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2014 kmovie ***fashion movie eng sub/Joowon/Ahn Jae-hyun

1528 ratings | 82939 views
#kissassian #kdrama #koreanmovie
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Text Comments (167)
Honeyta Amit (5 hours ago)
When I see anh jae hyun I feel want to see all the episodes of NJTTW
Bisma Ehsan (1 day ago)
Plz upload tiny times 2 with eng sub plz plz
Clarence Austria (1 day ago)
the sound its so good i wanna now what sound/music is that
Mohamed Ibrahim (3 days ago)
Does anyone know the name of the actress acting as his mother
Aparna Raju (3 days ago)
OMG............l like this movie♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
kimana seokjin (4 days ago)
bts, fighting and cute hearts .
alina zhara (4 days ago)
wow this is amaizing video! let me introduce my video for to know your opinion too? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMqVlyDx6sM http://fashion-film.ru/---- №3
Madhuri Pepakayala (4 days ago)
Fabulous movie. This goona my best movie ever. Love it so so much😍😍😍😍😍
Darwin Legends (4 days ago)
Asian crush brought me here
Siamese Panda (4 days ago)
Thank you For UPLOADING this❤❤❤❤
Yixingpra Zhang (5 days ago)
I cried a lot😭😭😭😭...... Love this movie
Maggie Erete (6 days ago)
The guy turned out to be very cute❤️❤️❤️
DM Cover (6 days ago)
1:05:50 everything gets better when your mom hugs you.❤
anuez queen bee (7 days ago)
Whoa the story is so relatable to webtoon lookism
Jam (7 days ago)
Joowon 😍
Khansa Muthi'ah (7 days ago)
"Let me heal your wound heart with my broken heart" I'm literally craying😭😭😭
BalKar Singh (7 days ago)
You did a great job by uploading it. I had wanted to watch it for so long but can't find it anywhere...... Thanks a lot
anji (8 days ago)
I loved this movie so much. I'm actually crying right now, no lie. I dont know why, but I am. 💞
Lea Venice T. Asong (8 days ago)
Here for sulli. 💖
Alex Chan (8 days ago)
Is that a swastika at 1:13:32??
brianna simon (8 days ago)
Who else cried😭😭😭
Bridgette Roxhburgh (8 days ago)
Best korean movie ever.......loved it. ...I too believe that- Ganji is our best weapon against brands....
Thelma (9 days ago)
This reminds me of lookism... The webtoon.
This is so Inspiring!
Archie Bindal (10 days ago)
The most weird one but still kinda funny
Malem Yensenbam (10 days ago)
Even the nerds look fashionable
sweety sweety (10 days ago)
Fashion never ends😊
Yam Fabulous (10 days ago)
that mother fucker won ho fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
・Haileyy・雫 (10 days ago)
Thanks for uploading this! Btw AsianCrush brought me here and it looks very funny to me!
Rain Montemayor (10 days ago)
1:20:26 wow! now that's a beauty
HIKARI GACHA (11 days ago)
Can u post *"THE WORLD OF US"*
pop watch (6 days ago)
Hello dear. I will try. Love lots.
anuez queen bee (7 days ago)
I need that too
P V (11 days ago)
Entiendo un poco el ingles si tan solo traducierán al español :'c
Twicezy (11 days ago)
I can't stop crying 😭😢 I hate that Won Ho guy 😕
pandora gacha studio (11 days ago)
thank you for uploding i was crying like 3 times in the movie❤❤❤
thor Supremo (11 days ago)
Vanna (11 days ago)
a n n x i e (12 days ago)
I feel bad for the other guy because of his stepdad.
