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ISIS posts photos claiming mass killing of Iraqi soldiers

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Photos revealing the brutal tactics of ISIS have emerged. ISIS says it has executed more than 1,700 Iraqi soldiers. Militants managed to set off a car bomb in the heart of Baghdad, targeting a store where soldiers buy their uniforms. Clarissa Ward reports.
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Moktada Ali (1 day ago)
اهل تكريت اهل الخزي والعار راحت شبابنه علمودهم 💔💔
Enke 6 star (2 days ago)
Luckily one person survived
paul Drake (10 days ago)
I like these photos. But not graphic enough.
Not Human Gaming (16 days ago)
Nuke them
Sheldon Offenbach (18 days ago)
Too Bad
WALKINGSOUL (20 days ago)
1:16 🤣🤣🤣what was that you said allah shitsbars
Piano Plays (21 days ago)
I hope someone sticks needles into those Isis fighters fingertips and lights them on fire
Sadat Sadat (5 days ago)
Nadeem mirza (1 month ago)
as americans army is like a pig and dogs army like wise isis forces are same dogs and jackals killing civilians pwoples isis is sport by israel and americans dogs.
Its Another Name (1 month ago)
World War 3 needs to happen
Mohd Umar (1 month ago)
ISIS is bad
angeloeastblanco (1 month ago)
I see the pics and video but i still dont know the truth....
John Roberts (2 months ago)
Oh these are the scumbags the liberal left Dems love so much...
عطر الياسمين (2 months ago)
بلدي العراق ربي ينصرك ويصبرنة نص العراق راح بفاجعة سبايكر ليش ليش هيج يصير بينة 😭😭😭😭😭😭 بلاد الرافدين تبقى والى الابد👌👌👌👌😢
Artful Dodger (3 months ago)
ISIS have a Russian guns.
DENNIS NAVARRO (3 months ago)
Enjoyed THE VIDEO more more more
Rajuggwggegeg Gentes (3 months ago)
So you can show clips of people being led away from ISIS but showing a clip of the NEW ZEALAND SHOOTING WILL GET YOU JAILED. Sad people have to be murdered.
Mike Ivy (3 months ago)
A carrier named after Bush? Why why Why?
Marvin Napuunoa (3 months ago)
Marc Howard (4 months ago)
Not good!! Jehovah God hate that the war, you know that! Oh you guys better leave, get out of the war! War is bad!!😾👎🏻💔
boostedsil40 (4 months ago)
They know they were going to die and with 1500 they had a good chance of rushing isis and getting control.
karpetcabin (4 months ago)
Now that several hundred isis gave surrendered what do you think should be done with them?
Blitz Kreig (6 months ago)
Nothing different than american aerial bombings across the world.
Kinje Lumagan (7 months ago)
So sad Muslim killed muslim
Emily Scales (7 months ago)
That’s so wrong
Tia Effen (8 months ago)
Amerika teroris🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Rufmord Familie (8 months ago)
Gib Islam keine Chance! kinderficker mörder weltschänder Religion.
Jeff Ansbro (8 months ago)
ISI is My Pride (9 months ago)
*If they were 17 hundreds.. Even they were empty handed why they not attack them...*
Mani Kandan Mani (10 months ago)
Ennoda udampu vedithu citharanum pls
Mani Kandan Mani (10 months ago)
Enaku ithula replay pannunka pls.. I am from tamilnadu theni
Mani Kandan Mani (10 months ago)
isis la nan seralama pls... I am join you
Gaming_ Sloth95 (4 months ago)
Poda punda poitu seru Onda kotteya vetta naa oru soldier a varuven
Fire Ball (10 months ago)
Because those Iraqi are Christians am I right?
sudhir trivedi (11 months ago)
Islam is terrorist preparing factory.Every American will be killed by Pakistani terrorist... OrAmerican must destroy Pakistan like Iran.
Fazli Hamid (1 year ago)
American made Isis world knows American made alqeda world knows killer killer killer .millions children millions Muslims women's old people every things American destroyed. Libya Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan Iran .American r thief nation stolen oil world knows. jackal nation north korea challenge any time any where 9/11 .is your best drama worldwide.
