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432 Hz - Deep Healing Music for The Body & Soul - DNA Repair, Relaxation Music, Meditation Music

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432 Hz - Deep Healing Music for The Body & Soul - DNA Repair, Relaxation Music, Meditation Music Welcome to our channel Meditation and Healing. Meditation and Healing is an online channel which aims to serve you the best quality of Relaxing Music, Meditation Music, Sleep Music, Healing Music, Study Music, Reiki Healing Music, Zen Music, Spa Music, Yoga Music and Massage Music.In Addition we also generates brain wave Binaural Beats ( Delta Wave, Theta Wave, Alpha Wave, Gamma Wave & Beta Wave ) to solve the various health problems like anxiety,disorders,sleep problem,depression,insomnia,focus,migrain,stress, agressive behaviour and many more. We compose the music which has soothing and calming sound for perfect Relaxation,Meditation,Sleep and also for Concentration and Focus. Relaxation Music : Meditation and Healing is the perfect channel for Relaxation Music.The Soothing sounds of Piano, Guitar, Violin, Pads, Light Drums, Flute and Bells are so relaxing which encourage you to relax your mind,body,soul,reduce your stress and gives you inner peace. Meditation Music : The numbers of Meditation Music which are uploaded in our channel are specially designed for the meditation purpose.Soothing sounds of pads and bells sound give you positive vibes.These kinds of Meditation music are perfect for Positive Motivation Energy and Relax Mind Body. Yoga Music : Soothing, Calming and Soft Music we uploaded in our channel are also very useful for Yoga Meditation.We have also Yoga Morning Energizing music which is also for Yoga beginners. Download our Albums Here: ITUNES ► https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/prabin-dangol/1226893014 Spotify ► https://open.spotify.com/artist/4QapqOArU3Ag4mr8rKeFe2 CD BABY ► https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/PrabinDangol1 Please like, share and subscribe. © Meditation and Healing © Prabin Dangol All rights reserved 🙏 Please follow me on: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4QapqOArU3Ag4mr8rKeFe2 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Meditation-and-Healing-1582138848699385/ Website: http://www.meditationhealingmusic.com 🎶 Download My Music from the following sources: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/prabin-dangol/1226893014 Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_srch_drd_B06ZYXZ8RP?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=Prabin%20Dangol&index=digital-music&search-type=ss CdBaby: https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/PrabinDangol1 👦 About Myself: My name is Prabin Dangol, a music composer and a sound designer. I have been composing music for almost 15 years on various genre. My moto is simply to spread positive energy and thoughts all over the world. My music generally helps to enhance positive energy and relax mind body. If you love my work, I request you to connect with me by subscribing to my Meditation & Healing or Transformation & Miracle Channel. More about me: http://meditationhealingmusic.com/about/ © All Music are copyrighted to Meditation & Healing YouTube Channel by Prabin Dangol ( P.D) Images Licenced from: DepositPhotos. Footages Licenced from: Videoblocks/ Storyblocks.
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Download This music on iTunes: Album : Essence of Spirit, Track no. 8 - Relax Mind, Body & Soul https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/essence-of-spirit/id1288638174
Horvat Rozsi (4 days ago)
Essenc of spirit
Ange Ortiz Felix (1 month ago)
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Ange Ortiz Felix (1 month ago)
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Ange Ortiz Felix (1 month ago)
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Ange Ortiz Felix (1 month ago)
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Alisha Bukhari (5 hours ago)
I feel like the universe is hugging me when I listen to this
karthick sekar (8 hours ago)
this sound is annoying so disappointing...
JonXArmy (15 hours ago)
Its impossible to have a bad trip listening to this! I play this everytime I trip on shrooms.
