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Fashion King Young Gul and Ga Young kiss!

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Ga Young takes matters into her own hands and just plants a big kiss on Young Gul. Sadly he seems to reject her even though he can't stop his heart from racing. For more of my stuff on Fashion King check out http://www.vingle.net/Fashion-King
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Arabella Bagacay (2 months ago)
His reaction is so AMAZING! If I am the director I will pick him for my best movie!
Qual es o segredo de beijar de olhos abertos
Alpha Golf (7 months ago)
Forget about watching this unless you're prepared for a tragic end. The man who gave up everything for his girlfriend died for nothing. The dimwit girl who's just a pretty and lucky enough to have a talent gets everything with hardly any effort. The other girl who sacrificed for both guys ends with nothing. She's just blessed with a foresight to evade sinking into the pit with the lead character. There's one thing consistent about this TV series, it's taken deceptive turns to the very end. Pathetic!!!
michelle hipolito (28 days ago)
Fashion king season 2 Waiting.
Sirena82 (4 months ago)
Alpha Golf , when did he give everything for her! He actually started up by stealing her design making so much money out of it but at least was decent enough to to get her a plane ticket to the US as a payment. Then, when he got to the US, she sacrificed EVERYTHING for him and lost any opportunity to advance herself and lost her scholarship for him. Then when he went out of jail, he got back to leach on her when she was about to have her life on track. Not really sure how u come to a conclusion that he even lost anything for her. He just kept using her and when he knew the other guy is interested in her, he hired her to him. He is actually everything a girl need to worry from. Finally, he makes bad and illegals thing and leave her behind to the other guy to clean his mess. Im seriously puzzled by u saying he did thing for her. She was actually the one doing everything for him. I’m glad the other guy find the letter and hide it from her, she would have run back to that sleazy guy until he finds a way to use her again. She also kept telling him to leave revenge behind and just stay by her side even if they sleep on the floor of the factory but he always carved everything behind him means including the second guy girl. He just kept making his life a mess and dragging her along.
Georgette Jasso (9 months ago)
Hola, alguien me puede ayudar con el nombre de este Dorama y en dónde lo puedo ver en español por favor Gracias
maria socorro (8 months ago)
El nombre es fashion king y puedes verlo in dramafiver
como se llama el dorama
maria socorro (10 months ago)
Wath ep??
Edinalva Lima (11 months ago)
eu mais legenda em português BR
Sakshi Chopade (1 year ago)
She is miserable in almost all dramas
Dolapo Kosebinu (8 months ago)
You are also a miserable person for typing this trash.
Sirena82 (10 months ago)
But I like all her dramas lol. I guess I'm into more tragedy and sad dramas. But you can watch her in the girl who see smell. She is not sad there and it's a good kdrama actually.
Apu Roy (11 months ago)
Yes. She is
Gahabb Bsbsbzb (1 year ago)
Aigooo aigooo
Icha dhiyah Ucam (1 year ago)
What name this drama??? plizzz
Genella Ambet Giwang (10 months ago)
Icha dhiyah Ucam FASHION KING
Phim gi vay
28darkangel (1 year ago)
I love how the story goes but was so dang disappointed with the ending!
Jessica Luxe (7 months ago)
28darkangel whyyy what is the ending
Don McNeil (1 year ago)
She made My Heart Melt when She Kissed Him..
Don McNeil (1 year ago)
English Please. Thank You.
Delicious Cpagethi (1 year ago)
와~ 어이가 없네
Mimi Anastasia (1 year ago)
The end is sucks..
Woro Wuninggar (1 year ago)
I love yoo ah in
Rahayu Winingsih (1 year ago)
ekspresi nelen ludahnya itu loh imut banget. 😂😂
Marcyq (1 year ago)
Amazing drama but very very sad 😭😭😭 Yoo Ah In is the best
N8aa Ro7 (1 year ago)
queens of ice ❄
Aquarius (1 year ago)
His expression ....... lol........ Damn Yoo Ah In !!!!!!!!!!
Bxby Clara (2 years ago)
nona ali (2 years ago)
Kiang Rita (2 years ago)
nona ali. ..
Sara Lachhab (2 years ago)
اي حلقة
Son Nguyen (2 months ago)
Cho mình hỏi phim gì vậy ạ
Taeyang Kim (1 year ago)
Imelda Pandy She said. Wich ep
Imelda Pandy (1 year ago)
English sub please,
Bunda Ssoulisa (2 years ago)
fashion king is the best
amal khaled (3 years ago)

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