KooKieMoRe BaNgTaN (12 days ago)
Is it just me or do I Kim won ho to win the show
Kwang Bae Tofu Uvero (12 days ago)
Upload more please 😁
Kwang Bae Tofu Uvero (12 days ago)
Great Movie ❤️
tae's tea (12 days ago)
I absolutely loved this movieeee.. thankuuu
indi B (12 days ago)
1:13:33 (look at the back of the guys jacket)
HIKARI GACHA (11 days ago)
Fa Ggg (12 days ago)
Omg I cried so much 😢💜I like happy ending
Sabreena rani (12 days ago)
وين بلاقي هاد الفلم مترجم
Mamamoo Stan1992 (12 days ago)
yoongsss boongz (13 days ago)
Kirsten Jamz95 (13 days ago)
Whats the real name of the girl wit glasses
sabrina The Ghost (12 days ago)
Sharon Rose Valencia (13 days ago)
i like k dramas, i like korea but i dont like how they treat someone. they like to bully weak ones, they beat up those they dont like. most of them are hot-headed. they are extremely violent people. i saw it in all korean movies and dramas. sorry but thats my opinion.
Tredreamchi Sangma (10 days ago)
You are right
Julia Ysabelle (13 days ago)
Love ittt!!!
우와 희민 오빠 진짜 대단한 작가구나.. 나 몰랐는데 ㅎㅎ
Yisabel (15 days ago)
I loved it!!❤❤❤
Binary Gold (15 days ago)
Binary Gold (15 days ago)
No i dodnt search korean subscribe to pewdiepoe
Carol Line (16 days ago)
The leading lady is from To the Beautiful You and tha leading man is from The Good Doctor? Correct me if Im wrong. I love those 2 😄😍😍
margareth catienza (12 days ago)
Yeeaa you're right
Joanna Fajela (16 days ago)
probably the weirdest movie I've ever watched but nonetheless I love it
Akanksha Tripathi (16 days ago)
Awesome movie!👌👌Everyone is perfect in their roles👍👍and I loved the character,Won-ho;played by Ahn Jae-hyun!❤❤Although,he is playing the antagonist here,I like him!😍😍He is so handsome!😚😚Currently,I'm watching one of his dramas,called-'Blood'!!✌❤
Mark Son (13 days ago)
+pop watch nice drama .....CAFK
Akanksha Tripathi (13 days ago)
+pop watch Ok.I will try!!☺
Akanksha Tripathi (13 days ago)
+Mark Son Yes,I know that!!☺
pop watch (13 days ago)
that drama made me like him :), if you have time, try also to watch Cinderella and the four Knights :)
Mark Son (15 days ago)
Blood couple is real ....they are married....
gifty Apreku (16 days ago)
Why do I feel like this movie just proves that Korean people are a bunch of hypocrites lol. When they exposed the video of him being bullied, they all found him disgusting, only the girl defended him. And now that he finally won they were cheering for him. Just a bunch of pussies and hypocrites lol. I love drama and all but sometimes, the bullying and the way the treat people is just...
Special Alpaca (16 days ago)
Oml I cried so much😭and I'm still tearing up even when the movie is done So touching~♥️😭
washamy Escalante (17 days ago)
Quiero verlo sin en español
Inez Neal (17 days ago)
One day I want a warehouse just like this.....
ShiftYT (18 days ago)
This movie tells me not to give up.
Annoying Narwal (18 days ago)
Guy gets beat up, framed, and embarrassed, for fashion.
shanu dhiman (19 days ago)
one thing i want to say about the movie is,who wrote the script for this and from where did he get this weird idea to make a movie about fashion. although the movie is good but its a little cringey.
Jack Zhou (19 days ago)
1:13:32 wtf is on his back
Ayushi Parashar (20 days ago)
Really a great movie
현〽김 (21 days ago)
ASIAN Crush brought me here 👇
ProceedWithCaution (2 days ago)
Same 😂😂
Katharine Kong (2 days ago)
Darwin Legends (4 days ago)
Madhuri Pepakayala (4 days ago)
Me tooo
Starry Pink (5 days ago)
Me too
Jasella Yeon (21 days ago)
Omg my heart cant handle this😞😭
Constantly Leo (21 days ago)
Thank you. Gracias. Yokwe. Merci. 😊❤
Melvin lantiza (22 days ago)
That one girl wearing a glass. She is very pretty and cuteee😍😍😍
I like Lyrics (6 days ago)
I cant wear glass XD
Jane Lalrinawmi (21 days ago)
Her name is sulli ex member Of F(x)
S KI (22 days ago)
Wowoow😊 moviee
Ilung Meru (23 days ago)
Great movie loved it🎈💪
Novia Purwasari (23 days ago)
Ga nyesel nontonnya ... Pesan moralnya bagus banget 👍
Beast mode Legend (23 days ago)
I feel like the way joo won acts in this movie is the same as good doctor.