Ashley Nkuru (1 day ago)
Hello every one,I'm seeking help for prayers I believe where 2 or 3 pray together miracle happens,i always have this pain in my trought and it's been 6 years now.I went for tonsils sugary 4years ago,I went to deferent doctor's and nothing changes.i just want this pain to leave my body for good. Thank you
derNoelki (2 days ago)
Wow. My DNA got repaired in just 10 mins
Leandro Andersson (2 days ago)
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ButterflyWingsASMR (3 days ago)
Holy crap, I got head tingles just after a few seconds of listening!
randyc750 (4 days ago)
I lost a very dear and precious dog family member a month ago today. I played this music for her a lot in her last weeks before she passed and I could tell it brought her comfort and peace. Dogs are gifted with much better hearing than us and I think the tones put her at ease. Now, her spirit is still nearby and I listen to this every night while I sleep. Thank you.
Linda Mahecha (4 days ago)
My baby girl 6 yrs old has at times fights in her sleep, I usually can calm her and it is very difficult to wake her up and to calm down. I played this really low and she started breathing more slowly and deep. 😍 Give her a good rest, sleep well and heal.
m. fiona (5 days ago)
مريحه ل لا عصاب
Adore Eternal (5 days ago)
Music is healing and there are more and more studies being done all the time https://youtu.be/62Q6AefiIPQ
Sam Huart (5 days ago)
Is something wrong with me? The only thing I got from this was a bad headache
Angel Lopez (3 days ago)
Sometimes when I'm starring down at my phone for a while, I feel my head get drowned in blood that's why sometimes you can feel your pulse behind your head but because I move slow it compensates my blood flow to slowly disperse back through out the body.
Tilda Banga (6 days ago)
Just started listening and I’m so grateful I found it- I had difficulty sleeping and my mind was so busy when I got to bed but now with this healing and cleansing music I can sleep and relax and clean my mind and surrounding
rick jamiro (6 days ago)
jooo this is FIRE especially at 4:21:01 !!!
Jeff the twat (7 days ago)
This music is truly beautiful. It helps me to finally be at peace with myself and see things in a positive light, thank you💖
James Cruz (7 days ago)
I always had this depression and anxiety. It haunts me every time. I had to figure out all the source of my sadness and the cause of unhappiness. When I was dreaming, my subconscious (while listening to this in my sleep) opened me to the deepest part of my self discovery. I learned that the main cause of sadness and unhappiness was the lack of remembering our roots. Our childhood dreams and goals. The reason how we got to where we came for. In my dreams, I was naked. I had this reality experience as if I was living there for a long time. There was a race and competition. And from that competition, I was rushing as always. Then two of my best friends were there too, as part of the competition. They were at a slow pace but surely into grabbing all the best quality goods along the way, while mine always spills. Long story short, it's okay to take things slowly so long as you're getting the best quality of anything. Then I woke up hearing this sound where I played it while sleeping. I cried and I realized a lot of important reasons why we are living. Our purpose as human and the comparison of happiness of us when we were young and as a present adult. It felt like I recovered my old fixed self. Thank you to this amazing deep healing frequency. I testify that this is VERY EFFECTIVE. My life will never be as healed after today! I hope you get the best healing too! Xoxo
Please pray to my dauter she is blind and another things
Nenad N (8 days ago)
4 + 3 + 2 = 9 Nikola Tesla said number 9 is the number of universes.
Temporal (8 days ago)
Not 432hz but still nice.
Commonly known as Ed (9 days ago)
Fabio Santos (9 days ago)
dude.. the comunity on these kind of videos is so great, i am thankfull to see kind people talk to each other in the comments, it restaured my faith in humanity
Alina Ledinek (9 days ago)
Ninjesus (9 days ago)
Yeah um... This ain't it chief!
Czesław Sławicki (9 days ago)
Podkradzione od Roberta Coxona.
itssimplyalex (10 days ago)
I always put this on before I go to bed and I fall asleep 5 mins into this meditation, thanks for the upload ❤️
Govinda Das (10 days ago)
I thought i recognized some binaural beats...sweet!!! I use binaural beats, raga, mantra, and Native American chants in my sound healing. Thank you for sharing!
