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Fashion King ep 10 best scene Ga Young Jae hyuk

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This scene is where Ga Young and Jae Hyuk get close to kissing once again! It was definitely an awkward moment lol For more of my fashion king stuff like screenshots check out http://www.vingle.net/Fashion-King this video belongs to SBS network
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Thanga Ralte (11 months ago)
ricko pratama (2 years ago)
I HATE THE ENDING THIS DRAMA IS SHIT... but i love lee gayoung
ALLY KK (2 years ago)
They should be together. He did all for her. He deserves to be loved by her. Lov tis couple
I wish they ended up together. But I haven't finished so NO SPOILERS! I just finished episode 10
Ellyana Rosa (3 years ago)
what is the name of the song in this video?
Nhàn Dương (3 years ago)
Tập mấy vậy
Don Chua (4 years ago)
If you think they shud be together, it means you havent watch the drama yet....a good drama but a very bad ending
Sarah Wei (4 years ago)
he reminds me of a more mature version of henry lau
taksin yala (5 years ago)
Mohamed Amine Sbaytti (5 years ago)
best couple eveeeeerrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! i didnt like the last episodes,, but oh my gosh i cant stop thinking about this perfect couple
Takichiiii (6 years ago)
So cute together!! Best couple of drama everr!! Best male performance ever!!! Best chemestry ever!! They'd tried to make him look like a bad guy but it wasnt matching at all!!
Pitipat Virunkawat (6 years ago)
I happy. they end up together.
Stephen Chung (6 years ago)
Fucking hate this drama !! Why the writer are bad ? I want yg and gy are in love at ending .
Jennifer H (6 years ago)
She is soooooooo pretty and he is soooooooooo cute!!!
sheruba srdb (6 years ago)
i think that they will ended up together.. i leave it to my imagination>> kyak! coz YG died.. so on episode 21 they ended together..hahaha..
gluck tle (7 years ago)
what channel is this plsss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tavita Iereneo (7 years ago)
they truly deserve each other they are such a cute couple!!!
Faidz Jasmi (7 years ago)
They looked GREAT together. I hope they have more projects together in the very near future. For me Jae Hyuk is emotional person BUT inside he has a SMOOTH and LOVING CARE character. Both done GOOD job.Congrats by the ways GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS to both of them.
Luuzerino (7 years ago)
they need to end up together omg! I mean if she doesn't end up with him I'm throwing something at the computer screen haha jk. But she confessed to the other guy that she loved him :( maybe she'll have a change of heart
naufal shakirin (7 years ago)
i want Shin Se Kyung and Yoo Ah In to end up TOGETHER but i think they are sibling..arrghh,i don't know why but i don't really like hyuk jae.=.=;;
devora1220 (7 years ago)
1Hanna95 (7 years ago)
Ahna and JH is the past now even she still loves him! But! She quit her job at Jfashion so gayoung will mabe take her position so Ah na will work with Young gul and maybe then he will get better as a person :) or! She will help him to be with gayoung idk :)
fragileheart1919 (7 years ago)
yes they are.. but who knows if scripwriter make a BIG twist in the end.. jae hyuk & ga young will be together in the end.. by popular demand.. :D won't blame people for liking this couple.. coz they really have a GOOD CHEMISTRY.. :D
1Hanna95 (7 years ago)
Actually the main actor is Ah ni and Gayoun if we see the drama so far
janshan888 (7 years ago)
Pls. Mr writer let them end up together
missGuidedme (7 years ago)
the look so perfect together :) they have more chemistry compared when they're paired of with ah in or yuri.
mckenzie (7 years ago)
She should end up with him.. Cuz he is always there for her when she needs someone unlike her so-called president.. The writers should let the main end up with the supporting actor for a change..
devora1220 (7 years ago)
if the writer make them together at the end then she/he is the best writer lolz....i love them so much to be together soooo much chemistry on them!!!!
sweetmjful (7 years ago)
i really wish they would end up together! she must realize she deserve 2 hav a more better life with someone who will truly love him n i think it's him..hyuk jae''
shesmilesJ (7 years ago)
I ship them!!! Unfortunately I already know they won't end up together :( ohh wishful thinking....
thow thowysg (7 years ago)
thanks for uploading...ga young & jae hyuk hwighting!! so much chemistry.. :)

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