Swrm.oscar_atx (1 year ago)
How does this vid got likes
mario mariani (1 year ago)
isis is the son of USA
rebmistiks (1 year ago)
can this video get 300 dislikes
11th Planet Agent 47 (1 year ago)
Terrorist win
Gagan Singh (5 months ago)
Manish Rawat (1 year ago)
Stop this craime
Amin Ahwazi (1 year ago)
IMFG this is horrible
Dilip Bachawat (1 year ago)
this is real islam
Samsam Sue (1 year ago)
bring this to the usa
razeel hassan (1 year ago)
ISIS is ISRAEL SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE formed by MOSSAD and the leader abu bakr al bagdhadhi is SIMON ELIOT OF MOSSAD ISRAEL,evrything was leaked you can see in the internet and youtube, OSAMA Bin LADEN a CIA Operative named as TIM OSMAN, Former cia agent leaked the truths 911 is an inside JOB AN ISIS soldier is caught in LIBYA in A MOSQUE who is also a JEWS MOSSAD agent, all things done by ISRAEL
Tom Batty (1 year ago)
jay sinh (1 year ago)
Setan he chodi ke
jaishree swamy (2 months ago)
Sahi bola
Anabel Villahermosa (1 year ago)
It isn’t a world war it’s only 2 contenints
VANPELT (1 year ago)
Terriost and arab are defferent Arab:Want peace Terriost:Want destroy
Your Muslim Brother (7 months ago)
Shia are kaffir rafidah slaves of America. Islamic state protect muslims
Ayun Oof (1 year ago)
wwe4 HH not only arabs.....MUSLIMS
Randy Branch (3 years ago)
I have an Idea for Isis
Randy Branch (3 years ago)
I have an Idea for Isis
Usama Morgan (3 years ago)
What the hell is taking so long in wiping-out all these isis cowards?
unleashed rider (3 years ago)
they look like they're just laying down. there is no blood.
Rap Zone 586 (3 years ago)
illumnati 199%
Rθηιη (3 years ago)
they are so far from Baghdad They were expelled from Tikrit and Diyala now the battle in anbar then mosul
sparrowgirl 98 (4 years ago)
Can anyone tell me how many radical extremist Muslims like ISIS members, does it take to install a light bulb?  None, because they would prefer to hide in the dark and blame everything on the U.S. and Israel!
richard murphy (4 years ago)
Christian Truth (4 years ago)
Its not ISIS its US soldiers dressed as ISIS 
Greg Howard (4 years ago)
the new "nazis" of our era. too bad half the world ignores this stuff. 
LordMalice6d9 (4 years ago)
The US army still to this day holds the world record for largest single mass murder in Iraq during the intentional bombing of the retreating Iraqi army in 1991 after their withdrawal from Kuwait known as the "Highway of death".  So ISIS is going to have to try harder if they want to surpass the reigning champions the US government in Iraqi mass murder.
100RAM100 (4 years ago)
Wasn't the Army, stupid.
Bhupender Singh (4 years ago)
kya islaam dharam yahi sikhata hai kaya ki bhai  bhai ko mare  kya inke pagamber ne yehi sikhaya hai
Alec Northrup (4 years ago)
isis is fake, all the videos are fake, just another creation of the united states.
jay borne (4 years ago)
this is not a muslim,this is syatan
XYZ LHT (4 years ago)
The situation in Iraq are caused by the U.S. government, the U.S. government killed a lot of people in Iraq, the world's most evil government is the U.S. government. The current war in Iraq should be fully liable for the U.S. government again
Jecky Mitra Saini (4 years ago)
Allahu akbar = Allah is Greater Allah = " God " in Islam  they said: allahu akbar, allahu akbar, while to killing people. they said: allahu akbar, allahu akbar, while to killing people. they said: allahu akbar, allahu akbar, while to killing people. they said: allahu akbar, allahu akbar, while to killing people. they said: allahu akbar, allahu akbar, while to killing people. The Question is " Who is Allah ?? " The Question is " Who is Allah ?? " The Question is " Who is Allah ?? " The Question is " Who is Allah ?? "
Muzuki Aye Muzuki Aye (4 months ago)
Allah is a 🐮 cow
KS bharat (7 months ago)
Allah is other name of Satan in disguise of so called their god..
