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Never Before Seen Marilyn Monroe Autopsy Photos

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Marilyn Monroe, the quintessential blonde bombshell, was one the biggest stars of her era and continues to be a towering pop culture icon today. On August 5th, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead of a drug overdose in her Los Angeles home. This all too common fate for illustrious stars seemed fitting for a woman known for her substance abuse problems and rocky personal life. However, the story around her death is filled with holes. What happened the day before decease? Why was Marilyn's dead body transported from one mortuary to another? How did the Life magazine obtain the photos of her dead body? Subscribe to The Story Behind https://is.gd/hixAAr Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/
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Text Comments (4284)
David Knight (13 minutes ago)
This is a truly revolting piece o exploitation. Autopsy pictures. Seriously! Shame on you.
anastasia carruth (36 minutes ago)
That looks nun like her wow but rip
Suraj Laishram (58 minutes ago)
Who is she..?
Hard Chaps (1 hour ago)
Suicide is not the solution. No matter how heavy it is, problems can be solved.
Bob Czz (1 hour ago)
Marylin was a MAN.
wat blief (1 hour ago)
a contract kill so i kill her
Rita B (1 hour ago)
I dont know if anyone notice, but those look like bruises on her face. Just saying.
I will never believe she took her own life. One day the truth will come out and those that lived in glory will be tarnished.
AGENT X SECURITY (2 hours ago)
Forrest R Oney (2 hours ago)
Nothing but a Baphomet transgender , That's why all the Baphomet trannies like Madonna , Sheryl Crow etc pay tribute to HIM . Stop calling this creature a "She" . Do a transvestigation on HIM .
ILUV ALL BBWS (2 hours ago)
What a Fucking waste
Orla Hunter (3 hours ago)
Where were your half a dozen roses when she was alive!? The tribute after she was dead is pointless
Veronica Payne (3 hours ago)
Will we ever find out what killed her l do not think it was suicide what do you think
if you give your pussy away ,and don't count the dick ,right it down in a piece of paper ,sit down and think ,how many dick did you suck ,and don't kill yourself
Craig Braelow (5 hours ago)
Joe DiMaggio had JFK murdered payback for Marilyn Monroe
Gypsy Treasures (5 hours ago)
Under the veil is NOT MARILYN. geeze, its z pin up model who posed AS IF she were marilyn. This is WIDLY KNOWN. get your pics straight!
Gary Sicemore (5 hours ago)
I'm not totally sure it was suicide her face looked awful bruised up.and after seeing that they should have been an autopsy. I find it odd every time she made an attempt of suicide they was always someone close by to make sure it did not happen all but this time. She was dating John and Robert Kennedy at the same time so who knows what all she knew about things.
Van Le (5 hours ago)
she’s so beautiful even when she died. so young to die
tom fiz (5 hours ago)
Is it possible that she was deleted and the evidence was planted ?
PSMRT MSRTA (6 hours ago)
Can't people let this poor woman rest in peace???????
Kali Turaga (10 hours ago)
I saw her ghost in my sleep in 2019. She was so beautiful. She wanted to say something but... I just forced myself to wake up.
Ronald Moorer (11 hours ago)
No matter what or who you were in life, we all must go back to what we all were formed from in the beginning, dust. We all will kneel before the Lord Jesus Christ too. He is all that matters in the end. Mark 16:16 Jesus Christ tells us what we must do to be saved. Dont go to HELL for this temporary life. Eternity never ends. Make Jesus Christ your choice while you are alive on earth so you can spend eternity in heaven with the father.
kitty viveen (19 hours ago)
I only clicked on this one to give a reaction. This is really, really disgusting. This woman was abused and exploited for most of her life, and some creepo did this with these photgraphs when she was dead. My heart breaks when I see this. Show some dignity here! This is a woman who committed suicide because she couldn't take it anymore, and then this?????? Where is the respect? Where is the decency? this kind of things should really be kicked out of YouTube. Revolting these kind of photographs.
