ma'arif (12 days ago)
Nonton nya di apa, YouTube bukan?
Gabi Rocha (2 months ago)
Que beijo 🇧🇷❤️ cadê os brasileiros
Карина Ароян (2 months ago)
Что за дорама?
Jenni Donaldson (2 months ago)
I've seen this actress in a couple of other dramas and she always seems to have a stunned look at on her face, I find it hard to watch her, so I probably won't watch anything with her in it
Sirena82 (18 days ago)
Jenni Donaldson if u watch behind the scenes, that’s what directors asks her to do. It’s kinda of Korean thing. Many dramas play the same thing. If u want less of it, then you could look up the girl who sees smells. It’s a different kind of drama for her.
I like her in BOTWG because in the end the suposed narcisstic God Habaek selflessly saves her life and gives her his grace and its not like he made her give up her need to have children or any other needs she has. Just to be with him. But the plot in Black Knight for me was disappointing in that he put his emotional wanting of having his own way. Before her emotional needs. He needed her to stay with him so she could die of old age and childless by living the rest of her life with him. Like he wanted. So he could remain immortal even after her death. Yet he says he loves her. To me BOTWG was better then Black Knight. Her characters are supposed to act stunned and confused not knowing what she really needs. As the damsel in distress are her female roles.
Lien Tran (2 months ago)
She is so confused. It makes him hurt 😥😥😥
Pervaiz Bhatti (8 days ago)
appen naber
Pervaiz Bhatti (8 days ago)
very very nice call
Nga Huynh (3 months ago)
Phim gì vậy cả nhà
I love Exid (3 months ago)
What heck nooo high kick remember Jun hyeok
h071281 (3 months ago)
The way I am so stunned after watching 20hrs of this show!!! Omo there are no words - have never encountered this type of feeling in the hundreds of hours I've put into k-dramas. That ENDING I wish someone had told me. I need the writers to explain what sort of foolery this was, WHY would you end it like that!!! Y!! Off I go to see my therapist, coz that was messed up eish!!
h071281 (2 months ago)
@Jayloo Zee how annoying right? Aaaahhh just the thought of it... I'm mad all over again...and it's not like the story was all that bad as well. I'm sorry you just went through that... wouldn't wish it on my enemy...😪
Jayloo Zee (2 months ago)
Yes oo me too
Kim Shin (3 months ago)
h071281 i feel the same.,
Ramou n (3 months ago)
., Mobile
Harsha Yadav (4 months ago)
Drama names please English subs
Tiii Tăng (4 months ago)
Fashion king
노랭이 (5 months ago)
Jo in Sung (6 months ago)
Ending gaplek i bikin g iklaasss😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 cewekny plin plan
Asambe Riame (7 months ago)
I like kissing
tam tran (7 months ago)
Nhung Phan (7 months ago)
Cho minh ten phim voi
nga hằng (8 months ago)
phim ji vay moi nguoi
Phuong Bui (3 months ago)
nga hằng ông hoàng thời trang nhé
iseeflowers (9 months ago)
Ok, the guy didn’t defend himself and the girl just watched as the other guy hit him. What is up with this?
Meredith :/ (8 months ago)
iseeflowers the guy were drunk
Alpha Golf (9 months ago)
This is a pathetic TV series. It leaves you hanging dry. Don't even start it. 'no redemptive value in it.
Sweet Dreams (10 days ago)
Yes its pathetic i watched it and the whole time i felt that the female lead doesn't have to b around two jerks . N the end is just more pathetic
cael covi (10 months ago)
I never get the Main Target of this drama.... So anyways they kill the other guy.... Some one can explain to me?
nobodycares (3 months ago)
cael covi it left me confused too
azryn lexia (11 months ago)
Omg why am i here after years but i just want to say that lee je hoon are kind of popular now that i hope that he will play a character like this again but hes the male lead♥ (Because i think he can play this type of character well)
hasliyarah hassim (3 months ago)
The character suits him very well..really like jung jae hyuk&ga young...beautiful couple...keep watching this year after year..hehe
SalsaFirdausiyah (8 months ago)
my hoang (1 year ago)
Ge qua 😈😈
Lường hoa (1 year ago)
Se kyeng ghê thiệt
Nam Phuong (9 months ago)
Will they ever be a couple in the series cause I’m at ep 19 and I am still waiting 😂❤️
Quốc Khanh (1 year ago)
bà sin sekung hicking 2
Duong Duong (1 year ago)
Tap nay la tap may vay
Tới Nguyễn Ngọc (2 months ago)
Duong Duong fim j jh
Hằng Sakura (1 year ago)
Phim ông hoàng thời trang
Nhu1994 Huynh (1 year ago)
Phim gi vay bn
R enz Joseph (1 year ago)
Kpop six
R enz Joseph (1 year ago)
Amerecan six
thơi lê (1 year ago)
phim j vay
tuyết mai tv (1 year ago)
Huỳnh Anhh slimes (1 year ago)
Phim j z
Alcira Beatriz Deramo (1 year ago)
ŞEYDA ŞAHİN (1 year ago)
Name is drama
sheila bacus (1 year ago)
ŞEYDA Deniz fashion king
Tan Duc Tran (1 year ago)
Se kyung lúc nào cũng đóng vai tình dục
hong tuyen (3 months ago)
Fim j vay b
Как кинофильм именуется на российском языке скажите изволь
Лютфия Раззакова дорама повелитель моды
jung krystal (1 year ago)
Oppo A71 (1 year ago)
Ratchadai Pinklady (7 months ago)
Oppo A71 รู้ยังคะ เรื่องแฟชั่นคิง fashionking หรือ ชื่อไทย วุ่นรักนักออกแบบ
kavya vr (1 year ago)
Just love them both
Oh Good Good Good
Phim gi vay mn
Bridget Obeng Boateng (1 year ago)
Phim gì đây
thơi lê (1 year ago)
Phim j vay
Haen Rochom (1 year ago)
so Drama
Gabi Rocha (2 months ago)
É mesmo
ninn Jam (1 year ago)
love man who can control his lady in love situation
Dubai An young me (1 year ago)
bình Pham (1 year ago)
Phim này tên gì vậy bạn
KYO KEN (1 year ago)
Tập mấy v mn
Nhị Vương (1 year ago)
bình Pham Ông hoàng khách sạn đó ban
cha wiwan (1 year ago)
this drama was so fucked up. it was so promising in the start...