Fire Ball (10 months ago)
Allah is a murderer!!!
Ragnar Onsager (1 year ago)
Jecky Mitra Saini Satan is allah. Bible says the anti Christ will claim to be of peace. Islam is the anti Christ anti Chrisitan Anti Jew. They are evil and we Americans will destroy their cult..
welder guy (1 year ago)
Jecky Mitra Saini god
da bugger (4 years ago)
fookin kiil em animals
David Melnick (4 years ago)
this is all completely fake, I hope everyone knows that....
Antarctica (4 years ago)
This reminds me of Nazi atrocities at the Eastern Front during WW2.
Daniel Almahdy (4 years ago)
@LordMalice6d9 Iraqi sunni's join ISIS like the Ukrainians joined the SS divisions. The problem starts when the lowest of low from the society in Europe joins them. 
LordMalice6d9 (4 years ago)
Nazi atrocities? Don't you mean Nazis murdering and killing Bolshevik mass murdering criminals and liberating the Ukrainian people from Bolshevik communist oppression? You even have cases of Ukrainian Cossacks willingly joining the various SS divisions of Hitler's army to fight against the Bolsheviks! There are always two sides to every story.
they killed everyone who tries to get in their ways. we lost more than 2000s innocent ppl in the far south provinces here.  they are like roaches in my country
e314ds (4 years ago)
@Greg Howard Don't you have anything better to do?
Greg Howard (4 years ago)
@e314ds who said there was?
e314ds (4 years ago)
@Greg Howard You can't prove there's a God.
Greg Howard (4 years ago)
@e314ds you cannot prove that. 
e314ds (4 years ago)
@Caroline23 It should be obvious to you by now that there IS no "God". "God" is an invention of man. Congratulations, you've been brainwashed.
Krinken Krinkensen (4 years ago)
Dont lett any of them travle home again.
Rahul Vaishnaw (4 years ago)
No friends... They are not terrorists.. They come from a peaceful religion. Peace in this world is impossible without these peaceful people from that peaceful religion.
Gagan Singh (5 months ago)
@Rekt M8 different sect of muslims or Muslim who don't agree with them. They consider them disbelievers.
Rekt M8 (1 year ago)
Rahul Vaishnaw islam has nothing to do with isis lmao. Isis's number one victims are muslim themselves soooo....
ami ami (4 years ago)
i am christian and I dont think that all muslims are bad people and i dont think that kuran says that people must be killed but if this is true please stop this religion.This people shouldnt be killed.
wang tie (4 years ago)
wang tie (4 years ago)
Marcus Mason (15 days ago)
your god, there god.......fools......
John Smith (10 months ago)
i expect they same as you but switch the gods name for their own
gwl78 (10 months ago)
The same jesus that let this happen.
West Nipp (4 years ago)
mass recruitment... awesome lets get as many as we can in one spot for a big IED
James Johnson (4 years ago)
I swear we should just leave this country alone for 50 years and come back and deal with the leader then. 
Shlomo Ben Hungstein (4 years ago)
in the last week it seems things with ISIS are getting much worse as the situation between Israel and that hamas armpit known as gaza are calming down. to no surprise all those muslims and leftists radicals who were having a field day on the internet about the war between Israel and hamas have mysteriously gone quiet as far as their "human rights" concerns when it comes to this crisis with ISIS, hey that rhymes.
Shlomo Ben Hungstein (4 years ago)
@LordMalice6d9 yeah that makes sense because it's not like russia invading and annexing a portion of The Ukraine had anything to do with the shit going on there. and as for the middle east it's not like the centuries old conflict between sunnis and shiite have anything to do with that shit not to mention the existence of all those wonderful jiadist groups like boca haram, al-gaeda, jabbat al-nusrah, hamas, jizzbola, al-shabob (the list pretty much goes on forever) along with all those tyrants that brutilize their own poeple that rule pretty much every muslim country. were you born stupid or is it something you work hard at every day?
LordMalice6d9 (4 years ago)
ISIS was created by Israel and the US to further destabilize the Middle-East. It seems like everywhere you go whether it be Iraq or the Ukraine you will always see US, EU or Israeli meddling.