marta szumska (1 day ago)
po o bejrzeniu zdjec merlin monro to jest szok nie zyjaca aktorka paparazzi mogli sie wsdyczyc robiac jej zdjec w domu na noszach mialam lzy w oczach znalam ja z filmow i prywatnie
Is it obvious? Someone murder her .. and in the video they said monroe has a phone in her hand ...i think she's asking for help when someone killed her ...sadly she die
Chloe Yuen (1 day ago)
August 5th is my birthday.....
random girl (1 day ago)
The Empty Medicine Bottles are Fake they Wanted it to look like thats a suicide but everyone knows the truth
Do the story of Ritchie Valens
carol hancock (2 days ago)
Was a icon and still the icon ,the beautiful Marilyn Monroe , taken to soon 😪😪
Mike Ivy (2 days ago)
I’m 64 and cannot believe how many celebrities , musicians, idols have died since I was born. So many...my turns comin...
Angelique tournaille (2 days ago)
Wes Wright (2 days ago)
I heard two psychiatrists say they, unknown to each other at the time, were giving her the same stuff. Overdosed? I don’t know if that was true but at least I heard something with my own ears rather than some person in 2019 saying “I think she was...”, because they hate this or that authority. Good on Joe DiMaggio.
Why all the marks on her face?
Paula Johnson (2 days ago)
She looked like she was beaten to death. The empty pill bottles appear to be props because no water glass or other beverage container was found near her. Such is life in the fast lane. Marilyn was fully aware that the Kennedys and many of her other playmates were married. She didn't give a hoot about their wives and children.
PMA Judge (3 days ago)
Cute Guinepig (3 days ago)
I don’t think she overdosed bc in the 2nd pic she’s covered in blood sooo. But I miss her so much and she was such an inspiration 😢😢💛💛💛
Baskerville22 (2 days ago)
It's NOT blood. It's the skin darkening from lying face-down when she died. Blood pools internally and gives a bruising effect
bigskies4ewe (4 days ago)
The supposed "death photo" of Marilyn's face (side profile) has been proven to be faked. They took a photo of Marilyn that was widely distributed (see link), and superimposed it over what was probably a photo of another deceased woman/cadaver. When will people stop believing the crap on the internet??? Wise up people. If you take this photo, rotate it left, and compare to the FAKED photo in this video, you will better understand: https://www.forgottothink.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/marilyn-monroe-20-years-old-9.jpg When you compare the 2 photos, you will see that although the nose, eyes, mouth, chin and SOME of the ear are the same, the hairline is absolutely NOT Marilyn's in the "fake death photo".
Robert Telarket (4 days ago)
Decades ago I saw a photo of her after death on the coroner's table. The face was very very very wrinkled like a dessicated mummy. You'd never believe it was Marilyn Monroe.
John-Paul Nagel (4 days ago)
Bobby Kennedy was Supposedly Behind it Also The Morning of Her Death 2 L.A.P.D. Detectives went to The Phone ☎️Company and Retrieved Her Phone Records Very Odd The House 🏠 is Off Sunset Blvd
B S (4 days ago)
She was killed let's be real! She slept work 2 brothers threatened to tell what she knew she knew to much
David Jones (4 days ago)
It is common knowledge that she was murdered by the Kennedy's to shut her up. The overdose was administered anally. Nice touch by the killers...placing a phone in her dead hand.
Dave Potter (4 days ago)
I have a question for all you morons that believe in the government..... Back in the 20's and 30's the mob wouldn't let you keep a business or a house unless you paid "protection" money. Now, you can't own a business, house, car, or land without paying the government something I call protection money. You might call it "taxes". You can't even own land that is already paid off and you have the title to. You STILL have to give the government "Their cut or tax" or they will confiscate it. Nothing more than legalized gangsterism. I just can't see how people put up with this bullshit and let those bastards walk all over them. Hell, you never hear about these pricks until it's time to vote them back into their cushy jobs. I better stop, I'm so pissed!!!!!
