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When These Three Teens Took This Selfie, They Captured What Killed Them On Camera

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Text Comments (2660)
Chris MacDowell (4 days ago)
Damn, they ugly.
bill Bloggs (14 days ago)
Waste of minge
Dallas Dunston (25 days ago)
I have no sympathy for these wanna be selfie stars. I find it hilarious. When I see them on tall buildings hanging over the edge I'm thinking trip and fall you rat.
Allan E Shady (27 days ago)
Some people are way too obsessed with selfies
le weeb (1 month ago)
Actually one of the girls survived the crash but died a few days later in the hospital
Dave Hibbs (1 month ago)
You didn't show shit, either show it or nothing!!
T Beard (1 month ago)
3 girls. 1 train behind them. not 1 of them was paying attention. What a waste. This won't be the last time. The thrill. The excitement. Cheating danger and all that. Celebrating it with a selfie. Stupid, self centered Devil-may-care tragic consequential waste of human life. Who else here feels angry about this? This is unnecessary.
Liz Greenspan (1 month ago)
How could they not here the train. RIP💔🙏
Ezra Ortinez (1 month ago)
I knew the girl Essa Ricker... I still remember the last day I saw her and when my friend told me about her death that Friday night.
Reesey ZooCraft (2 months ago)
How does this title make sense? It said three teens captured what KILLED them on cam. So how did they look at the pic when they r dead
jackie chan (2 months ago)
I play soccer and piano
Dawolfgirl Dawolfgirl (2 months ago)
Was that a train 🚆
Alexander Moore (2 months ago)
I thought the light is lava.
Mary Chela (2 months ago)
The more talent in sports or arts or whatever the lower brain for something so natural as it is common sense and be aware of a dog who bite a Leon can eat you , a shark or others dangerous things as it is take a dangerous picture... hello??? Wake up people don’t loose your mind over stupid things 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🙏🏻
-kitty_GACHA- YT (2 months ago)
Jay Mendez (2 months ago)
Loser they get fire
RagingMoon1987 (3 months ago)
They were jocks. That should explain it all.
MUFFA 912 (3 months ago)
Why are the 3 facing the wrong way , the passing train should be behind them , it's the subject of interest , not the approaching train , that they supposably weren't aware of . when visiting the statue of liberty , it's nice to include it in your selfie , may be more believable you were there.
Policeboy123 (4 months ago)
Trains are dangerous
Christine Burns (4 months ago)
MickeyCreole (4 months ago)
That’s the problem with modern youths, they seem to think that they are invincible and that their brains are an ornament on top of their neck! Sorry, but I have no sympathy, and still fed up with young people who think it’s cute to have one thought at a time, and it’s always the older generations telling them to use their head instead of relying on others to protect them. I’m of a generation where our first tv was a huge boxed black and white tv, and our parents’ remote control for the tv was us kids. And I remember good times before computers, internet and social media etc and I remember a time before modern day young people think it’s cute to behave as if they’re brain dead! It’s so frustrating when the young members of the family calls me to find out information for their homework courses and yet they have devices to do so, permanently attached to their hands and ears, and they have Google search engine, or whatever it’s called to do the same thing but they’re on Facebook or instagram, WhatsApp etc. And you ask anyone under 21 a question and you just get a blank stare back, and they never on time or keep to their words, and favourite catchphrases are, “I don’t know,” “I’ve forgot” and/or “I’m bored!” And this constant and incessantly need to taking selfies of every moment of their life is beyond ridiculous, and us adults have to tell them not to take our photographs and post it all over social media, as they feel it’s not an infringement of others personal space and we should feel privileged , Hell no! It’s both rude and disrespectful. The human race is in trouble and the future doesn’t look all that healthy as people are replacing human contact with technology, and people say cancers is killing a lot of people every year, but I want to know how many people have been murdered via the social media? How many people per year, has had “beef” that started on social media and spilled into reality? It’s not as far fetch of a question, I mean there’s a lot of videos on YouTube right now of embarrassing idiots fight one another after having “beef” with their foes that began as words tapped on a screen, isn’t that just so ridiculous. And how many people per year, using social media have committed suicides after being cyber-bullied? Share they didn’t have parents or other people to switch the damn computer off! True, I’ve never been on Twitter or Instagram, and