Ferry Christian (4 years ago)
anjink sholomo
Shlomo Ben Hungstein (4 years ago)
@Muslimeen Bushido when it comes to idiots like you hamas themselves could point it out to you in their charter and you'd still deny it here. but feel free to internet search it, like ISIS . . hamas aren't very secretive about their ultimate agenda as far fetched as it is. so what are you more excited about? the down fall of Israel? of America? or that caliphate from Spain to China ISIS just revealed their planning? you're a just a another nidal Hassan waiting to happen you disgusting piece of traitorous shit.
Muslimeen Bushido (4 years ago)
@Shlomo Ben Hungstein Where does it say that in their charter? That was put out mousaad, I know what's in their charter, show me. So ya I am right again, but if you don't believe me, should I get a rabbi to tell you?
Thairish (4 years ago)
Godzilla (4 years ago)
Schlimmer als die SS im 2.WW
Rajesh Kashyap (4 years ago)
ISIS KILLED 5OO YAZIDIS AND CHRISTIANS: Infact this is the actual and true face of Islam. History of Islam is ridden with one genocide after another. Ever since the advent of Islam in the 6th century AD, there  has been bloodshed after bloodshed. Islam plunged the middle east, Africa , Europe into deep instability. The Islamic invaders fronm Saudi Arabia and elsewhere marched towards Middle East, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Europe, Africa and India, killing and mayheming people, occupying their lands, destroying their object of faith and converting people to Islam through killings, coercion, intimidation, threat, fear etc. These mass conversions destroyed the age old and ancient practices and cultures for ever. The so called PROUD MUSLIMS  of Middle East, Iran, Iraq, Africa, Pakistan, India and elsewhere in the world, need not be so proud of themselves, because their very ancestors were subjected to prosecution, killed, intimated and converted to Islam. Your women captured by these bludy Islamists and were sold in open market as sex slaves. It happened the same way as its happening today, ISIL selling young girls of yazidis and Christians as slaves. You see ITS HAPPENING LIVE INFRONT OF THE IMPOTENT WORLD, whos doing it, The ISLAMISTS, so that is the true face of Islam. And then you people say we are PROUD MUSLIMS. HAAH. When I write this you may feel angry. But Hey man, facts will always remain fact and the bitter fact is your forefathers were fucked up by the Arabs and Islamists and converted to Islam. You people were enslaved over centuries and made to follow and believe in Islam. So the present day PROUD MUSLIMS be they are SUNNIS or SHIAS are the byproduct of centuries of enslavement. If you don’t believe me, come on start digging your roots and remove the soil gathered on the centuries which you have otherwise ignored, then you will discover who your forefathers were and how peacefully they co-existed before the ISLAMIC INVASION took over them and doomed their fate and faith forever, in fact to point of no return. But I know you will not dig your history because it takes courage to do so and moreover you have been thoroughly Islamised and have been slaves of time, that is what Islamists at that time wanted and they achieved their objective. You PROUD MUSLIMS,  you know what happened to your ancestors, how they were brutalized and converted to Islam, take a peek in History and you will know. It happened in the same manner as it’s happening now to Iraq’s Shia’s, Yazidis’s and Christians i.e RUN, FLEE or CONVER TO ISLAM or  BE KILLED. Hey you PROUD MUSLIMS, your forefathers were killed and converted to Islam in the same manner by the then Islamic Zealouts, marauders, as the present day Self nominated bludy KALIF called BAGDADI, the so called defender of Islam is doing, Killing innocent unarmed civilians. Many centuries ago, these very Islamists killed and coverted your ancestors, destroyed the places of your worship, enslaved them, fucked up your women and made part of their clan and now you being their off spring, call your self as “PROUD MUSLIMS”. You have forgotten your ancestors and the atrocities committed on them, what you remember now is you are PROUD MUSLIMS. What a shame, What  a pity. The present attack by Islamists or ISIL on the helpless people of Iraq, reinforces the fact and make the world believe that ISLAM is the greatest CURSE to the entire humanity. The world would have been much peaceful had this religion not existed at all. Take a look around the world and you will notice, where there is Islam, there is trouble and troble. Killingd, Fighting, Seperation, blah, blah. This is the actual character of Islam.Islam does not respect other faith, forget that, they don’t even have respect and tolerance for their own different sects. That’s why today MUSLIMS ARE KILLING MUSLIMS. This is the greatest shame for Islamic WORLD. Islamists say, people who are nor Muslims are “KAFIRS” and need to be killed. That’s why  peace does not exist in their dictionary.  