고준 (23 days ago)
1:03:08 haha running man
고준 (23 days ago)
고준 (23 days ago)
Havta love movie/drama up loaders to lazy to search it up or go to a movie theater
Ophelia Chua (23 days ago)
the translations are sometimes inaccurate ☹️☹️
BYUN PHIXO (23 days ago)
Jae-hyun with simple fashion anx the others are so OA hahaha here if you wear something like that ur weird
Nutei Chhakchhuak (24 days ago)
wow...i love..ganji 😍😍
Notmyname X63 (25 days ago)
Umm ..... so who was the winner
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Aanya Singh (25 days ago)
The errand guy is ordinary how can he became so rich to afford these kind of clothes?
Aanya Singh (15 days ago)
+Angela Riego Can you suggest me some names of latest kdramas becoz I want to watch them all..😊
Aanya Singh (15 days ago)
+Angela Riegoyes you are right 🤔
Angela Riego (15 days ago)
also they sell fake/imitation so it's probably cheap
Angela Riego (15 days ago)
His friend designer gives him clothes i guess?
Naan Dii (25 days ago)
Ultimate respect.
Manju Shahi (26 days ago)
This is a great movie!!! Love it.
Clarity King (27 days ago)
I was crying😭 at how he still gets up despite of the bullying.. SO UNJUSTICE TO SEE Thanks for the upload.. i learned a lot😊 the ending is pretty much satisfying for me.
Minge Yang Pan (27 days ago)
thnks for uploading dis film... i was eagerly waiting for this... n can u upload d sweet sixteenth movie..
Jean Anthony (27 days ago)
aregatou gozaimasu kono eiga o appurodo suru tame no.....
Dilara Begum (27 days ago)
Rohan Singh (23 days ago)
The most beautiful lady is 'His Mother' in the whole movie according to me. 😍. Such a beautiful movie.
Wolfies Edits (27 days ago)
the mean dude kinda looks like jin from bts
c i x l (23 days ago)
ikrr he resembles him a bit
Momo-taro (23 days ago)
Wolfies Edits I really don’t see it, I’m sorry
sihem achaibou (27 days ago)
Such an amazing story I really like the heroes
Lily .L (27 days ago)
Thank you so much
Thief 69666 (1 month ago)
Is that naruto 1:12:50
pop watch (6 days ago)
Your comment made my day 😂😂😂
Hestia Astria (1 month ago)
NEO peachberry world (1 month ago)
I've been searching this since last year. I find the movie like this but no eng sub. oh go thank you for uploading this I appreciate it.
casaclang michelle (1 month ago)
Salamat/ thank you/xie xie ni for uploading this movie with english substitle...
pop watch (6 days ago)
+eralaine blanco opo :)
eralaine blanco (13 days ago)
+pop watch pilipino po kayo?
pop watch (15 days ago)
Walang anuman po :)
Ailene Mendoza (1 month ago)
At 1:13:33 I caught that Hitler sign in there.
ρυяє вℓιѕѕ (23 days ago)
Ohhh shittt lol
JENNPIE SALADASS (1 month ago)
Thank u so much for uploading this
jyoti alaria (1 month ago)
Who was the winner ????
Alyssa Mcbern (1 month ago)
What's the meaning of spreading your legs then someone will go through it
melmelmel melmelmel (18 days ago)
I got a dirty mind.........
Beast mode Legend (23 days ago)
What meaning do u want? 😂 It's obviously to make the person look like a fool!
Janine Toh (1 month ago)
ridiculing them, ie making you the "boss" & them having to crawl through like a dog

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