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Mother of missing Maleah Davis, 4, claims husband allegedly abused girl

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Sources say an image from a surveillance camera shows Darion Vence leaving home Friday with a laundry basket carrying a plastic bag. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 'WORLD NEWS TONIGHT': https://bit.ly/2W2Ux0E WATCH OTHER FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: http://abc.go.com/shows/world-news-tonight
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Madison Parks (4 hours ago)
I don’t trust this Mother at all! She trying to put it all on him, but you left your child with him? She a fuckin liar.
Gina Black (13 hours ago)
honestly? looks like he hit himself in the head. if another person had hit him more than likely they would have swung like a bat. if a person tried to hit him straight on, then the hit would be more to the top of his head. and someone that abducts children would take both kids. I mean, if they are taking the risk of abduction. I dont believe the mom, whatsoever. every time she talks, she hides her face, as if she doesn't want anyone to see her face and read the guilt. think of Susan Smith, she kept her eyes closed when talking to the press. I wish that they can find the child alive, but I don't think they will.
Reya's Corner (17 hours ago)
And you're crying now Mama!?! Hit my child like that ONE TIME!!! Just once, dirty bastard. And CPS should be ASHAMED she had to have brain surgery for God's SAKE!
Will Buff (17 hours ago)
Stop it!! That man was not Maleah’s step-father... he was not married to Maleah’s mother.
Hot Flash (22 hours ago)
Baby Mama (22 hours ago)
Idgaf I was in a domestic violence situation with my son dad an got my baby took an all...that’s what woke me tf up..so AINT no reason y she should’ve even been with the boy but however on top of that cps should’ve have never gave that baby girl back to her if that bitch was still in the picture..(got my baby back with in 3 months 💯 n will never put me or my baby through that shii again
lovereign (1 day ago)
Same story as other liars. R.I.P. little one... everyone in your life and the State failed you. Smh.
45 DRAGA (1 day ago)
I bet all y'all fake mad people support abortions though huh
Taneal Johnson (1 day ago)
Covering her face and bobbling her head like Child stop it’s not working bruhhh like ugh this makes me wanna investigate I wanna find her and I hope she’s still alive ! God please let this baby be alive 😭🙏🏽
Debbie Scott (1 day ago)
SMH! In my opinion she was NEVER a mother...she just gave birth to this little angel. REAL mothers would NEVER, NEVER let something like this happen to their babies they would protect them at ALL cost!!!
organic eatinggirl (1 day ago)
What mother in their right mind would let a man abuse their child and leave that child in the home with the abuser while they go out of town?
Maulana49 (1 day ago)
Patricia Pickett (2 days ago)
i can't stand watching her, sooo fake
Princess. Monii (2 days ago)
That mother is not fucking crying she just shaking and covering her face to make it seem like she is
Silver Jax (2 days ago)
Um she’s just as responsible for not protecting that baby from him, for not taking that baby out of that situation. She knew bout this abuse, what she think was gonna happen if she didn’t put a stop to it. That poor baby and than you have that Qx guy what is he doing trying to protect a guilty ass women ! You would think he’d be on Maleah’s side but he ain’t he just wants some publicity. And also CPS wtf you’re here taking kids away from families who have done nothing wrong nor have a reason for you to take their kids while we have kids like Maleah with tons of evidence pointing to the adults or the family that should’ve kept her from them ... cps done effed up and did these hospital visits all get reported to cps with concern
Kelly Goines (2 days ago)
Why would the mother leave Meleah with this man and go out of town knowing he was abusive towards Meleah ? Something doesn't sit right with me about this mom.
Elizabeth Alvarado (2 days ago)
Good ol mom! Choosing her emotions and some POS man over her daughter. This story makes me furious beyond belief-..these "moms" nowadays are sorry as hell. Seems to be a trend..getting with some no good unemployed man while the woman works and then cries "I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED". Shit I worry when my daughter is to quiet if she's playing in a different room! And she's 3!!
Chantel Swindall (2 days ago)
Bitch you guilty to. Worthless Hoe..
LeLe Smith (2 days ago)
Got to prison already stupid bihhh , I hate you go to hell ! Fat bihh. Victims of sexual abuse are over protective, she lacked abuse she claimed happened to her , she’s a liar . I’m a victim of that I don’t have kids but gods knows my kids wouldn’t be able to go to daycare until they can name all body parts , and can speak clearly. Everybody is suspect !