I feel pity for Muslim women, who are second class subjects of the Muslim world and have no modern day rights. Their voice is stifled and their opinions pushed under the carpet. Muslim women have been the worst sufferes over centuries. Have you wondered  why there’s peace and tranquility, elsewhere in the world and why there’s violence and bloodshed in the Muslim world. Reason is Muslims are intolerant and don’t know how to co-exist. Islamists preach “JEHAD” and plunging the region to senseless violence. I wonder whether they know what Peace is, because for centuries they have fighting and killing. I wonder they know what harmony is. I wonder they ever know what SALVATION is.  To attain salvation one has to renounce violence, the one who is non-violent can only attain God. Islam thinks the other way round, kill people and who are doing a great service to Islam. Their thinking is regressive, that’s why this bloodshed. I Think Islam should take some lessons from other  religions, especially Buddhism, the most peaceful religion on this Earth. Or else just stick to Islam and remain in the world of bloody madness, for your entire lifetime. Islam has done no good to the world, but has only polarized the mankind. You PROUD MUSLIMS, I feel pity for you,because you are slaves of time as Islam was thrusted  on your ancestors and you had no choice, but to embrace. But now this is 21st century , why don’t u trace out your ancestors and see who they were. Islam got spread through the power of sword, through invasion, conversions and violence, so this religion can never salvage a soul and will always breed hatred for fellow human beings. That’s why Muslims elsewhere in the world, keep fighting and will never attain peace, they will keep going after Jehad and will ruin other’s as well as their life. So you PROUD MUSLIMS, do introspect,, the desert storm which blew from Saudi Arabia and engulfed many a countries. Its time to remove the sands and discover your own fertile soil, why live in the sands forever. Try and discover your roots, which were destroyed systematically to establish Islamic societies. Discover your history, your own culture, not Islamic culture, the culture of your land, destroyed centiuries ago,, your faith, your customs. Discover the richness of your ancient civilizations, trampled by Islam. Hey You PROUD MUSLIMS open up  your sixth sense, and come out from the veil of Islam and discover the peace around you. Follow any other religion of the world or follow none, but for the sake of humanity Shun Islam, this religion will never bring solace to your butchered heart and will breed animosity and nothing else.  Always believe In LIVE AND LET LIVE. 
MiGhty ThOR (4 years ago)
frail weak iraqi soldiers.. ISIS wins
Mot Hei (4 years ago)
hey i am from israel and i pray for the arab world to stop this craziness
Jenia Finan (1 month ago)
Don't take Palestinian from us it's our country
razeel hassan (1 year ago)
ISIS is ISRAEL SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE formed by MOSSAD and the leader abu bakr al bagdhadhi is SIMON ELIOT OF MOSSAD ISRAEL,evrything was leaked you can see in the internet and youtube, OSAMA Bin LADEN a CIA Operative named as TIM OSMAN, Former cia agent leaked the truths 911 is an inside JOB AN ISIS soldier is caught in LIBYA in A MOSQUE who is also a JEWS MOSSAD agent, all things done by ISRAEL first you tell your government to stop acting and showing muslims as terrorist
pablo dela cruz (4 years ago)
us helps iraqi soldiers who are losing their war, but we do nothing to help syrian children who get gassed?   humanitarian to u.s. means helping if economically interested
the nu (4 years ago)
i dont undetand what happen about it
zombiewack (4 years ago)
Pointless ....totally pointless
Hanu Mandl (4 years ago)
Hanu Mandl (4 years ago)
Alexander Smith (4 years ago)
I hate religion sooo fucking much.
vincent SUN (4 years ago)
I think the organization ISSI is a coward? why because they kill innocent people, not only is it in any recording isis army always covered her face. HEY YOU  ISIS ARMY REPENT AND  IMMEDIATELY surrender,  BEFORE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD DESTROY YOU
andi adrian (4 years ago)
Ayo Indonesia Gabung !
