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LangHe Medical - CircCurer - Disposable Circumcision Suture Device - 2nd generation-Adult

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Website: www.langhemedical.com; Email: [email protected]; WhatsApp: +861862073535 CircCurer (Disposable Circumcision Suture Device) is a novel circumcision device, and it’s a single step device that achieves excellent post-operative results both cosmetically as well as being an excellent time saving device. It designed based on bowel anastomotic stapler principles, it mainly consists of a glans bell, a trigger, a circular scalpel, and suture stapler. It is operated by simply squeezing its handles to trigger the circular scalpel blade and stapler, thereby removing the foreskin and creating the anastomosis at the same time. The cicatrices created smooth appearance as compared to the more nodular appearance found in the suturing method. An average of 7.7 minutes was achieved in a study conducted on 62 patients as opposed to far greater times for traditional methods. Post-operative edema is also greatly reduced. It completes hemostasis and severance in one easy step by a simple firing mechanism of the device. A great reduction in pain renders not only the overall patient experience but allows easier change of dressings greatly reducing any risk of post-operative infections. When new tissue grows will push staple out and staple will drop automatically after one week, 30-45 days drop completed. We are the original inventor and standard setter of this circumcision suture device, also the leader in this technology, CircCurer is our invention patent product, we invented in 2009. Now it has been widely used in about 2,000 hospitals and exported to more than 20 countries. CircCurer (Disposable Circumcision Suture Device) is easy to operate and free surgeons hand at utmost, it’s also provided a new circumcision concept and new treatment option to both doctors and patients. More information please check our website www.langhemedical.com Email: [email protected]; WhatsApp: +8618620735357
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Text Comments (1981)
الكاتب ALKTAB (13 hours ago)
This in islamic cat 🌹
carlo de jesus (18 hours ago)
Here in the philippines circumcision are basically done for guy normally ages 9 to 12 years old
Not That Trickzter (18 hours ago)
Oo nga nagpatuli ako nung isang linggo ngayon medyo okay na
hong ly (19 hours ago)
LUCKY YOU (20 hours ago)
is it good to masturbate in 7 days after circumussion?
عبود حاج (21 hours ago)
ختان الرجال عند غير المسلمين كأني هيك. فهمت. الفيديو. ولا شي تاني
T PHILL (21 hours ago)
عبود حاج oh sorry my freind
عبود حاج (21 hours ago)
I did not understand what she says+T PHILL
T PHILL (21 hours ago)
Huhعبود حاج
luvvideos07 (23 hours ago)
mitoELplatano14 (1 day ago)
Won’t the tip hurt
Rohit Rohit Kumar (1 day ago)
inder singh vaalu (1 day ago)
Send me ur number I want this treatment my number 00971555392953
Pujha Ani (1 day ago)
*no one said no homo. That’s gay.* *no homo...🍌*
Xanali Xanaliyev (2 days ago)
People are really stupid
Terri Campbell (2 days ago)
tinyurl.com/SeXDatingGirl14xli වසර කිහිපයකට පසුව විවාහ රැස් කරනු ඇත ඒ නිසා
Nasir Ali (18 hours ago)
03110477024 wathsap
Rohit Rohit Kumar (1 day ago)
Terri Campbell 8887759436
çhárlîé àlôns (1 day ago)
it's blocked??
Rophiejane Monroy (2 days ago)
*"Girls be like"*
bob georgio (2 days ago)
Glad my parents didn't do that to me
Toni Mel (2 days ago)
Evil people!
MrEagle2704 (3 days ago)
What's wrong with his voice lol
go on life hacks gian (3 days ago)
Radovan Ranisavljev (3 days ago)
Why anyone want to be circumcised?
Steven 30105 (3 days ago)
Sarah DeVera (3 days ago)
Can someone please explain why 80% of these comments are talking about "Gekyume's circumcision? " isn't that XXXTentacion's kid? Why would we be able to see a video of it online? And why were so many people searching for it? Lol I just wanted to see why phimosis looked like and this came up.
Mike Jones (4 days ago)
Dick turned brown to white lol hahahahaha
Jazper Omiles (4 days ago)
Ihko Gonzalez (4 days ago)
The next generation will not suffer like hell
Godly Noob (4 days ago)
Ideal Waifu (4 days ago)
I remember the pain back when im 8 years old
Babbu Rai (1 day ago)
Ideal Waifu sex sexy sexy
Babbu Rai (1 day ago)
Ideal Waifu sexy sexy c-cex
puspita sari (4 days ago)
Yege Yege (1 day ago)
Puspita sari punya saya juga big size neh
Minh Cao (4 days ago)
puspita sari 0915332428
Jose Guadalupe (4 days ago)
Why ???? 😭 is this really necessary ???? Looks fucking painful
Abariel Dreemurr (3 days ago)
It isn't at all if it's done properly
Idk what is gekyume circumsicion and i watch that wtf
Teja Natraj (5 days ago)
I cant touch inside my foreskin can u suggest me anything??