ASMR sounds SJ (2 days ago)
he must be waiting for some evidence to wash the way off this girl's body and hoping it's not discover his DNA is found on her he's sick and he deserves the chair or lethal injection the mother deserves to be locked away for even suspecting and leaving her chat with somebody who she think sexually abused them
Cassie Conrad (2 days ago)
For the most up to date info on this case join our top group HBC https://www.facebook.com/groups/2360034110703663/
Velasquez Carter (2 days ago)
That bitch need to go to jail along with her “husband “ since she wanted to be with so bad , she’s the reason why her daughter is dead .. she had one job and fucking failed . She’s pathetic 💯
Reg Prez (2 days ago)
She was sold to those men. Mom and this step dude, are both in on it. Betcha
Jessica Walker (2 days ago)
Quanell X needs to sit his tired azz down. Nobody is believing mom.
life time (2 days ago)
Stop lying Mf n tell them where u put the body u need to get put to death u looser
goldy blood (2 days ago)
This shit fucking hurt my God she so pretty she a baby god. .I cry for these kids there being harmed the most innocent angels of the world ...these agency's don't care something have to be done...
K6 (3 days ago)
Veronika Gomez (3 days ago)
Child services failed once again
Veronika Gomez (3 days ago)
This is horrific. Such a beauty girl
Blac Boi (3 days ago)
What ever prison he ends up in, inmates know what to do. How could anyone hurt a child?
St Marquise (3 days ago)
Mr. Quanell the truth is literally right under your nose
atube4view (3 days ago)
Vero C (3 days ago)
Quanell X gets on my nerves. Why does he have to stick his nose in everything. That lady is lying and he is believing her, what a dumb ass
Kay Baby (3 days ago)
Naw her baby has suffered ALOT of abuse in her SHORT life ...hey it right sir ...the man made statements to more than just one person that he has the perfect place to hide a body of he wanted to kill somebody (allegedly) Um RED FLAG 🚩 stupid ass!..I’m sorry y’all I’m am so angry about this she had 1 job to do and she couldn’t even do that!!! ...damn shame!! 😡
Jackyblue67 Same (3 days ago)
That so called mother is also guilty .
Truesense 100 (3 days ago)
I wanna pop him and the momma upside the head. And the activist need to stfu. Wth he think he doing?! The story don't add up. You don't need to be an activist for the black community no more.. We disown you. You can go to jail with those 2 evil monsters, along with the judge and CPS. This baby didn't deserve to live a life like that. The stepdad and mom need to receive the same treatment they gave her and worst. With the low down, ugly, evil tails!
Latonia Anderson (3 days ago)
Why did the mom leave her precious baby with a man she knew was abusive to her daughter
DefaultyPoggers (3 days ago)
Do u not see the babies face in the basket
vroque jordan (3 days ago)
Her ass need to be in jail
Sade Smith (3 days ago)
So she stayed with this monster knowing he was abusing her baby. She needs to rot in hell. Moms are suppose to protect their babies.
Coryana Norvell (3 days ago)
new baby bella rip:(
ERICA QUEEN (3 days ago)
Now she wanna say something?
quiwei1 (3 days ago)
O please, the mom and his ass did this.... PERIOD!!!!!!
Debra Johnson (3 days ago)
Bull!!! NO TEARS from that mother ....what a faker! And, she let this man abuse her daughter???? Well, of course, she was abusing her too!!!!
Mykera McMath (4 days ago)
TŔÏŁŁ (4 days ago)
Her fat insecure ass got low self esteem and was jealous of her own daughter and loved that man more then herself and children.. This shit is going on in a lot of black homes as I speak now.. Black people don't like act like we can't see thru this shit... People on the outside looking in May be a bit confused but this is normal in the black community just not the killing part... Sad shit! 🙏🏿🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏻🙏
Virginia Garland (4 days ago)
Mom said boy friend physically abusive to Meleah, in other words this is the man she left baby with.
Rudy1959 Romero (4 days ago)
Q x charges money
Helen Boula (4 days ago)
She's as guilty as he is. My girls are grown but abused hell no I would killefbthe mf and never would I ask why. She as well schould be charged, she'd just trying to save her sorry ass.
Linda K (4 days ago)
No fucking excuses.. If you Know the man is abusing the Child and you out here handling out flyers about a missing child youre dumb as all hell.. They both need to be locked up.... He did it. She covered for him... Poor little girl
Silvia Oino (4 days ago)
Kill that bitch too. A fool will be dead the minute he puts his hands on my child not given a second chance to do it again. She killed that child too.