David Choe (1 month ago)
andi adrian gabung ke isis atau iraq?
Ildikó Dési (4 years ago)
Ezek a férfiak anyáknak fiai
Amore Ku (4 years ago)
dont blame islam if u know nothing about islam if u dont like islam dont talk so much just wait for u dead u will find what is truth regelion is..they are was not moslem they just black sheep the islam ..n muhammd doesnot wrote the alquran but from alloh him self if u not believe in islam is ok just wait for u grave
zytv (4 years ago)
They are not real muslims!..This is the part of blacken Islam scheme ...This is what the western states especially usa(SATAN) wants,Unfortunately i can very clearly see that they are  successful...Actually ISLAM  IS A RELIGION OF PEACE!...Don t be lazy open the QURAN and read..(if you really want to know the truth) !!!....This is the game of westerners since many years,make them fight with a fitna and tell them ohhhh violence in middle east ohhhhh no human rights bla bla bla and occupy their land...
Rap Zone 586 (3 years ago)
+zytv u mean part of illumnati planes
100RAM100 (4 years ago)
Mohammad was a pedophile drug addict. While on a drug trip in a cave, a vision supposedly brought him the quran. Islam is a cult offshoot of Judiasm. Why the Muslims are always pissed at everyone else, because all cultists have an inferiority complex. Any group that worships a meteor is a couple bricks shy of a full load.
Greg Howard (4 years ago)
how can the quran mean peace when their own evil leader mohammed went about killing others? You are not for peace, your words give you away by calling a country (the USA) satan. You have extreme hate and xenophobic thought.
e314ds (4 years ago)
Wrong. The quran says over and over again "Harass and KILL infidels wherever they are found". Nice try though.
JosVideosHD (4 years ago)
To open and read what QURAN??? A copy in English that is not the true QURAN, or the true QURAN in Arabic Language that teach to kill and or die killing innocents in the name of the false god allah, in order to reach allah's glory???
K Hassan (4 years ago)
these US and Israel backed majoosi baby killing and raping Shit'te sons of mut'ah whores need to be killed for all the crimes against the Mulims of Iraq and Syria
VENOM SPiCE (4 years ago)
let them slaughter each other, stop helping these fucking idiots.
Ragnar North (4 years ago)
Kill`m em ALL!!!!! Fuck Islam
Rap Zone 586 (3 years ago)
fuck u and all the jews
Ragnar North (3 years ago)
Dun´re a bli Kjedelig....
Rap Zone 586 (3 years ago)
+Ragnar North nigga I speak English do u bitch
Ragnar North (3 years ago)
@Rap Zone 586 fuck jou...sry ..jou can´t...jou have no dig...
Rap Zone 586 (3 years ago)
+Ragnar North u hate islam so bad cuz islam fucked ur mama so bad
FIGHT FOR RIGHT (4 years ago)
Read the following article and you will get the answers of all your questions. HISTORY OF ISLAM & WAHABISM God (Allah) never wanted His world to be divided in the name of religion. He sent 124000 Messengers in this world to teach people Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, Way of Living, and Recognize God etc. etc. Some of the Messengers sent by God were  Adam (Adam), Noah (Nooh), Joseph (Yusuf), Jacob (Yaqoob), David (Dawood), Abraham (Ibrahim), Isaac (Is-Haq), Solomon (Salman), Harris (Haris), Moses (Musa), Jesus (Isaa), Ahmed (Mohammad) etc. and their names are already mentioned in Torah, Bible and Quran. When God sent Messenger He wanted that everybody should follow him, but some followed him and some remained with the previous one’s preaching and gave their community a name. As a result society got divided into different communities. When God sent Moses (Musa) He wanted that everyone should follow Moses. He also gave a holy book Torah to Moses in which the names of the previous Messengers and the coming Messenger i.e., JESUS, were written. However some continued to follow previous Messenger and some switched to Moses following and named their community JEWS. Thereby leading to creation of one more community.  