Alana Williams (11 days ago)
2 years ago my grand daughter and I began listening to this meditation music...it was after she'd finished her last round of chemotherapy The doctors gave her a few months to live Hospice services began, she and I could not sleep. so we listened every day . Before we knew it a year had passed. My baby left this earthly plane January 20, 2018. And she wenr peacefully. thank you
Aaron Lyons (11 days ago)
Thank u so much. I had a cold for the past few days and it didnt seem like it was going to go away. But i turned this on and went to sleep and i litterly feel amazing!👏
schnickschnackschnuck (13 days ago)
jho lim (13 days ago)
This music means a lot especially when we're in roads of trials and tribulations
Kathie Lumba (13 days ago)
Listen to chakra music every night when I sleep
Studio Pango (14 days ago)
This Sounds Like A Original Xbox. Do you know how old that is?
Big chungus (14 days ago)
Im not feeling well, I try to close my eyes and can’t stop moving like I’m going insane. My head hurts so much. And I’m have heavy breaths
Itachi Uchiha (15 days ago)
It took the top of my headache!.. thanks god for this music
Moonglow (16 days ago)
It's not just about the fequencies and sounds though...but nice thx.
Wendy Johnson (16 days ago)
Listening past couple nights and find my mind does not into the negative like it use to or if a negative thought does come to mind I release it and move forward without over reacting.
Kimberly Encinias (17 days ago)
I always come back to this one. The sounds make my body feel so relaxed and balanced.
Geenine44 (20 days ago)
This has been helpful having it play in the background while my grandson plays and my fur baby Nico sleeps on the couch next to me. He’s not well, but at least in less pain and we both know his time to leave this place is drawing closer. Time to prepare myself for this too.
Jackie Chan (17 days ago)
Geenine44 :( enjoy the sun light with him. Sun helps animals a lot. Being outside in the fresh spring air and I already know you give him your love. I’m sure u do all that anyways. Animals are so special. Kiss to you guys
Bea Mansions (21 days ago)
very relaxing
Nemencio Enriquez (21 days ago)
Languages tagalog pahinga pagkain tulog kalma kakilala kakayahan ako dito lang sa kwarto ko nakahiga
Abiyah Rina (21 days ago)
This sound gives me a little anxiety, why?
That wasn't relaxing I just stared and my heart beating hard as hell
Mt Selling (22 days ago)
I felt nothing listening to this
Husky XOX (22 days ago)
Last night i was having a difficult(im 11) breathing and i was stressed (long story) i had to sit so i can breath and i played this music and my mom told me in the morning that i fall asleep while sitting and my difficult breathing stopped while playing the sound.....This sound is amazing try it!!
Rashmi 3012 (23 days ago)
It's beautiful! Soothing my soul right now
Fred Haycock (23 days ago)
Whether it's positive thinking or this music, I have found this works best using this program alongside it, additional information here https://tinyurl.com/y43et6z7
Lily Hale (23 days ago)
Honestly I love the music and so I have smart alarm on my phone (which plays very soft music just like this a few minutes before your main alarm) and I woke up thinking "MY ALARM!" 😂😂😂 but it is beautiful music
Positive Vibes (23 days ago)
This is so amazing :)
Furz Verbot (26 days ago)
Holy fuck it makes so tired 😴
I Am Sent me (26 days ago)
Damsel Dasha ASMR (26 days ago)
This actually made me feel so good that i started crying. Amazing work! Much love and light to you dear!
Ferid Alibegic (27 days ago)
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Nazzy' Bee (27 days ago)
Thank You Universe 🔮❤️
Lucas W (27 days ago)
DNA repair? This is like religion. It promises all kind of benefits, while in fact you only end up stupid in the end!