My loving vishu (9 hours ago)
+zoer_bra Nope, I am Indian live with my Family. Its really Hard and nearly Impossible to make conversation with my family. So I am happy, What I am. May be that pain gives me more sex appeal. I also dont want to Circumcise.
zoer_bra (14 hours ago)
Teja Natraj you don't even know what they do because you sleep man
zoer_bra (14 hours ago)
Teja Natraj no bro, i was sleeping it's not painfull. I pissed normaly now for the first time with circumcised penis and i don't even know how it looks because i have bandages on it. For now i walk normaly, i piss normaly and i think i could work normaly. I was shaking before the operation i swear, now i'm super okay
Teja Natraj (14 hours ago)
Is circumcision is painful surgery???
zoer_bra (16 hours ago)
Teja Natraj i operated it and at this moment it doesnt heard because of anasthesia. I will keep you updated these days
Jeevan Lama (5 days ago)
Jeevan Lama (5 days ago)
Gilberto BRASIL (5 days ago)
Why (5 days ago)
I came for gekuyme, but like... what happens to the veins? You can just cut them like that?
zoer_bra (1 day ago)
Why thanks a lot m8❤️
Why (1 day ago)
+zoer_bra Oh well, I shall wish you good luck
zoer_bra (1 day ago)
Why my circomsision is in 10h. Tomorow i will anaswer your question
باسم pasm (5 days ago)
المشتهيه تيجي 00966564587108
WerdOrtsac (5 days ago)
Just preparing for gekyumes circumssion
zoer_bra (1 day ago)
Mine is in 10hours
WerdOrtsac same
Heroin Bxby (2 days ago)
Me to
AFPP MiloTaterTots (5 days ago)
Bruh all I searched up was Gekyumes Circumcision now I gotta wipe my history
Cheeto TheBear (5 hours ago)
All I searched up was why does my skin feel tight after I take a shower...
Justin Ramirez (1 day ago)
Oh Yeah yeah guy (2 days ago)
Savagegaming 17 hey can you pour your poisonous blood in my eyes
Savagegaming 17 (2 days ago)
Oh Yeah yeah guy (4 days ago)
AFPP MiloTaterTots same bro
Лучше бы мозги для себя подрезали!
Circumcision is not necessary if you can retract your foreskin. I don't have circumcision and I can retract muy foreskin easily. I can mastubate me for hours and many times without any hurt sensación and no presence of blood. There is a false myth that only circumcision protects of HIV. Manual retraction of foreskin before adolescense is even better that circumcision.
كرار بغدادي (6 days ago)
07712743131 💔💔💔
Sylince71 (6 days ago)
Wow sexy
Playtagain Sam (6 days ago)
zoer_bra (6 days ago)
My circomsision is in 6days, i will keeep you updated. I'm 20 ❤️
Idk its ok now ig
AFPP MiloTaterTots (5 hours ago)
zoer_bra foreskin lives matter
zoer_bra (13 hours ago)
Phoenix i did it. First 4 hours i feel great and for the first time i pissed with circumcised penis feels great. At this moment i don't have pain. I walk normaly everything is ok. I was sleeping while they operated me so i didn't feel anything. Now i'm in hospital waiting for a doctor to explain me what i will do next and it feels great. I swear i was shaking like psyhopath before the operation becase i was scared af. Now everything is okay and i will keep you updated for next 1 month. I hope you understand my english 😀
zoer_bra (17 hours ago)
Mates i did it i swear i'm too happy. Anastesia is steel doing her job. I will keep you updated what will happen next
zoer_bra (1 day ago)
Phoenix thanks a lot, it's in 10 hours 💪
news best (6 days ago)
All muslim male this complete basicaly and i am also
h k (6 days ago)
What happens to the veins that run along the foreskin? Don't they need to be redirected somewhere?
raheem uk (6 days ago)
It easy even any lady could perfom it on her husband!
dregon Red (6 days ago)
저거 왜 짤라?
mrbooglesopus (6 days ago)
"Keep the foreskin be in relaxing state during the operation." Wow. I would just love to have my penis partially chopped with a cheap chinese veggie slicer that doesnt even have good instructions in English. Can't image the peace of mind THIS device brings to people.
RS rifat4489 (6 days ago)
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learn everything Khan (7 days ago)
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Raphial Lee (7 days ago)
I will pass. I like my forskin
jorgehoty (7 days ago)
How did I get here. Ouch my penis
Wahyu Nani (7 days ago)
Moslem sunat..