When God sent Jesus (Isaa) He wanted that everyone should follow Jesus. He gave a holy book Bible to Jesus in which the names of the previous Messengers and the coming Messenger i.e., Ahmed, were written. Jews denied Jesus by saying that he was not that Jesus whose name was in Torah. Those who followed Jesus called themselves as Christians and a new community came into existence. When God sent Ahmed He wanted that everyone should follow Ahmed. He was the last Messenger of God. God gave a holy book Quran to Ahmed in which the names of the previous Messengers along with their stories, information on Science, human being and everything which you can’t think 1400 years ago are written in it. As Ahmed was born in Arab with the name Mohammad, Christians denied Mohammad by saying that He was not that Ahmed whose name is written in Bible. A new religion came into existence with the name ISLAM. Unfortunately the original Bible which was in Hebrew is replaced with the English version after editing and the same is the story with Torah. With the passage of time the world got divided into different group/religion in the name of GOD. Remember one thing that the GOD is one and same as the God of Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad etc. People call God by different names but He is one. Therefore don’t say bad words about Allah, Jehovah, and Yahweh etc.  After the death of Prophet Mohammad one group elected Abu Bakr as their Caliph but Ali who was the cousin, son-in-law and also the successor of Mohammad didn’t give recognition to Abu Bakr as Caliph. Large section of the Muslims was aligned to Ali’s thought and therefore they supported him. This led to formation of two groups, one supporting Abu Bakr, they named themselves as Sunni. The word Sunni derived from the word Sunnah which means whatever Prophet performs whereas the group supporting Ali named themselves as Shian-e-Ali which means friends of Ali. Now a day they only known as Shia means Friend. Some of the people in Arab accepted Islam against their wish because firstly the Islam was spreading very fast in the Arab and secondly they were losing their business as Muslims were doing their business only within their community. This was the third group that embraced Islam but their intention was to damage it as much as possible. They kept looking for all the opportunities to divide the Muslim community. When Sunni and Shia sects were formed this third group was entered in the Sunni sect and burnt the house of Ali, killed his wife Fatima, and seized Fatima’s property Bagh-e-Fidak. As a result due to this third group, conflict between Sunni and Shia started.  After the assassination of third Caliph Osman, Muslims made Ali as their fourth Caliph.  Muawiyah the son of Abu Sufiyan (who accepted Islam against his wish), governor of Syria thought that Ali was responsible for the assassination of Osman. Ali also wanted to remove Muawiyah from the governorship of Syria due to his ill deeds and oppressive nature. Muawiyah fought a battle with Ali which is known as the Battle of Siffin. This was the first battle among Muslims. Now the third group who was wearing a getup of Sunni was happy as Muslims were killing Muslims. Muawiyah was on the verge of defeat when he made a clever trick by placing pages of the Quran on his soldier’s lances, which signified that his battle with Ali should be settled not through fighting but by consulting the book of God. Knowing the wickedness of Muawiyah, Ali did not ordered his army to stop the fight. Ibn-e-Wahab who was in Ali’s army but was internally supporting Muawiyah revolted against Ali along with his supporters. This is how the third group which was wearing the mask of Sunni, formed their separate sect and came under the limelight as KHARIJITES (WAHABI). Wahabism is a thought which came from Ibn-e-Wahab, the leader of Kharijites, and was later spread by Abdul Wahab Najdi.  Ibn-e-Wahab along with his supporters formed an army and made the cantonment at the place called Naharwan. When a follower of Ali passed through Naharwan they killed him brutally. They opened the womb of pregnant ladies and took out the foetus. They chopped and they amputate the followers of Ali. They practice cold blooded murder of civilians in the name of Allah, Quran, and Islam. When this news reached Ali, he fought with Kharijites in the battle of Naharwan. This was the first battle between the Shias and the Wahabism. Ibn-e-Wahab’s force lost the battle and ran away from the field, but they decided to take the revenge from Ali, his family and his followers i.e., Shia. They Martyred Ali in the Mosque of Kufa when he was praying. In the history of Islam this was the first blood that shed at God’s place. They never respect Mosques. Wahabi can kill people in the mosque when they are praying. They Martyred Ali’s son Husain along with his family and friends in the field of Karbala which is in Iraq and the sequence never ended. Now the Wahabi Terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda, ISIS, DAESH, and ISIL etc. are killing Muslims especially Shias in the name of Allah and Jehad. While Jehad have some rules. In Jehad you can never attack first. You can only defend and attack only in defence. You are not allowed to kill innocent people, women and children. You cannot cut the trees. You can never chase and kill the running person.  