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Do glasses make a girl ugly? Movie logic 😂 | Clip from Korean teen comedy 'Fashion King'

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Glasses are hot tho... Watch the full movie on our app: http://bit.ly/acAPP Stream on the web: http://bit.ly/2p1oduG SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/ytasncrsh About Fashion King: Fashion King comically depicts the coming-of-age of a high school student as he matures into adulthood and discovers a passion for fashion design. Cast: Joo Won 주원 Sulli (Choi Jin-ri) 설리 Ahn Jae-hyun 안재현 Park Se-young 박세영 About AsianCrush: AsianCrush is the leading streaming service dedicated to Asian entertainment in North America, with over 1000 premium movies and TV shows from the leading entertainment producers in Asia. Users can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on all major internet-connected screens with no cost involved. Premium subscribers can access exclusive content and stream without commercials. Connect with AsianCrush Visit AsianCrush WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/asncrush Like AsianCrush on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/asnFB Follow AsianCrush on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/asnIG Follow AsianCrush on PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/asnPINT Fashion King 패션왕 | AsianCrush http://youtube.com/asiancrush
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Text Comments (1801)
AsianCrush (7 months ago)
1:36 snap snap (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 3:59 Ahn Jae-hyun diss
cyril binayug (16 days ago)
Jolina M* (1 month ago)
(>" . < ) ( >♡< )
Sweet Streamz PH (1 month ago)
Dr Park Jisang😍
Leslie Cunanan (2 months ago)
Asiancrush 7
Yanyan (2 months ago)
AsianCrush 598
Mary_143 {BTS}V (5 hours ago)
Yeahhh glasses makes me ugly how about you?? 😭😭😭😅
Speranza5 (6 hours ago)
I don't even need glasses to look ugly!
jeba blessy salomi (23 hours ago)
is she suli fx?
V Girl (1 day ago)
Filo Filolial Queen (1 day ago)
Wuuttt, I wear glasses because I thought they looked cute tho😂
Maura Rica (2 days ago)
I really don’t get Korean directors, why do they think that every girl who wears glasses is fugly😂! We look good regardless😹😹😹😹😹😹😽,
Jin Sy (2 days ago)
The boy lead reminds of suga😂 anyone?
What is the title of this drama
scout (3 days ago)
13:09 lmao did he steal that from Yunho 😂
Yeah it's true I look ugly when the eye glasses is in me without it I look beautiful on it
Shara Roluna (5 days ago)
i'm a simple girl. i see sulli, i click.
Ahiama thaimei (5 days ago)
Movie or drama name anyone please
eat some snickers (5 days ago)
dude, we just tryna see damn
vmin suga (6 days ago)
The thumb nail looks like namjoons and jins daughter
Berlyn Solis (6 days ago)
Chou Nguyễn (6 days ago)
Crushing on someone has a power to do many ...stupid things, f*cking this feeling
sokmean JR (7 days ago)
He's vaping a 25dollar vape but have a touch screen pc 😂😂😂 wth why don't he buy a better one 😂😂
Why do girls wear glasses because they're hiding their beauty
Jericho Tanedo (7 days ago)
No glasses doesnt makr a girl ugly cause I wear glasses too
trishika kumar (7 days ago)
And answer of the title "no"😊
trishika kumar (7 days ago)
And answer of the title "no"😊
Michole Satinitigan (7 days ago)
Watching this while wearing glasses 🤓
Koala Memes (7 days ago)
*sees title* Do I look ugly in glasses? *calls friend and asks her* YOUR SO FCKIN CUTE SHUT UP I have good friends 😢
Diana Ponce (7 days ago)
Why did the picture of the girl in the thumbnail look like a girl version of Jin?? Or is it just me??
Felix Freeman (7 days ago)
At the start the guy says so ugly looking at the girls glasses probably thinking: ew how disgusting those glasses ew. He is basicly wearing glasses to so. EW HIM >:CCCC
Felix Freeman (7 days ago)
I like girls with glasses or anyone. It makes them look like a good smart friend. Unlike people without glasses and wearing lots of make up. Basicly bullies. You are strong! You are needed! Don't give your life away, there's still hope.
LisaTigressHardy (9 days ago)
HOLY CRAP! Guy in the black trench coat - Won Ho, talking to Park Hye-Jin, is that Gong Taegwang from Who Are You School 2015!? Looks and sounds like him!
Lanlizaly Pepito (9 days ago)
I wear glasses im a ugly?
Kuma Bear (9 days ago)
I aM uGlY nOw AfTeR tHiS vIdEo BeCaUsE oF mY gLaSsEs- Josie Bear 2k19
Donkey Kong (9 days ago)
Michael Jackson who?! 12:48
Emi (9 days ago)
I'm ugly regardless, so no.
JadyJade 7777 (10 days ago)
I'm even more uglier without glasses so if i have my glasses on i feel more better.
Mightyhotdog Ph (10 days ago)
No it makes them cute
Remember when GDRAGON and Don bought stuff from the flea market...and GD came out looking high fashion while Don looked like...he was wearing Flea Market stuff 😂 *it’s true, you have to be gifted with charisma*
Noor desi music (11 days ago)
Drama name please
twilight gazer (11 days ago)
whats the title?
Zaina Jarrar (12 days ago)
شو اسم المسلسل
Queen Rosé (12 days ago)
I didn’t skip the advertisement because it is BTS🖤💕
DepreßßîøN GîrL (12 days ago)
I love how the description says "Glasses are hot tho... " 😂✊🏻💕
Nadiya Akhter (13 days ago)
Is this a drama?