Ashuj (27 days ago)
Best way to actually go stress free....cut off from online social media and go into the forest, have camp fire and not post about it, just experience it.....just let it go. You are not anybody's bitch, that yoy keep posting for getting likes, it's only gonna make you want more of those likes. Connect to real word, with people around.
Adrian (28 days ago)
Guess I am in that weird part of the internet again
Chilloutextract (28 days ago)
whatever if it heals it is relaxing thanks for that
Michael Sans (29 days ago)
One love to all-animals n humans
Muhammed Saman (29 days ago)
Is this 432hz? How to know? Anyone can help me please?
Rindzin itari (20 days ago)
No because your device probably isn't tuned right for it. Hey but don't worry I guess nobody here tuned right either. Here some explaining https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjR0WpWwLrE Only please be quiet about this let them continue repairing their DNA 🤣🤣🤣 P.s. Nice ambient though
heather turner (1 month ago)
Its not doing anything for me....wtf....whyyy....im getting frustrated. This music never does what it says.. I keep trying though
Aleksandra Bajic (26 days ago)
try another frequency. this is the only one that works for me, but maybe you need another one
Ange Ortiz Felix (1 month ago)
Ange Ortiz Felix (1 month ago)
I'll bring my sandal I need in the morning to bring my father two or more in my father to say thank you for yesterday do I send a couple question request why do Jews have to get into my business go to another Channel maybe a little trouble need a person like you go over there they'll music I've ever seen the love of God could you please above the ship go to her place instead of the people they need but no me I was growing in the Bible in the minister Wars so please go to another station I have them make a single penny because I'm working for a free how's your week going looking for money so I stay away
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Lucid Queen (1 month ago)
Wow, I am 15 min in and already reflecting within about how much I love everyone and love myself. This is removing the illusions of pain and sickness, all the illusions of hate and misunderstanding of others. Thank you!!!!😍😇🕊🕊🕊
Elvis Tekito (1 month ago)
does this work for tummy aches?
MDD (1 month ago)
I just cant fuc k whit this music,
Astral Flux (1 month ago)
True meditation in the state of said meditation, and then THE ADS COME... what a beautiful gift! The biggest meditation test of all are the ads. You make what your reality is ... you’ve done this ... now fix it to the way you’d prefer and use the test to become stronger internally so that it may become peace externally
The Master Key (1 month ago)
If I listen to this one A few times in a row it will eventually give me vertigo. I don't listen to it anymore😥
Heartz (1 month ago)
The Master Key because you are ascending :)
Jazzmusiker DNeey (1 month ago)
Change the station if u don’t understand the need of some people to change their minds in life it starts with one Revolution is in the eye of a Child
Troy Mackenzie (1 month ago)
Are u kidding. Ads while meditating????
Milo Deaza-Roed (1 month ago)
432 hearts doesn’t do anything
sagar lugade (1 month ago)
It is not that great
sagar lugade (1 month ago)
sagar lugade (1 month ago)
This is absolutely amazing 😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
2LO Beats (1 month ago)
smooooooothing !!
Theresa Heyer (1 month ago)
so Hz means what??????????volume or frequency meaning how often a wave goes through a measure?a measure of what?o thewave in a certain amount of space?please answer in ENGLISH for us stupid people
dilen noris (17 days ago)
Hertz is a unit that measures how frequently something happens in one second. So yes, frequency. It is used in physics to describe simple harmonic motion (as well as other wave patterns using a sine-cosine graph) Basically when something is at let’s say 432 hertz, it means it repeats its actions 432 times in one second. For example, a guitar string (simple harmonic motion) tuned to 432 hertz, would go back and forth 432 times in one second. The strings’ movement would make the air molecules vibrate (go back and forth) 432 times as well in one second, that would make you hear it. We have a certain lower and upper limit of how low the hertz we can hear. At a certain point, the air molecules oscillate back and forth, let’s say 20 hertz, which is not as often as we need in order to hear it. Keep in mind, when I say back and forth imagine air molecules (which move because of the strings of the guitar move) start at one point, go to the furthest point it can, and come back. This is one time. Now imagine this does 432 times in one second. Volume is amplitude- how far air molecules go away every oscillation. I would suggest you learn more about physics to understand it better.