blackstar 00007 (1 year ago)
민아 zone I feel sorry for her she has been trough a lot
Huynhnhu Nguyen (1 year ago)
phim gi vay bn
thương hiền (1 year ago)
sao y vu yd ông hoàng thời trang
sao y vu yd (1 year ago)
Trinh Tôn GD phim gì vậy bạn
Hwang Tr (1 year ago)
Huynhnhu Nguyen fashion king. Coi muốn sôi máu luôn. Khúc cuối tức cho nam chính lắm.
اسم المسلسل بليزاكتبوبل عربي
ganna mustaf (1 year ago)
اسمه ملك الازياء
Queen Ghita (1 year ago)
زمرد عز الدين ملك الموضة fashion king
Icha dhiyah Ucam (1 year ago)
What name this drama pliz zzz???????
Myriam Colombano (1 year ago)
Fashion King XD
Icha dhiyah Ucam (1 year ago)
What name this drama pliz zzz???????
Muhammad Mumtaz (1 year ago)
Queen Ghita (1 year ago)
Icha dhiyah Ucam fashion king
Yota Sita (1 year ago)
Catherine W. (1 year ago)
no offense to the fans but this was the WORST kdrama i have ever seen in my entire life. the story and cast were both horrible
Sirena82 (1 year ago)
It's definitely different than other dramas but personally I liked it a lot. It's not silly school love story. It's more about ambition and greed. I think the writer took many elements of The Great Gatsby and incorporated it into modern element. I like when a drama present something different. And here I got that. Its actually the first time I get really surprised by a drama ending, that's by itself was very satisfying to me. If it's about really well written story and character development, then we will have issues with almost all kdramas as if we really deeply analyze each of them we will find much lacking.
Linduh Loar (1 year ago)
Cassia Watson MmmmHMMM . The character development was poorly done.
dion hastan (1 year ago)
knpe harus mati sih ending nya ....jelek banget.
Nua Nguyễn (1 year ago)
Phim nay La phim gi vay ban
KYO KEN (1 year ago)
Nua Nguyễn tập mấy v b
Nhị Vương (1 year ago)
Nua Nguyễn Ông Hoàng khách sạn đó ban
เกลียดนางเอกคนนี้มาก เป็นนางเอกเรื่องไหนส่วนมากไม่พระเอกตายก้อนอกใจพระเอก
Chanpen Leong (2 years ago)
Ramza (2 years ago)
This drama made me angry
Ranmarucutie54 (2 years ago)
I decided to watch the kiss scene with lee ga young and jae hyuk but it turns out it wasn't episode 8 but 7 as i expected when i watched episode 8 i thought it was strange that i didn't get to see the kiss scene so i decided to watch 7 and i was right. So for anyone who wants to see the kiss scene it's not 8 but 7 !!!!
Felisa Atig (2 years ago)
Im jealous ,,,,sensory couple ,,is the one of my favorite movie of shin se ,,,i love her couple on that movie
infinite is lifeu (1 year ago)
Felisa Atig me too
Lyra Salvatierra (2 years ago)
Felisa Atig where you from?
Violett Herra (3 years ago)
I dont like this girl when she lead in movie...coz eache time she have acted scandal with rich man. Then the fashion king very suck script.. Why the hero must die!!!
Simbuh (1 year ago)
shes very well liked in korea tho
Shin Gulyas (2 years ago)
true been observing her all her drama is not well loved
Katte (3 years ago)
she end up with who ?? please tell me
Jayloo Zee (2 months ago)
That was why in the last episode she replied to his love, how much she also misses him before his death..... Aaaaah this is what true love is!! What a love story but a terrible tragedy for there two lovebirds.
Jayloo Zee (2 months ago)
She cared deeply for him but that is not loved, that was what she thought but after being with the rich guy made her realize at the last minute that she really misses kang gu young
Jayloo Zee (2 months ago)
Because after kang gu young saw her wif de rich guy he let go but before his death, they both exchanged words of how they are missing each other like crazy. They shows how they felt for each other no matter the small feeling the rich guy wanted her to have of him
Jayloo Zee (2 months ago)
@Sakshi Chopade true the story never confirmed who she actually became hers but she truly loved kang gu young till his last breath
Jayloo Zee (2 months ago)
@moodygirl 90 yes I agree
Britney Hsia (3 years ago)
This is the scene that swayed the viewers opinions. We all wanted Ga Young to end up with Jae Hyuk!!!!
Jayloo Zee (2 months ago)
I wanted her to end up with kang gu young
sugathapala MD (10 months ago)
Jemima Sharah (1 year ago)
Only if he weren't a douchebag..
nurul sakinah (2 years ago)
capt.dog (3 years ago)
wow! so dramatic and scandalous!!

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