Facebook two weeks was too much for me and I deleted the account and that was like almost fourteen years ago. I really can’t see the attraction to all these social media crap. And I really don’t get the obsession with selfies. Yeah, I’ve been guilty of taking photos of things with my mobile, but to pose and pout like some demented twat and take a snap is beyond ridiculous. (I even know of a person, and I say that loosely who actually took selfies of them self with their waste in the loo, and they wonder why I’ve blocked them and refused to remain in touch with them!) I’ve even had to have words with younger members of my family who thought standing in the middle of a busy road with fast moving traffic, who thought it’ll be fun to take a selfie with a friend with cars, buses etc zooming pass them. I was more angry that they were putting other motorists in danger. A couple of years back, it was a craze fad to take selfie with homeless people, which was wrong and disrespectful towards the vulnerable in our society, but thankfully the younger members of my family didn’t partake in this as thankfully they recognise it wasn’t a nice thing to do. I just wished young people today weren’t so two-dimensional in their ways and social media are making young person believe it’s fine to be like sheep and to do what others are doing and even try to outdo one another, and nobody are keen to own their own individuality. Early in the year, my apartment building was stripped of power for almost 48 hours, where we only had basic emergency electrical power to lights and kitchens. So everything else was off, so there were no tv, as the building’s commune digital signal receiver was off and no power to my internet. I had my emergency kit and got my candles out and stayed snugged in bed as there weren’t any power to the switch on the boiler for heat, I mean it’s gas but you need electricity to fire it up, and it was Winter. Anyway, had my books and things to do that ain’t reliant on electric. Now, I was cool but the younger members of my family, couldn’t understand my situation, to them no electricity to power the internet was equal to the end of the world. And sadly, this is our future where people will be more addicted to electricity and all things to do with the internet, and nobody knowing how to operate without these things. All this advancement in technology, where it should’ve been a positive things, for the future human race, it’s going to be a big negative thing because people will be too reliant on the digital stuff and not recognising that life can still go on, even without all things internet based. The human mind will go redundant, actually it’s happening already, this tragic story a prime example: too quick to put all your mindfulness into technology and not respecting your natural awareness that’s there to protect you. This is the differences between my generation and the generation that those three girls came from, my mind would have been with them but at the same instance, attuned to my surroundings as well. Even today, I might be on my mobile device to check my messages, texts etc, but my mind will also be alerted to everything going on around me. The only time I will let my mind be focus on one thought is when I’m in a safe place where I feel secure, in my home and I know there’s no immediate danger. If parents taught their children to be more mindful, we wouldn’t have so many dead young people, dying for a selfie
Joe Puentes (4 months ago)
That's good stupidity needs to die off
T. B. (4 months ago)
Really sad, but who stands on train tracks to take a selfie?
Jaxon Hamilton (4 months ago)
WOW!! That really speaks volumes!! I pray every teen reading this, takes heed, please don't drink and drive!!
Paradisegirl18 (5 months ago)
I lived in Spanish Fork for 12 years and I remember when this happened. I was in 9th grade at the time of the accident and my dad is a volunteer firefighter and paramedic. This gave him PTSD. He went on this call and it was very upsetting to him and it gave him nightmares. He said to my mom that they could still smell the girls perfume when they got up to the canyon and he had to pick up body parts. The girl, Savannah, actually survived it for a little while but later died in the hospital from injuries. This was/is very heart breaking.
Sara Roberts (5 months ago)
Being stupid and things like this happen, it’s hard for me to feel sad for them.
This channel should be facts white bimbo logic
William Anthony (5 months ago)
Sorry folks, like it or not, stupid ass f--king kids , and getting worse in this day and age. It's sad, for a f--king picture!
Irma Takagi (5 months ago)
Don’t do it so you don’t need to check twice it is dangerous
Novel Viva (5 months ago)
Is it worth it to lost your precious life to a Stupid Selfie
Tina d Cape (5 months ago)
3 blondes out for a walk they. Come to some tracks.. one blonde I wonder wot tracks these are. Second blonde wolf tracks 3rd Blonde na deer tracks. Bang express train hits them .