Yosi X (1 month ago)
This magical music works very well. Thank you.
Meditation and Healing (1 month ago)
Welcome, peace and love,
Natalie Betts (1 month ago)
I hope this can help me as I'm going through some rough patches in my life right now I'm going to start meditating again because I feel like it's the only hope I have at repairing my soul it's badly damaged. thankyou for this
Mr Food (1 month ago)
At the moment I don't believe that this music can heal. But what I have noticed while listening to it is the following: I think my chronic athletes foot is gone, the pain I had in my finger after the infection had healed is no longer there and I can feel gentle waves going down the back of my neck from my hair line to my shoulders. It could just all be a coincidence or maybe not.
Dr. Robert Mustard (1 month ago)
I feel good about it. I feel really good about it.
Nick Callahan (1 month ago)
Meditation is the one thing I don't always thing to remember to experience...but then I remember how much more there is to do. I've really given it all for this one. Night friends, sound waves are my friend rn.
iegsaan adams (1 month ago)
if anyone has health problems drop me an email at [email protected] will try to get best results with prayer within a few days no gimmick but for small donation give me a try if you feel hopeless what do you have to loose. if anyone here thinks they can connect with God using this music you only fooling yourself ppl. talk to me i will try to help
ConQuest Tony Phillips (1 month ago)
Yo how can you not like this???
Всем хорошего денька
Ange Ortiz Felix (1 month ago)
Or washing that I have to tell you that their meditation is over I show you another videos that you can get him easy so you can get the connection with God you have to give you your heart to God in the other way you ain't going nowhere note to Heaven no way you have to give you heart to God to see Jesus is you want to be with him before the X bar
Ange Ortiz Felix (1 month ago)
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Irfan Egeli (1 month ago)
I have a bit odd question, I do fitness often and sometimes I feel my body is so tired and Im trained too much. Does this music helps my body to recover faster?
Moonlee E (1 month ago)
Side not have this on replay everyday lol so soothing
Moonlee E (1 month ago)
Hey guys I make music here and there check it out when you get the chance 😊
Dorian Morales (1 month ago)
Both my legs grew back after listening to this
Kidam Brate (1 month ago)
Ko je ovde posle idiokratijinog klipa
Swing (1 month ago)
Ja brt
D H (1 month ago)
Relaxing ... my cat went to sleep :-)
Daniela Campos Paz (1 month ago)
súper funciona <3
Marko Lazarevic (1 month ago)
Kidam Brate (1 month ago)
Kako znaš
A B (1 month ago)
We are Light
E A (1 month ago)
thank you i really needed to get back to center so much toxicity in the air i feel like i am in a microwave... modern technology rf freq is effecting humans we all have seen the studies yet govts and corps worldwide go 5g w no regards for humans animals, water tables are rising the great flood will be reckoned with by our children . not real if u cant touch it mentality prevails...break away from the herd...turn it off,,,be honest and moral .....put positive energy in the air...support this channel....vanity is the shackles... thank you for providing this ....thank you for caring ....if you ended up here u where meant to be here...stop. listen..relax u r worth it .u r more then a asset for a corporation company country....we are not meant to live the life that we have created for the pursuit of wealth status and vanity...send this to someone u love and ask them to share it....
Frieda salazar (1 month ago)
I love it i feel very relax,and calm
MrGreenLeaf730 (1 month ago)
Could be placebo but I think I can feel this throughout my entire body
Kaplar87 (1 month ago)
I kinda feel my head resonating with the music, but again, could be imagined :)
Christine Ceralde (1 month ago)
Ever since I started listening to meditation music it's been hard to listen to anything else but that. I learned how the body and brain really absorbs energy and it's something to be conscious and careful about.

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