In the current situation in Iraq, these groups have also killed many Sunni Ulemas because they were not supporting them.  They chewed the liver of a soldier, as Hind the wife of Abu Sufiyan did with Hamza (uncle of Prophet Mohammad) in the battle of Ohad. This shows that they are not the followers of Prophet Mohammad but the followers of Abu Sufiyan and Hind. Prophet ended the conflict between Muslims and Kafirs through Surah Al-Kafiroon by saying, “To you your religion, and to me mine”. Now the question is, if the conflict between Muslim and Kafir has been over, then why are they killing Shias, Christians, Jews, and Hindus in the name of God by saying Kafir to them?  Are these groups following the teaching of Islam? Are they Muslim?  The answer is obviously, No. Then why this sect is rising? Wahabi never called them Wahabi they always called Sunni to themselves. First they tell Sunnis to keep beard, wear cap, offer Namaz etc. Sunni think that these people are the true followers of Islam. Then they start spreading Hadees and Sunnah of the Prophet after distorting and fabricating them, and due to lack of Islamic knowledge among Sunnis they adopt their thoughts easily. Today this sect is known by many names such as Wahabi, Salafi, Najdi, Ahl-Hadith, Takfiri, Deobandi, and Jamaati etc. Western powers are supporting them for their own benefits and they think that this sect can dishonour the name of Islam and wipe out the Muslims from the world by forming a new religion. Western powers do not realize that when these groups point their guns before them, remember 9/11.
Waled Hashemi (5 years ago)
Is this what our beloved prophet teaches us killing another Muslim without any mercy? To hell fire to those who participate, killing & be killed among Muslim brother.
James Bond (4 months ago)
no. read about jainism & buddhism. @Gargantuan 75
Gargantuan 75 (1 year ago)
all religion is wrong.
Ragnar Onsager (1 year ago)
Waled Hashemi ur fake faith is evil. Time to get away from islam and let Jesus Christ into ur heart. The true God. Not same made up fake religion islam.
Joseph Brannick (5 years ago)
Wow, nothing has changed in that region for 4,000 years
Ragnar Onsager (1 year ago)
Joseph Brannick it's been around since 632AD!!! NOT even close to 4000 years u idiot. This ain't Christianity!!!!! It's islam..
welder guy (1 year ago)
Joseph Brannick even same rag clothing s
KeithMoon Beat (4 years ago)
Wrong . The whole shit load is not even 1300 years old . Mohammad has died about 632 Anno Domini . Calendar started with Christ's birth .
Angela L. (5 years ago)
Too all you liberals who thought the US soldiers were bad,,You now see how Horrible and Ruthless the Muslims can be too one another...This is going on all over the middle east...Muslims have been killing Muslims for over 5 thousand years....This is yet,another beginning too blood shed and chaos in the world...The flood gates of hell has opened up in Iraq,all in the name of Allah...
Abood4ever ツ (1 year ago)
Okay if this is what do u say and usa is a good country why do tornadoes always come to America
Angela L. (5 years ago)
Isis will now start there suicide bombers too hit civilian targets in Baghdad..Really..How cowardly can they get..Why kill Women and children...What sense does that make too kill Innocent Iraqi people..
Manda Marcell (5 years ago)
at the end you can tell she is in front of a green screen. noway she would be standing in the middle of the night dressed like that in Baghdad. 
Rajab Ali (5 years ago)
bloody budu the most harami,jahel and munafiq nation of the world, genetically budu can do any thing for the chairs, the nation of hyena.
Rajab Ali (4 years ago)
@khaled al the killers of cheldren and women bloody budu use the name of islam, you never can see any ex.free bloody budu leader but only in jails or graves[hell]
Khaled (4 years ago)
Hey who were the people who spread Islam
zuriel zuriell (5 years ago)
hate to be muslim
Gaming_ Sloth95 (4 months ago)
Yeah. say what you have to say But on the judgement day Allah (S.W.T) WILL NOT FORGIVE U
Jaeger V (1 year ago)
zuriel zuriell well there is no reason to stay ,u can just walk away .but remember u can't walk away from jihanam fire , god will be u in hizab al shatan

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