AYDONIS A (5 months ago)
There's a bunch of unnecessary info about them leading up to 2:53 that wasted my life. So maybe 2:53 will save a couple minutes of your life. Moral of the story, selfie people are rare breeds of idiots who occasionally get to have the claim to fame of death by vanity.
Peter Toner (5 months ago)
🙏❤️ RIP 😢
Jenn martin (5 months ago)
not a place to be taking selfies one its not safe and two its illegal to be on tracks its trespassing
ladykelly31 (5 months ago)
So sad😢
into the mystic (5 months ago)
Last summer, my ex and I were sitting on tracks in a deep conversation and didn't notice a train coming until it was about 20 feet away. I learned my lesson.
spanish mackerel (5 months ago)
Thems some real smart girls. As far as retards go. Just another example of how desperation kills. They were desperate to get that social media shot. Look folks, if you're to stupid to pay attention to your surroundings, stay away from dangerous things and situations. And you folks know who you are, 85+% of the population falls into this category, self included at times
Veronica Champion (5 months ago)
Millennials obsessed with their face on camera let this be a wake up call! !!
arthur workman (5 months ago)
First of all this is why you should never get on the train tracks in the first place. #2 how can you not hear or even feel the vibrations of the other train on the other track. #3 none of them judging by the selfie photo were wearing headphones so again how could they not hear or even feel the vibrations of the train. #4 couldn't they see the train coming in their cell phone video??? Let this be an important lesson for millennials who think playing with danger is cool - it's not. And unfortunately lives are always taken because of their own foolishness. I hate to say this but those totally self absorbed in their own stupidity need a serious crash course in common sense. Yeah it sad that these girls died but for the train engineers doing their jobs their lives could be damaged for ever. So in the train engineer's defense please read the signs they must've been posted near by. And stay your asses off the train tracks. This is why people often say over and over - be very aware of your surroundings.
sara donovan (5 months ago)
Hay que ser idiotas.
scissors the cat (5 months ago)
I thought it was a bomb...
odudi (5 months ago)
Sad that they lost their train of thought at the end.
GOD LIKE (5 months ago)
best way for teens to die, go copy these girls and give us more photos please
Dios67 (5 months ago)
Stock photos blow.
Barb Knoll (5 months ago)
Ever hear a train horn l call shenanigans! ,
Mike Kinsey (5 months ago)
I can hear a train a mile away What the he'll? My condolences To there family,,,
Cindy Althouse (5 months ago)
rest in peace oh subscribe to my YouTube channel I'm ion hunter there is that please subscribe and thank you
John Sayewich Jr. (5 months ago)
Chewbecca101 (5 months ago)
Nothing more narcissistic than social media. They can't even a hear a train when they are working on their duck lips.
Kylie Nebeker (5 months ago)
I live in Utah. Sadly this happens a lot 😔 up north of Utah we have our big and beautiful city Salt Lake. We use trains quite often really and there a train tracks everywhere. I’ve heard lots of people that have been killed from these trains. It really is sad and I wish they would promote more train safety.
tutsy bassista (5 months ago)
What dumbasses! They weren't deaf or blind! Beauty fades-dumb is forever....
Terry T (5 months ago)
So dumb!! RIP
Randy Hunt (5 months ago)
OMG Thats a tragic shame. Kids need to be more aware of their surroundings. This story happens too often.
Charles Sphere (5 months ago)
Gave up after a minute...
scissors the cat (5 months ago)
winehousedrunk (5 months ago)
Gone, just like that. Sad.
Mary Rominger Cornell (5 months ago)
Something doesn't seem right. Lets forget the small little clue of the sound of the train. Even the honking of the horn; that NOT ONE OF THEM HEARD..but now i must believe NOT ONE out of THREE didn't feel the vibration on the tracks either? IDK, I'm sorry. I dont mean to show any disrespect to any of the girls or their families. I'm sure they have wondered the same thing thou. Im sorry I was just informed there was another train on other aide of track. They must have assumed...
autocrow (5 months ago)
That's terrible! and beyond stupid!! Why not take your selfie BY the tracks on not standing in the middle?