Pretty Girl (4 days ago)
That fuckn bitch ....... you allow this nasty gay ass mf to molest and rape and killed your fuckn child !!!!......for what why ??????...... what did your ass get out of it ?? .....What could a 4 year do to you bitch that you allowed this worthless peace of shit to harm your daughter ????? What ??? I would really like to know smh ....look at his ugly ass !!!! ....You were that desperate to keep and hold on to a fuckn man that you would rather see him hard your own to keep him around ?? .....bitch rott in fuckn hell .... the same way he killed your daughter ....your fuckn ass should be put to death to ...... you bitches out here that allow these fuckn men to do shit to your son and daughter just so you can keep them or cause you’re so desperate for a fuckn man should fuckn DIE !!!!.....how tf you allow a worthless ass man to come in and do shit like this ....hell even real fathers of the kid ...idc step father real father .... DONT YOU WOMEN EVER PUT NO FUCKN MAN BEFORE YOUR FUCKN KIDS !!!! idc what it says out here or in the Bible these kids didn’t ask to be here and you can’t trust a fuckn soul !!!!!
Coca Cola on Ice (4 days ago)
This is to much I hope and pray that god doesn't give her anymore children she's involved and guilty , she just asking and wanting pitty I'm not buy this Shit Either Lock her up too and the other father
Mel Sal (4 days ago)
First, this CPS is really BS!! Keep failing little boys and girls !!! Enough, they aren’t doing a very good job ! Every week it’s another child passed up by CPS!! WTH?!! SECOND, THESE MOTHERS WHO PUT A MAN BEFORE THEIR OWN CHILDREN NEED TO BE ACCOUNTABLE AS WELL!! THESE ARE THE TWO MAIN REASONS WHY WE ARE LOSING A PRECIOUS CHILD WEEK AFTER WEEK !!! God help us.
T Duncan (4 days ago)
Makes me sick.
Mariello (4 days ago)
What a dumbass mom lol
Wisesaved One (4 days ago)
This bitch needs to be in jail ASAP!
grIm Sincere (4 days ago)
Tiffanye Williams (4 days ago)
He would have been cancelled the first time he laid a hand on my child. I would have really hurt him. Sad to say but the mother has to take ownership in part of this too.
Precola Vereen (4 days ago)
The mom needs to be in jail too. You don’t let any man beat on your kids. Nasty ass whore. Now your daughter is gone because you wanted to hold on to some dick. 😑 Ugh I hate people.
Amy B (4 days ago)
We already knew he was the kidnapper in the beginning and the cops just now find out? Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ we need new cops.
Adaija Packnet (4 days ago)
So because you were so desperate to have a man that you would be complicit to the abuse towards your child? That is absolutely mind boggling. She should be charged to for letting this abuse happen
terimontgomery1980 (4 days ago)
Oh PULEESE... he's caught and she's afraid she's going too. She had something to do with this, I believe.
Kaylee Littlebear (4 days ago)
Haha was the mom having a seizure. Fake ass crying, get outta here
Sharon Trotter (4 days ago)
He needs to be in a deep pit in prison. If she knew he was abusing her, why didn't the mother put his ass out??
Angel Galvan (4 days ago)
Fake as tears Bitch
Reds (4 days ago)
She is full of shit and knew what exactly was going on with child! She could have cared less only cared about her man!! Everytime I see u. I get so pissed. She is fake!
slicksweet1 (4 days ago)
All these comments about mom, but not that dirty azz low down nigga! And where the hell is her REAL father? Probably laid up with some thot.
antwan gang an (5 days ago)
Damn I just saw something a couple of weeks ago where the man let his wife abuse and starve his daughter to death now this smh, wtf is wrong with people and killing kids I know kids are a handful I have two a 4& 2 year old but I could imagine letting someone do this to my children I’d be in jail doing a life sentence if anyone harmed my babies.
Christina's Life (5 days ago)
Man wtf the mom sitting there crying for when she knew she was being abused?
Tenneh Hollins (5 days ago)
The system has failed this child. Incompetent caseworkers, judges, etc., have seriously failed this child. Knowing the history of the many emergency room visits does not take a rocket scientist to know that there was serious abuse going on in this house. Both the mother and this piece of crap that calls himself a human being has harmed this child. It is evident. My heart breaks for innocent children who cannot defend themselves. I pray that they are both executed (God forgive me), but this really hurts. She should have never been returned to their care. Child protective services are just as responsible!!!!!!!!