Dave Potter (4 days ago)
My Uncle was in Dallas and witnessed the whole thing. He told us on his deathbed 2 years ago that he had taken his last picture about 2 seconds before JFK's head exploded. He heard the shots from the grassy knoll and witnessed 2 men running away with a rifle but when he went to tell the agents, they hurried him off to a secluded place, confiscated his camera and told him that if he ever mentioned what he had seen, his WHOLE family would disappear. He had no reason to lie. He wasn't that way.
Dave Potter (4 days ago)
Also back in the 50's and 60's it was common for young people to die of heart attacks caused by a syringe full of air shot into an artery. They would see the injection site but no trace of drugs. Think about it.
Lisa Kwm (4 days ago)
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devin houser (4 days ago)
Why in the fuck is the cia not shutdown for corruption murder 911 inside job crime after crime and still not in jail
Francis1969 Aristotle (5 days ago)
Its a very sad photo
Willa Wolfendøttr (5 days ago)
The handling of her body and constant moving of her seems mighty suspicious. And I find it strange that once again it is her stage name on medical documentation.
ìshu raj (5 days ago)
Now everyone one is respecting ms monroe after she died but now one cares when she was alive what she want only support but people potray her identity as sex symbol which is wrong.but now it doesn't matter at all coz no cares when alive she always abuse and molested by film industry .i feel really bad for her .i don't know there is something that i felt very about people those who treated other person coz they r innocent .may god bless you "miss marilyn monroe".
Lyndsey Carr (5 days ago)
Sad story of what happened to a beautiful woman.
lupe Lopez (5 days ago)
She was fucking murdered! Just look at her face, you really think an overdose would do that to someone?!?!?
Is sad but the Kennedy Family murder her...she knows to much...
but can he do this (6 days ago)
yet on her last photo,she looks peaceful.
Aadhish Pathare (6 days ago)
Marilyn Monroe for me was a fighter. A badass with a pretty face. Her whole life was a battle. But unfortunately she lost as one needs support to win a battle. Marilyn never had a support system. Life is no different for us all as well. You know..... " Its a jungle..... sometimes it makes me wonder.... how I keep from going under". Thus, as fans and followers, getting over all our fears, anxieties, depression and all other sorts of psychological conditions and staying strong until the end is the greatest kind of tribute one can pay to our star. So find your redemption, and make our beloved Marilyn up above........ smile.
Tommy Jensen (6 days ago)
Jack Kennedy was the killer
MouseBrowser (6 days ago)
Very nice tribute.
Black Eagle (6 days ago)
August 15 1962 Marilyn already gone and follow up by Mr President after 15 months. This is set up and high profile figure Don Jonnson for power with Mafio , CIA , FBI , Russian and Castro.............. 1 man to be blame for President ????????
Kristine Mae Dorado (6 days ago)
The CIA branded her as a threat to the US as she was related to JFK and then she was said to had slept with Fidel Castro...which may come as threat if she ever transmitted any info that may compromise the US... the CIA hitman who killed her confessed the assassination... she was the only woman who he had been ordered to kill....
Samantha Harris (6 days ago)
Funny and intelligent and knew too much.
Singidunum Singidunum (6 days ago)
Bob Pants (6 days ago)
She sure had a shity bedroom set
Arman Sison (6 days ago)
She killed her self
Australian Grumpy (6 days ago)
The sad thing is that she got involved with the wrong people.
Corinne Contino (6 days ago)
I don't care what anybody has to say that is not Marilyn Monroe s body that they're showing is dead. That is not Marilyn Monroe's body.
Robert Mofford (6 days ago)
DiMaggio's final words were "I'll finally get to see Marilyn.
Enrico Galassi (6 days ago)
Angry Grizzly (5 days ago)
Who is it then?