Rahman ULLAH (7 days ago)
Ewry Muslim this
Rahman ULLAH (7 days ago)
I am so happy I am musleem
Nikhil Saini (3 days ago)
Rahman ULLAH (7 days ago)
Fast Islam this ok
venu gopal (7 days ago)
Will the foreskin not grow again?
ro (6 days ago)
venu gopal are you fucking kidding me 😂
9845027639 J (7 days ago)
xKaries (7 days ago)
Gekyume has entered the chat
Somasoma 1982 (3 days ago)
XxSWAGZ-GAMINxX (7 days ago)
He forgot to say no homo
Raimundo Felix (8 days ago)
Torture device. Male circumcision is genital mutilation.... what the fuck is wrong with this world.
Nur Asiyah (8 days ago)
Mosok sunat dik vceples
Yege Yege (1 day ago)
Alat sunatnya canggih, langsung jadi dan tanpa pendarahan. Jadi iri sama anak2 jaman now, sunat ngak sakit kayak jaman aku disunat. Jaman aku dulu disunat oleh pak mantri, kulupnya langsung dipotong pakai pisau ngak dijahit lagi dan bukan main sakitnya, kapok deh kalau disunat lagi
raditya adli (5 days ago)
ikan bilis (8 days ago)
https://youtu.be/VhO4j1J03qY reall
Mike Capporta (8 days ago)
Thank God I have all of my meat
Mike Capporta (5 days ago)
+wali awghan you like 👍
wali awghan (5 days ago)
Melissa Murr (8 days ago)
tinyurl.com/SeXHotDatingWoman84x වෙහෙසට මිනිසෙකු නම්, උදාහරණයක් ලෙස,
AFPP MiloTaterTots (5 hours ago)
chandrakanth kantakar (16 hours ago)
Rinku Singh f
Naveen Kumar (22 hours ago)
ItsDavis 772009 (7 days ago)
Your So Nude
Online Girl (8 days ago)
raheem uk (6 days ago)
Do You like circumcision
raheem uk (6 days ago)
Dipankar Maity (8 days ago)
Kumar Sanu Sherpa (9 days ago)
very good
Anya Lu (9 days ago)
割包皮 好恐怖
a good way but expensif i prefer my traditional way !!!!!!! you can see more related video in my channel welcome everybody https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRqBIGYye9Deonkl8zeGiHQ
a good way but expensif i prefer my traditional way !!!!!!! you can see more related video in my channel welcome everybody @UCRqBIGYye9Deonkl8zeGiHQ
F Satria (9 days ago)
indra chanel (9 days ago)
Iki opo
marilyn lavesores (9 days ago)
raheem uk (8 days ago)
Seems tobe painfull
Jayden Calderon (9 days ago)
Now I can perform Gekyume circumcision.
Kimzanjen Daan (9 days ago)
Ang sakit naman
عربي حق لايك
hyder ali hingorjo (10 days ago)
Oravankarva (10 days ago)
Wau, impressive! I wasn't expecting that thing to work like that. Btw, HOW IN HELL I ENDED UP HERE?
Ali Hussam (10 days ago)
Oktavianus Kerong (10 days ago)
akatsuki obito (10 days ago)
Tú Nguyễn Thanh (10 days ago)
Gê wa
Beautifull Queen (10 days ago)
Fucking lol
Arda Kartiwan (10 days ago)
MANY BENEFITS OF CIRCUMCISION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERV2qNiBvr8
um ks passiv g (10 days ago)
احححح نموت على الزبوبة المختنين
Mohamed Mohamed (7 days ago)
um ks passiv g هههههههه اعلاه راجلك ماشي مختن ....؟؟؟؟؟؟ ههههههههه
raheem uk (8 days ago)
المطهر تحبونه بس ختان الكبار هوايا مؤلم و محرج
Real_oohjether (10 days ago)
I want this circums..
On le fait dès la naissance..et traditionnellement.
Oledre Ivaan (11 days ago)
Сука, хули у меня это делает в наставлениях !
ariana00 (11 days ago)
Sakit woi
UpstairsSignificance (11 days ago)
Minecraft gekyume circumcision
Ali Hussam (10 days ago)
Hello where r u going
Ali Hussam (10 days ago)
Hello im masterbtue my penis now f u want be with me u can come
Ali Hussam (10 days ago)
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Ali Hussam (10 days ago)
Rais Riyaz (11 days ago)
This is what islam have told us muslims doing this in wen child is of 2 to 4 years its known as khatnah in arabic inshallah eryone in world going on the way of islam
forlorndata80 (11 days ago)
Y tf is this a thing
bary derto (12 days ago)
Esto deberia estar prohibido en youtube
Katir Dawa (12 days ago)
mjbDaBeast (12 days ago)
How the f*ck I get here
Danny p (12 days ago)
my dick hurted by watching this video
FUN TIME (12 days ago)
I already done.

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