Tina Brown (5 days ago)
That is not her stepfather, they would have to be married
Apryl Nacole (5 days ago)
Fuck that fat ass bitch, she knew what was going on with that poor baby girl!
Chef Mami (5 days ago)
No fucking excuses!!!! She need to be arrested right along with him... I have 5 daughters and 4 sons and if they said someone breathed on them wrong it’s going all the way down!!! I have been abused as a child and adult and there is no damn excuse good enough for me!!!!!!!! She is to blame just as well as he is.... periodtttttt.....
jacqueline THE BEST (5 days ago)
This bitch is faker than a three dollar bill.
the real McCoy (5 days ago)
the killer try to blame mexicans for killing the girl 😮😮😮😮 he could had started a race war
Breonna Paige (5 days ago)
These Mother’s are fucking wicked 🤦🏾‍♀️
Treen Jiles (5 days ago)
I want to know who hit this fool in his head?
Shermia Johnson (5 days ago)
I'm not letting nobody abuse my kids point blank period #sheknowbetter
Karen Terrell (5 days ago)
Hope he rots in jail, then hell.👿
Amanda Cadoree (5 days ago)
How i wish the end of the world could come soon. God should axe & expose all this evil mysteries that baffle our minds. A very beautiful little girl simply needing love and protection from a father she thought she saw in you but you rather murdered her ?. I would have loved an opportunity like that to raise & adopt a child like Maleah together with my 5 yr old daughter who looks just like her . SMH WHAT A DAMN SHAME !!!!
Jenna Sistrunk (5 days ago)
That bitch lying.
Jme Baby girl (5 days ago)
Wtf every .. this mother was right along with this shit. If she knew that baby was being abused you as her mother shod have fought for her. Even if that ment to keep her far away from your ass.
Chris Thompson (5 days ago)
Take that pathetic ass mammy to jail too. Hopefully she'll do the world a favor and jump
Certified Shorty (5 days ago)
Kill them both.. there both guilty in my eyes! They had them removed last year that judge who sent them home.. shame on you
Wanda Acheampong (5 days ago)
Please arrest the mother because she helped this into action. So sick of women and their “piece of man is better than no man” mentality 🤦🏾‍♀️
The mother should be locked up because she knew he was molesting the little girl, and she was beating her along with that killer. Plus, why did she leave that baby with her so - fiancé.
PrettyAssNique (5 days ago)
This is why i am so hard on my child’s father about bringing any bitch around my child if we decide not to be together
Pitate (5 days ago)
I don’t buy her tears she could have done a better job .
Far Above Rubies98 (5 days ago)
That woman is just as culpable as he is. You had a huge fight with him and you left your child with him???? Make that make sense!
jeanine de chazal (5 days ago)
that angel baby, deserved better. breaks my heart ...
Jennifer Smith (5 days ago)
Why in the world would she leave the little girl alone with this man if he had a history of being violent towards her? This is a terrible Humanity fail and she definitely failed this girl as a mother!😐
Radharani Augustine (5 days ago)
Her mom is guilty too
Rai Qinn (5 days ago)
We need people like this so we can point our finger and say that's the bad guy.. so say good night to the bad guy!
the real McCoy (5 days ago)
the mom knew stupid bitch
the real McCoy (5 days ago)
they should send this man to the kkk to get beat them deport him to Africa where wild animals will kill him
Alexis Diamond (5 days ago)
U knew he was abusive yet you left your chikd with him...
black berry (5 days ago)
A I would love to adopt her...why hurt her....Jesus is goin to get to the bottom of this...Guilty willbe reveal.
Suzzanne Stofko (5 days ago)
Omg!! I thought she had brain surgeries due to a neurological issue! He beat that baby girl over and over, and that mother let it happen, and the lawyer, how dare he say she’s been through so much, what about this missing baby girl, who is probably not ever going to be found!!!! Vile and evil! Omg I can’t!!
DA MA (5 days ago)
They both need to be charged with murder. Also Child Protective Services knew Maleah was in danger and gave her back to her mother and the ADWD (Any Dick Will Do) boyfriend. The CPS Worker that gave her back to her mother should be fired and charged with Murder as well. They are ALL responsible for Maleah's murder!

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