Bill Hawes (6 days ago)
God bless Joe Dimaggio! All those years he could have written a book or exploited her. But he never did. That kind of gentleman is extremely rare. RIP both of them!
"I'll finally get to see Marilyn." - Joe DiMaggio's final words before he passed away. Sad.. RIP to both legends 🖤
suzycreamcheesez (6 days ago)
bore not bared Fix it!!
Ken Promo (6 days ago)
everybody knows Trump did it
Snail Gurl (6 days ago)
Of course she had an affair with JFK and the government had her killed to keep her silent!! That’s how they do it folks ! And you all TRUST the government 😂😂😂 sorry they aren’t here to protect you or help you ... humanity is not a protected society.... we are treated like cattle.... let Marilyn Monroe set a great example of how the government works .... is a staged event that makes it look like someone committed suicide which thus is a false cover up plan. So if you want to believe the FAKE NEWS they share then welcome to government manipulation!!!
musicismydrug c (6 days ago)
Was the price she paid worth it? NO!!! RIP M.M. 🌹
Cupcake bear (6 days ago)
My mom loves her she has a pic of her on the wall to rember her (❤5/12/19)
Peg Kilday (6 days ago)
Why pit never before seen pictures in the title then go on to say they were published in time magazine?
mig-l John Doe (6 days ago)
Click bait. Scumbag.
Lica1 (6 days ago)
Suicide!?? As the glamour icon she was, surely she wouldn't have intentionally killed herself stark naked with no make-up on? From a woman's point anyway! Would she really want anybody to find her in that way??
Angry Grizzly (5 days ago)
If she was suicidal,then yes.People do not think straight if they are suicidal.
Nancy Reid (6 days ago)
she looks like she has masses of bruising
Peggy Seals (6 days ago)
Sweet dreams!
alison norcross (6 days ago)
Crypt 33 abit madonic?
Giovanna Sophie (6 days ago)
...bellissima per sempre...🌹
Steve Horn (6 days ago)
How sad!!! That didn't even look like her. Her face bones looked broke. There is more to her death then we know. She got mixed up with some wrong psycho men it seems to me!! What a waste of a beautiful woman😢
Justine Njeim (6 days ago)
If this really is a picture of her face then she looks awfully peaceful...
JAYKAY morcephi (6 days ago)
She looked like she had been beaten.
Kiki's Pets (6 days ago)
She looked so peaceful after she paased
A (6 days ago)
that was murder
MAC THE SLOVAC (6 days ago)
what killed Marilyn was her involvement with the Kennedys
istode eugen (6 days ago)
rip...... pui....
Anna M (7 days ago)
Looks like she was beat up.
Andressa Cristina (7 days ago)
Alguém depois do vídeo da Jac??
Doris Bunnao (7 days ago)
78 years old CIA Agent confesses on deathbed " I killed Marilyn Monroe " 2019
Bella Bijou (7 days ago)
Pretty messy bedroom...
ALANA LOPA (7 days ago)
She's an inconvenient woman. . . An inconvenience to whom? NO one will EVER Know
Linda Grey (7 days ago)
The video omits so much. Yes, a high level of drugs were found in her system at autopsy.. but none in the stomach at all. The method of ingestion was through her anus... proof of murder.
RUDY DEL VECCHIO (5 days ago)
@Linda Grey. You might be right on that one. It might have been a suppository put up her. She had discoloration of the colon. I don't know.
Crizane Thea (8 days ago)
She was killed by a CIA
Zero Video (8 days ago)
Today found about who killed her it was CIA
Rhea Jack (8 days ago)
The girl everyone wanted to be hated herself
Jc Reyes (8 days ago)
It’s sad that she didn’t make it to Heaven.
Chimisu Lamiel (8 days ago)
Can here after i read an article said an CIA killed her
von 50 (8 days ago)
Shame on you for posting this..All of us that loved this' iconic' woman did not need to see her like this!!
Michael Freeman (8 days ago)

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