Gagan Kaur (13 days ago)
This girl is beautiful
Rosh Lepz (13 days ago)
An oldie man. Haha
Joan Alejandro (13 days ago)
What tittle
Sarah Marie Bishop (14 days ago)
There has to be a 2nd part to this
Taehyung Kim (15 days ago)
„Excuse me“ 😂😂 Yunho
Antoniette Gallardo (15 days ago)
in reality if someone wears a glasses some will call them nerd
adason thangjam (15 days ago)
she is damn attractive with those glasses
Jason Balagbis (15 days ago)
The bully wont last long in my country. Slapping the face is the ultimate insult. You'll find yourself six feet under doing that.
win ni (16 days ago)
Girl with glasses is more beautiful 😍😍
Jitu Jit (16 days ago)
Glass makes the eye big .
Katsumi Yamanaki (16 days ago)
That boy with glasses his from the good doctor wow
ashley nahay (16 days ago)
They called a pug a bull dog
mybts (17 days ago)
I don’t get it, if someone wear glasses... they look cute and good. But if I wear glasses, I look BAD😂😂🥺😭
DepreßßîøN GîrL (12 days ago)
I say the same exact thing ✊🏻
Ayesha Khan (17 days ago)
bruh, guys with glasses are 11/10
LPSMacaroon 11 (17 days ago)
Ok sorry to all people who wear glasses but... Whenever someone takes their glasses off their eyes look way smaller :>
Emzyy Basadre (17 days ago)
The boy is looked like Boo Seungkwan from the Boy Group Name SEVENTEEN.😍😍
Yui Furukawa (10 hours ago)
He is jo woo
Ana Clara Schuenck (17 days ago)
why the hell they stand as the "royalty" are kpop idols.
nur zamindar (17 days ago)
Do glasses make a girl ugly? Me: in my case yes 😅😂🤣😭😭
Mixchii -Chan (17 days ago)
I actually receive tons of compliments when I use my glasses in public
Hisaki Asakura (18 days ago)
What's the title of the show?
Dina Takaste (18 days ago)
Oh Holly shit the app is not available in my country 😑😥😡😡
•Caroline Reapers• (18 days ago)
Why does the girl in the thumbnail remind me so much of jin from bts??? 😂
MCMinecrafter PH (18 days ago)
I know the guy on the first scene and i loved him He is from The Good Doctor South Korea!!!
Bangtan Army (18 days ago)
No, never except me, I look like a potato nerd
Zyber (18 days ago)
Haven't finished it yet but I love the mom character :D
Lockett McDonnell (18 days ago)
yes glaases d make girls ugly
Chibi Lious (19 days ago)
Arabella (19 days ago)
"That feel when you have glasses.." "AM I UGLY TOO??????? :(" Like if not Comment if yes Probably will be more comments.. (Ik you didn"t see me.)
Lucinda Miguda (19 days ago)
Ayla X Meow's Owner (20 days ago)
Shes beautiful
Just a Moomoo (20 days ago)
They look fine af outside
MeMeを購読する (20 days ago)
Tbh girl wearing glasses are sooo cute >w<
Ghuidk Ghuidk (20 days ago)
Why this app is not available in Philipiines?Can you activate it in Philippines?
Mariavictoria Ortiz (20 days ago)
hahah this must be the title of my life, I was bullied because of I wore glasses, then I realised that it was not bad I mean I was the only one in all my school who wore glasses, maybe parents were not able to afford glasses for their children.
RAVEN BROWN (21 days ago)
I stop wearing my glasses at 15
Harender Chauhan (21 days ago)
Movie name
YahGamin YT (21 days ago)
*What now what what the fuck now*!! 🤣🤣🤣
Shadowwolf Yeet (21 days ago)
Who else actually looks better in glasses
Zeale G7C (21 days ago)
Not for me though, i find girls with glasses more sexy and intellectual
Little Meow Meow (22 days ago)
I met someone who had fake glasses bc he thinks he was ugly...wtf
Nova Lumine (22 days ago)
I look much prettier with glasses tho
Issa Gomez (22 days ago)
Its not a bulldog It is a pug
Issa Gomez (22 days ago)
Its not a bulldog It is a pug
ganaa0620 (22 days ago)
Koreans care too much about their appearance and teens are rotten inside. Bullying and making fun of disabled ones. I hate them when they acts tough.
Rolinee (23 days ago)
My husband chased after me glasses and all. He thinks I look so good with my glasses, to the point where he has bought me 4 pairs. lol. True story
Sumina Rana (23 days ago)
Movie nameplz??
Bitu thingbaijam (24 days ago)
drama name please😊
Baby Dahyunie (24 days ago)
Sulli choi..😍😍
Julia Genao (24 days ago)
Cheska adviento (25 days ago)
glasses make you more prettier
Zoni (25 days ago)
I do use glasses as well n really wanna know what does guys think about a glasses girl because I thought it’s embarrassing .. after some time I started using it n now I think guy don’t like me because I use glasses?!! I m confuse!!😞
Kendra Weekes (25 days ago)
Definitely watching this movie
Maryheart Casungcad (27 days ago)
I think im more attracted to those people who wear glasses.
Sultan Sultan (27 days ago)
This clip is confusing
Sexyanime _babe (28 days ago)
Stan Kpop Stan Lagend (28 days ago)
No glasses make people look more cute and adorable (wrong spelling?)...
Min_ Lovely (28 days ago)
She look like jin in thumbnail

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