Bootstrapper Wilson (5 months ago)
Raised humanity's average IQ.
Jewel Allen (5 months ago)
This is for sure a tragedy that happened! However - I think it is even more of a tragedy that you would post this video with a frame at 1:00 showing a gloved hand holding a bloodied knife in the lower right hand of the frame. Were trying to subliminally get people to think that they died at the hands of another human being - there was no reason for that! Were simply trying to get more views by putting untruths out there on social media - shame on you!
Teresa C (5 months ago)
Oh that poor train driver. Such tragedy.
Gloria Cruz (5 months ago)
What is the big deal taking pictures like that I don't fuckin get it u won't catch me doing stupid stuff like that.. I'm sorry for these girls but people need to start waking up.
Shayne Hunter (5 months ago)
tuco james (5 months ago)
the thinning of the herd :D
Kay West (5 months ago)
So... How do you know the reasoning behind them hearing nothing? I mean, they didn't get to clear that up.
Jill Blaske (5 months ago)
Rest in peace😢so tragic
Sir Hc (5 months ago)
This is fake. Photo shopped train light in background. Also, family of the supposed girls wouldn't allow the photo to be part of this horribly disrespectful montage.
DB Booster (5 months ago)
Training Day was a tragic day. What a horrible way to be trained. Bummer.
Jared Cook (5 months ago)
This shit fake
yourmominmypants (5 months ago)
Stupid white girls. Not all white girls. Rip lol
*SoulBrotherOfKungFu * (5 months ago)
2:30 They never knew what hit them.
Hunter McGahan (5 months ago)
Go to 2:50 it’s a 30 second at most video that this prick lengthened for no reason but for attention.
Bobbie Laporte (5 months ago)
I like was surprised to see that they actually captured the thing that killed them in that photo they took. 😮
Cherry B (5 months ago)
How on earth can you not hear a train signalling? I live one kilometre from my train station and can hear when they sound their horns.
nOSTalgiker _ (5 months ago)
Was für dumme Menschen da draußen rumlaufen😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mark Dawson (5 months ago)
boy, this makes me want to walk onto the middle of interstate 40 and be as stupid as these chicks, smile than say cheese.
StElmos Fire (6 months ago)
All for a picture.
A J SQUARED AWAY (6 months ago)
Kurt Annis (6 months ago)
I guess they weren't trained for selfies
Jaya Xavier (6 months ago)
How unfortunate.May 3 of them RIP.
hankakah (6 months ago)
When social media is more important than being careful and diligent. Sad, but too many accidents happen because of the cellular phones and people not paying attention.
Peggy Winters-Stevens (6 months ago)
So 😢
thechudoviste (6 months ago)
In what school do they teach that first letter in each word of the sentence should be capital?
Birol Djoshan (6 months ago)
May they RIP.... Tragic waste, it proves that never get distracted by phones
Julie W (6 months ago)
Sad stupidity
Diane Patrick (6 months ago)
Too much preamble! Annoying.
Midna Urthqua (6 months ago)
Too busy with themselves
Jason Goodacre (6 months ago)
Stupid girls.
Thunder Snake (6 months ago)
Stupid idiots bet they won’t be doing that again
redhot (6 months ago)
Poor train driver dude !
Gio Verde (6 months ago)
Shit! And all for a selfie! Well, they won't be doing that again
rowsea (6 months ago)
nikolette 1212 (6 months ago)
reading the comments some of y'all posted is just as horrifying as this video... and people wonder why the world is turning to shit.
Ed Musick (6 months ago)
Future Democrats no more! 👯‍♀️
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acechandlerac (6 months ago)
Why the @$&! would you risk your life for a fucking share and like via social media!? This damn generation....always trying to go viral. Smh
Anna Grace (6 months ago)
A very provocative volleyball drawing. Not cool.
AlmostBipedal (6 months ago)
Skip to 2:40
Michelle Swanson (6 months ago)
I hate train tracks, and I would never stand on one to take a selfie!!! Standing on train tracks is dangerous because you never know when the train is coming!!!
dzlf250 (6 months ago)
I know this is bad to say but process of elimination of dumb people.

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